What’s on my Nintendo SWITCH? 18 Retail & eShop Games w/Gameplay!

– Hey guys, Metal Jesus here. Now the Nintendo Switch is
a relatively new console, yet can you believe there are already almost 100 games you can play on it? So today I’m going to
show you the Switch games that I’ve been playing,
and that includes both the physical retail releases
as well as the eShop games. Let’s take a look. (heavy metal music) Before we get into the
physical retail releases, let’s take a look at
the eShop games I have. First up from my eShop games is a game I never thought I would see being remade. And that is Rogue Trooper Re-doo, Redux. I wanna say Redux, I
know that’s not right. It’s Re-doo. But here’s a game that
I covered previously on a PlayStation 2 Hidden Gems video. Although, now it’s been remade
and updated for the Switch as you can see. In this game you play as a
genetically altered soldier that is bred to withstand fairly
harsh conditions that would kill any normal soldier. Maybe that’s why their skin
is blue, I have no idea. I do know this this based
on a fairly popular British comic called 2000 AD, which also used to feature Judge Dredd. One of the things that gives
this game a bit of personality has to do with the soldiers
that fight with you. Whenever they fall in battle,
you pull out a knife and pull out their personality chip and
then you embed it into your gun, into your helmet, into
your backpack, and then they help you and talk to you
while you’re in battle, it’s pretty cool. This update has HD graphics,
it also has remodeled polygons so the characters look
a little bit better. Also improved lighting and,
more importantly, it also has modern controls, so anybody
used to playing games like, say, Uncharted, you’re gonna
feel right at home here. The campaign’s gonna take
you about five to 10 hours to complete through 13 large missions. It also has online co-op for
two to four players and there’s really nothing quite like it
in the eShop, so if this looks interesting to you,
definitely check it out. Next up on my Switch is
The Mummy Demastered. However, I know what you’re
thinking but don’t let a licensed game based on a fairly
mediocre movie dissuade you. This is actually a really great game. The first thing that caught
my eye is that WayForward made this, now you not
familiar with WayForward? Well they’ve made some truly
excellent games like Shantae, they also made Mighty Switch
Force, Contra 4, and also the new Ducktales Remastered. All really great games. Obviously the 16-bit graphics
look amazing, but the gameplay is really solid too. It reminds me of Super Metroid
or Contra, which makes sense because again, these
guys made a Contra game. And like Super Metroid or
Castlevania, these levels are non-linear, allowing you to
explore as you want while upgrading your weapons and
your skills to unlock new areas and take on new monsters. I just love finding games like
this where it’s based on a movie that nobody cares about,
nobody went and saw, but yet in the right hands with a
great developer can just make an outstanding game so, despite the name, definitely
go check this out. Next up is Neon Chrome. Now it calls itself a ruthless,
cyberpunk, top down shooter and I would say that’s pretty accurate. Basically, it’s a twin stick
shooter with randomly generated levels that change every
time you start the game. However, what makes this game
fresh is that you unlock new abilities, enhancements, and weapons. Which is nice because every
time you die, you come back stronger, ready to see if
you can make it just a little bit further. Another neat part of this
game that I wasn’t really expecting when I started
playing it is that you can shoot through some walls. You can also make entire rooms
explode and later on, you can take out entire floors. It definitely keeps you on your toes. In addition to a pretty tough
single player game, this also has local co-op with two to four players. So if you like twin stick
shooters with a little bit of RPG elements in there and a
serious challenge, definitely check out Neon Chrome. I was a big fan of the
first Steamworld Dig game. But when I heard that the
sequel was losing the randomly generated levels, going
for more of a hand crafted experience, I knew that
this would make the game even better. See, I don’t mind a
randomly generated game. Especially when it’s done really well. But in my opinion, there’s
nothing quite like having a level designer sculpt a game to
perfection, that’s what I really like about this. How would I describe this game? Well, basically think Super
Metroid meets Dig Dug. Now, there is a story here,
but honestly I skip it every time, because it just
slows me down because I want to get digging, and yes
you do a lot of digging in this game. What makes this game so much
fun and why it reminds me so much of Dig Dug is that you
are creating your own path through the dirt to find
those hidden objectives. But you have to do it
before your light runs out. You also upgrade your tools
along the way, which slowly changes the experience as
previously blocked areas suddenly become open to you, and newer,
tougher monsters also provide additional challenges. This is a well made game with
lots of hidden surprises to discover, as well as a unique
art style and a nice polish. All right, now it’s time
to blow some stuff up with Strikers 1945. This is an arcade shooter that
has been ported to a bunch of systems like the PlayStation
One, the Saturn, I believe there was a compilation
on the PlayStation 2. Now if you’ve played these
type of games before, you’re gonna feel right at home here. You have some options here,
you have three planes to choose from, and then you fight
through eight different stages. Now you have your normal
attack, of course you have your bombs, but then you also have
an extra formation attack with a support craft. But let me say, I just love
games that have a vehicle that transforms into a mech. So cool. Another nice feature of this
game is that it haves many, many difficulty settings so
you can play this on basically stupid easy if you just want
to learn the patterns, and then you can increase the difficulty as needed. I like taking a chance on
some of these budget titles. This is a budget friendly game
here at only three dollars called Knight Terrors. This game feels like a mobile
game, it’s fairly simple. Actually, maybe it was a
mobile game, I have no idea. But it starts simple and
then it gets really tough. It’s an endless runner that
plays a bit like Flappy Bird or the classic arcade game
Joust where you need to avoid obstacles while attacking
enemies that are coming at you. What I mean by that is that
one button flaps your wings, so you need to do that a
bunch of times to gain height, and then the other button is to attack. That’s it, those are the controls. However, if three enemies
get by you, it is game over. I will say I really love the
visual style here, it reminds me of those early 80’s computers
like say the ZX Spectrum. Now this is not a game you’re
gonna spend a ton of time with but at three dollars, it’s
good for a quick play when you have just a few minutes. Next up is Ironcast, and I
was very much looking forward to this game after watching some previews. Initially, this looks like
a standard match three game. But let me assure you it
is much more than that. This game is incredibly
deep as a tactical RPG. So as you can see here,
there’s a bit of a steam punk theme going on here. The game takes place in a
fictional Victorian England where you command a mech known
as an Ironcast here against the French who are invading. Each gem type represents a
particular element needed to keep your Ironcast
running in tip top shape. For instance, you have coolant
gems, gems that will repair your mech, give you more power,
lets you attack, but there’s also special gems that will
boost or allow you to do link combos. Each turn has you gathering
these gems, fixing things on your mech, boosting your
weapons and defenses, or even attacking specific hard
points on your enemy. Oh yeah, and did I mention
that there’s permadeath? Yes. If you die in this game,
it’s back to the main menu to start all over again. This is definitely one of the
best match three puzzle games I’ve ever played. Now there is a lot to learn
in this game, and at times it kind of reminds me of
Puzzle Quest, another one of my favorites, but that’s a good thing. There are a ton of great Neo
Geo games in the eShop, and so I had to pick up a few of them. I’m just gonna highlight one
of them here, and that is a shooter called Alpha Mission II. As you might expect, Alpha
Mission II is an arcade shooter from SNK, all the way back in 1991. This game is mostly known for
having 11 different armored power ups, and the ability
to switch them on the fly. Initially when I launched
this game, I had no idea what those letters meant, and
that’s kind of the downside for this game, it’s not
exactly beginner friendly. After a while, you start
to pick on some things like for instance, S means
speed, also E for energy. But then later on it gets a little weird. So for instance, R means
reverse, which means it’s gonna send you back a little bit in the level. Also C means clear, and that
will clear your current armor. Now I’m aware this is not
the most amazing shooter on the Switch, and honestly if
I had to recommend one, it probably would be Strikers
1945 over this one, but I think they’re both unique and
a lot of fun to play. Those are the eShop games I’ve
been playing, but let’s take a look at the physical releases too. I want to start off with The
Binding of Isaac Afterbirth and the reason for that is
because surprisingly, it comes with some really cool
extras packed in this small little case. The Switch case is not big
enough to hold this stuff, but yet somehow they
stuff it all in there. Usually it bulges but
this is a really cool physical release. They also did something
similar for Cave Story +. Check this out, this little baggie here holds a keychain as well
as a mini soundtrack. And then a full color manual. Again, it fits in this
case but just barely. Of course I had to get
Super Mario Odyssey. Oh man, this game is not
disappointing, it’s amazing. Also, Splatoon 2, another game
that has not disappointed, and I think it’s even better
than the Wii U version because there’s so many people playing online. I have to admit that Disgaea
5 is a bit of an impulse buy, I bought it when I first got the Switch. And I need to give it some
more time, I don’t know what I’m doing in the game. Of course every Switch owner
should own Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It is the best Mario Kart game ever made. I love it. What to say about Legend of
Zelda: Breath of the Wild other than of course it’s
amazing, it’s a system seller. Everyone should own it. Lego City Undercover used to
be a Wii U exclusive, but they brought it to the Switch
and it’s fantastic. I finished this game, super fun. PuyoPuyo Tetris was another impulse buy. I would say I need to spend a
bit more time with it, I don’t know what I’m doing, but it’s
cool to have a puzzle game. Another game that got a
physical release on the Switch is Tiny Barbarian DX. Pretty cool here, has a pouch
with a keychain on the inside like so many others. As well as a full color manual,
this one with a comic book on the inside telling
you the story so far. That’s a quick look at the
Switch games that I’ve been playing, but I’d love to know
what games do you recommend that I get because as you
know, there are tons of them and they’re being released all the time. So please post a comment down below. Also, I’m really curious to
know, do you play your Switch in the console mode connected
to an HD television or do you play it portably? Me personally, I actually
like it on a big HD television with the pro controller, but
I’ve heard that most gamers prefer this to be portable. So, love to know what you guys
are doing with your Switch down in the comments below. All right guys, as always, I
want to thank you for watching my channel, thank you for
subscribing, and take care. I was recently at a gaming
expo hanging out with a bunch of YouTubers in the hotel room. And it was so cool to have
the Switch hooked up to the television in the hotel
room and everyone just grabbing a controller, passing it around,
and it was just so natural. I mean, there’s not really
many other consoles you can do that, yes you can haul in your
PlayStation 4 or whatever, but you’re just not gonna
do that, it’s so much more convenient to have the Switch,
and that was a real light bulb moment for me, it was very cool. All right guys, thanks
so much for watching.

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