Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince – Announcement Trailer | PS4

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince – Announcement Trailer | PS4

– [Narrator] Once upon
a time, our three heroes were reunited on a quest
to search for Selius, the mysteriously vanished prince. (upbeat adventure music) – [Amadeus] What’s so urgent
about getting this boy back to the academy? – [Zoya] Maybe they worry
about him getting kidnapped. – [Pontius] Or he could
run into trouble out there in those old ruins! – [Narrator] Now the heroes
pursued the runaway prince through its forlorn pathways. What began as a simple quest
to retrieve a missing prince was now turning into a much darker tale. (suspenseful adventure music) (monster roaring) (upbeat adventure music)

100 thoughts on “Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince – Announcement Trailer | PS4

  1. I'm sensing strong Norse mythology vibes with this one. Fenrir boss at the end of the video looks epic! if that's not epic enough imagine fighting Ymir the king of frost giants!!

  2. So, how do you set a trap and trap combo?

    Wait, wrong game. I thought that guy riding the pumpkin got caught by Velguirie trap (the Nightmare Princess from Deception 4/Kagero: Another Princess).

  3. Nooo!!! Why did they listen to those trolls, Trine 3 was an amazing change they should have kept it and just made better puzzles

  4. I REALLY LOVED Trine 1 & 2 and I'm glad that 4 seems to go back to the sidescrolling. That 3D was horrible!

  5. I have huge respect for Trine series and this devs. Trine was something new and has great gameplay and epic music. For me Trine 2 and DLC were masterpiece. They created the best game I've ever played. Graphics, music, LEVELS (inside sand worm – epic), gameplay. This game has everything. Unfortunately they made mistake to add 3D for Trine 3, but who don't make mistakes. I was sad because they lost lot of money and I thought they never come back. Now I'm happy again. It seems to Trine 4 will be great and similar to 2. I very rare buy preorder but I will support Frozenbyte and buy Trine 4 and even 3 because I never played. They deserve for that.

  6. Really looking forward to buying Trine 4. Has a sense of childlike wonder, imagination and fun.

    Instant buy.

  7. Ура! Четвертая часть моей любимейшей игры! Жду с нетерпением!

  8. Este estudio y esta franquicia la debía de haber comprado ya sony…..estan sobrados de talento y hacen unos juegos que enamoran.
    1 y 2 en digital aun asi tengo ya reservado la ultimate colection…???????

  9. Гавно уже с 3 а 4 г тоже ну я просто не знаю как сказать персонажи выглядит как дерьмо бедный Понти а Зоя реально дебилы не учится на своих ошибках и делают все хуже и хуже. 8 GB ОЗУ Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Raden R9 280 а игра гавно и выглядит так же. Лучше не выпускать это.

  10. is it "necessary" to have played the 3rd game?
    (I like full 3D but reviews said the story was incomplete & there were no RPG elements so both these flaws kill it for me)

  11. i hope its like trine 2!!! to this day i still play that masterpiece for nostalgia. the music,scenery,storyline,bossfights,gameplay. all perfect.

  12. Hopefully you guys got budget and this one won't be like the 3, I LOVE Trine and will definitely support it but I won't tolerate another backstab like the 3 sorry !

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