Why Parents Should Play Video Games With Their Kids

Why Parents Should Play Video Games With Their Kids

– We don’t really play
games with our parents. – Oh, game playing, um… – Probably, maybe once a month. – Video games, I usually am like, no. – I haven’t really played
anything since the early 90’s. – Once a week? – Mmm. – [Kid] No, Dad.
(soft playful music) No, no. – Family learning, let me think. (chuckling) Let me think. When her and some kids get together to share experiences and
explore the world together. My name is Sinem Siyahhan. I’m an Associate Professor
of Educational Technology and Learning Sciences
at Cal State San Marcos. My gaming skills are average. (mooing) Sorry.
(laughs) I just wanna make sure
that I can get some meat out of this cow. My current work is inspired
by my experience as a child. Two parents are working long hours. They didn’t have enough energy and time to play with me and my brother, and we didn’t really get
to spend time together. I try to play with my son as much as I can. I value playing games. – Oh, there. – Yes. So, for example, here, we’re exploring the farm. (pig squeals) And we’re interacting with animals, and my son is learning (baby exclaims) what sound each animal makes. What does the sheep say? (imitates bleating) (chuckling) Mah, yes. Engaging in play is important, whether it is digital or non-digital play. We invite parents and
kids to play together. We’re fortunate to have Alienware provide gaming laptops for our families. – What I find really
interesting with Play2Connect, it helps families grow these
shared values together. Hey, Sinem, how’s it goin’? – It’s going well, how are you? – I’m doin’ well, did everything show up? – Yes, we have the laptops,
they’re ready to go. I believe I am making positive impact through video games. One of the problems that I
see is video games are framed as a context of conflict
between parents and kids. What I’m trying to do is to show parents and kids that video games could be a context for togetherness, collaboration, problem solving. Hello, everyone, welcome
to our Play2Connect event. Thank you for coming, we’re
really excited to have you here. (crosstalk) – [Woman] The light one. – Oh my gosh, look, you’re
stopping the water flow. – All right, we’re gonna
have parents and kids switch. – Now you need to start
capturing the animals. – And enter space – Ah, put it in there again. I got it, I got it, I got it. – No, Dad. You build it on top of that. – All right, let’s try to plant
seeds and see what happens. – (chuckling) What is happening? – [Kid] I have a plan. – [Man] What are we gonna do? – I have to clear it myself. – We put some lights on. Some more torches? (crosstalk) – At home, I’m tutoring her, now it’s the other way around. – A few times I did big mistakes, like flooded our cornfield. – It’s not corn, wheat. – Oh, wheat, see? – Did you enjoy the challenges? – Especially the chicken farm we made. Why does it have a skeleton in it? – It’s a lot more fun than I thought. It’s really interesting
watching him at work. – There’s just more value here
than I think I had imagined, that it could be really good quality time. And I’m surprised at how
patient he was with me. – You liked me doing it, and then you were tellin’ me, “good job.” That was cool. – It’s really important
that we shift the trend around video games and families, and really start thinking
about video games in terms of their potential to contribute to our lives. (pig snorts)
(baby exclaims) Yeah, that’s a pig! Where’s the pig? (grunts excitedly)

100 thoughts on “Why Parents Should Play Video Games With Their Kids

  1. My parents worked everyday and were always busy. My mom was a bit too old and she would get dizzy playing video games. Also, every parent that teaches kids video games deserve to go to heaven.

  2. When I play Minecraft, and some other games, with my kid he gets to be the shot caller and lead the way. I think that teaches a lot about leadership and communication, as well as help balance the 'parent power imbalance.'

  3. Personnally, gaming started as a hobby and my mother played a few games (Ocarina of Time, Fable) with me. As I got into high school, a hard time for everyone, I closed on myself and gaming became escapism. My parents would ask: "What's that game?", but beyond that never really played or were more interested than that. I think that it would've help me open up to them about my teenager problems if we shared some common ground. There were times where I really needed someone to talk to, but turned to gaming instead of opening up…
    TL;DR Parents just game with your kids! It's important.

  4. why she played minecraft???
    she have a alienware laptop and still play minecraft lol.
    if i have that laptop i already play every games 😂

  5. One of my fondest memories from childhood was playing Doom with my dad when my mom went grocery shopping. She always got mad at us, especially my dad when we played it so it was our secret.

  6. I would totally play Minecraft with my mom, she loves crafting. The first time she made a picture frame she was like "!!!! Look what I made!!!!". It's adorable!

  7. I love how Alienware seems to be pretty unpopular among gamers but is making efforts to break into the family/educational market 😉

  8. We are going into a digital world, may as well embrace it together.
    I taught my son how to build a gaming computer. It was a great bonding experience and he is really proud of what he built. His friends want him to build theirs.
    Programming will be their second language.

  9. This is not how you play games together, this is how you frustrate people by showing them someone who doesn't know how to do something and not giving them any way to explain other than point at a screen and want to take the controls. Put them in the game with each other, not separate outside. Even then I still wouldn't want to share a video game world with my parents, that's where you hang out with your friends, it's like bringing your mum with you to a friends house, just awkward.

  10. Now unleash your rage and fury upon your child when you pwn them in Call of Duty. That will teach your puny one to play video games!

  11. even with non digital parents don't have time to play games or spend time with their children except school works. good for those family that parents dedicate some quality time with their kids even just for like an hour. good time to ask some questions along with play time if there are concerns with friends/at school.
    i can understand the boy with the blank stare. when the parent / mom controls the situation an d the kid shuts down.

  12. The problem is that nowadays we don't have split screen games anymore. Most of the console games are solo or multi online. It's not the same as before

  13. Yeah….sure….it’s the TODDLER who really wants to play minecraft… “Can you say ‘sword? That green guy right there is called a ‘creeper’.”

  14. If I'm the parent and I did this experiment, I would go to the nether before the program ended XD

    Edit: to show my kid how does the nether looked like

  15. For anyone looking for the next evolution of quality family gaming time, I HIGHLY recommend looking into Jack Packs. I play this with my adult family around the holidays. Its a great way to laugh with family

  16. My friends' parents were way ahead of the curve here—their mom set it up so they could play Doom together when they were like 10. She used mods so they could have Powerpuff Girls skins. lol

  17. Encouraging your children to play Video games: NO WAY !!!
    Is this promoted by the gaming industry ?
    Togetherness is best done with games that involve interaction.
    Video games make the kids get absorbed into the screen.
    You are basically teaching addiction to TV screens and games.
    There is no way that this is beneficial for the long term.
    Theres plenty of otherways to bond with your kids!
    go outside and walk around nature!
    This video is awful teaching.
    watch teenagers on their phones and ipads when they have a play-date.
    Is that the child you want ?
    why are parents forever wishing their kids would spend less time on screens and devices and phones ? Coz we know they are brain-numbingly bad.
    The worst mistake a parent can make is to buy their kids a game console. It is the first step in the ruin of the child.

  18. Playing games with your parents is a TERRIBLE idea, imagine your playing a game like bo2 then outta no where a salty 12 yr old joins and starts screeming and calling everyone a queer

  19. I playing with my dad some video games
    But minecraft… Welp thats gonna be hard shit for me to explain him to how to play this game

  20. Why parents should keep kids 0-10 off their devices because of the STUPID COPPA LAW. LIKE DAMN, WHY DO WE HAVE THIS STUPID AFFECT?

  21. I am a 59-year-old grandfather and I play with my 6-year-old grandson Minecraft, Roblox, Human Fall Flat and many others. It's super fun !!!

  22. My parents NEVER ever play with me, not even board games or anything. They say either "i don't have time" or "I don't want to"

  23. When growing up in the early 2000s we used to play Battlefield 2 and 1942. Me and my friend would share playing on one computer and his dad would be playing sniper on another computer while his grandpa would occasionally join in as well as the helicopter pilot, even his mom would sometimes play as a medic because she didn't like hurting people. Everyone was in the same squad and talking over headset. It was amazing! At this time it would be rare to even have a computer for gaming in the house.

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