– Hey guys, thanks for
comin’ over, come on in! Today we’re doing an awesome
challenge with my brothers. Come on, let’s go! (upbeat music) Welcome back to Kyle’s Toys
& Games, let’s have some fun! (bell rings) The challenge is, bro versus bro, twin telepathy candy challenge! – And we’re gonna see who has
the best psychic connection with Kyle, me, or Luke. – Yeah this is how it works. So basically on the count of three, I am going to pick a candy, and Kyle is going to
at the exact same time, and if it is the correct
candy, then we get a point. And we’re gonna see who has
the best psychic connection with Kyle, let’s do this! – All right, you got this Luke! – But before we get
started, make sure to vote up in the poll who do
you think I have the most connection with, Luke or Gage. (Luke giggles) We have our candy all set up,
are you ready to do this Luke? – Yeah, let’s do it! – Okay.
– Okay ready in three, – [Both] two, one. (slow dramatic music) – I’m sensing what is Kyle going to pick? – Ready? – Yeah. – I’m showing you through the hole. What did you get, aw no! (buzzer blasts)
– No! Aw we came so close, again.
– Aw, so close. – That was super hard, okay. – Let’s go again. – Round two. (exhales) (slow dramatic music) – ‘Kay, you ready? – Yeah. (buzzer blasts) – Really, why did you pick Swedish Fish? – I don’t know, I mean I
just, I felt a connection, and I thought it was
Swedish Fish, but it wasn’t. – That was probably a
connection with Gage, Luke. – [Gage] Maybe you’re hungry. – I don’t know, should
we go for a third round? – Yeah.
– Okay. – Round three. – Close your eyes. (humming)
(slow dramatic music) – Show yours first. (buzzer blasts) Gosh dang it Luke! Gosh dang it! – [Gage] You guys are really bad at this. – Yep, we’re pretty bad, all right Gage, get in here and face Kyle. – All right, all right Kyle. – Ready? – We need to build up our
psychic connection first. Face the box, ready? (humming)
(slow dramatic music) Okay, I think I’m ready. – Ready? – I’m gonna close my eyes,
and just let my hand guide me, and use the psychic connection. – Feel the sound. – Feel the power, use the force. – ‘Kay, you ready? Set, go. (check mark dings)
– [Both] Yeah! (exciting music) – That was so, yeah!
– Yeah, first try! – High five! – Oh no, I was holding up two fingers. Nice try.
– Yeah ha ha! – Ha ha! – Me and Gage have one point! – The war is to start with this. Let’s see if we can do it
again, ready, psychic powers. – Try to figure out my favorite candy. – Our psychic powers combined, gives us… (slow dramatic music) – Ready? – I think so. – [Luke] What is it gonna be? (buzzer blasts) – No!
– Aw! We were really close, we
were really close though! – Yeah, we were very, very close. – He chose the one right
behind mine, that’s crazy! – Time for round three! – Okay. (exhales)
– Ugh. – You ready Kyle?
– ‘Kay! – Let’s touch fingers, let’s
touch fingers like E.T. (humming) Transferring psychic connection. (gasps)
(bell dings) (slow dramatic music) Okay. – Ready? – Three, two, one. (buzzer blasts)
– No! – No, aw we’re getting
worse and worse at it. Maybe, I think the problem
is that I’m closing my eyes. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I’m like blocking the
psychic connection somehow. Should we go one more time Kyle, okay. – Yeah, one more time! – Just one last time,
okay you ready, three… – Wait, touch fingers! – Touch fingers like E.T. again. Three, two, one. (slow dramatic music) – [Luke] Do it. (explosion) (shivers) – Psychic connection, psychic connection. – I’m gonna close, both
of us close our eyes, and just let the hand guide us. (slow dramatic music) Okay. – Three, two, one. (buzzer blasts)
– Oh! – We were close again, we’re
getting better at this, okay. – Let me try it again. – You try it again, maybe let’s see. – Let’s see if Luke does any better. – Yeah, okay ready?
– Yeah. – [Gage] I mean I, we’ve already
done better than you, but. (moaning) – Finger touch, two finger touch. (comical music) – Go ‘head smash that like button, and hopefully I can get a point. (humming) I can feel it. – Touch feet. (laughing) – Ready? – ‘Kay, I’m ready. Gotta feel it. (slow dramatic music) Feel it. Ready? Go! (buzzer blasts)
– No! (Gage laughs loudly) Come on! – See, this is just like a warm up, you know what I’m sayin’? A warm up.
– Oh my goodness. (exhales) Ugh a warm up. (growls) – [Gage] You guys got like… (both vocalizing) (laughs) – I don’t even watch Harry Potter. – Okay you ready? Feel my hands moving. (slow dramatic music)
(humming) Very (Nerds rattle loudly) noisy. Go! (check mark dings)
(both exclaim) – [Gage] No no no no, that
does not count ’cause Kyle… – Yeah it does! – Kyle shook the box, that doesn’t count. – He lifted it up. – That’s the only candy
that sounds like that. That does not count.
– It still counts. – No points.
– Yes it does. – [Gage] No it does not count. – It counts, it counts! – No points, no points, okay. Why don’t you guys decide
in the comments below. Should Luke and Kyle get a point? – Yeah, come on, please! – I don’t think they should, so. – Here’s the thing though. (crickets chirping) Let’s go again, I have nothing. (laughs) – (claps) Okay, remember, we are… – The two people that have
the connection. (laughing) – Okay, something, something that’s sour. – Don’t give me a hint,
pick a different one. No hints, ‘kay? – ‘Kay.
(shushing) – [Gage] And no shaking the box. (slow dramatic music) – I’m ready. – You ready? (buzzer blasts)
Gosh dang it Luke! – [Gage] Wow, you guys
do really bad at this. – Me and Gage are mostly connected. – See, here’s the thing though. – [Gage] It’s my turn
now, it’s my turn again. – It’s Gage’s turn, get outta here. – Okay okay okay okay. – Shoo, shoo. – All right, ready Kyle? – Yeah! – Psychic connection,
put your head on the box for the best psychic connection. – Oh, we actually put the
hand on the same spot! – We are one, we are one. – We are one. (slow dramatic music)
(humming) You ready to show, I’ll show mine first. (buzzer blasts) – Oh we were so close! – Wait what did you pick? – I got that one. – Really? – We were so close, we were so close. – Really! – We should get a point
for that one, right Luke? – Half a point. – We should get a point
for that one. (laughs) – No, half a point, half a point! – No, no no no no no,
it’s okay, it’s okay. – Okay. – All right, we can do
this one legit, okay? (growling) I’m gonna go against my guns. – I’m going against my eyes. – No, you go with your gut. (laughing) – [Luke] Feel like you’re
floating in the clouds of cotton candy. – I got it. – [Luke] Pick your candy now. – Ready? I’m showing mine first. – Again?
(buzzer blasts) So close!
– Really, really. – So close, no no no no, one
more time, one more time. We can do this, one more time, no. – [Kyle] One more time, one more time. – No no no no, go sit back down. – (clapping) Hey I have an idea. – One more time. – What if we switch it up a bit, and I went against Gage for a
round, do you wanna do that? All right let’s do it!
– Sure! – Okay let’s do this. – Not gonna be good. I think Luke isn’t
opening his mind enough. (Luke vocalizing)
(comical music) Especially if he’s doing stuff like this. – My mind is the widest
of the opens, okay? (exhales) (slow dramatic music) (candy box clatters) – Don’t shake the box! – I was closing my eyes.
– You gotta switch it now. – I was closing my eyes and I
knocked one over. (laughing) (slow dramatic music) (candy box clatters) (laughing) – Are you serious? I’m sending my candy’s psychic powers through the box to you. – Okay, go! (buzzer blasts) – [Kyle] You’re so close! – I have the answer. – See it’s Luke, he’s messing up my psychic connection with my mind. – Really, all right, we’re
gonna go one more time. – Just one last time, one last time. – We got, here let me touch your head. – [Kyle] Hey I’m looking away
so I don’t get connected. – All right let’s touch each
other’s heads through the wall. – You’re so short. (laughs) – Think of what I would pick. – [Kyle] ‘Kay, Gage, I’m
taking your spirit into Luke’s, and I’m taking Luke’s spirit
out, and putting it into Gage. – Wow, you have super… (comical music) – Right? (laughing) (in high pitched voice)
Wow, it worked! (laughing) Now I’m Luke! Ready? (laughing) One, show! – [Kyle] (claps) Go! (buzzer blasts)
(laughing) He chose to do this. – I told you. – You can’t pick the same one. – I told you, I told
you, he’s messing it up. – I’m goin’ for the claw. – Psychic connection, come on, hold hand. – (laughs) Okay. – Now claw machine.
(mimics mechanical buzzing) (slow dramatic music) Show! (both scream excitedly)
(check mark dings) (exciting music) – [Gage] Oh my God. – High five Kyle! – Woo! – That was so a day! (laughing) That was so much fun you guys. – Oh my goodness, well that’s it. That was really fun Gage and Luke. – Ha, yeah! Guys, make sure to comment
down below, hashtag candy and your favorite candy out of
all of these awesome candies. That was so much fun Kyle. – Yeah, that’s it for this
video, if you liked this one, you’re definitely gonna
like these other ones, ’cause I picked ’em just for you! – Yeah. – And I’ll see you guys next time. – [Both] Bye! (upbeat music) – ‘Kay show. (buzzer blasts) – Oh I was just about to pick Lemon Heads! That was so awesome, okay bye! – Bye! (upbeat music)

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