Vane – Release Announcement | PS4

Vane – Release Announcement | PS4


100 thoughts on “Vane – Release Announcement | PS4

  1. Looks incredible! The artistic style instantly draws you in. I'm not sure what the game is all about but I will be keeping a close eye on it in the future.

  2. "pre-order now for a one time special price" could we more clarification on this please? After the game comes out is it going to be more expensive than the price that's on the PSN store right now? And how much of a difference are we talking? $5? $10? $15?

  3. With all these games i kinda wish somebody would make a game based on Jeff Vandermeers book. A Strange Bird, i really think it would be great in this visual style

  4. Lovely. Looks like a wonderful mix of INSIDE, Journey, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and ICO (which makes sense because it's made by former developers from Team ICO).

  5. Ok but, when does it release? I mean, I knew the game was going to be released one day, didn't need a confirmation on that, I needed confirmation on the date lol

  6. 日本でも発売して欲しい

    I want this to be sold in Japan too.
    It’s so beautiful.
    It reminds me some other games with beautiful worlds like some says ICO, also Rain, and Journey.

  7. Remember back when the PS4 was announced… There was gonna be a game titled "Wild" where you could recruit and/or possess wild animals to discover a a world?
    Wonder what happened to that game.

  8. Cool, this looks like if Tool (the band) were to make a videogame instead of a music video, it would look very similar to this!

  9. It reminds me of little nightmares. I will keep an eye on this but I wish all games had a demo before release so we could have a easier time deciding if we like a game.

  10. Just as before .! a load of brilliant games coming out just as the ps4 gets dumped for the ps5 ..programmers must be pulling there hair out .as we pull are wallets out !

  11. This is what I'm talking about. Give me a few grams of mushrooms, a quite room, and this game, and I'm in heaven. I plan to do just that this weekend .

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