UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy – PS4 Story Trailer | E3 2017

UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy – PS4 Story Trailer | E3 2017

CHLOE: The trident, the bow and arrow, the axe, the great battle in which
Ganesh lost his tusk. We find these symbols, we find the tusk. [CLICK] NADINE: That
supposed to happen? CHLOE: Don’t know. BOTH: Whoa! [MUSIC PLAYING] CHLOE: Welcome
to downtown Halabado, last known resting place
of the Tusk of Ganesh. NADINE: I don’t like it. CHLOE: You don’t
like anything. NADINE: Oh.
Thank you. CHLOE: I’m slipping. CHLOE: You know that treasure hunting
is not for the risk averse; right? NADINE: Neither is
being a mercenary. MAN: You two,
partners? CHLOE: And hello,
gorgeous. MEN: In here. MAN: What a
pleasant surprise. CHLOE: You want the tusk,
you need my help. MAN: A thief? CHLOE: Collector
of antiquities. MAN: A parasite
who exploits us in order to
fatten her pockets. CHLOE: So that’s a no? It felt like a no. MAN: I must admit, you are quite
the schemer. NADINE: You were going
to sell me out, weren’t you? CHLOE: Well,
your history with Asav made you the obv- NADINE: You lied
to my face. CHLOE: Cards on the table,
I need your help. And if you want the tusk,
you need mine. [GASPS] NADINE: I guess a leopard
can’t change its spots. CHLOE: You know
nothing about me. MAN: Another
casualty of war. NADINE: Don’t.

100 thoughts on “UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy – PS4 Story Trailer | E3 2017

  1. This looks amazing! Why did it get not such great reviews? I understand IGN because they're an absolute joke when it comes to gaming reviews, but others gave it average scores too.

  2. After Naughty Dog is done with The Last Of Us 2, will they make another Uncharted game or will they make a new game not related to The Last Of Us or Uncharted?

  3. In my opinion it shouldn’t be called ”Uncharted”, because ”Uncharted” is for me, and proboably other gamers, a story about Nathe and Sam’s crazy adventures, so either you another name for this game or just change back to Nathe and Sam, or make them co:op. But love the idea!?

  4. I would love to see an Uncharted 5 kinda like the 5th Fast and the Furious movie with a team with everyone, trying to save Nate's daughter or something like that.

  5. For uncharted 6 they should do nates daughter playable the she find chloe then tells her about nate and ellana

  6. I hope they make a new uncharted standalone game just like this omg its was so nice game pls dont stop make uncharted game hope we will se a new game after. The last of us 2

  7. This is the best game in the world, I would like to give my opinion. I like Chloe, Nadine, I want you to follow the saga with them two, but there are some things to improve the game. 1: I wish you could handle Chloe and Nadine at two 2: a longer story. 3: More changning rooms 4: I would like an open world, where there is a place as beautiful as the lost legacy, but I like to go there more times and tour the city, without killing the people, but I would like to walk the streets. 5: more female characters, who help Chloe and Nadine.
    6: a more powerful villain and that is an Man.


    Este es el mejor juego de uncharted y me gustaría dar mi opinión, me gusta Chloe, Nadine, quiero que siga la saga con ellas dos, pero unas cosas para mejorar el juego. 1:Me gustaría que se pudiera manejar a Chloe y Nadine, a las dos. 2:Una historia más larga. 3:Mas vestuario. 4:Me gustaría un mundo abierto, donde haya un sitio tan hermoso como lo es el legado perdido, pero me gusta ir más veces allí y ir por la ciudad, sin matar a la gente, pero me gustaría pasear por las calles. 5:más personajes femeninos, que ayuden a Chloe y Nadine.
    6:un villano más poderoso y que sea un tío.

  8. I wish the game hath more chapters in was a little bet longer like the rest of the uncharted games I beat that game in 5hours

  9. Hopefully in the next Uncharted games they have more chloe and way way way way less Nadine or better yet hopefully it is the last we'll see of Nadine

  10. Hindus were even dumber than they are now back then. Ruled by almost everyone who could reach Hindustan.

  11. My opinion is that Uncharted:The Lost legacy feels like better than Uncharted 4. I like how Naughty Dog made this spin off so we can see characters and story in different angle. For me Uncharted series from 1 to 4 and the Dlc The Lost Legacy are a must buy games. Who has Ps4 just give it a try it will not disappoint you !

  12. Why is there 2 females? It seems odd, it feels strange, i think there should be a man and female like Uncharted 4 but that's just me

  13. I really don't like the thing about Nadine Ross being her partner…she even doesn't deserve this kind of adventure

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