Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? – PC Game Review – brutalmoose

Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? – PC Game Review – brutalmoose

This video is sponsored by Opinion Outpost. Get paid for having your opinions heard by taking surveys over a variety of topics that matter to you, like movies and FOOOOD… and other stuff. Get paid in cash or gift cards for taking the surveys and then go use that cash on FOOOOOD… or other stuff. Click the link in the description to learn more, and thanks again to Opinion Outpost for sponsoring me. Did the Scholastic Book Fair ever visit your elementary school? One of the few things in my life to ever get me excited about looking at books, Book Fair Day was something we all loved because not only did it get us out of class, but also sometimes our parents would buy us something! What could be better? To be fair, though, I wasn’t usually interested in the books that were being sold. I was mostly concerned with the computer games they were peddling. You even got sent home with a product catalog so you had something to frantically point at as you desperately beg your parents to part with their cash. But as much fun as this was, I also remember getting screwed over by these catalogs. I wanted the version of Kid Pix that was in my computer lab, but I ended up with Kid Pix Deluxe 3, which was not nearly as good. And at one point I really wanted Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, but all Scholastic offered was Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego. So is this game a triumph of the Scholastic catalog, or just another Kid Pix Deluxe 3 disappointment? [KPD3 jingle] ~Kid Pix, Kid Pix~ Come on and play with Kid Pix~ You’re garbage, you hear me? Garbage.

RIP Kid Pix 2017 Let’s find out! Carmen Sandiego is a worldwide super thief and her main claim to fame is that nobody knows where the heck she is. Where in the World is she, Where in Space is she, What Point of Time is she in? One game even narrows her location down to North Dakota and still nobody knows where she’s at! She’s like Where’s Waldo except she’s a wanted criminal. I think Waldo may have just wanted to blend in and be left alone. Now that I think about it, I’m not really sure why we spent so much time looking for him. [epic guitar] [Sandiego]: It’s time to contact my collection of crooked compadres. My coast-to-coast crime spree is about to begin. [Ian] Carmen has already swiped various American treasures, and now she’s got her eye on America’s greatest treasure– which they don’t actually specify in the intro. Our goal as a gumshoe is to track down the precious pilfered items lock up the lesser criminals in cahoots with Carmen, and eventually track down Sandiego herself. [Chief] Hello, and welcome to ACME. I’m the Chief, but don’t just think of me as your boss, think of me as your co-worker, AND your boss! [Ian] This is the Chief, a character recognizable to many who were elementary school students in the 90s. Not only did she appear in the computer games, but in the PBS game shows as well, and she was always there to give you a new case, some helpful advice, and pats on the back when you’ve successfully completed a mission. [Chief] I’m sending you to solve a Mississippi rip-off. The Delta Queen riverboat has rolled up and down the mighty Mississippi River for more than a century. But today, she’s dead in the water because someone pilfered her paddle wheel. Your job is to capture that crook and get that ship in shape again! Good luck. [Ian] The object we’re trying to recover, in this specific case, someone stole a paddle wheel to a boat– which is a really cool and exciting thing to steal, huh, guys– is really of no consequence outside of choosing where we start our investigation, because the investigations all play out in the same way, no matter what object you’re tracking down. I wish we got some more insight as to how these objects were stolen, because the cover shows her stealing a bridge with a helicopter and a giant net, which is just insane! Here in Natchez, Mississippi, there are a few witnesses wandering about. You can ask each person where the suspect went and ask about their appearance, which is easy enough, right? Well, it would be, except everyone in this stupid country speaks in riddles. [Person A] His mop of hair reminded me of a bat! [Person B] His head was covered by more than hair! [Person C] His hair made me think of octopus ink. [Ian] You guys know I’m looking for a career criminal here, right, not Dr. Seuss? This is serious business, okay? I’ve got to find a paddle wheel! It doesn’t get more serious than that! You can also find various scraps of paper on the ground that act as clues because these “professional criminals” have left a paper trail large enough to fill a library or two. If you’d like to learn more about the place that you’re currently in, you can always call up a guide and get an exclusive one-on-one tour of the town. [nyooms all over the screen] [Guide] Whoa! I have an idea comin’ atcha! Don’t let the youthful looks fool you– I’m a regular Titan of Tinkering! One of my favorite figures in history of the Old West has to be Grenville Dodge, the Titan of Tinkering! Here’s a Union Pacific Historical Museum, loaded to the caboose with history mementos about the U.P., the nation’s first Titan of Tinkering! The Transcontinental Railroad made it much easier for settlers to tinker my caboose. This resulted in a lot of growth and progress, but also in a few sad changes like the rapid disappearance of buffalo herds and native Indian cultures. Way cool! Want to hear a few more tidbits? [Ian] Nah. As you follow clues and hop from state to state, you’re also constructing a warrant so when you finally locate the criminal, you can make an arrest. It’s important to get your warrant exactly right, which makes it all the more frustrating that these people speak in riddles. Listen, I am a professional Acme gumshoe, and if you say ‘he was a hooded hood’ instead of ‘he wore a hat’, I reserve the right to slap you in the throat. Once you have your warrant complete and you’ve tracked down the crook, it’s time to take them to the slammer by very professionally shouting in a very professional manner: *tense violin* [Thief] Pleased to meet you. *saxophone music plays* *long sax note* Beau Zoe captured! Mississippi thanks Rookie Ian for the return of the the Delta Queen. And what a great photo right there. Now that’s a front-page photo if I’ve ever seen one. It’s not like you could have put my face on the front page or anything, right? Is there not enough room for my forehead on this newspaper? What’s the deal? Cracking cases brings you ever closer to Carmen Sandiego and you also get to rise the ACME ranks from Rookie all the way to Super Sleuth, which is when you finally get to go after the master thief herself. That means you’ll need to play at least 39 cases before you get to Carmen Sandiego, and that’s only if you solve all of them. You can fail cases a couple different ways. This high-tech gadget, known as the ACME wake up, who knew, it’s me, it’s you, get a clue case pad operates with a limited amount of battery power which you use up by talking to witnesses, and traveling from place to place. If you run out of battery, the case is over, because here at ACME, we don’t believe in recharging things. Are you insane?! What’s worse, though, is that your warrant needs to be EXACTLY right when you make your arrest. Female, blonde, tall, and wearing glasses all check out, but because I had the gall, the nerves, to describe her weight as average, apparently she just gets away. Carmen Sandiego is one of those games that is really good at what it does, but what it does is not all that interesting to me. The idea of tracking down criminals is a great one, but the focus on geography is where it kind of loses me. It’s not a topic I was ever very good at or really interested in. Since cases don’t take too long to complete, though, it was an amazing game for school computer labs. Even though I had a home copy, I mostly remember playing the game at school. And although it doesn’t have the staying power like some of my edutainment favorites, I still think it’s a great piece of software for the recommended age groups because it’s one of the only games I can think of that tried to teach me geography. It’s just not a subject I remember being covered very well in the edutainment space. So, thanks so much, Carmen Sandiego, for making geography fun for kids like me. I still do not know very much about geography, but hey it was fun, so that’s- [Guide] -the regular Titan of Tnkering! *music* [Voiceover] Mmm, what a hamburger! ♪ outro music ♪

100 thoughts on “Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? – PC Game Review – brutalmoose

  1. I played "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Deluxe" when I was little. I didn't know wtf I was doing but I remember I liked arresting the wrong suspects for no reason.

  2. The Book Fair probably visited my Elementary school, but I remember it more in my middle school. That’s how I discovered the Kingdom Hearts manga.

  3. Thinking back, kidpix sounds like an application on a pedophiles computer, not soemthing you'd get in the school library lol

  4. I'm super nostalgic about this game. I used to play it at home all the time. I might need to find myself a copy of it again!

  5. I betcha that finding Carmen Sandiego in North Dakota would be easy. I live here.
    Finding a woman wearing bright red in a place that is mostly flat, has little to nothing here in comparison to other states, and is covered in very not-red SNOW for half the year, is an easy task.
    Points to her on one thing though. Who the hell would think to look for her in North Dakota? Nobody even remembers this place exists half the time.

  6. I miss the book fair. It's one of the best elementary school memories I have. I remember Kid Pix too, I played that all the time.

  7. There was this quiz show that came through my elementary school time and time again. I think they used a sound clip from a Carmen Sandiego game. It went, “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”

  8. god i miss the good old days when scholastic also sold computer games….I never got one but some company had decided to hey let's find a way to help these kids prevent summer learning loss so let's give them a computer game and activity book that they have to pay 30 bucks for (true story my class was given Cluefinders 6th grade adventures and well I fought tooth and nail to get my mom to buy it before I gave in and said fine I'll take the activity book, but for some reason we got the game anyway I don't know how she changed her mind)

  9. Granted USA isn't bad it's actually perfectly challenging for me (mostly because I live in Canada) plus I enjoyed the folk music used in the game

    1:59 so why would people ship him with Carmen that's dumb I know it's a joke but I'd rather ship her with Devineaux

    Oh come on in my first playing in the game I knew it was the declaration of Independence, (which ironically was also a game show loot)

  10. There's a better one they put out later, I just wish it wasn't such a pain to find. Thinkquick Challenge that was a good one and covered all subjects and did it very well and in an entertaining manner. Word Detective was good for English the tower of Babel bit was neat too…I loved playing those back in the day so much. x3

  11. 06:19 " THIS IS WHAT POLICE BRUTALITY LOOKS LIKE ". #BlackLivesMatterToo #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #ICantBreathe #HandsUpDontShoot #GeorgeBushDoesNotCare #JustSayNoToDrugs

  12. Hahaha. The Durham Museum is easily the neatest historical building in Omaha, though. I recognized it immediately. The nostalgia is strong for every Omahan, because everyone alive who grew up here went on field trips there. Yay trains.

  13. My parents got my a book I wanted on the titanic and it came with a beeper so I could do Morse code. So I know Morse code and my parents got annoyed with beep beep beeeep beeeep beep beep

  14. As a kid i just went to California over and over but got frustrated because there wasn't an option for San Diego. I thought she was in San Diego because if her name. Clickbait title for a game if you asked 8 year old me.

  15. Awww. I miss Lynne Thigpen! She was so awesome. I remember seeing her in these as a kid and the TV show! She had such a personality! She died in 2003. The world is a little darker without her. 🙁

  16. I played this game when i was a kid! I played Where in the World is Carmen Sandaidgo, i had absolutely no idea what i was doing 😆

  17. I remember that exact version of kid pix from the computer labs at my school back when I was real young. I actually liked it a lot.

  18. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego is actually the game that got me interested in nerding out through encyclopedias as a kid. I remember the piracy protection on that game (at least the DOS version) was, for each promotion, you'd have to answer a moderately obscure and hard question like "Name the two rivers that split from xyz river in Peru" and an answer sheet came with the official game disks… Of course broke ass me just had a copy of a copy of a copy from who knows where and actually had to dig into the ancient encyclopedias the family had in the living room. Game was in English and I barely spoke broken English at the time, and of course our encyclopedias weren't in English either, so I'd also have a dictionary nearby and work on my English at the same time. Come to think of it, that was a freaking amazing, fair copy protection system that didn't entirely alienate poor kids from educational software. Kind of turned a single floppy disk game into a 3-in-1 hit combo edutainment overload! "Harder than actual interdisciplinary homework" should've been their motto… XD

  19. My elementary, and middle school had book orders, and my high school had one for a while but when I started going to my high school they stopped

  20. You know I’ve realized something…Carmen Sandiego seems to be an enigma of a criminal supervillain. Never once has she resorted to murder in her thefts. Not to mention the thefts usually involve really outlandish goods like landmarks! My guess is Ms Sandiego seems to want us to realize that we take things for granted, and don’t appreciate the history of fine valuables and why they ARE valuable to begin with.

    All hail the wisdom of the mastermind CARMEN SANDIEGO!!

  21. I love the box art so much, finally a realistic depiction of Seattle! the Space Needle is not only the tallest structure in the city, it's a gargantuan construct that literally reaches into outer space, dwarfing any and all nearby skyscrapers. also sets the record straight that the Brooklyn Bridge is actually over here, and not in New York City, and they even show Carmen Sandiego riding one of our famous trolleys!

  22. Kid pix is that thing with those stickers and backgrounds and stuff like that? The one that seems to be in the kids computer's in every library and kids club in the world?!

  23. Carmen Sandiego. Good lord. Where in the World is she, Where in Time is she, Where in the USA is she, Where in Europe is she, Where in the USA's past is she, Where in Space is she… two games respectively narrow down her whereabouts to North Dakota and (whilst misspelling her last name as "Santiago") Hell and still nobody can't find her. There was even a game part of an airline training program that tried to track down her luggage and even then nobody could find it, and by extension, her! Next thing you'll know she'll log onto the internet and even KiwiFarms trolls with their IP tracking powers wouldn't be able to find her.

  24. This was the only version of Carmen Sandiego I was able to play growing up as part of one of those bundles of games that threw like, four games in a box with two on two separate disks. Same with Kid Pix 3 sadly.

  25. yall motherfuckers must have went to schools with money or something. I was in 4th grade in 1995 and I never saw most of these games on this channel. We used windows 3.1, or just plain old DOS to load the first Oregon Trail from a 5.25" floppy.

  26. In 7th grade I was required to memorize all the states and capitals and write them out by hand. We had to take the test weekly until we got a 100 on it.

  27. Oh man, the versions of Where in the World and Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego I had didn't have the Chief from the show. I think they might have been the older versions, from before the show came out.

  28. The Netflix show actually managed to keep some of the educational value of the games, which is pretty neat

  29. when u said u got it wrong what happend was u chose the wrong person as one u chose was skinny not average

  30. Wait…when did book fairs start giving out games? Must have been after my book fair time. But they don't any more with my kids' book fairs. It was just books and the occasional activity and drawing books in the late '80's/early '90's when I was a little kid.
    Also I had Where in the USA…only it was the 1986 and the deluxe 1992 version. Never saw this one. Too old for it.
    Yes, I am old at 37.

  31. This was my siblings and I favorite pc game ! World is great too but this was the stuff man ! The music is good the Chief is the best, and you actually learn alot. And with all the directorys and info it's hours of learning Fun. Did I mentioned I loved this game !

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