Weird Games Compilation 🤯

Weird Games Compilation 🤯

Atakachik! is a simple flash shooter. Our hero got lost in the woods and now he is trudding through the woods for what seem to be weeks. One day we find a giant. After some observations we notice he is heart broken and crying chickens, so we start fighting them with love. Bikini Karate Babes 2: Warriors Of Elysia is a crazy fighting game and a sequel to original BKB from 2002. Story is simple and features 2 tribes of women wearing bikinis and fighting each other. All moves have been recorded with video cameras and ported to sprites. Bishi Bashi is a series of Konami mobile phone and psx games. Over 80 minigames in japanese style with multiplayer up to 8 people. Short matches, simple controls and absurd humour make it really fun party game. Enviro Bear 2000 – you play as a bear who must fatten up before winter, tho you began a bit too late. You control one of the bear paws with mouse and ride a car to get enough food. You can also find other bears driving cars and wild animals. Icycle is another flash game. The main hero is a naked guy riding small bike. Our goal is to get as much points as we can and do not kill ourselves. Sumotori is an interesting robot arena. 1-4 players, advanced physics and QWOP-like controls. Game uses “standard” last man standing rules. And features multiple maps and mods. Japan World Cup was a japanese online betting game. Weird contestants and random situations were streamed to users who could bet in real-time. Game is no longer available. The Zoo Race is a shiny gem when it comes to weird games. God ordered Noah to build and ark and save animals. After big flood Noahs found land and build racetracks so the animals can celebrate and thank the god for saving them. …

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  1. Weird Games Compilation by BlackIndie!

    1. Atakachik! / flash /
    2. Bikini Karate Babes / pc
    3. Bishi Bashi Special / psx
    4. Enviro Bear 2000: Operation: Hibernation / pc /
    5. Icycle / flash /
    6. Sumotori / pc /
    7. Japan World Cup / not working anymore
    8. The Zoo Race / pc

    Outro Music: Landon Podbielski aka superjoebob – Mr. Pond

  2. Your video has inspired me to do a new series on my channel, dedicated to these sort of weird games. I'll definitely be doing a few from here! Feel free to check them out, they will be short ~5 minute commentary playthroughs where I just give my first impressions, probably get creeped out, then end it lol.

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