What’s In My Leaf Pile? (GAME)

100 thoughts on “What’s In My Leaf Pile? (GAME)

  1. My brother looks a bit like Rhett and my cousin looks a lot like Link, and Rhett and Link's combined weirdness reminds me so much of what happens when the cousins all get together. This channel alternately alleviates and causes homesickness.

  2. I feel like the only reason link graduated with an engineering degree is because of Rhett. 😂😂 my man link is a space cadet

  3. I should be studying for a midterm final right now but instead I’m here watching two grown men ask stupid questions and sitting on piles of leaves. 🤷‍♂️

  4. Well I know this video is old but, Rhetts birthday is the same every year…. and I knew him and I were too much alike, I just couldn't understand till I noticed his birthday is 3 days before mine! October/Libra 👍

  5. Rhett does not look like he has 40 years on his back He looks like hes in his late 20s at best. What kind of sauna treatment or miracle food does he use to look so fresh?

  6. Link: Underneath this pile of leaves..is a pile of leaves.
    Rhett: Let's find out *Reaches into the pile of leaves and grabs one, gets the leaf blower and blows all the other leaves away*
    Rhett: *stops the leaf blower and holds up random leaf*
    Iss mah favorite leaf.

  7. about halfway through this video i got an add where there was a woman at airport security and they confiscated her bottle of hidden valley ranch and so she chugged it.
    and i gotta say ive been binging gmm and that ad made me gag worse than anything thats ever been done on here.

    step up your game boys

  8. Do this again this year and have people send in pictures and videos of their animals or animals and kids enjoying leave piles!!!

  9. Link has such a roundabout way of getting to his answers and it brings me so much joy. His mind maps from elementary school must’ve been insane

  10. this is such a good episode I love it. Rhett s little turn after links ‘is it a product’ is the best thing ever

  11. I love this because They are tryin to guess what is in there leaf piles. I love playing in leaf piles in the fall. But Rhett and Link's answers are weird and crazy. But they are funny when they say there thoughts of what it could be. Happy Birthday Rhett. 🎉🎂🎂 I love you and Link and GMM so much 😘

  12. Happy frickin birthday 🎉🎉🎉🎂
    🎵Happy birthday, to you. Happy birthday, to you. Happy birthday, dear Rhett. Happy birthday to you!🎵

  13. @10:25
    Link: "That is a BIG pile! Of you know what. And I dont."
    Rhett: Most genuine 'sarcasm(?)' Ever "It's a big pile of leaves."

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