WRC 8 – Launch Trailer | PS4

100 thoughts on “WRC 8 – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Fooome, la competencia de forza horizont 4 lo mata, además el público de “w2c8" es una Meca comparado con gran turismo y need for speed

  2. WRC 8: +100 Stages with great design, 2019 WRC cars, deep career mode, weather system, offline mode, split screen, 30 FPS.
    Dirt Rally 2.0: Classic cars, engine sound, graphics, phisycs (in gravel), 60 FPS in standard consoles, pad friendly, always online career.
    It depends what you're looking for is what you should buy.

  3. really cool trailer but the BigBen logo kinda scaring me.
    everything these guys touch, develop or published always ended up being mediocre, buggy AF, or hilariously Bad!

  4. Why do we get 3 different rally games every year but we cant get any import illegal street racing games. Cuz nfs is not cutting it where is midnight club?

  5. That looks like a pretty hot game. Know what would be even better?
    Add a VR mode, like Hello Games did with No Man's Sky. 👍

  6. Looks great, however after playing Dirty Rallye in VR on PSVR, i will stick to dirt until a VR version will be available.If you once played a raceing game in VR it is impossible to get back to flat. Hope to see it soon 🙂

  7. I've never bought wrc before, always gone for the Dirt titles over this but may pick this up in the future. I'm loving Wreckfest too much at the minute!

  8. i wanna have ps4 😑, but i can't buy cause i don't have? A. Money B. CreditCard C. Permission D. all answers are correct

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