Why There Could Be a Pokemon Nintendo Switch Game Conspiracy! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Why There Could Be a Pokemon Nintendo Switch Game Conspiracy! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

– You want the Poketruth, you can’t handle the Poketruth on today’s Nerdist News. Pretty good, huh? (upbeat music) Conspiracy, corruption,
coverups, the world lies in shock this morning as evidence
continues to roll in about a potential
scandal that could change the way that we play Pokemon forever. (gasps) The story, which leading news
sources have since dubbed Pokegate, and by leading news
sources, I mean Nerdist News, began on Nintendo’s YouTube
channel when a video was mysteriously removed
with no explanation. The video in question,
a release announcement about Pokemon Sun and
Moon from last February. But if Nintendo had
hoped they could simply make the video disappear
without anyone realizing, they were about to be greeted with an unpleasant wake-up call. The internet quickly wised
up to the gaming giant’s atrocious breach of trust and
took to Facebook and Twitter, demanding answers about what happened to the now non-existent video. Nintendo, you should know better. These are Pokemon YouTube
videos, you can’t just casually throw them away like you
would a piece of garbage or the director of the FBI. (groaning) Goddamn, so shady. So why the sudden deletion? Well the reasonable rationale
might be that since Pokemon Sun and Moon was released
all the way back in November, there’s no need to keep posting
a video teasing that release from a bunch of months prior,
except that doesn’t exactly check out with Nintendo’s past behavior. As fans pointed out, a release
announcement for Pokemon X and Y, a Pokemon game from
2013, was still alive and well on the Nintendo YouTube channel. Just doesn’t make sense, people. The facts just don’t add up. Why keep one release announcement live and take another one down? What kind of sick Pokegame are you playing with us, Nintendo? Are you doing this for a
reason or are you just trying to screw with us for abandoning
Pokemon Go last summer? God, it just keeps on rolling in. Well after assessing all the evidence, combining all the clues,
and spending all night staring at black and
white mugshots of Pikachu and shouting, “What are
you hiding from us?” we have determined that there
is in fact a conspiracy afoot. (groaning) But thankfully, it’s the
best kind of conspiracy, a conspiracy that ends with
even more Pokemon games. (horn honks) The prevailing theory is that Nintendo ditched the old announcement because they’re actually gearing up for a new one. Rumors have been swirling
for quite some time now about a fresh incarnation
of Pokemon Sun and Moon that would potentially
be titled Pokemon Stars. Supposedly, Pokemon Stars
will be released exclusively to the Switch and feature
a bunch of new Pokemon that didn’t appear in
either of the DS versions. Evidence for this upcoming
game has been steadily mounting over the last few months,
including the company releasing a new line of celestial-inspired
Pokemon merchandise which I absolutely need
to go buy right now so yeah, obviously Nintendo is
seeing stars, Pokemon stars. But still, why ditch the old
Sun and Moon announcement and keep the XY one up? Well at the end of the day,
it’s probably just a simple matter of keeping their stories straight. Pokemon XY never received
any kind of console upgrade so there was never any fear
of people tracking down the old video and getting confused about what was coming out when. With stars, there’s obviously
the chance of players getting it mixed up with Sun and Moon. Getting rid of the
announcement video is just a precautionary measure to make sure that everyone has their
Pokestory straight. Or maybe not, maybe there is a
bigger conspiracy to unravel. It is important to note that
Nintendo has yet to confirm or deny any of this, so
they could be getting ready for Pokemon Stars or they could be covering up something huge. Does Charizard have ties
to the Russian government? Is Bulbasaur taking secret
payout Tetris blocks? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, what do you folks think, are
you psyched to play Pokemon on the Switch, is Pokemon
Stars in the stars for you, and seriously, what is
Pikachu hiding from us, because no one is that cute by accident. Let’s discuss.

100 thoughts on “Why There Could Be a Pokemon Nintendo Switch Game Conspiracy! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

  1. it's already confirmed a NIntendo Switch Pokemon Game is in development anyway, so this isn't even news to me, it's pretty obvious they were going to bring it over to Switch as Switch is a handheld and Pokemon is a handheld based franchise, the question is.. when?

  2. It would be just like the Pokémon company to release a new game on the Switch and make the handheld systems obsolete.

  3. Man now I need to get a Nintendo switch to play this game. If it's really gonna be released on the switch

  4. It isn't a matter of IF, but WHEN.

    Seeing how popular the Switch has been so far, it would actually be suicidal/really-stupid for Nintendo NOT to release a main Pokemon game for it… BUT it's going to take a while still, seeing how careful and deliberate Gamefreak are when it comes to Pokemon.

  5. Pokemom Sun/Moon is easily the best pokemon game both story wnd mechanics. Can't wait for a sequel.

  6. Love the Wonder Woman t-shirt, Jessica.

    Thank you, for not cutting your hair, Kyle. Keep the hair!! Don't ever cut your hair, plz. Or at least send/mail me all the hair clippings if you ever cut it, Kyle. I love your hair. [I'm not attracted to Kyle. I just love his golden luscious locks.]
    I WANT KYLE'S HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great video. Keep up the good work. God bless you.
    —————— with love from a nerdy/reasonable Christian.

  7. stars 2017
    open world pokemon 2019
    switch sales go through the roof
    the world is a paradise once again

  8. I thought ALL the games have already been confirmed for the Switch and released. I saw no Pokemon on that list

  9. what kind of title is that, of course there is going to be a pokemon game for switch (eventually)…is water wet?!

  10. Y'all know there is a HD sketch of Pikipek in that video right, well there's one small problem with that, no console that runs Sun/Moon runs at 1080p so why would they have that sketch featured in the launch video for sun and moon at a minute and 49 seconds if you can find the video I just watched it on Polygon

  11. That would be awesome. Would also be added to my list of reasons why I want a Switch and this under-supply is really burnin' my britches.

  12. Its also possible that it has something to do with the story of the new game. Possibly a new enemy destroys alola! But hey that's just a theory. A poketheory!

  13. Just as long as they release it after I've saved up enough money.

    Probably won't buy a Switch unless a cool Pokémon game comes out for it.

    Or another Okami sequel. (I can dream)

  14. either way Nintendo would be idiotic to not release some large scale pokemon title for the switch

  15. dog fights in space are wrong because you wouldn't hear the noise in spaces vacuum. that's the oldest click bait in the book. give us something new

  16. Nintendo should (and my prediction, will be) bundle switch new version, with slight improvement like position of charging cable and probably better material, with the new pokemon game, like pokemon star? (They have sun and moon)

  17. There won't be a "classic" pokemon on switch, because pokemon is a handheld console seller.
    Unless the switch replace the 3DS too, which is very likely.

  18. This is the same company that just gave up making NES classic consoles "because screw our customers that aren't in Japan."

  19. I think if nintendo made a pokemon game that was as big as breath of the wild and made it so battles were live battles. Not turn based, at least with wild pokemon. battling trainers shoykd be turn based because its like a sport. it should also allow the players to go and beat whatever gym they want but curtain gyms have tougher pokemon to beat. the pokemon should also get harder in different regions. Legendaries should accessible at anytime as well. That would ve better then a sun and moon reincarnation which we dont need cause sun and moon was a let down.

  20. It's been bugging me forever who Jessica Chabot reminded me of. Then it hit me. Lynda Carter. I think the shirt might have subconsciously triggered it lol.

  21. Honestly… you seem to forget Nintendo's longtime statement of Main Series (That is the RBGY-GSC-RSE-DPPt-BW-XY-SunMoon games) never having a true console release. And since Nintendo Switch is by and large a Console that has portability options, rather than the other way around… it is CLEARLY not going to happen!!!! If Pokemon Stars/Eclipse/whatever is going to be released, it will be on a handheld, not console.

    The biggest game I would be seeing on the Switch is either remakes of Pokemon Coliseum/XD Gale of Darkness, or something akin to Battle Revolution, only an HD version that can handle all the models in true HD fashion on a console scale. Obvious connections to the handhelds would be a must to truly utilize this gaming system on a trading or battling basis.

    So… unless Nintendo is going back on their word of having a main-series Pokemon game only on handhelds, then Pokemon Stars cannot be for the Switch… END OF STORY!!!

  22. Am i the only one who hates name the name Pokemon Stars? Pokemon Eclipse not only sounds better but would also make a lot more sense.

  23. If they create a mainline Open World Pokémon Game on the Switch, it will be the largest/fastest selling game in Nintendo™ history.

  24. A new game on switch would be great. As long as it's updated from the archaic form it's still in. And gets rid of all the stupid crap they added like IVs and EVs etc.

  25. For e3 when Nintendo announces WWII for the Switch,they should release a trailer for it that is exclusive so people have no choice to watch e3 Nintendo

  26. I suspect it only a mater of time tile there a witch Pokemon game. Providing you can even find a Switch to play it on. You should do a segment on why they are making it so hard to find one.

  27. Actually, I think it would be funny (and poetic) if it was neutralized by the Youtube copyright infringement content bots because they are horribly broken.

  28. I'd rather Diamind and Pearl remakes, sun and moon was quite dissapointing and I don't want to see a reincarnation of it

  29. it's obvious that they are making a Yellow to a current gen game. But never rule out remakes and spin off titles….. but next gen…. uhhhhhhh Pokemon learned it's lesson HARD after the GCN failures

  30. All of your Pokemon for the Switch videos piss me off. You do not even sound like a real fan of anything "Jessica Chobot." Go back to hamming up some other fandom's news, like Star Wars.

  31. It's pronounced Pokaymon not Pokeemon. I cringe every time she tries to say Pokémon. I know a lot of Americans pronounce it that way, but it's wrong. Stop it xD

  32. if this happens this year , they will crush ten million easy by christmas assuming they keep up stocks

  33. If they bring Pokemon main to Switch.. 3ds is done. I'm mean that's the signal Nintendo is ready to end the ds line

  34. Oh yes..! I'm ready for another home console Pokemon game like Colosseum/Gale of Darkness. They had the excuse of making more money on mobile console like the DS, but since the Switch is a mix of both, then hell yeah. My body is ready.

  35. if Nintendo developed another Pokémon game like Gale of Darkness then that would make switch owners beyond happy maybe throw in some motion controls to launch Pokeballs or to cast out your Pokemon from its ball

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