Wreckfest – Console Release Trailer | PS4

Wreckfest – Console Release Trailer | PS4


100 thoughts on “Wreckfest – Console Release Trailer | PS4

  1. This reminds me of an older game (maybe ps2) that I cannot think of the name. You could do Trailer races, suicide races, bus races, figure 8, and also shoot chickens out of your car that would explode when hitting other cars. Anyone know this game?

  2. Y'all kiddies talking about Flatout! That's really cute!

    Destruction Derby for PS1 put these games on the map!

  3. 日本人だけど北米版買うゾ

    I’m Japanese!
    Japan has not sold yet,but I’ll buy North American Edition!!
    I’m looking forward to play it!

  4. You know what’s funny? Bugbear originally didn’t have rag dolls flying out of cars this time to keep the age rating down, but they ended up putting them on lawnmowers, harvesters, bumper cars, and couches anyway lol?

  5. I really want wreckfest but i have to get it for chrismas but by the way go to soundhead entertainment he does alot of wreckfest and camado gaming

  6. Run for a long time
    Run for a long time
    Run for a long time
    Gone tell longtell liar
    Run on for a long time
    Cut you down
    Gods gonna cut
    Buy now

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