TRY NOT TO LAUGH – ULTIMATE Epic Kids Fail Compilation | Cute Baby Videos | Funny Vines 2018

Good job. Run, run, run, run, run! Run away! ‘Kay, I’m going to place you down. No, please! Help! (somebody shoulda given that girl some help amirite) Carly! (how dare u) Oh my gosh… OOPS! DON’T WRITE ON THAT! My brother is gonna jump over this tower thingy and chair. And what we’re gonna do… please go now. Go [inaudible}! Max let’s see it. Uh oh. (Crying) Well that’s a cool video… not what I planned Quickly, quickly, quickly! Ahhh! (Snorts) It squirted in my face. (Mom laughing) Rarrr! (Farts) Ahhh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh no! It’s okay! Ohhh, did he fall in too? (Laughs) (inaudible yelling) (Laughs) Ahhh! Well… Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh no! (Yells) (Laughs) Ugh! Oh! (Whistle) [Inaudible] Okay. OW!!!! Okay in 3… 2… 1… Ohhhhhh Are you okay? Ya (totally not just emberassed and hurting… ya I’m fine) Aisley, I’m gonna get you! (Laughter) (why are we still here, just to suffer) What- how did you do that? What were you doing? I was- I-I-I I wanted to do this… What did you want to do? This. What? This! Daddy! (Singing) Stop! (Laughter) Billy, stop! I pulled my pants down. You pulled your pants down? Yes. What happened? He got stuck when he tried to climb over the fence So you- so you climbed the fence and then got stuck? Yes, he got stuck- hold on, stop. You can’t! She can do a roll. Can you roll? Oh! Oh! Baby, baby, baby, ohhhh! Like, baby, baby, baby, ohhhhh! Thought you would al- AHHHH! (Laughter) (Attempts to blow) Blow harder, Noah. (Gives up on blowing and spits all over cake) You’re a ninja, remember! (Hmmm sure) OHH! (Laughter) Woah! What’s the matter? (Crying) The lettuce is killing me. Because you had to eat salad?! (Laughter) (Laughs/cries) Alright, ready? Yup! I’m gonna get sick. Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Ah! [Inaudible but sounds like ‘geesies’] (Baby talk) (Spanish) (Spanish) (Spanish) (Spanish) Set, hike! (Crash) You can’t get out? W-What did you do? I put my head in You did what? You put your head in there? Well why did you do that? (Screams and cries) Wait wait wait wait wait! I want you to sing that one ’cause you know it’s so good. Okay, after I sing my song- What’s in there? Puppy. Puppy? Puppy? That’s a big puppy. Oh my god! Are you okay?! (he is) Turn, baby! I’m fine! This is what I wanted! What are they, Milo? Show the camera! Q-Tips! You wanted Q-Tips and Santa brought them to you? Ya that’s what I wanted! It’s an avocado! (Laughter) Oh! Ow! I got it! Is that a[n] igloo? We need one more cup Ellie, we need one more cup We need one more cup? Where’s she going? (Laughs) She- she’s getting a cup Kira, blow! (blows, kinda) Ready? Careful! Car! (Laughs) Listen… (downstairs) Hello? Is Daddy in the toilet?! I don’t know, see- I’m in the toilet, baby! Go see! Is he in there? Can you hear me? Ya, he is in there! Daddy are you in the toilet? Woah!! Can I see it? [Inaudible] AAHHHHH it’s creepy but it’s more funner with a box (inaudible) loud laughing ohh… Patrick, oh no! go my dad has a gold tooth, my dad has diabetes ready? yea oww laughing oh crying crinkling noises muffled “oh” boy you should know what you’re fallin for baby do you dare to do this AAAHH Dad are you kidding me?! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH why did you do that? I don’t know. laughs, daddy, can you wash it off? Adam, it’s time for a bath, isn’t it? awww You see the ladybug? No no no Annavea Bye bye that’s a somersault Travi, go laughing no more mister nice guy alright go for it ohh, laughing laughing ohh, my crotch what are the days of the week? (potman?)rootbeer, spider web, winnie the pooh, we have decimont we have, PSR bay I’ll see you later mommy those are the days of the week? this way, oof excuse me can i come in? hiii, door shuts

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