Why Labour Lost: Oligarchs are Gaming Democracy ?? | George Monbiot

Why Labour Lost: Oligarchs are Gaming Democracy ?? | George Monbiot

A lot of people are blaming Corbyn for
the results of this election. A lot of people blamed Hillary Clinton for the results of the presidential election
that brought Donald Trump in. Now, Clinton and Corbyn are opposites as
far as progressive politics are concerned. People have blamed the opposition in
India for the re-election of Narendra Modi, they blamed the Opposition in Australia
for the election of Scott Morrison, in Brazil for Jair Bolsonaro, similarly in Hungary,
in Turkey in Poland, in the Philippines. Actually blaming isn’t going
to get us very far at all because what we’re witnessing is a global
phenomenon, something big has changed. The oligarchs have
discovered the formula for persuading the poor to vote
for the interests of the very rich and that formula includes massive lying
and cheating on an unprecedented scale. Mobilizing social media particularly to
generate mendacious, manipulative adverts and memes and conspiracy theories in
order to swing people round or to turn them off from voting all together.
Pushing forward killer clowns like Johnson, like Trump, like Modi, like
Bolsonaro, who will do whatever the oligarchs want
but present a sort of almost amusing face to the public and so we laugh along
with them and then they learn from each other, they teach each other. In fact very often
the same political operatives will hop from one campaign to another, constantly
refining the model, refining the formula. So it’s a mistake to fixate on one
leader or one political party and say “oh look how badly they failed.”
Sure, there are failures. There was a lot of internal division within
the Labour Party, that really didn’t help. There was a lot of disarray over Brexit with a lot of
wobbling about what the Brexit position should be Lots of people really liked Labour’s manifesto
so it wasn’t the policy which was the problem and I don’t even think primarily it was
the leadership which was a problem but any Labour leader putting
forward those policies whose aim was to
transform this country would have been demonised
and ripped apart. The fundamental problem is the incredible grip over
our imaginations that the billionaire press still exerts combined with highly effective and
misleading use of social media This is a global phenomenon,
something huge has changed. People who wouldn’t have stood
a cat’s chance in hell 10 years ago are suddenly winning elections
all around the world at the moment. Why is that? Because they have worked
out the formula for how to do it. If there is a formula for how to do it there
must also be a formula for how to resist it. But how, tell me how! one of the things we
need to do is to ensure that people are much more aware
of what is fake and what is real. Dark ads on social media
telling total lies. Facebook, Google, Twitter
they’re all deeply culpable in this So we must defend ourselves from
lies and that requires digital literacy and there are ways of doing that. On the day of our general election in
Finland a 34 year old woman, Sanna Marin, was chosen
as their Prime Minister and she’s the complete antithesis of Boris
Johnson she could not be more different. There was one crucially important thing that
Finland has been doing for the past five years and that’s investing very
heavily in digital literacy. In helping people understand how
they can be manipulated online. Finland has been judged as the country
with the highest resistance to fake news now. Now obviously we can’t expect
Johnson or Trump or Modi or Bolsonaro to introduce an effective
digital literacy campaign because they don’t want
their own lies exposed but you don’t have to rely
on governments to do that. The Democratic Party in the US has now
produced a guide to confronting online lies putting massive pressure on the social media
platforms, on Google, on Facebook, on Twitter, to just take a completely different attitude to the
laissez-faire one that has dominated them so far. What we to see amongst progressive
parties all over the world is a coalition against fake news. So, you would say that white
supremacists tied publications meet a rigorous standard
for fact-checking? When you look at the only Labour leader
who has succeeded in recent times, Tony Blair, you see someone who has pretty well gone
along with the agenda of the billionaire press. I mean he went to great lengths
to butter up Rupert Murdoch, potentially the most
dangerous man on earth. The fear, the worry is, that he had to do that
in order to appease the billionaire press. and that if a Labour leader doesn’t
do that they can’t succeed. If that is the case then we have a real big structural,
institutional, problem and it is called the media. I think there’s a pretty horrible atmosphere
developing at the moment. A real sort of sense that
people want to purge. Got to get rid of all those people
who wanted a different country. Get rid of all those people
who supported Corbyn But it seems to me that in this renewed
furious public argument between Blairites and Corbynites,
or whatever you want to call them, we see really arguing in the wrong terms about
the wrong things and on the wrong scale. They’re looking inward whereas actually
they ought to be looking at the political system as a whole and
how we can radically change that. The problem we face at the moment,
almost regardless of who is in power, Is that we have a very top-down
19th century model of politics. What we need to replace that simple
linear top-down political model with is what I call political rewilding: a system
which is run and owned by the people. We’re beginning to see
very powerful examples of genuine people owned grassroots
politics developing around the world and yet this is not reflected in
mainstream political theory at all. We don’t need to wait for
government to do this for us, government is not going
to do this for us. we start doing it at the municipal level,
in the towns and the cities. So where there are
favourable local authorities, we put pressure on them and
we work with them to design these completely new grassroots politics.
Once we demonstrate the model what you find very rapidly, and this has happened
in other parts of the world, other people want it. They see that in their neighbouring town
there’s lots of exciting things happening which they don’t have in their own town, so the demand for that new politics
begins to spread and begins to grow and gradually can transform
the nature of the whole nation and then it’s much harder for the
oligarchs to get a grip over political life. We also have to attend to the short term crisis
that many people in this country now face Even though most of us
are really hungry we have to be careful with our food,
so we try not to eat a lot in one day. Continued austerity, continued
exclusion and marginalisation. There’s going to be a rising
tide of xenophobia and hatred. It’s even central government policy now. they’re going to attack Romani Gypsies
and travellers that’s in the manifesto. So the first thing we need to do is to
stand in solidarity with everyone who is likely to be victimised
by this government. We double down on our efforts to help
the people who are being marginalised. We have an overtly racist Prime Minister. just since the election already we’ve
seen a marked rise in racist assaults. No one must be left to face the
consequences of this election alone. I mean my big hope is that that result is
going to spark a much wider discussion about what needs to change. We need not just a change of government,
we need a change of political system. We know that just as there is a formula
for the oligarchs to take power there is a formula for defeating them and
for ensuring that there’s a far more effective and robust democracy than
we’ve ever witnessed anywhere and I’m beginning to see the first strands
of what that formula might be and I actually think it’s very exciting. So yeah, this is a time of despondency
but it’s also a time of Hope. Double Down has been achieving
extraordinary things, reaching millions of viewers, making the films that you’re not
going to see anywhere else and this has been made possible by the fact
that it now has over a thousand Patrons. Come and join, and join the network
helping Double Down News to get even bigger and more
effective than it is already.

100 thoughts on “Why Labour Lost: Oligarchs are Gaming Democracy ?? | George Monbiot

  1. Full in-depth 48 minute Monbiot interview on Why Labour Lost here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/full-48min-why-32492853

  2. This is horrifying. The defeated left seems to be transitioning from mere delusion into raging paranoia.
    The oligarchs (whoever they are) don't need fake news to undermine socialism. Ordinary sensible, uncomplicated people are sick to death of its patronising self-righteousness. Us "poor people", as you toffee-nosed Commies call us, know our lives will be safer and richer when we are governed by people who know what they're doing, rather than by a bunch of half-arsed intellectuals with grandiose ideas. You are living in a dream world. You'll just have to accept that we don't want to enter into your fantasies.
    Its game over. Get used to it.

  3. I saw a massive banner on the motorway yesterday, it read "GIVE BORIS A CHANCE", of course it was professionally printed on expensive waterproof canvas. Normal people don't have the spending power of this government and it's rich friends

  4. Conservative supporters have betrayed the nation and will be held accountable when shit hots the fan. If you voted conservatives, what will happen will be your fault!

  5. Rupert Murdoch and the others are unelected members of the government. – Fixate on the people in constant power. Richard Desmond, Jonathan Harmsworth, David Rowat Barclay, Frederick Hugh Barclay and Ruper Murdoch. The politicians come and go but these billionaires run your lives. Even with all the smears and lies, Brexit lost the election however, it was too much of a dagger for them to twist.

  6. As a muslim I feel genuinely concerned by hordes of far right joining the conservatives. I'm thinking about moving somewhere else when I can.

  7. George Monbiot is one of a number of people of the left who are in denial. What he says about the oligarchs trying to control things is true, but this is only a partial explanation. In the election the loss was not in areas particularly susceptible to fake news online. On the doorstep and in pre-election and post-election polls the overwhelming problem was Corbyn. He is by a massive margin the most unpopular leader ever. There is a need for re-evaluation of left policies after the election but the policies were not a failure. Corbyn was. I joined Labour after 50 years of supporting them to provide support for Jeremy Corbyn. I left over Corbyn and Brexit. The problem for Labour was shown by the Brexit issue. Corbyn had a lifelong anti-EU history which continued during his leadership. Remember he called for Article 50 declaration on the morning after the referendum. Instead of giving the Labour Party an agreed strategy with a proper considered response to the result he decided in a Stalinist way the only response should be to support Brexit. The Labour Party membership (over 80%) supported Remain. It would have been possible have dealt with Brexit in a sensible way and to get an approach that people could get behind. To get the Brexit he wanted he screwed the Party membership at the Party conference with the aid of Len McCluskey. He then did everything to help the Tory Brexit. His dishonesty about Brexit damaged him with his own members and lead to the complete nonsense of Labour Party Brexit policy in the recent election an unsaleable compromise between Corbyn and the more sensible Remainer/second referendum members in the Party. This was a second major factor in the defeat. He also failed get rid of the Tory Government with a vote of no confidence because he would not accept a compromise candidate as Prime Minister. He insisted it had to be him which no-one else could agree with. This was pure arrogance and selfishness and politically completely stupid. His performance in PMQs in Parliament was the worst of any Labour leader in history. His lack of fire and his political ineptitude, his lack of push back on the antisemitism issue and other issues meant that the right wing propagandists went almost unopposed. This was entirely down to Corbyn. The only lesson to learn from this is do not choose a well-meaning incompetent as leader who is unable to compromise when it is essential and who seems to be seriously intellectually challenged in debate and cannot think on his feet. Facing the onslaught of the media propaganda the leader has to be a fighter willing to fight their lies which Corbyn was not. The UK election has nothing to say about progressive politics anywhere but a lot about leadership. If you have the best policies in the world but a completely incompetent leader you will fail badly.

  8. Remember, Corbyn wanted us to be actively-involved in and well-informed of our democratic processes beyond a single vote and then complain for the next few years out of powerlessness before we forget again of all the deaths and suffering during the next campaign. How do you expect to teach children and teenage adults to learn to take responsibility for their lives when the adults they're supposed to learn from are reckless hypocrites?

  9. The Labour Party like many other political parties around the world where formed to represent the working class.
    But they’ve been hijacked by left wing liberals who no longer represent them. Eventually pro immigration socialist parties will not hold power in western civilisation soon. The right wing parties have swooped in using mild racism and populism with the press on there side it’s easy for them.
    RIP The Labour Party

  10. I think George Monbiot is a cry baby bad loser remoaner who would be happy to trash our Democracy in order to get his own way!

  11. I think George Monbiot is a cry baby bad loser remoaner who would be happy to trash our Democracy in order to get his own way!

  12. I think George Monbiot is a cry baby bad loser remoaner who would be happy to trash our Democracy in order to get his own way!

  13. it's interesting that we talk about "the poor" and "the very rich" – but i'm pretty sure the middle class in Britain is now far exceeding the working class by numbers?? why are we making the politics binary like this, and forgetting a huge voting class in the middle class ?? your average working man in Britain is no longer a labourer but probably some office worker, salesman or something of that sort … these interests need to be cared for as well surely ??

  14. I think a lot of people enjoy being lied to when it is more comfortable than the truth.
    I think a lot of people would rather read headlines than articles.
    I think people become anchored on the first thing they are told because it makes them feel intelligent.
    I think people find it difficult to question their own beliefs.
    I think people like to be part of thought cults and group thinks about topics.
    I think the left can't win by playing fair anymore because they will always find it difficult to truthfully counter a firehose of lies.
    I think we need a different model of governance that takes the human element out of the equation.

  15. This has to be one of the worst analyses that Monbiot has offered up. On the surface it contains grains of truth , but what it omits to state is that the bourgeois ''progressive socialists'' he says 'we shouldn't blame', have alienated the working 'because' they are themselves in hock to capital to the capitalist class. Consequently over a protracted period of time the word 'progressive , the word 'socialist' has become a byword for gibberish and betrayal, and in this respect the working class has come to an important conclusion, but one that needs clarification and to be turned into its positive. These ''socialists'' are not socialists in the slightest , they are capitalists . Whoever it is , be it an Obama , a Lula or a Corbyn they preside in parliaments dominated by the interests of the profit system, and invariably bow to the needs of capital at any point in time in its developing crisis as well as its growth.

    Consequently as Leon Trotsky made very clear '' social democracy in resolving nothing for the working class does nothing but open the door for fascism''. Fascism is itself an expression of unresolved contradictions . Yet what Monbiot does here is to create a smoke screen for the continuation of this process. In calling out the Oligarchs , and demanding the left not fight amongst itself, he is maintaining the pretence that structurally there is nothing wrong with progressivism , it just has to have the right message to the right audience.
    This utterly lumpen appraisal will help to do more damage . Not only have these ''so called radicals '' wasted huge amounts of time in backing the complete falsehood that capitalism can become socialism, they now seek to continue with this absurdity, which can only confuse the working class further .

    Whether the Monbiots of this world like it or not , capitalism is an entity in itself . It has laws that govern it just as surely as there are laws that govern the Planets. 'Competition for profit' organically necessitates the emergence of credit and finance capital. Based on the nation state system, 'over time' the emergence of insoluble debt and world wars become an irresistible reality . It happened twice last century and is heading for a ''third''.

    However the historical record counts for nothing for Monbiot . Instead he has to distort it to make it fit his subjective and class orientated agenda. Not only as he does above , but as he does elsewhere when he completely bastardises the historical process itself , when he claims ' communism offers way forward'. This is the reactionary middle class at its worst . For the simple truth in any Marxist understanding of the historical process, Socialism has 'never' existed because it is predicated on Internationalism and production for need and not profit.
    So as even a 14 year old can grasp, 'that' has never existed in the first place. So where the hell is communism in all this?? When it is a stage on from Socialism in the ''falling away of the state ''?? What Monbiot does is like every other bourgeois radical. He takes the irresistible chronological 'order of things as a process in motion' , cuts it up and places the pieces willy nilly to suit a subjective class interest. So communism, becomes a 'dictatorship' placed before socialism itself, when it hasn't even been realised itself !!

    One cannot overemphasise the danger of this sort of political logic. It is a form of madness in itself concealed beneath grains of truth. If Monbiot continues with this folly he is culpable as a 5th columnist within the working class movement, and should be treated as such. The whole history of radical left movements has been to head the working class off from removing the dictatorship of capital. In this period, where capitalism is about to 'fight it out' again with the back drop of potentially irreversible climate change, Monbiot is criminally responsible along with all the others like Paul Mason , Novara Media, Jacobin , Momentum , Yanis Varoufakis et al who have fostered for decades now the illusion that capitalism can be reformed .

    The confirmation of this political lie has been answered by the working class albeit in the negative. It has handed the glove to the Tories, not for the love of Johnson but because of the complete ineptitude of Labour and Corbynism. In the year to come, it will find that as Labour shifts to the right in order to chase the tail of the disillusioned working class, it is the working class that will make the steepest of learning curves, that will confront it with no other choice than to end capitalism before it ends them. Along with the millions of the middle class that protest climate change. Necessity after all is 'forever' the mother of invention.

    For as Leon Trotsky famously stated '' people only make a revolution when there is ''no other way out'' . '' WSWS.org

  16. i still cant get my head around people using foodbanks on zero hours contracts supporting someone so hateful towards their interests just makes me think witchcraft is involved

  17. As George Carlin said, years ago, the Owners are coming and they're going to take everything. Everything.
    It's a select club and voters ain't in it.

  18. The oligarchs (whoever they are) don't need fake news to undermine socialism. We "poor people", as you toffee-nosed Commies call us, know our lives will be richer and safer when we are ruled by people who know what they're doing, rather than by a bunch of half-arsed intellectuals with grandiose ideas.

  19. excellent videos, very informative and engaging. It is desperately sad that the working class and those in "deprived" neighbourhoods voted for the Conservatives when it is these same voters who will be the ones most likely in need of the NHS which the Conservatives will decimate, more so then they already have.

  20. Watch "Century of the Self" and then realise that the Tories hired Isaac Levido and Dominic Cummings and had the billionaire owned media on their side projecting their propaganda.

  21. George Monbiot is a saint.
    The working class poor who voted Tory are too stupid to understand the true meaning of Socialism
    As quickly as possible these ungrateful racist bigots must be replaced with immigrants more deserving of the munificence and intelligence displayed so unselfishly by the left-wing intelligentsia.

  22. My personal bias is that I am less critical,and more supportive of Jeremy, than some of my friends. To give one example in response to what you said George, one friend emailed me and said " I largely agree with Monbiot's analyisis. I am still angry at Corbyn for waging such a terrible campaign & for treating Labour as his own fiefdom…….even while claiming to be utterly democratic."
    I wonder what you would say in response to my friend's comment , George ?

  23. FINALLY. Someone with some guts. All I have heard from the left is ‘we need to look within’ whilst this is admirable, it ultimately represents another capitulation. The same type of capitulation we saw with the corbyn coup, the anti semitism issue, the second referendum issue.
    We need to toughen up if we want to beat our enemies.

  24. We DO have a real, big, structural, institutional, problem. The press is rotten to the core, and let's not fool ourselves into believing that left wing press are necessarily any better.

  25. I agree with this analysis however we also need to take responsibility for some fundamental problems within the left ie. Failing to set a limit on immigration and sjw, pc extremism within the Momentum movement. A heavy dose of pragmatism is needed.

  26. The one thing all these "oligarchs" have in common is they are all fascists and they are all controlled by the zionist bankers.

  27. Its so bloody depressing seeing what was happening and powerless to do anything. I still feel angry at the bastards for what they have turned this country into.

  28. Please note in 2000s the Tories cut media bias from UK A level media studies syllabus… also cut Communication Studies ( on syllabus feminism/marxism )

  29. Tavistock playbook at play. I definitely think it's over for British politics. You can manipulate the masses how you want. The only time I'll see a change is if the people can see through the bs coming from mainstream media

  30. Drives me mad that all I’ve heard for the last 12 months from Tory MP’s mouths is how “17.4 million people voted for Brexit… “. How many voted for their Brexit? 13 million.
    “ the greatest democracy in the world”
    Having said that responsibility also needs to be taken. Their are serious questions to be asked around the issues of extreme political correctness, sjw culture and gender identity politics within the left.

  31. It was absolutely clintons fault she lost. She shouldn’t have been the nominee anyway. If she didn’t cheat Bernie she would have lost the nominee. And because she spat in half her bases faces is why they didn’t vote for her in the end & she lost to trump.

  32. I'm sceptical that this could ever gain the ground it would need in order to succeed.
    I look at the 'eyeball count' of videos like this and other excellent videos from DDN and compare them to … well, entertainment. A video about someone taking apart a computer can garner up to 3 million views. Totally trivial viral videos can reach the hundreds of millions.

    Why would the social media companies listen? They haven't listened much to date, it's mostly been lip service – or they've complied when they've been caught out in shady practices.

    For many people, videos like this are boring, they'll switch off in seconds, if indeed they even notice them in the first instance.
    Very few people, when counted in context of the scale of the electorate, will bother to do any research. This is not because they are stupid, it is because they don't have the time, the inclination or often the education to look beyond a headline.

    So we know that it's going to be social media that can exact the change we need and we know that these oligarchs, via the hiring of cunning, unscrupulous or devious minds, can manipulate social media on a mass scale.

    Surely, then, the answer is to produce viral videos that contain vastly simplified versions of this message, that contain links off to educational content, that can point out the lies – and get views in the countless millions. Videos that literally trip of the tongues of everyone in the country – "Did you see that video?"

    How to go about this?
    It has to be via a series of celebrities, via donations from left thinking media companies – donations of time and skills.
    The best and brightest writers, digital content creators, musicians, actors that can appeal across the board, getting together in a concerted 'WOW FACTOR' series of viral videos.
    It has to be unprecedented in scope, quality, scale and viral factor, so it absolutely needs the biggest names that can be gathered together.
    These names need to appeal to different age groups, different cultural backgrounds, so multiple viral videos aimed at different audiences need to be developed.
    All of this can point toward easily digestible information, facts, figures – and present positive solutions.
    It needs to be a continuous thought through series of videos that can adapt to popular events and can span the duration to the next election.
    Above all, these videos need to be positive, feel good, compelling, risky, exciting, naughty – as good as the best music videos, the best TV shows in terms of production.
    They have to SHINE and STICK in peoples minds.

    They should also should never be far left, it shouldn't even be called left or centrist or whatever – but the values within should be those that have typically been associated with the left. The values of caring, community, a sharing society, helping those less fortunate, sharing profit and all geared toward a rapid transition away from fossil fuels.
    We need to get beyond this 'left and right' political thinking – it marks people out before they've even had a chance to be heard.


    If all this fails?

    Then the only way forward is the dark way – for Labour or an alliance of parties (those who put people before profit) , to use the same dirty tricks.
    It only needs to be done until an election can swing their way, after which the real core policies can be put into practice.
    This is a dangerous road, however – and it is questionable whether the funding can be found to compare with the billions at the disposal of the oligarchs.

  33. Back in 2010 I was doing a study on neoliberalism which appeared to me to be the platform for the resurgence of fascism or feudalism which is pretty much the same sort of thing.
    The current form of fascism defined as 'when private business controls government' is promoted by think tanks that were set up in the 1970s -90s.
    One of the ideas they were exploring in the early 2000s was what they called Twitter bombs where they would set up thousands of fake accounts to extend the range and the apparent sources of targeted propaganda. In the same year I attended a lecture in Adelaide in a lecture series called 'the festival of dangerous ideas'. The lecture described various communication networks that used various messages transmitted by various forms of mediums to target various specific audiences that were targeted at various demographics. They would be the same message nuanced and massaged so the message would be accepted by the target audience. Each audience was regarded as a cell and the level of information would depend on how ideologically aligned that cell was to the transmitter. The intention was to inform the closely aligned and misinform their adversaries in such a way that they would find the narrative agreeable.
    My observations: by doing this they could introduce a whole new vocabulary that would be rapidly adopted by people wanting to appear to be up with the play. Innovative and entrepreneurial really means outside of the regulatory framework and profitable. The concept of social entrepreneur is one promoted by the think tank American Enterprise Institute from where the illegal invasion of Iraq was plotted. Social entrepreneurship is a process where social welfare is managed as a private business topped up with government funding. Social housing is the same neoliberal concept to replace state and council housing. By using the word 'social' there is a suggestion that the benefits are social rather than commercial. Also because it has a similar chime to state or council housing the transition to social housing has been accepted by the public.
    I wrote a piece 'the diffusion of free market fascism in the South Pacific' in 2011 which is raw unedited and published on the Academia website. I hope you find time to read some of it. Most of the web pages of the links have been taken down but there are many ideas that could be followed up.

  34. The Zion Russian je-wish oligarchs and isr-hell have influenced and interfered in the world’s politics for far too long, the bloody votings are rigged, democracy my ass. They found by paying certain groups of influential lying people or individuals of the poor working class or poor background to spread their propaganda to the sheep’s works.

  35. The focus should not be on social media. The british press worked as a campaign platform for the conservative party. The invitation to think locally without decentralised power is challenging but I guess we need to start somewhere.

  36. Fantastic stuff. I wish I could support you more, but I'm one of those brits in poverty..

    Will like and share till folk are sick of it.

  37. But what can be done about newspapers like The Guardian and The Observer? They're viewed as the "progressive" papers and they were leading the disinformation and smear campaign against Labour and Corbyn since he was first elected leader!

    Mind you, I read a Guardian article from the eve of the 1945 election and if you just updated the historical events and names, you could literally cut and paste it into The Guardian of today haha

  38. People are selfish and and unable to see beyond their own short-term needs, largely. It's a principle of management training and the system is being shaped to take advantage of that.

  39. Unpopular opinion: I don't think you can compare Hillary Clinton to Jeremy Corbin. What Americans call left-wing is in Europe considered right-wing/neo-liberal. What Americans call communism is what Europeans call social democracy. Jeremy Corbin is more like Bernie Sanders. And by the way: Hillary Cinton was a terrible candidate in my opinion.

  40. The next step is Global Fascism, ironically utilising the Global Climate Catastrophe, (which due to its impact is now undeniable), to provide the platform to underpin the political, social and economic policies and security apparatus to enforce the Top Down preservation of the Elites. As they ensure their lifestyle and privilege is preserved by the subjugation of the masses…..and that includes….You!!!

  41. Evidence need please. 'A lot of people really liked Labour's manifesto, so it wasn't the policy which was the problem'. Now, I'd like to believe this, and it's obvious that the future of a left-wing Labour Party depends on this being true, but I would like to see some evidence. In fact, I'd like to see a lot of convincing evidence. Can anybody point it out to me? Thanks.

  42. Corbyn is 100% responsible for Labour's defeat. It was an obvious outcome of his poor leadership that he should've seen after losing against May.
    Clinton was THE reason Trump won. Any other Dem candidate would've beaten Trump.
    The model used by Trump and Johnson comes directly from Putin's playbook. Corbyn would probably blame "the west", though.
    The Labour policies were popular but seen as unrealistic and potentially negative. (You really want to have to phone a government department if your broadband's running slow?)
    I know you're not going to like this but Blair would've wiped the floor with Johnson.

  43. Democracy needs to have a conflict of interests legislation & body's with a serious constitutional law backing it up something like world & international sports that can penalise parties & individuals that are caught buying off elections & sabotaging elections with subterfuge & lying…

  44. I don't blame Corbyn. The guy is a bloody Hero in my eyes.He went up against the establishment and system that is corrupt as fuck while at the same time having to placate a 5th column in the party.My only criticism is he is too damn passive.He was never going to stand a chance fighting the establishment on its terms which doesn't give a flying fuck for how moral and upright a person is because its ultimate aim is to hold onto power at any cost.His biggest mistake was capitulating to the 2nd ref arseholes and failing to honour the result.

    All I know is that the Left needs to bypass the msm and support more independent sites like this one and be more supportive and active in the communities that have felt totally ignored and taken for granted by Labour for far too long.It also needs to get more militant because Johnson is going to make life so fucking unbearable it's inevitable civil unrest is going to explode at some point…As for the people who should have known better giving Johnson their vote for some fucking lame notion of "National Identity,Sovereignty and taking back control" Jesus wept-what the fuck can you say to absolute stupidity? One thing is for sure,they're gonna rue the day they put their cross next to a Tory.Corbyn may have been defeated but the social problems such as the rampant Austerity and inequality etc that gave rise to him are very much alive and are not going to go away.In fact they are set to escalate even more now we've a far right wing government in power.There's going to be fucking murder.So in the words of Benn:Toughen up,bloody toughen up.

  45. The formula only works on the stupid minds, and the minds of the uneducated, the xenophobes, the white supremacists, the racists, the selfish, and the sociopaths. They now probably constitute the majority in Europe and worldwide which is growing.The media uses such people to achieve the agenda of its paymasters, Brexit is a british example using racism to whip up the initial spark and racism was and still is used elsewhere.

  46. Jeremy Corbyn has a very good character but a somewhat dull personality. Boris Johnson has a very bad character but a flashy confident personality. What does it say about current UK society that people chose flashy personality over good character? I would like to live in a country in which people voted by thinking, Corbyn's a bit dull but so what? He cares abut people and his policies will help those in need and society as a whole. Things will get better for my children, my grandparents and all those suffering from the effects of poverty. Instead millions of people preferred the slogan, "get Brexit done". A meaningless mantra that is going to take roughly ten years of near impossible trade talks, trying to negotiate between the economic interests of the US and the EU to perhaps bring about. Too many people seem to have completely lost the ability to vote for their own interests in favour of supporting those of the super rich and their limitless greed.

  47. There is attack on decent politicians globally. they are abused, taunted and demonized for their left leaning idealogy. Only another massive global economic meltdown can reverse this trend.To make matters worst right wing media has made xenophobia mainstream.

  48. As Lyndon Johnson said, 'If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you.'
    Its what the right and the Brexit campaign have done for years. Works every time.

  49. Thank you for this analysis. We need to understand so that we can work together rather than become more divided. Hope in hopeless times. (Can someone send this to Bernie Sanders people please – he urgently needs to know). PS Jeremy Corbyn was the best PM we never had.

  50. I am baffled as to why there are such expressions of surprise at our Masters and Owners getting the result that they paid out good money (most of it 'trickle up' from the rest of us) to ensure they would get. Anyone with any sense of realism will have understood, from the very moment of Labour's leadership election in 2015, that 'a fairer and more just society' really is not much of a vote winner among those who buy our votes.

  51. We all now have to get together and rid this country of the vile evil lying murdering racist embezzling criminal tory bastards and the Lying murdering criminal racist Johnson it's time for civil war action.

  52. Have the Labour party watched this? They need to more than anyone else, before they tear themselves apart and re-invent themselves as another watered-down Tory-lite party, akin to Blair's New Labour.

  53. Good message overall…However, just a caveat: The whole 'fake news' meme…was / is, itself, promulgated by the 'oligarchs'..and their mass corporate / capitalist media. The latter , of course, represents real fake news, as it always has. But, yes, grassroots politics and indy news outlets.. building from the ground up to take State power is the means and goal.

  54. Basically Sour Grapes. It was Labours fault they Lost. Forming your own truth and expecting the people to believe, Name successful socialist countries. Labour are experts at hating it never goes down well with the people, Socialism is wonderful for the select few. Blair. Kinnocks etc Labour with Labour ? No thanks. We have witnessed only Failure with Labour. Most labour young grow up and see the light. The rest live and wallow in their Bile and vitriol. You need more than Hope

  55. Excellent ideas, as always. Inspiring. Thoughtful. Effective. Practical. And Effective. Definitely something we must all act on.
    Monbiot, however, is letting Corbyn off too easy. Leadership failure is always at the root of these disasters.
    If you are going to lift a torch to guide a people, make sure it's lit.
    Corbyn's and Labour's key failure is in not articulating a LEFT BREXIT. Huge blind spot.
    They provided a wonderful but INCOMPLETE vision of what a Corbyn government would do.
    Even though they had good policies, we cannot say that it was not the policies that brought down labour. Contrary to what Monbiot concludes, it was the policy.
    Just because people like manifesto, we cannot conclude as Monbiot does, that they liked labour's policy proposal. Monbio fails to check the FULL list of policy issues on the table.

  56. We can’t do anything, while 75% of the media are drip drip dripping lies, day in day out , they are already doing it with the leadership of the Labour Party. If Long -Bailey gets voted in as leader, the right wing press will start the drip drip process and when the elections comes she will be the devil reincarnated, a corbynista, even though there is no such thing, she’s a socialist and that word does not sit well with the elite.

  57. “The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” – Malcolm X

  58. I'll say it…Jo Swinson split the remain vote, Nigel Farrage united the leave vote… not complex and probably not policy related.

  59. Nonsensical conspiracy theory by elitist socialist. Remind me are you a Marxist socialist or a National socialist and is there a difference? As for that bloody music…patronise us workers won't you.

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