UNDERTALE – Launch Trailer | PS4, PS Vita

UNDERTALE – Launch Trailer | PS4, PS Vita


100 thoughts on “UNDERTALE – Launch Trailer | PS4, PS Vita

  1. I like the game. 🙂
    The fandom's just as diverse as pretty much all fandoms these days- it's got good folks and bad folks, brilliant people like the minds behind Team Switched, Primus, or Undertoggle, and idiots like the fanonswap folks or Altertale :l

    It's never so black and white.

  2. I love undertale but I have to remove every undertale video from my watch history so I won’t be suggested so many undertale streams 🙁

  3. Seem like everyone is so attach to this game and it got me curious to see why this game so popular. Is like the Walking Dead or something? Now I really want to play it.

  4. Personally, I dislike the game, but for those who like it, more power to you. And the people complaining about the fanbase, should really shut up. Every popular game (or thing for that matter) will have a bad fanbase, only because the people who don't go crazy (like the ones you hear about) well, they really don't go seen by the public.

    So go on everyone, do whatever.

  5. I've been out of the fandom for 1 million years and this happens????? Welp time to hunt a physical copy

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