WWE 2K20 – Ballroom Brawl | PS4

WWE 2K20 – Ballroom Brawl | PS4

[CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] I’m am the advocate for the greatest — Hey, brother. What’s happening? Brother. Shawn. Brett. Best ever…Brock Lesner! [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “WWE 2K20 – Ballroom Brawl | PS4

  1. A perfect example of companies overspending on anything but game development before complaining about games being too expensive to make.

  2. We need THQ to take the franchise back over again. I'd much rather play WrestleMania 2000 than this garbage.

  3. (Sees the like/dislike bar)
    The video seemed cool, why such hate? I haven't played a Wrestling game since SVR 2009.
    (Sees comment section)
    Ah, that would be why.

  4. за что дизы???? тут старались ролик запилилвать, собрали имена!!)

  5. Pass.
    wonder who stupid enough to give this game likes. That or bots cuz I dont think anyone in theyre right mind would reward this trash fire.

  6. My only hope is is that they had the b-squad doing the last couple years of 2K WWE games and that they've been putting most of their resources into the next gen engine.

  7. Step inside your nightmare and you won't be the same. So glad i didn't purchased the game. Why is this uploaded again anyway? Because they made a small, very hard to see message that contains warning that some things in this trailer may contain additional payments because they wasn't thinking on time. Everything about this is a massive failure. 2K, Visual Concepts…

  8. A decent commercial but it could have been great had they have the one guy beat up the announcer… that would have sold me instantly.

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