Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 for more superhero action. We’re right back where
we left off about to take on our next main mission which is called Picking Up
the Trail and we’re gonna go off and investigate what Doc Ock’s been doing
cause he sort of disappeared off the radar a little bit and we know he’s
behind a lot of what’s been going on in the city at the moment. But firstly if
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So while we’re on our way here it makes sense to cut please last through control
towers and then we will be all done with them I said I was going to do them off
camera they just worked out perfectly that we’re going right past them both so
I figured why not let’s unlock the last two I don’t know if you get a reward for
doing it it’s beautiful over there and not in this direction oh there’s the
last black cat thing as well I can potentially get that at some point
as well so and that’s the next one it’s over this way somewhere it’s on the way
trying to be sniped by these guys they just leave me alone just let me do I’m
doing please okay so if I’m not some more street
crimes and stuff as well but yeah it’s Chrome world this game I’m really loving
it stories got pretty dark hasn’t it and it’s got really difficult as well
actually which I’m in two minds about I mean I’m a bit of a baby when it comes
to losing on games but also I like the challenge just look weird like that
there we go and that is the last one all of the viewpoints or what we get a
trophy amazing coverage to be getting game reward I don’t think we do
I mean that is pretty disappointing I mean I guess it unlocks all of the
things for us on the map but I really thought we were gonna get something cool
maybe just even a dialogue lion or something I don’t know something a bit
more than just I did get a dialogue line spokes he seemed there’s no proper
reward for doing it other than that trophy so unless you’re going for a
platinum trophy or something it’s not really that worth doing it anyway here’s
this story mission after that little diversion wonderful bump in talk yeah
what’s up man thought you might need one officer you don’t know that half of it
never seen anything like this Devil’s breath stuff forensics is having a hell
of a time news report yeah the matches where auto-release Devil’s breath oh
it’s right here was the track let’s have a look
Norman Osborn a better mare for a better New York
yeah it’s that blood some residue on this design maybe I was in Devil’s
breath Devil’s breath I think 18 I do this again this looks promising
okay how are we going to do this this one
needs for now so one yeah there’s one like that one it’s there one where we can get to it’s
not gonna work I’m just playing around with this a little bit here I don’t know
if this is gonna work it’s s that and that now that one there
we go easy it is Devil’s breath last copper two modified cpf one definitely
Devil’s breath certainly is right what do we do is it OC break canaan for
actions need to find the right one huh how did it come from multiple
directions he was up here wasn’t he near the big screens sure he was up here it
goes up there don’t think he was all the way up here
if I remember correctly er – no how would he have had a view of the street
from here oh I see it goes it’s taken a very odd
line I’ve got a slant down into those vents what was I doing up here down we go wow this is moody yeah you
can say that again oh is this some sort of base must be
some way to hit the lights height Philebus it is really horrible
down here why is that guy back that way to that box up there was the electric
web there’ll be like boom was using this as a staging ground psyche wasn’t even
perfect cover to move in well is all this house rage is driving him the
neural interface cuz he’s masturbating it but his hate is
genuine he’ll destroy the whole city to hurt Norman
well these codes and stuff hmm anything else I thought I was a shadow of him
then it’s just the fan above us or is this corrupt liar let’s play this nothing on us against my neck why can’t
anyone else see how selfish he is a reckless evil to see the Norman I know what’s the red button for anyway he’s got a bit Oh what is this
Otto’s been studying Sables tech for weaknesses huh interesting good is this
my second favorite Russian Oh looks like Otto recorded messages for his crew
Alexi I’ve followed your career with great interest the world sees you as a
witless dullard I see a warrior with a poet’s heart I know you desire freedom
from the battle suit you’re sealed inside help me achieve my goals and
freedom shall be yours so what he’s gonna apparently he all the
others Otto developed a corrosive to free Rhino from his suit a certain
government agency spent years trying and failing to do that only took Otto a few
days that’s crazy now wonder these guys are working for
him Mac Gargan okay scorpion aka crazy pants went crazy
crazy pence McCrea Z right say this once the job is finished so he’s pretty much getting leverage on
all of these guys then make him feel he they owe him something this one was
still flashing wasn’t it was there more than one message on him all points that’s what he’s done this way did is
there another one next assaults on our scores power grid
and emergency relief send the city into chaos but the people see the truth about
Norman lessees plan than he so he’s got stuff for all the guys here then
someone’s been sleeping there or something
old man vulture I’ve tangled with him more than anyone else here yeah it’s the
original bad guy power source reporters wings gave him
spinal cancer and I was developing an experimental treatment to save him whoa
Co I could do a lot of good he’s using it for evil now shoulda brought such
horrors on your body thankfully you are now working for me when our work is
settled the treatment I’ve developed will cure you you won’t shuffle off this
mortal coil just yet my friend yeah so he’s like blackmailing them or really
just loads of these things do they all like hang out here or something
total livewire that one Electro’s big pipe dream is to become pure energy doc
actually managed to modify his harness to get a little closer to that goal hmm clever guy Jamie’s using it for evil
let’s play this one invade your dream to me I thought you insane pure energy deeper into the problem I discovered a
way to give us both what we desire I promise you when we are done you will be
pure energy or so close to it is to make the difference irrelevant hmm that does
not sound good it’s not something we want to be hearing what’s this now oh
it’s this the reservoir is this map to plan it’s blank
unless there’s something here I’m missing it’s gonna be a secret code or
something on it isn’t there what UV light it’s turning on nothing
happened okay why did nothing happen maybe cuz
the lights are on there must be a way to get that lamp on maybe we have to power
up now what’s that I’ll go change our web there we go aha
look at all this Varro’s tasks the villains to destroy Oscorp Holdings
throughout the city she’s trying to take apart Norman’s Empire piece by piece was
Icarus lead to secure DB ante sir after The Devil’s breath antiserum using
something called Icarus what is it Kuras okay so scorpion must
be trying to poison the city’s reservoir another Oscorp owned property okay
rhinos targeting Oscorp shoreline properties which is he hitting first and
why seems like the last stage of the plan is a direct assault on Oscorp and
most likely Norman probably what’s vulture doing in Times Square we need to
keep my guard up Electro’s disabling Oscorp power plants it makes sense
so I’m guessing we’re gonna have to stop them all stop their little plan and what
do we have over here or this crap what’s that over there can we get in there did we listen to all those things I
think we did except for the one I think there’s another one over here wasn’t
there now there is not what’s that Icarus this is it oh here’s Icarus there is no Icarus is there no Martin
needs no assistance to secure the antiserum Icarus was a ruse to get you
into position into position Oh oh dear big bomb what is that Oh bad things before he does to the lab I’ll find it that’s great
okay oh no there would a second at once how
do we go out this situation trap failed softened him up time for
Plan B I was planned be quiet electro yep looks
like it what do we have to do here what leaving the mission leave me alone
I’ll use the web-shooters to stun him aha hello electro you’re going down mate
see I can’t damage him if I web the transformer the transformer works
transformer that wasn’t too bad vultures tagging in nice air combat I
like it ecology see him damn too slow stoner
surprising okay how are we gonna do this budge haha
Oh finishing move nice that they didn’t work they not fully angry nice this is
cool I like doing proper boss fights now if you say so oh dear okay so we’re
gonna have to fight both in the same time well yeah I mean ready you’re gonna pick yourself
up light up right bitch shut up a bit oh it’s actually quite difficult you know okay okay um plumpy hit that from here nearly
okay I think if we can we can potentially hit this properly break it
out which is proving quite difficult to do there we go that should do damage to
electro at least god this is really cool isn’t it r1 there we go
holy crap this is seriously cool dodge it yes say so
Oh buddy old pal beam up where is he where is he no I’m not going
to do that I can’t quite get a solid hit on him because of electro still cool okay can we just like take him down like we are hitting him but it’s not
like doing proper damage we have to maybe like do it while
Electra is doing that stuff it’s not gonna help us out maybe it is I don’t know I can’t even
see him I need to get higher why are you you say so me Oh
is he um you like malfunction boom yes the game now it’s just us versus vulture too many set him down as well I think it
might be ha ha ha ha we did it and how cool was that spider-man versus electric
sure Electro’s been grounded killing innocent people power you’re sick you
need help I have all the help I need and we will not stop until Norman gets what
he deserves okay well we’ve taken out two of them I
don’t know if that’s them back in prison or something not sure but that was
pretty cool I mean it’d be nice if they’re gone
oh it’s daytime again cool so we’ve still got Ryan oh we’ve still
got Martin Lee and still got Chaka and we I think we’ve got Chaka how we see
what Doc Ock anyway no scorpion we’ve still got not shocker okay grounded need
update Yuri Yuri vulture and electro are down four to go rooftop in Times Square exploded what
happened to be related what it nothing gets by you
it was octavius’s staging ground he’s using the villains to pull apart Oscorp
vulture and electro were targeting power plants scorpions going after water
treatment not sure about Rhino yet something along the shoreline that’s
good enough to start I assume you’re going after scorpion yeah city’s already
on the brink if we lose clean water we might never
come back I’ll update you when I make progress sounds like a plan so looks
like we’ve got to take out scorpion next two down four to go but that’s how I’m
gonna leave it for this one what a cool mission I really enjoyed that that was
really good fun and we are going to carry on with taking out these bad guys
in the next one you I’m fine but you and Mayor in the middle of it yeah I heard that just make sure you
protect yourself masks and gloves and rest every now and then all that goes
double for many take a break she doesn’t want to but I’ll do my best
thanks miles give me my love and be safe so as always guys thank you very much
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