VRidge – GameWarp Tutorial – Play non-VR games in your mobile PC VR setup.

VRidge – GameWarp Tutorial – Play non-VR games in your mobile PC VR setup.

Hello. In this tutorial we will show you how to play non-VR games in virtual reality by using GameWarp technology. GameWarp is an expansion feature in VRidge PC to mobile VR streaming. It converts all classic, non-VR games into
side-by-side image to be playable with your mobile virtual reality setup. It can also bind your VR controllers buttons
to mouse and keyboard so you can completely control the game with your VR equipment. A possibility to control the in-game camera
with your head movements will let you rediscover your favorite classic games from a completely
new perspective. To be able to follow this tutorial, make sure
that you are familiar with basic functions of VRidge discussed in our VRidge Basic Tutorial. You can find a link to it in the description
or just find it on the official RiftCat YouTube channel. After connecting your mobile VR device with
your computer, you will be able to find “Play GameWarp” button under Play menu in RiftCat
client. Simply press it, and GameWarp will start streaming. At this point, GameWarp will work with its
most basic function, converting everything on your screen to the virtual reality view. Simply launch the game you would like to display
in VR on your main monitor and you will be ready to see the game from a different perspective. During streaming or in GameWarp options available
in integrations menu, you will be able to change several important aspects of the technology. Things like warp aspect ratio – will let you
set up how GameWarp should fill your mobile device screen to balance between highest field
of view and playability. Warp scale – will let you increase your view
size for a better fit. Or roll correction – that will adjust the
image when rolling your head so you can see it tilted just like in real life. You can safely experiment with all of the
settings, they will be applied in real time so you can see what changed almost immediately. VR experience is much better when we can use
our tracking methods in the game. Thats where GameWarp Input comes into play. You can enable this option during streaming
or in the GameWarp options. It improves the effect of immersion greatly,
but be aware that this option uses methods that some online games might consider as botting
– so stay cautious when using this option in online games. After enabling this option you will need to
press the keyboard combination CTRL + SHIFT + G. After which your head movements will be translated
directly into your mouse movements. You will be able to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse in relation to your head using sliders. There is also an option to hold left and right
mouse buttons as some games requires holding it to rotate the camera. Press the CTRL + SHIFT + G key combination
again, to stop Input simulation. You can also enable controller settings. By doing so, you will be able to bind buttons from your VR controllers to the mouse and keyboard. For example, by binding your Oculus Quest
Touch controllers in such a way that you will effectively be able to play the game as a
standing experience. In controllers options, you will be able to
decide which keyboard and mouse keys should be bound to which VR controller command. You will also be able to select Thumb Mode. It decides how your touch or joystick area
will work within the game. It can work either as a mouse pad, steering
your mouse. Or as a D-pad, providing directional commands
like on a gamepad. The last thing, I’d like to teach you about
is profiles. Many games will require different GameWarp
settings for optimal experience. You might also want to share these settings
between friends or other GameWarp users. That’s why you can easily save your settings
to a file by pressing the Export button and load them up on the fly by using Import setting. We hope that VRidge and GameWarp will bring
you hours of unforgettable moments. Have fun playing classic games in VR! Remember to subscribe to our channel for more
VRidge and GameWarp tutorials.

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  1. as it's a paid option we need some assurance before buying…can you test Automobilista and show us the results? Thank you

  2. I can't get the stream to start with gamewarp. works with the usual steam vr but with gamewarp it gets stuck at the preparing stream stage.

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