Weird Fast Food Crimes (GAME)

100 thoughts on “Weird Fast Food Crimes (GAME)

  1. because 30 burgers is a very large and time-consuming order, and unreasonable to ake other customers wait for that. for large orders, you need to call ahead of time.

  2. I always appreciate a Rhett joke that maybe 10 people will get, Larry McHale! lol reminds me of the Gateway shirt moment

  3. I live in Cape Coral and there are about 10 McDonalds here so as soon as they said "Cape Coral, FL" I pretty much knew the answer without hearing the rest of the story

  4. Thank you for making us happy everyday and doing your best to film in the midst of all the craziness happening in the world right now.

  5. I think the guy was planning to throw the coffee in the persons face once he got it so divine intervention.
    also culvers has the best milkshake they have so many options but the classic double chocolate malt is amahhzin

  6. If I was thw officer in the gyy pooping on the floor and smearing it on himself id have said "wanna bet i won't arrest you" got him outside gotten the hose and sprayed his naked ass down. Bet he wouldn't do that again. Lol

  7. Wendy's burgers are square because they buy their ground beef locally fresh and the burger press that makes the square patties is faster and more efficient. I worked there years ago.

  8. I've ordered 20 McDoubles before for a party and never had a issue with McDonald's, they just said it would take extra time to make.

  9. Thanks for calming my nerves about the chihuahua.
    I've always wanted to breed a border collie and a chihuahua so I could have a colliehuahua

  10. Having worked at McDonald’s before. They would never make 30 burgers on the spot you would have to call in before cause it would hold up everything

  11. I literally yelled at Link that we don’t have Carl’s Jr.’s in Houston. I just wanted him to get one correct.

  12. I'm guessing Link has never worked in food service, because hearing that they refused the guy's order of 30 double burgers just made me think "good for them"

  13. 30 burgers isn’t a ridiculous order. The argument that they didn’t want the other people to wait is silly. They could have asked the guy to pull up front and just wait for them to be done.

  14. Arby's has one of the best milkshakes of all the fast food places. They have a Jamocha shake which is like a Mocha Coffee milkshake and its freaking delicious.
    And while I don't consider it a "fast food" place and more of a burger joint, 5 Guys has an amazing Salted Carmel milkshake too.

  15. If they pull a comment from a video, i'm sure they could also have some reference footage would have been nice to see

  16. I knew it was Rhett because I had seen the comment lol but then he started going on about link and I was like :c yeah that makes more senses maybe I am wrong

  17. 6:08 Absolutely loved the sports reference. Please give Rhett his own sports segment!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  18. I wish they would tell which episode the “Who You Talkin’ About?” comment comes from! I wanna see which one had the barf bucket hold.

  19. Years ago, me and a friend ordered 30 cheeseburgers each from McDonalds when they had a promotion on them for $1 each.
    Also our mutual friend was working the burger shift at like 2 in the morning so we all had a good laugh.
    But we're still monsters.
    And we still got our burgers.

  20. Rhett and Link: They don't do milkshake at KFC

    Me (a British person): Nothing to see here.

    The milkybar one is the best one though. If you guys ever come back to the UK you should try it.

  21. Betcha anything it was before 11:00 and they were still on breakfast. Smh McDonald’s; burger joint with all day breakfast but not all day burgers? Tf? Get ur stuff together McDonald’s

  22. Can rhett run for president? I just want his opinions about anything and everything. So many years of using his gut instinct and being right, he’s the man for me.

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