Why You Have To Play The Game At Work – Jocko Willink

Why You Have To Play The Game At Work – Jocko Willink

dearest Jocko a question for you and the
podcast our fire department promotion process has role-playing scenarios in
those role-playing scenarios I lose points because I’m not outwardly
passionate quote-unquote enough I would have to fake it to succeed and I’m not a
fake person is this worth it to fake it when seeking promotion it’s not like I’m
gonna fake it once I attain the promotion okay this is a this is a very
cool question like this question a lot and actually on this guy sent me this
question on Facebook I responded very quickly and simply my response was play
the game yeah so fake it play the game and and you know what he wrote back got
it yeah good for him yeah because what
everybody I think thinks I’m gonna say is that no you be yourself know the game
up there and act all passionate about stuff you’re you you’re hardcore no yeah
play the game now you you because what you’re doing you play the game you you
want to do a good job and you’re doing your job and doing your job doing any
job requires some level of faking it yeah now does this mean that you’re a
fake person no it means that you’re trying to do a good job think if every
time that your boss came in with a dumb idea and you your reaction was to say
that’s a dumb idea yeah is that gonna get you anywhere or every time a
customer had an idiot edie idiotic complaint about something you were like
hey you’re an idiot yeah or every time your wife said you
know is this chicken dry and you said it’s drier than a piece of cardboard in
the Sahara Desert it is that is that the easy would you would you benefit from
that how would that work out the answer is you would he would not work out well
in any of those cases you have to play the game
you have to play the game and I know I know that that’s hard and I’ll tell you
what I did too get myself over playing the game I
earned it into a game in my head I was like I’m gonna build a relationship with
this boss that I don’t like I’m gonna do it I’m gonna build the best relay that’s
my game I’m gonna comment to become this guy’s bro right
when I was at Officer Candidate School you got to do the most ridiculous
rules they have these these rules that you’ve got to follow that were really
annoying mm-hmm and you know what I did I executed the rules harder and more
stringently than then anybody thought was even remotely necessary and had fun
with it I played that game I you know if I’ve got a peer that maybe I’m competing
with or there’s some tension I’m gonna support them I’m gonna play the game
that’s I’m saying you got to play the game now does this make me a bad person
or a fake person no why because you’re doing this the reason you’re playing the
game the reason your act asked acting this way is for benevolent reasons right
this this guy at the fire department he’s not trying to get promoted so that
he can usurp the powers and then take over no he’s trying to get into a
position where he can better lead and serve and and step up and raise young
leaders underneath and that that’s what you’re trying to do you’re not trying to
sneak into a position you don’t deserve and you’re not trying to build
relationships so you can take advantage of people for your own benefit
that that would be a fake person yeah in my opinion you’re trying to move but if
you’re trying to move up in rank so you can do better and you can take care of
the troops and you can increase readiness there’s nothing wrong with
that and if you don’t play the game to at some level you you’re not gonna get
promoted and guess what then people that played the game that
might be less less qualified to do that job they’re gonna get the job because
you wouldn’t play the game you’re too stubborn your ego is too big so you got
to put that aside and I’ll tell you something else
from what you’re being told hmm if if you’re showing no passion if you’re
showing like a zero motion that’s bad people will not connect with you and if
they don’t connect with you they don’t follow you if they don’t connect with
you you’re not building relationships with people if you don’t have
relationships with people you don’t have a good team so show a little bit of
passion sometimes you got to fake it that’s fine you’re just a really
unpassed at person cool show a little bit of passion mmm fake it a little bit
learn it a little bit yeah that’s actually gonna be beneficial I would
love for you to fake it for a little while until you you start caring what
like what are you not passionate about are you not passionate about the job are
you not passionate about you’re a firefighter about saving people’s lives
are you not passionate about having a squared-away Department you of course
you’re passionate about that stuff otherwise you wouldn’t be you wouldn’t
be send me a message saying hey how do I get advanced how do i how do I do better
yeah you are passionate about it and that’s fine it’s good I say it all the
time you know if you don’t have any emotions that you’re a robot and robots
people don’t follow robots you so sometimes you got to show a little bit
of that emotion and passion to connect with people that’s okay yeah don’t be
scared homey yeah yeah cuz that’s really the thing right is showing it of course
you’re passionate about but showing it there’s different people there something
Brian I dig it yeah I wanna always be like showing how
fired up I am all the time or whatever in whatever scenario whatever but you’re
right that does help there like when he was excited about this it’s and there’s
a there’s a dichotomy here yeah because there’s some people that will show too
much emotions yeah and there’s some people that will not show enough so you
want to be somewhere balanced in the middle yeah and I dig it too one because
it does feel like faking it because I can in football that tradition is like
to be fired up on the sidelines and let’s go let’s go you know like that can
bring sometimes gonna have the energy for that and sometimes you’re kind of
just nervous and you want to focus on what you got to do or whatever you know
but it’s kind of part of the game you know and and it does help the people
around you too mm it’s like okay he’s fired up okay maybe I’m not fired up now
but he’s gonna get me fired up you know and it kind of like helps the team yeah
but yeah yeah sometimes it doesn’t feel that comfortable to do express outwardly
you know passionate but it helps plus it’s fake like faking it that’s like a
framing thing too you know like yeah you frame it like you’re faking it versus
how you said you’re playing the game right you’re playing the game because
you want to do a better job yeah I want to get promoted you wanna you want to
get promoted for the right reasons yeah there’s nothing wrong with that
yeah that’s it yeah that’s good I think if you can kind of Bend and stretch
yourself in an uncomfortable way for the benefit you know they you know I think
we’re people I think that term of faking it no one wants to be a fake person
right right yes what just would you why you’re correct in that the way that’s
framed is I’m being a fake person yeah and no one wants to be a fake person
yeah at the same time you have to grow and you have to adjust and if you’re
going to be in a leadership position you’re gonna do things that you don’t
that you wouldn’t have planned I do that all the time when I was in the military
you know I worked with people that I’ve said this before I work with people both
below me in the chain of command and up above me in the chain of command that I
despised they never knew it they don’t know who they are right now dang what
does that make me a fake person no makes me a professional makes me a
professional at doing my job because I wasn’t gonna let some little personal
emotion of mine or some oh that guy’s does this and I don’t like that so I’m
not gonna like him and now we have an adversarial relationship and now I got a
problem ya know I’m playing the game play the
game with the line what is the fake person genuinely well I was gonna say
you asked me what the line is the line is if you go against what your
principles are yeah you know so if you’ve got fundamental principles that
they say oh if you want this job of what we needed you to do is fill out a report
about Billy saying that he did something wrong that you know he didn’t do wrong
mm-hmm right then you go no I’m not going to do that that
that that’s what that’s bad right that’s not now you’re not just playing
the game now you’re going against your principles of being an honest person
about what’s happening yeah this that’s really what it is right like the honesty
when you’re a fake so like if someone’s like oh I’m faking it or I’m being a
fake person I said a fake person like turning on some passion so manufactured
passion for the sake of the team and stuff like that that doesn’t feel like
you’re a fake person fake person is kind of like you’ll sit like some I don’t
know for example someone’s in the room and you’re like hey you’re great that
sure it looks great and you’re doing a great job they leave and be like that
guy sucks right there no I’ll tell you the difference being the reason that
someone the reason that you would consider someone would be angry that
someone’s a fake person is when they are doing it because they’re doing it for
personal benefit they’re saying like if if if if you were my boss and I come in
and I say hey echo I really like your new haircut it looks great mm-hmm I
don’t really think that haircut looks dumb but I’m gonna say that anyways and
everyone knows that all I want to do is get that next promotion yeah that’s
being fake yeah that’s being fake but if if I’m saying
because what am I really doing what I’m doing is I’m making an adaptation I’m
growing I’m doing something that I’m uncomfortable with because I know it’s
gonna make me a better leader mm-hmm well that’s what I should be doing is
trying to become a better leader yeah now again if that if if in this whatever
organization what you have to do is is do something that you don’t agree with
and it’s it’s the wrong thing to do and you do it anyways well then then that’s
that’s that’s that’s almost a totally different thing there’s that
then there’s hey I’m gonna kiss ass so that I get promoted it’s all about me
mm-hmm and that’s probably the what we think of
the definition of a fake person yeah

100 thoughts on “Why You Have To Play The Game At Work – Jocko Willink

  1. Maybe it’s not your thing but you have to be willing to compromise and set your own shit aside for the greater good. I’m going to do my best. Because it’s important to me

  2. Probably just gonna agree to disagree with this one. Watching someone with lower seniority in a company get promoted sooner or worse get put into a position to delegate to you when they neither know your position or same knowledge base yet their only qulifications that separates you both is their ability to kiss ass with a morally corrupt boss, overlook illegal activities and stab other in the back as they climb the ladder does not motivate me to play the game better.

  3. I find hard to play a persona just to win against those who can't see my drive and passion without faking it…that said, i know why my work life has be bad and not good for ME'…because I can't be fake…and as Jocko says…those others won the game. I suspect many honest people out there have also lost the game for this very reason.

  4. Play the game? Pls… NOT doing it, in fact breaking off from the herd and not being afraid to take risks has been better for my career rather than to be a faceless zombie. Those are the people who fall into that cycle of emotional/psychological self sabotage. You don’t always have to play the game(it’s a choice), it’s my opinion but that’s for stupid and sycophantic people who cant get an edge in otherwise.

  5. @Jocko Podcast – funny how I just watched "READY PLAYER ONE" that movie is the real world in China right now and no one even sees it – it is scary – the real life points system – if you don't have enough points "social points" you can't even use public transit – you can get banned from getting on an airplane – more so – from even entering into an airport or anything China says. It is what they are trying to spread everywhere including the US. You get low social points and you get sent to a "RETRAINING CAMP" aka where China sent all the Chinese Muslims – over a million of them – internment camps for "social retraining" it is full of slave labor such as the letter from one man who had the note in a Halloween decoration that ended up on world wide news. They still have these Nazi like work slave camps. When they arrested all the Chinese Muslims, they literally bulldozed their entire neighborhoods so they would not return there if ever given the chance – none of the slave camps have closed down. They have zero emotion in China – it is pure Socialism – The Nazi's never lost…. THE REAL WORLD IS CRAZIER THAN PEOPLE THINK – EVERYONE IS STUCK IN THEIR OWN LITTLE WORLD NOT REALIZING WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND THEM. If you're an American in China – the cops have to know exactly where you are at all times – if there for more than a week – they will kick your hotel or friends door in to make sure you are there and not staying somewhere else. If there for work its the same thing – if you get married to a Chinese woman there – it is the same thing – you're an outsider and always watched in China. The game of life is real. The points system in china is real – you will get shunned on big screen TV's in supermarkets if you have low social points – so no one will associate with you or they will lose social points. If your kid plays video game too long – your family loses social points – if your kid gets too many sweets at school – they lose social points – you as a parent can be jailed for it. THERE IS NO FREEDOM IN CHINA – AND PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NEED TO REALIZE HOW GREAT WE HAVE IT HERE. As a Veteran – it makes me sick how the left is lead to believe that #SOCIALISM IS A GOOD THING and Total Government Control is a good thing – #ANTIFA – says they are anti fascist – when in reality they are pushing for total FASCISM – Total control of Government. #WWG1WGA #WeAreTheNews #QANON #ResearchForYourself and share. #HOOAH! #RockSteady #Patriotism #AmericanismNotGlobalism THAT IS OUR CREDO. #WeThePeople are in control – not the Government or Corporations – This is a Government of, for, and by THE PEOPLE. The Government #DeepState is real – the ones that are a huge part of the deep state are never talked about – they can't be fired – the US #SES #SeniorExecutiveService – they are expanding state control away from the people. More info in the Fascism link in the comment of this post – Every Republican president since the 1970s has been called a fascist. Ironic, no? After all, fascism has its roots in the left. Dinesh D'Souza, author of The Big Lie, explains.
    #TheStormIsHere #Punisher

  6. "Playing the game" is in many ways dishonest, and it's definitely a compromise in personal integrity. The real art is not playing along to get along, and succeeding anyway. One doesn't have to play the game, one choses to play. And usually that choice is simply because it's the path of least resistance … it's easier. If a person sticks to his own principals, doesn't play along, but does it respectfully, stays professional and considerate, he'll be more respected because everybody wishes they could be that strong too. Don't play the game, stick to your own path.

  7. I’ve thought about this a lot this week. Playing the game is actually really meaningful. Work is one of the few places in life where we get to take something really serious and have dignity in it. We get the opportunity to act out being our ideal self for a few hours by holding back our own desires for the sake of everyone else there. That is the game and games are meant to be fun. You can have fun playing the role of worker! It’s not EVERYTHING in life for sure, but when the time has come to work, why not play the game as good as possible?

  8. 4:15 "… you wouldn't play the game. You're too stubborn. Your ego is too big. So you gotta put that aside"

  9. The saying "Fake it Till you make it" got me attempting things I was always afraid to try because I know I won't do it right, such as being confident. I faked being confident until I slowly realized what it really meant to be confident from within. "Faking" has a negative connotation but I like to think of it as "imagining". Youre imagining that you are capable, and suddenly things that you thought were incapable of seem easy and possible.

  10. If you're going to play the game, learn to play it well.

    AND for what it's worth, there's a HUGE difference between "playing the game" and "selling your soul". You don't have to kiss ass to get ahead… nor do you have to go against everything you hold dear and true. If they expect that out of you, you're working the wrong job at the wrong place. ;o)

  11. I have to know ….. is echo a real life teddy bear, and if so can I clone him to watch my kids? Asking for a friend

  12. I finished reading your book Extreme Ownership Jocko. It has been a very helpful for leading men at the Marine Corps. I am still learning to do it better.

  13. I think Jocko is right that you need to play the game if your main concern is to survive and thrive in any area of your life that involves dealing with people. I've always maintained that I am not a politician, i.e., that I would never "play the game." However, there are huge personal consequences for taking this position if you're not "the boss." For example, if you are the owner of your own company, there is no need or much less of a need to "play the game" when dealing with your own employees, although it's still a good idea. However, dealing with people whom you want to do business with is a whole other matter. You had better "play the game" when dealing with these kinds of folks. Steve Jobs is perhaps the prime example of someone who did not "play the game" when dealing with most of Apple's employees. However, you'd better believe that he "played the game" with other business people or people within Apple whom he deemed to be vital to the success of his company's business! So, a lot of "playing the game" depends on where you stand within an organization coupled with political realities. Also, if you are aware of a competitor within your organization who happens to be talented or extremely ambitious (or the son of the owner) or all three and may be your boss someday, you had better take extra care in "playing the game" with that person. Not that you should be obsequeous although you might have to be, but just don't piss that person off even if you feel that he or she is a total jerk-off. So, being falsely upbeat and positive or gung ho, friendly, cooperative, solicitous toward superiors, etc., etc., these are all things you need to do to make the world welcoming to you. If you don't do these things – unless you are the owner of your own company – you are, in fact, inviting disaster on your own head. Even if you are a four star general in the U.S. Army, there are people whom you should always treat with kid gloves by "playing the game," other wise you'll probably have to take an early retirement sometime down the road or at least be nearing retirement. That's a fact. So, why do people "play the game?" Both to survive and thrive. I don't think that there's ever been a time in human history when this was ever not true. It's common sense, really. Now, back to me because I'm self-centered! Hahaha. As a rookie desk sergeant at the Pearl City substation in Honolulu, Hawaii, many, many years ago, I had a RTO (dispatcher) – a police officer himself – who came to me one day and complained that our Captain wanted him to pick up breakfast for him and the secretaries. The reason this officer was complaining was because the staff at the restaurant always gave him a disapproving look because they gave our officers half-off because they wanted officers to eat at their establishment. It was quid pro quo (just like The Donald and Ukraine! Hahaha). Well, I reasoned that the Captain was a reasonable man and approached him about the matter. The Captain agreed; ostensibly. However, the shit that rolled downhill and on my unsuspecting head was massive and unrelenting. There were other incidents involving this Captain. I leave it to your imagination, folks. I should have put in my resignation that very day, but was foolish enough to stay on. Brothers and sisters, I am talking to you as an old man who has learned his lessons the rock hard way. "Play the game" until you die unless you own your own company or you are running a wildly successful enterprise that is doing well because of you and only you. And even then, I suggest that you play a version of "the game." Now, people may rightfully call you a "fake person." Ignore them. They're not responsible for your life. You are. As long as your conscience is clear and your behavior principled, I see no problem. Jocko doesn't believe that you are being a "fake person" as long as your actions are "benevolent." Listen, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….guess, what? It is a duck. Yes, you are being a "fake person." However, you're just trying to survive the maelstrom that is life and perhaps thrive as well. There's nothing wrong with that. If it involves being a "fake person" then I, for one, don't condemn it. At least, not at this point in my life! LOL

  14. If you don't know what "the game" is, you're being taken advantage of in some domain or several domains in your life.

  15. Oh my gosh…Im going through this in the company I work for, my superiors are not qualified AT ALL to be in their positions, and I always gave away my opinion, simply because Im too naive…I don't like to do things I don't agree with, and that are contrary to my principles, I hate having to do that to grow in the company. And other under qualified peers are being promoted just because they "PLAY the GAME"…I just don't understand this world!

  16. @Jocko
    How does one play the game when they dont know what the game is? What about when supposed allies make someone confused as to what side they are on? What about when one is exhausted from deception and disinfo from the 'good side' making it hard for the individual to not break free of the hope and doubt yo-yo?
    How does one deal with the constant confusion as to who to trust and as to what the individual is being subjected to by the powers that be where the individual is at the mercy of the powers that be with no way of understanding what they are being subjected to but made to believe they are being surveilled with no way of understanding ones rights in the situations that they are subject to and with ambiguous information conveyed at best?
    I'm tired and mentally exhausted from deception. And because I dont know the solution I turn to GOD and BROTHER JESUS.

  17. so this guy just tried to rationalize for 10minutes that he is actually a fake person. but keep lying to yourself bro lul.

  18. 3:40 I think most people who aspire to higher status positions often do it out of a genuine desire to lead and be an example. Sadly, power corrupts. So, gotta disagree with you there. Unfortunately, I think your whole argument is founded on this concept.

  19. I do get the point that he is making, but I also believe that it's a slippery slope. These "rules" that he's referring to are nothing but someone's attempt for a workable system around work. What should be payed more attention and care is the actual work that you are there for, if licking you're employer's asshole is needed, then it ought to be specified in the employment contract. The world isn't exactly craving for more yes men in my oppinion.

  20. Ive played the game
    Guess what??

    I got no vacations paid..

    More like. The game played me.

    Let me tell you.. i was doing installing for a AC company

  21. The problem for me is faking it and dishonesty is the same..

    I've been screwed because of it to but its like there is a mental block I have yet to figure out

  22. I quit my job a month ago..
    Fucken boss wants me to come in 15 mins early with no pay to check the trucks oil and stuff..
    So at 9pm we are gone.. driving to the jobsite..

  23. I work at the parks in Disney World where being a fake person is literally part of the job. People say that it must be horrifying to be forced to smile and play the character day after day or get fired.

    The truth is that it’s actually healthy. Forcing the smile chemically puts you in a good mood and the cast members who do the job right will have otherwise rude and frustrating customers warming up to them and referencing them in the online survey. Thus getting the manager’s attention and earning that raise/promotion.

  24. you are fitting in and playing the game but its to serve a purpose and to more harmonically perform a role within a larger organization, if you have to do that in your private life and with people you seek to feel comfortable around and call friends, then you have a problem.

  25. When I was in the navy some black shipmate once told me “man you got to learn how to play the game”. I was German immigrant kid used to German straight forward, bluntly honest culture. I didn’t even know what he meant by that. Now I know. I recommend anyone to read Green’s 48 Laws of Power. I wish I would’ve read it in my 20s.

  26. So I've made this mistake. I work in social work. And see that all the higher ups only cared about the money and not the patients. I stuck up for patients and NOT the company and its actually debilitating to my soul. Corporate are different types of humans so i was told toplay the game

    Thank you jocko I needed this

  27. It's not about playing a game, or "the" game. Because you're only really playing the game with yourself, the game you've decided on committing to participate in — so you're really already always playing some sort of mental game

    So it's not so much about to or not to play a game, but which game to play — that's the real question

    Picking the right game & playing it poorly, will always lead to better outcomes than picking the wrong game & playing it well

    You're the only one who ever knows the whole truth of what you're doing and why, so absolutely keep that self-awareness & integrity present in your mind, reminding yourself that you're consciously choosing to play that game — so pick the game that will lead to success & happiness, instead of winning at a game that will only ever make you feel miserable

  28. This type of thing is true of course, but the reality is not everyone is capable of doing this, and not every profession is for everyone either. I agree with “fake it till you make it”, but some people just REFUSE to “kiss ass”. I do. Do your job, do it well, be professional-but constantly sucking up to people in the workplace or not also won’t get you anywhere in life either. It’s a balancing act.

  29. What do you do, when you play the game but, you still get over looked, you still don't get that promotion, or, that pay increase?
    Faking it doesn't always work. Work colleagues will call you fake behind your back, and smile to your face!
    What do you do in that scenario?
    Playing the game doesn't always work in my experience.

  30. There are more like minded haters in this world full of ignorance who are the biggest phonies out there blind to understand psychology of the human condition which Varys. This leads to ones downfall and ultimately there excuses that get them no where in life. For love, for peace , for themselves, for pride of ego.
    No matter what the objective. Life all comes down to politics and decisions . You can be a follower or a leader. And sometimes those who want to lead in fact at times no there is no other option but to lead must learn to follow. “Make a decision, make your difference. “

  31. To me, l hate that I spent "playing the game." The effort could have been used for something that could have been worthwhile.

  32. Playing the game causes toxic relationships. Playing the game builds fake people and that’s why left my job after 17 years. 5 months into my new job is a breath of fresh air.

  33. I appreciate this conversation. I'm a shift manager at a manufacturing plant and I'm constantly developing new leaders. I get this "I'm not gonna act fake" crap all the time. You've helped verify my thoughts and helped me to clearly articulate my response and rational. Who'd of thought youd become a professional life coach. Keep it up teach!

  34. The key line of difference is when playing the game involves going agianst the principles of right and wrong. His example with billy is perfect! This video is brilliantly more important than alot of people give credit for.

  35. People don’t follow robots… powerful. Just sent this to my son, it’s pretty cool this helped me too! A bonding for us👍🏼

  36. You sell your soul a small piece at a time, dont play the game.

    All these losers pretending to reinforce this like its some profound advice instead of a vapid enthusiastic smile meant for those who think theyre above you and want the comfort of the delusion that this "Game." is natural and self reinforcing.

    You know what happens to all these ""Play the game." types in time?
    They end up a half step from a hermit in the woods, seeking solitute, desperately trying to no longer play the game.

    The game is a trap meant to slowly eat you, and people of privileged will sell it to you like so many BS self help books.

    Dont play the game, play your game.

  37. CS Lewis talks about this in Mere Christianity. To be a “great pretender” if you will. If you have a hard time liking or loving someone, like and love them until you actually like and love them. Be kind and do acts of care to others who you don’t actually care for until you come to like or care for them. It is a dynamic of the abstract becoming the reality.

  38. If my employees tell me I have a stupid idea I listen to them and ask them why they think that and what they recommend instead. You’re whack for this. Ain’t nobody with any kind of dignity is gonna play little bs games just for a job. Lame as hell.

  39. if you "play the game" at work, you are a sniveling, self-serving coward. and wtf ever happened to the "silent professionals". now it's every dbag for himself, trying to grab a buck off "service". disgusting.

  40. Struggled with this a lot my whole professional career and honestly it’s why I’ve never been promoted to Sr. Management, thanks for the insight guys.

  41. Silly rabbits. Tricks are for kids. It is God who tells us how to be, not for what they wish to see. Be YOU and that's what God wishes for you to be.

  42. Pretty sure this is the first video, I have gone out of my way to dislike. Normally I just click back out. Personally I have more respect for someone I don't like or doesn't like me but can still keep it professional. At least you know where you stand. I would even follow (in this guys case) the leader I don't like into the fire and follow his instructions. He is in charge and to be professional, I need to do my job. If others have to fake it around me, you just lost all respect.

  43. Fire Department Lieutenant here, Jocko has a lot of great points on this subject. I will add that these promotional tests are designed to test your tactical decision making, crew resource management as well as personnel skills. I personally have found the tactical skills come fairly easy for me and dealing with personnel issues to be the most challenging. Example as a fire officer you recently noticed poor performance from one of your best employees. How do you address that? After sitting down with this firefighter and catching up they open up to you and explain that they lost custody of their children in a recent divorce and have had thoughts of suicide. How are you going to address this as a leader in your station? Jocko's point at 4:23 is perfect, you have to be able to connect with your people to build an effective team and keep it running. For any aspiring fire officers or current fire officers looking to improve their personnel skills look into attending a leadership academy tailored to developing these skills. In Virginia we have Northern Virginia Fire Rescue Leadership Development Institute and The Virginia Fire Officers Academy.

  44. Thank you, Jocko. This has inspired me. I've been suffering from influenza and was feeling down about it and my prospects and the fact that I don't have money even though I'm an internet celebrity.

    But "play the game", that's right. Wherever you are, play the game. Don't be socially awkward because you're playing wrong either. Be socially a butterfly because you're playing it right. I don't have money but I'm setting thing up so that down the line I will. And that's going to make all the difference.

  45. I'm gonna carry a copy of this video my phone ,everywhere I go. I need to remind myself of this constantly vs. being Mr. Serious all the time

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