Winter Games (A Christmas Special) – Simon’s Cat | SHORT #88

Winter Games (A Christmas Special) – Simon’s Cat | SHORT #88

♫ Theme Music ♫ [Mouse blows a ‘Raspberry’] Squeak! Oof! Squeeeeaak! Squeak!! Meow? Squeak. Meoow! Sq…sq..sq..squeak… squeak!!! Squeak!! [Mouse blows a raspberry] Squeak. Meoaaaw! Meow! Me-ooww!! Huh? Hmmm? Squeak! Haha! [Mouse whistles] Thinking of starting a blog to share
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100 thoughts on “Winter Games (A Christmas Special) – Simon’s Cat | SHORT #88

  1. I’ve just been told my cat Mokuba has cancer and may have 6 months at most to live. He’s my best friend. It’s just me and him. I don’t know how to handle this. He turned 15 this Christmas. He and I moved into this house together 15 Christmases ago. This really hurts!

  2. So my cat story is that I had my cat in my arms and I was carrying her and Mom had recently had a new alarm system put In And the door beeped when opened a fairly loud high pitched beep and my cat when hearing this clawed her way over my shoulder ran all the way down the hallway and straight into my closed door. There was a huge boom and we both ran towards her to check if she was ok. She was and she was immediately pawing at the door and trying to open it with the handle —- another cat story that’s a bit shorter is that my cat is apparently smart enough to open drawers where her treats are and steal the bags and I found this out by being kept awake at night when I heard plastic being played with/chewed on and a destroyed treat bag and all the treats gone

  3. Love your videos, I typically watch once with the sound off, and once with the sound on. Thank you for making such fun!

  4. I love your videos and I made a channel because you grew so big doing this. It would be great if you subscribed to my channel and watched my latest videos

  5. Me and my grandma used to watch these together and laugh. She’s no longer with me so therefore I watch them when I’m sad and missing her ❤️ I love these so much

  6. Why not go new series about Simon's Cat? I'm the greatest fan of Simon's Cat!!!! Please release for 3 of kilometrage a week!!!

  7. New to owning a cat always had dogs in the past,now understand the videos better and can see a lot of things in our 6th mt old rescue cat makes me laugh even moor if that was possible.

  8. Because when you breed r or the one you are going to be honest you're right in your house is just sa or you can try it out the base and the female vote was just losing

  9. For Valentine’s Day you should make simon’s cat and jazz fight over for simon’s cat’s crush

  10. I had a beautiful Tordy growing up and she loved loved loved the snow she would run in it then chase the mini snowballs she kicked up until she "lost them" then she would just make more.! She was such and awesome cat ❤

  11. Since I can't leave a comment on your profile, I'll leave it here. There's a movie streaming site called Tubi and it has you animated series on it. I didn't know if you knew about it or wanted to do anything about it

  12. Check out our NEW film – ‘Staircase’
    'A mischievous cat takes a dangerous game with
    his owner a step too far’

  13. Well, after my wee one passed on………………HMMMMMMM …….Perhaps I shall adopt from the Toronto Humane Society. My one ……….wreaking havoc in Heaven . God must be having fun. (Probably Not.)

  14. Would’ve been better if the cat ate the mouse at the end. You could have added some nice red blood and guts to the animation for some nice holiday Christmas spirit.

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