XSplit Broadcaster: How to Capture PC Games

19 thoughts on “XSplit Broadcaster: How to Capture PC Games

  1. HI.. Please help.. Why when i record fifa 18 gameplay, constantly my game is tearing, and the recorded video is also tearing… I tried multiple settings and is the same for all .. What can i do?

  2. Just downloaded this.

    Does game recording software affect the game performance by fps drops?
    My webcam is always turned on. Does it record me playing or not?

  3. Howdy for some reason since i upgraded to sub for xsplit i can only auto detect games and it does not work so i cant select any games?

  4. Started Twitch streaming few days ago, this is one of the best solutions I found. So easy to use and do, few clicks and stream is shining. Thank you XSplit.

  5. @Xslpit how to fix the black screen beacuse i see alot vidoes how to fix the black screen but they didn’t work …. How to do itttt. ??????

  6. I tried using this but the game is like just frozen on capture cannot play it but in the background I can hear it what to do?

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