Xbox 360: 10 Years Later

Xbox 360: 10 Years Later

Hey guys this is Austin. With over 80 million
consoles sold today marks the ten year anniversary of the Xbox 360 but how does it hold up? The
360 did a lot of things right. Not only did it introduce features we take for granted
today like achievements, digital downloads and proper online multiplayer but it helped
move gaming into the HD era. It had impressive hardware for the time that could output 1080p,
something consoles of today haven’t been able to top. Coupled with the addition of
apps the 360 works just as well as a modern set top box for watching video like YouTube
and Netflix. The real draw though are the games, there are still titles coming out for
the Xbox like Rise of the Tomb Raider. It might not match the Xbox One or PS4 visually
but considering it has one sixteenth the memory and far less powerful graphics it comes surprisingly
close. Some titles like Metal Gear run at a reduced frame rate compared to the current
gen consoles but it’s hard not to be impressed by what’s possible on hardware less powerful
than some smartphones. There’s also an enormous library of great games from the last decade.
Some of these were instant classics like Red Dead Redemption that was never available on
PC. Big exclusives like Halo really helped cement the 360 as a success for Microsoft
and Call of Duty transformed from World War 2 simulator to global juggernaut with the
original Modern Warfare back in 2007. Forza not only filled the shoes of Gran Turismo
for the Xbox but has passed it in a lot of ways and games like Battlefield 3 really strained
the limits of what was capable with the 360’s hardware. It’s also received a ton of updates
over the years including several new interfaces and cool features like SmartGlass that let
you control the console from a smartphone. It also features backwards compatibility with
some original Xbox games such as Halo, something the PS3 only supported with a few early models.
The controller has also nicely stood the test of time, not only does it still work well
but it’s become the standard gamepad on PC. The original 360 did lack Wi-Fi and had
a slightly weird top mounted hard drive but the current gen fixes both of these while
being smaller, quieter and more reliable. It definitely wasn’t perfect though. One
of the biggest issues with the original 360 was the Red Ring of Death which often
meant a dead console as I found out the hard way back in the day. It was also expensive,
running a cool $400 back at launch with a massive 20 gig hard drive. The Xbox One might
be starting to add backwards compatibility but when you consider how cheaply you can
pick up a 360 and some of the greatest games of all time it’s hard to argue with the
Xbox 360. Ten years later this guy is still going strong.

100 thoughts on “Xbox 360: 10 Years Later

  1. dude xbox never falls out or never becomes that outdated but still good video and i subscribed

  2. Why do I feel like I can't voice my negative opinions against the 360 without getting slammed to death?

  3. I still have that console AKA my only console (I uploaded a video about call of duty black ops 2 on the xbox 360 you can find it)

  4. Question, how should I place the 2010 model of the xbox 360, vertically or horizontally? Asking for a friend.

  5. When i first tried the xbox 1 for the first time i thought that the controller felt bulky and the menu was a bit confusing and it also came as a huge surprise that i had to wait 10 minutes before i could jump in and play the game.

  6. The original xbox 360 is still a good console and I still have it also I kept it for 9 years even known I bought the xbox one x lol

  7. I would love to play an Xbox 360, but I can’t, ‘cause I had one that I wanted to upgrade to a One, but since Gamestop is terrible, I ended up with literally nothing.

  8. Loved my 360. Hate that i had to sell it but it was a cool console. I was 24 when it released. Plan on rebuying it at some point.

  9. My parents bought me Xbox 360E in 2014 and I was reealy happy, buuuut then Xbox one come out and my xbox 360 become outdated(
    Well, if I’d buy new console, it would be definitely Xbox one because games on consoles really expensive so I can play my Xbox 360 games on Xbox one

  10. I’m going to be totally unbiased! This definitely is a legendary console, years later this guy never fails to surprise me! As the owner of a gaming PC and PS4 as well, I have to say, the 360 offers me the kind of experience none of the two mentioned platforms can. Which is why I bought a 250GB 360 from my friend

  11. The only problems I can think of is…

    The red ring of death, and the scratched discs

    Short Story: Cool your xbox, and dont have it on it's side (if it's a OG non slim model)

  12. My 360 Core from launch still runs fine and I even have the silly DVD player and the WiFi antenna for it

  13. The 360 is a classic. Absolutely transformed console gaming. Sure, the OG xbox is what introduced XBLive, but the 360 introduced modern online console gameplay. Not to mention, it has what is likely the best controller ever designed. The xbone doesn't change the basic formula because there really isn't a way to improve it. I still use my 360 controller from 2006 as my PC gamepad (on the few games where I prefer it over the keyboard) to this day.

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