Wattam – Release Date Trailer | PS4

Wattam – Release Date Trailer | PS4


55 thoughts on “Wattam – Release Date Trailer | PS4

  1. After watching the video of second stage operation I believe there was a malfunction of the second stage, but one that allowed the starlink sats to get to orbit.

  2. I might switch to ps4.BECUASE I'm kinda scared if my xbox one silm gets a red ring of death,I would had to switch,but it mostly overheats every time I play a game.but when gets to hot it cools down.

  3. I've been refreshing PS Store since yesterday but still can't pre-order ๐Ÿ™ Seems like the problem is that I'm living in Sweden?? So frustrating, I've been looking forward and waiting for this game for 78 years now goddammit. PLZZZ JUST TAKE MY MONEY AND LET ME ORDER IT

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