Two Point Hospital: Off The Grid | Announce Trailer

36 thoughts on “Two Point Hospital: Off The Grid | Announce Trailer

  1. I really like it but your prices in ARS have skyrocketed, so a mandatory wait until 66% off is my only chance.

  2. Please kindly make game dev tycoon game. I love ur game. (Or make any other business tycoon game – and i m sure it will be more successful than this one).

  3. Any word when this will come to the Nintendo Switch? I would love to get this dlc, but I own the game on there haha.

  4. So we're gonna see ''plant People'' sprouts above their heads, hippies with some sort of vegetable related disease and environmentalists coming to make sure that your hospital stays green-interesting, so when are the DLC's coming to console then?

  5. when i first saw this i thought "oh another game cashing in on the whole "eco-friendly" thing but actually i quite like that it pretty much pokes fun at itself for that

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