Tribe Gaming going for Perfection!! Can they triple every base? | Clash of Clans

Tribe Gaming going for Perfection!! Can they triple every base? | Clash of Clans

welcome back to the channel everyone and
we have another great war here which is Tribe gaming taking on Kerala Royals in
the Pinnacle Cup. All right so we’re going to be covering tribe gaming taking on
and Kerala Royals here in to the Pinnacle Cup and a lot of you guys have
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match Tribe Gaming taking on Kerala Royals. Alright so we’re gonna have the first attack here between Tribe Gaming and
Kerala Royals coming in very soon and look at that the first attack actually
is in right now Dani is hitting Nick let’s see what he’s coming in with it
looks like a queen charge in to the hybrid attack strategy and let’s see is
he gonna use a blimp nope he’s gonna has a siege barracks actually it’s got only
nine hogs here so it’s gonna be a little bit more of a minor push into this base
let’s see the queen is down drops the rage drops a balloon to test for a Coco
loon is he gonna try to get the screen to walk this way on wall break right
into this bomb tower Town Hall section he’s gonna have to set the funnel maybe
a siege barracks over at 3 o’clock to set a funnel so that the miners and hogs
can go straight for that Eagle artillery that could be a really use of the siege
barracks there king I mean this is a pretty easy funnel so he could use some
balloons there but he doesn’t have any right here there is the wall break right
into this section drop set oh look at this there is two skeleton traps that
miner is gonna go down instantly it is a Tesla farm right here a small bomb or
he’s gonna have to distract that right there he drops a rage if it gets too far
it’s gonna activate this Town Hall if it’s puts damage on the Town Hall no it
doesn’t so he’s okay I don’t know he does end up actually getting that charge
Queen to charge in, he needs a freezer Town Hall he does keeps the healers just
alive and let’s see the Queen’s gonna work our
way around okay so he’s gonna actually send the siege barracks over at nine
o’clock because of the single target inferno as the Queen loops around but
this Eagle artillery is going to do work on his troops here comes the miners the
hogs get ready and this siege barracks actually ended up popping and open it up right there the oh they look at what comes out of
the CC archers two ice golems their King is coming up at 12 o’clock royal
champion as well let’s see miners are in drops the freeze over the Queen and that
single target inferno no more freezes the scatter shots gonna
be a big pain here but he does have the grand warden ability which he does pop
but he doesn’t get all the troops right there he has them moving through drops
the heal inside the core of the base two scatter shots are going to do work to
these miners and I think that’s exactly what happened the King stole them up and
the scatters did work and it’s not gonna get this three star right here that’s
single target inferno definitely gonna roast this King I was thinking that
maybe if you set the funnel here you get the miners and everything hogs to move
straight into this Eagle artillery that could have done a ton of work because
then you take it out really quickly but Danny unfortunately not able to get it
finishes off with a 78 percent two-star really nice try so they’re gonna kick
off this war for two stars now tribe gaming is going to answer the call we
have a call right here let’s see we’ve got Eve check is he gonna be the next
one coming in on Karthik we’ll have to see what his plan is if he’s the next
one the next attack is not actually e check it is it’s you coming in on the
number 5 on a Z Ned what is it sue oh it’s gonna be a queen walk into dragons
we have two sweepers that are pointing up the townhall so that means dragons
are gonna have to fly right in between these heroes on both the sides gonna let
this Queen walk this complete path right down here drop some balloons on this
Archer tower the Queen’s under rage I don’t think okay the healers are now on
the raid so that’s okay the King soon take out the enemy King as long as this
Queen walks down here royal champs gonna help take out this air defense hand can
actually get into the scatter shot that could be a ton of value here let’s see
balloons are down dragons are as well as long as this royal champ can do some
work gonna pop that ability who it’s not gonna get it because of that Tesla and a
Tesla farm popping up does need to protect these healers but the Dragons
are down moving in pulls out the clan castle of a bunch of archers and a lava
hound and the queen is getting stuck right here and the lava hounds gonna
slow her down he’s moving his way through I’m gonna be curious of how he’s
gonna deal with this Town Hall here because what’s gonna happen is that
Queens gonna pull obviously pop this hound dragons are Grantham make their
way through it but then they’re gonna have to get their way through this Town
Hall here does have to raid spells I was thinking maybe he’s gonna take some wall
breakers that break the Queen into this compartment to get that Town Hall but
he’s just gonna have dragons try to take it down and I don’t know this oh wait
it’s reached that’s what’s walkable it’s a walkable Town Hall from right there
like that’s why he didn’t have any wall breakers I wasn’t even thinking it it’s
walkable okay well he’s got dragons coming up all the way through Queens
gonna be moving her way all the way around but unfortunately it looks like
these dragons are going to fall short to this air defense unless well I mean he’s
got a minute in twenty seconds he’s got a baby dragon three minions as long as
he’s got the time this could get it the Queen can literally reach everything in
the space from the outside he’s got nothing in the corners he’s got a baby
dragon three minions where’s gonna decide to drop his baby dragon here
because she’s literally doesn’t even have the loop outside the base here
doesn’t have ability just survives that he’s got a minute left can is to get
this for a three-star guys do you think this is it 55 the baby dragons gonna be
used on the top side really nice job actually to help get that Queen a walk
and charge straight for this core section right here yeah that’s gonna be
a three-star right there even that Archer towers being distracted is being
tanked by that baby dragon Queens gonna make easy work of it and look at that
it’s ooh coming in answering right there forward tribe gaming gonna grab that
three-star to kick off this war here in the pinnacle Cup ooh it’s ooh really
nice hit I was I was like why why it’s a little risky that Town Hall but
then again it was reachable so it’s you coming in yes that three-star for tribe
gaming so now they are gonna have to answer the call because they are
currently down with a 70% two-star which was their first attack the next attacker
is in against Eve check what does he want to decide to do coming in with
eight yetis coming in with that battle blimp it’s gonna have a Yeti bomb come
out of it right on top of that multi-target inferno some back and hogs
for this air defense here and the yetis and the Yeti mites are gonna try to take
out this scatter shot are they able to yes they do the scatter shot does go
down so now he’s gonna walk this Queen right up towards 12 o’clock here and out
comes the witch and the double ice column this one witch and the skeletons
can be quite a bit annoying here Quinn’s gonna have to make her way through this
Skelly kind of the bunch of Skelly’s here but he’s gonna take his time and
the Wizards gonna be working on the storage right here he does have a goblin
decides not to drop it there so he wants to use the Goblin on the backend let’s
see if he’s gonna be able to have to set a funnel up towards 12 o’clock and then
he’s gonna send the yetis right in between because gotta get that funnel if
he doesn’t set that then everything’s gonna start running start going the
wrong way and he’s got four quakes so potentially he could just yep there’s
the King coming up there and very nice use of dropping the King on the left
goldmine because then he’ll rock up and then you make a little kind of path down
the base of beautiful identification right there okay so he’s gonna wall
break this initial wall here and then he’s gonna quad quick right into the
core let’s see the wall breakers are going in he’s gonna have to tie a time
at the Queen was a perfect on that wall right there but nonetheless they are in
the grand warden does just oh no he’d missed the wall he missed a tile there
that’s gonna slow down the yetis and a double spring right there but I mean
he’s going to be able to break through the wall pretty quickly I’m assuming yep
there he goes so now he’s gonna work his way into the
core this base still has a royal champion coming at nine o’clock he’s
moving his way through poles of seeking air mine on the healer can this world
champion get the value she needs one more free spell in the back to be able
to e be used and that roach champion was actually taking some of the scatter
shots right there to try to keep those yetis alive does have
a wizard over at nine o’clock for some cleanup but the Royal Champion already
popped her shield that ability as long as she can stay alive there’s two these
two tassels here would be a little bit of annoying is this enough for curly
rule is to try to answer the call from what it’s you just did minion down at
six we have the yetis in the core here Queen doesn’t have ability so it’s gonna
come down to if he can break through the wall the Queen’s gonna work on this wall
she breaks through that wall first which means she now can reach over the wall
grab this Tesla which she’s just out of range and now she is but now this Archer
tower oh no is she gonna get in range and get hit by the arc strawberry she
can’t reach it 24 seconds doesn’t use a goblin on the top side but the goblins
gonna run up there he’s gonna be able to grab that but now the question is Oh No
so 15 seconds I think this is gonna be a time fail ladies and gentlemen because
what’s happening he cannot get that Archer tower unless the grand warden
somehow no there’s not enough time there’s two seconds
no 96% two-star going to end up resulting in a time fail right there had
a handful of yetis but not gonna get a really nice try right there that is only
two two stars and so try gaming has the advantage with the triple and what
happens wait to see who’s the next attacker for Traub gaming all right the
next attacker we’ve got is lex nose coming in right here with the minors and
he loves his Yeti blimp is gonna use it for the Town Hall is gonna use it for
the Queen looks like he’s sending some balloons in for this first air defense
and then potentially gonna have this blimp coming in for the Town Hall yep
there it is the blimp that balloons have to try it too Oh pull the seeking air
mine so that blimp should be able to be saved a little bit here he’s gonna have
to drop a rage right over this Town Hall beautiful job now the yetis gonna help
take that down pulls out the clan castle and let’s see
Yeti mites oh no not able to take out that multi target infernal but that’s
okay and Queen’s gonna walk up top she’s gonna be able to clear this whole area
moving towards three o’clock and that means miners got to come right in
between you can drop a wizard here get some easy finally and then the Kings pub
again dropped on the storage at least to continue the funnel and help
scout the enemy king so these miners won’t get stalled up and he will have to
freeze that scanner shopping the Queen unless nope she can’t grab that if that
was one tile further to the wall on the right side if she would have been able
to reach it but she can’t there yep there is the king coming down the
storage on the elixir storage there are the miners watch out with a seagull
locks on it locks onto those miners right there onto that store onto that
dark elixir storage but the Royal champs going in Queen is moving her way down
the base here get ready yep there is the free spell button it was just a little
bit late those miners took a little bit of damage there there is the first heal
gonna get inside of this scattershot range of the TAT the skellies are gonna
have to slow them down but that’s okay there’s not too much splash there but
who did he do the miners a little bit too early because now they’re locking on
the king but the enemy King does go down this wizard tower is gonna be a little
bit annoying their heels through the core he has the Queen walking her all
around we have a troll Tessa over at 3 o’clock there these miners are in the
heal the scanner shots are doing a little bit of work two single target
infernals on the bottom side as long as these miners can overwhelm this bottom
side this is looking pretty good let’s see if he drops one wizard for the
wizard tower over here won’t be able to do much because mines around the back
track for it only a handful duck adieu but let’s see no more heal spells
there’s I don’t know can he get it the heal is they’re gonna transition to the
miners in the core the spring traps there’s probably another spring trap
right next to that and it doesn’t look like it but if this single tug infernal
can go down to the minors he has a chance he oh my god Lex can you do it we
got one wizard can this miner go down no not the miner
but the single does go down holy what’s Lex coming in Oh a giant bub oh no don’t
hit that Queen the Queen gets hit oh goodness
let’s see the miners are up 28 seconds I think he has this with a wizard tower
poles as seeking air mind for the healers they’re gonna die too this air
defense right here so he got 21 seconds can these miners and the wizard do it
has a little bit of damage already on it 15 seconds this wizard could help quite
a bit as if he gets around in time but here we go I think he’s got this the
splash the wizards are not on all the miners the Wizards gonna come around the
gonna take it and Lex is going to get the three star for tribe gaming that was
so close that’s now two for two it’s who gets the triple Lex gets the
triple and now that is a big advantage to tribe gaming in this world all right
the next attacker we have is Grim Reaper Conan on hexes base and we’ve we’ve seen
this base in some previous wars that hexes run from a switch up traps but I
mean let’s see Grim Reaper’s coming in with a hybrid attack using the healers
over at seven o’clock drops a balloon on the mortar one wall breaker for the wall
here finds a small bombings gonna drop two more if the wall breakers can get in
they do open up the wall right here and he’s gonna have the wizard end up
actually going HUD does not get that air defense down right there let’s see the
witch comes out he didn’t pull out the full CC so he’s gonna have to deal with
these scalars and then wait for the full CC pull and then he’s going to have to
get through it because that’s a really bit really annoying CC to get through
but he makes an easy work of one which it looks like so that’s not a problem
out comes the archers and is there anything else that’s in here maybe a
nice Cologne Cir just gonna go down talans gonna go
down right there through the rage he needs to be patient here there it comes
the two ice columns so he might end up actually saving the poison and not know
PN’s have actually decided to use that poison I think I would have actually
saved it for potential Skelly’s in the core so any ko is the miners English the
grand warden and the Royal champion potentially not yet but he does have the
blimp coming in from the topside okay the blimps coming up there he’s gonna
look like he wants to do a little bit of a Yeti bomb over there he but he missed
the wall unfortunately oh that’s gonna hurt tremendously and this is the
Skelly’s this is what I’m talking about poison spell right here could have been
very beneficial but the miners are moving in they’re gonna get stoled up in
to scatter shots oh man these scatter shots are going to rain fire on to the
Troops tornado trap as well and I don’t know can you do this his royal champions
up at 12 o’clock pops her ability right there and these miners just got hit so
much from those scatters and that blimp did not get into that multi
Inferno range and now the Royal champions gonna continue her path around
the base he does have one minute and three wallbreakers so can he wall break
this corner that looks like what he’s gonna do here okay is he Oh giant bomb
oh no he does not break through the wall right there you really needed that wall
to be open so that the Queen could potentially pass her way in but that
doesn’t look like that’s the case that giant bomb didn’t eyes the wall breaks
he can reach everything other than the inside multi and that Tesla right there
and these healers as he’s gonna path around the space they are going to start
to get hit and take him down 36 seconds does he have the potential fight oh wait
a second the healers have transferred off of the Queen and onto the grand
warden so now the question is can the grand warden get this done hang on it’s
gonna be the grand warden grant award inverse these final defenses and
buildings 90 we got 17 seconds I think he got this I think he’s got this the
healers are gonna die no they’re gonna stay alive
holy the grand warden ends up getting this Wow it was not looking good but he
didn’t give up and that is a three star right there on hacks with the Huayra
attack all right the next attack of fur tribe gaming is going to be Nick he’s
coming in with the 26 miners here does have a siege barracks the Town Hall is
inside the core of the space for an anti 2 star design it looks like but he’s
gonna try to charge his Queen nice funnel here by the baby dragon gonna get
the Queen to loop here and then loop into the base right here I’m gonna set
the funnel with the King gonna pull out the clan castle can you do it drops a
little bit more hogs to make sure that the clan castle it can get pulled yep
out comes some archers and more archers and a nice two ice combs right there
okay oh no wait what what is this Queen doing why is this Queen home from the
wall right there does drop the poison to help get through those archers right
there the icicle I’m gonna come through but it should be okay because the Queen
switched targets she should walk down now and once she does kill off these ice
combs but he’s not waiting he starts the miners right now gets the Grand worn
down and he’s gonna make his path right towards the core of the space for the
townhall look at this eagle nothing is firing upon these miners right here he’s
gonna have to drop maybe to free oh he drops a rage he drops a heel get ready
for a grand war internal tell him this is a ton right here and he passed a
poppet nice use of that grand war internal tome
out comes the hog riders they were making their way through the single
target infernals are locked on the core here oh man this is looking crushed this
is looking dominating right here Nick coming through as long as these miners
can get through and get through the scatter shot right here this is looking
really good with ace well raid spell to use the skellies are doing a little work
right there they’re keeping the miners up and no heals well wait a second I
can’t even see the miners they’re like there’s so many down here nevermind I
take that back there is that ton of them there’s a giant bomb there’s a single
target Inferno but it should be should be perfectly fine the Royal champ is
still up moving around this base and all my goodness Nick absolutely crushed this
one there’s like there’s way too many miners up in this base and there’s still
a minute left in the attack wow he made that look so easy Nick coming in
absolutely wrecking the base for tribe gaming and that’s now three for three
in this war X attack is coming in from Karthik and he is taking on it soo and
he’s coming in with a little bit of the hybrid a little bit more of the miners
in this one there are four ground Expos with a single target in the Ferno in the
absolute core of this base interesting here sends a blimp right at 12 o’clock
to go into the single turn inferno drops this raid to help take it down and now
the yetis and the any mites are gonna try to help take care of these wizard
towers the cannons look at these Yeti mites go oh my
goodness is spring-trap are they gonna take yes they even take that out did not
pull the clan castle though so maybe he’s gonna try to keep it so that the
clan castle can’t be bowled pulled but Eagle artillery in multi are all in the
same compartment down at six o’clock decided not to send it down there but
let’s see those have a jump spell baby dragons gonna go down at 12 o’clock
Kings gonna try to loop down and around is he gonna try to jump right over to
this air defense and decide not to take some wall breakers here so let’s see
well granted you wouldn’t know which what compartment that the yetis fully
would have taken out but does take the jump to be safe here
so he’s gonna have to charge his way in and jump this outside wall yep there’s
the jump spell Queens gonna go her make her way into look at this oh my goodness
she’s under so much expo fire pops her ability here and she’s gonna get stole
up right here but not gonna be able to tell these this is way too many expose
there is no way she can survive all this there is no way if she survives
that’s absolutely wild but look at this the Eagle artillery it’s at the very
bottom of this base here Oh the Queen’s under another rage has the
miners and hogs moving through the topside but these hogs are going to way
out past the miners that’s one of the problems with the hybrid is if you don’t
have the miners and hogs move together they’re gonna get picked off one by one
here in the court and that’s exactly what’s happening the hogs are all gone
because they just out they basically outpace the most miners as the miners
got stuck cleaning all the trash were on the outside
I think hogs would have been the better option to go with because then
everything would have been able to move through the base while these miners are
just gonna be stuck on the outside trash Queens moving our way through has one
more phrase but she’s gonna end up dying to the single target inferno royal
champion already popped her ability and no this is definitely not gonna get this
one done here with that single there’s two way too many stuff left I think
the Queen charged in to the Hogs would have been the better play here because
the Hogs would be able to push their way quicker and just more effectively
through the base because of all that trash so I’m seeking air mines in the
core that is going to just be a 2 star right there he’s gonna try to get into
the 80% range right here goblin goes down not going to be able to get past
and the defense is there to art a couple archers yeah oh he’s kind of just on the
been on the outside and that’s going to be an 80% 2 star for karthick right
there and that’s they have the three three two stars that one triple and
tribe gaming has one less attack and they have the same amount of stars so we
have two more attacks women from tribe which is gonna be hex and Eve Shack
let’s see if they can get those attacks in and potentially go for that coveted I
don’t want to say it I don’t wanna jinx it but you know what I’m referring to
we’ll have to see all right the next attacker is going to be hex coming in
for tribe gaming that means Eve Jack is going to be the last one coming in so
what does hex wanna do coming in with the yetis the Pekka and one bowler
potential gonna bullet bounce again a little bowler skip value that there it
is up at 12 o’clock loon used as a Coco loon to kind of test for seeking air
mines grand Warren’s gonna walk a little bit here around three o’clock and then
is he gonna send he does have five wall breakers so my question is he’s gonna
try wall break this initial layer here has two jumps there’s the king gonna
jump over the clan castle and potentially jump over the eagle but
that’s gonna be his play well to see him less I mean he’s got wall breakers
that’s gonna be the only thing where he’s gonna wall break right he’s got to
drop these yetis hurry up to grab this grand warden otherwise the grand wardens
gonna go all by himself there’s the yetis he’s a grand warning
okay he’s coming back that was close the yetis are now gonna help pull that grand
warden in the ice combs are gonna slow them down so hopefully as long as this
tunnel doesn’t get activated this should be okay does post seeking air mine
unfortunately that blue missed it right there for the healers but oh no don’t
hit that town oh he hits and activates the town hall but he does pull and
seeking air mine right there with the balloon getting mites gonna go through
he’s gonna pop nope it’s decides to say that were nobility right there
very nicely but oh no everything’s gonna be going on the outside on the top there
pasta grant Warren channels home I mean that was a good good use of saving it
there because nothing was really over the core but everything ended up walking
up and around and they did not go into the Town Hall which is he wanted we’re
all champion coming at three o’clock they’re all running around now up top is
this still have a chance guys does it still have a chance we’ll have to see
hogs are coming around the Queen’s gonna get slowed down healers on her right now
royal champ does have her ability the yetis and the Yeti mites can do a lot of
work the Royal champion has the grand warden with her so pops her ability down
doesn’t go down has take oh the Queen goes to how I thought the Queen was
gonna stay alive she didn’t have her ability the healers are healing the
Royal champion here the Yeti mites are gonna go down and no this is not gonna
get it it was you had maybe a chance but hex looks
like he’s gonna fall short here dang if this just didn’t walk up and around the
base towards around nine o’clock those yetis would have probably just destroyed
the core it’s no unfortunate there that hacks are not gonna get it there he’s
gonna be in the 80% but yeah that’s pretty much going to wrap that one up
we’re gonna have Eve chat gonna be the final attacker for tribe gaming and we
do have one more attack from Corel Royals as well 24 seconds left he has
the one Archer down at 6 o’clock but that’s not going to be able to get it
it’s gonna be a 2 star right there the last attack is gonna be hit on Lexus
base and then the last one for the whole war is going to be Eve deck so once we
have that attack for parallels with the last six and a half minutes left in the
war we’ll jump right into it the next attack from a Z net is coming in on
election OSIS base Lex is running those three single target in ferno’s let’s see
what the plans gonna be with a queen charge Lalo I mean I love my queen of
charge Lalo’s I mean much of good with them but
I love seeing them I hadn’t ly done actually too many soui Lalo’s at
townhall 13 but let’s take a look at this one so he’s coming with the Queen
does decide to use a jump spell I’m gonna use it right over between this
storage and yep right over near in that town hall to make sure the Queen walks
to the right she can grab to scatter shots throughout the Town Hall the Eagle
gonna fight into these two sweepers right Oh unless it just avoids that no
he’s gonna push back a little bit drops the rage right there and the CC is not
going to be out just yet if thus Queen steps up she’s gonna go for this Town
Hall okay can she oh he drops that freeze
right there he needs that Town Hall to go down and
it does just go down barely drops another freeze on the expo scatter shot
right there I don’t think these healers are in range that’s why she’s going down
pretty quickly right here and he does have ability the poison is down to
scatter shots drops another rage is he gonna be able to charge his way through
he’s trying they’re ours gonna be three ground Expos on this chart
right here in comes the Lalo but there’s ground expose that’s the thing this
three ground expose and that there is the sweepers are down this is actually
not looking too bad here there are lava hounds moving on top side Road champ is
behind is there gonna be a dragon inside of here no just all balloons healers
gonna ask you to transfer off to this world champion we’re just gonna help
quite a bit but all the ground Expos are gonna lock on to her does have her
shield ability some air Skelly’s pop up but she’s gonna be able to help take
down the enemy queen pops ability he she pops the shield right there the queen
goes down hang on here he’s got Tesla farm over at nine o’clock no more
balloons he’s gonna be able to he’ll look at this healer transfer off onto
the Royal champion oh my goodness that enemy royal champion goes down he
took out the enemy queen as well why did he did he get a little bit lucky with
that he was switched I mean and he’s gonna say this probably all playing
right there but still nonetheless a beautiful attack
charges his way through and this world champions gonna be able to help take
down this Tesla field right here gonna drop some minions onto some of the the
platform the Builder hot right there at six o’clock but nonetheless a beautiful
attack right here gonna get it done with the Queen a charge Lalo decides to take
the jump spell to get that Queen to go exactly in but there was so much value
of the Eagle to scatter shots the Town Hall both the sweepers literally
couldn’t have been any more more value to charge into even here the Queen dies
she got the value she needed and that is a three star right there on Lex knows
his base so that is two triples but nonetheless we’re gonna drive straight
into each Jack’s attack the final one of the war here and he’s coming in with the
yetis alright so what does he want to do here with dn8 six yetis 10 bowlers let’s
go and take a look doing the grand warden walk boss from three o’clock here
Wizards gonna be over round two I’m trying to see the valley he’s gonna
get he needs this this holy jobsite earthquakes over in the core here so
he’s got one jump he does open that up there so he’s gonna probably jump over
the storage here Kings gonna move his way around he’s gonna walk up to this
Archer tower Danny’s gonna clear the fall to the left
as cannon a bit of a problem does drop the jump
over the storage the wizard comes in it’s gonna go die off he’s gonna get
stuck on the enemy King giant bomb just gets activated right there but here
comes the bolars here comes the yetis and the Queen he loses a few of these
boulders to the outside enemy q oh oh oh oh no oh no he loses a bunch of the
boulders into the on the outside that King did not go down in time he does pop
this grand war internal tome with the Yeti stove the cord the icicle is gonna
slow him down does still have the seeds bear coming in and over two o’clock here
but those boulders all got roasted that enemy king was still up and pulled them
outside of the base here but can you check still get this one done if there’s
anyone I definitely believe he check still has the ability to get it done but
he’s not gonna give up he’s sending the Yeti mice through the healers are trying
their best to keep him alive they can survive this multi target inferno with
this Queens gonna have to burn her ability through the single turn inferno
whoo look at this hang on a second the world champions has her ability and is
this one of the reasons why you don’t want to run multis at anymore because of
the singles we’ll be able to take them down he can just heal through those
multis I think he got it I think he still got this when he literally swagged
a handful of boulders that went on the outside of the base there and they
pretty much died off pops a royal champion ability eve check Wow
you still get this one done even though those bowlers walked on the outside very
impressive didn’t panic still was gonna be able to react and Eve check gets it
done for tribe gaming which puts them at a total of 14 stars 14 to 12 90 7.2 to a
90 point eight beautiful war what a great performance tribe gaming comes in
gets another victory here and in the pinnacle Cup beautiful job I hope you
guys did enjoy this one right here covering tribe gaming and krillen
Royales and if you guys did you guys know what
to do to be able to show that support make sure you guys go and hit that like
button and subscribe down below for the daily content and I’ll be you guys have
a wonderful day CarbonFin signing out peace

72 thoughts on “Tribe Gaming going for Perfection!! Can they triple every base? | Clash of Clans

  1. It is either hybrid, hogs or yeti. Clash is getting stale. No more crazy queen charges or crazy wbs. It is like watching the same video each time after th13 dropped.

  2. i love these types of videos even with the nice tune of each battle. iv seen all the playlists of these wars just love them:) keep it up carbonfin:)
    also nice to see the pictures of tribe guys to see who they are if you dont know them:)

  3. Wait everyone doing queen walk grand warden walk and me I'll do royal champion walk that's will be sick suicide walk 😂

  4. Queen, warden charge is everyone favorite strategy but me royal champion charging in battle if there is no air mines that's ok to walk perfectly

  5. 12:35 you zoomed in exactly at the wrong time carbon. He sacrificed the 1 wiz to distract the troll tesla and saved the queen. Missed the genius move. XD Lex OP

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