Trials Rising Review

Trials Rising Review

(explosion) (helicopter blades whirring) – [Tom] Trials is one
of the few racing series that still has me twisting
and jumping in my seat alongside my rider, and
Trials Rising is no exception. Despite its simple controls,
its awesome fundamentals require quick reactions
that delicate finesse that make beating my fastest times a consistently exciting challenge. It’s counterproductive though that Rising makes some frustrating tweaks that shift the focus of
its progression system from encouraging self-improvement to relentless grinding of its
daunting optional contracts. But at least the creative
courses themselves are as thrilling as ever. Speeding through a course
for the very first time is a tense game of quickly
reading the terrain and adjusting your speed
and balance on the fly to smoothly roll through
it as fast as possible. Doing so takes far more
than just holding down the accelerator, and there’s a deep pool of tricky movement techniques to learn if you want any hope of completing
Rising’s hardest levels. Winning a gold medal on my first try was always a proud moment, but some of the more technical courses just made me happy to have
reached the finish line at all. (crashing) Going back and improving on those levels is a different game altogether, one that’s more like
solving a series of clever, momentum-based puzzles. Rising isn’t a huge graphical improvement over Trials Fusion, but many
of the 100+ stages feel deeper and lusher, with dynamics
elements like trains and cars that zoom in and out of your path. I particularly loved levels
that really broke out of the straightforward track formula, letting you drive through
a crashing airplane or along a moving train. And the early Hollywood
level shows just how crazy the environments can get. (revving) Unlocking those levels
sure is a drag though. Where previous games
locked new sets of levels behind a required number of medals, Rising ties them to your player level. So instead of encouraging you to go back and improve your times,
you’re pretty much forced to grind Rising’s new sponsor contracts, because they offer the most
experience rewards by far, three to 5,000 apiece for a hardest ones versus a measly 450 for
improving most medals. Contracts replace Fusion’s challenges, adding special conditions to a stage for bonus experience and cosmetics. They can be amusing optional distractions that range from single requirements like doing six backflips to
stacking multiple at once, like doing 50 meters of
wheelies and 10 front flips while on fire. They do make me look
at courses differently as I try to weave in extra
flips or limit faults, but I don’t like how the part
of Trials I’ve always loved, beating my times and gradually improving, is essentially made a waste of time here. In the second half of Rising, I often needed close to 90,000 experience to open up the next set of tracks, and that’s tedious to grind
out even with contracts. That frustration is compounded by Rising’s more aggressive focus on PvP, which frames every run as a race against random player ghosts, even if you’re not going for time. It was infuriatingly common
for me to finally overcome a hard contract, only to
be rewarded with this. (vuvuzela playing) I thought it wanted me to
be completing these things. Surprisingly, Rising’s most
impressive new addition is its tutorial. Put simply, this is the
first time a Trials game has actually taught
players the tools needed to beat its hardest levels. Concepts like bunny-hopping,
throttle control, and more each have their own
instructive training course. It’s downright revelatory for the series. (revving) The level editor, on the other hand, remains a nigh-infinitely complex tool, and as a result, can create
nigh-infinitely complex levels. I’m very happy it’s still here, so I can play the shared
creations of people with more talent for using it than I have. Its freeform customization
has also been extended into rider cosmetics now, letting you add stickers
to your bike and outfit or similarly buy other people’s creations. Trials Rising primarily
doles out its cosmetics through laughably stupid loot boxes full of a deluge of
uninteresting, abstract stickers and duplicate items. Thankfully, they’re purely
cosmetic, frequently acquired, and completely ignorable if you prefer. Trials Rising offers some
of the coolest levels in the series to date, and it’s new tutorial
system does an amazing job of actually teaching you how to execute its hardest techniques. That wide variety of tracks
is unfortunately bogged down by the frustrating grind
it takes to unlock them, and some strange decisions that lead to a more
discouraging experience. But it’s still satisfying
to get on the bike and try for better medals if you can make it to the finish line. For more Trials Rising,
check out an early look at the Extreme Hong Kong Harbor
track, and for more racing, check out our review of Dirty Rally 2.0, and for everything else,
keep it right here on IGN. (screaming) (cheering and applause)

100 thoughts on “Trials Rising Review

  1. I don't like the grinding part. Gonna wait till this game hits a sale. Edit: I bought it and I love it. Also the music is way better then it was on Fusion.

  2. This review is AWKWARDLY similar to Boomstick Gaming's review of this game. 

    Does IGN have spy software on Boomstick's machine?

  3. The video says “reviewed on playstation 4, Pc, and nintendo switch” BUT the footage is from xbox one🤷‍♂️ I know its a small detail but am i the only who has noticed this things mostly happen to xbox ? (I iknow that in the description it mentions the xbox one tho) I think its a bit unfair

  4. Since I'm getting this on the Switch I was hoping this would be a simpler, more straight-forward Trials game… I guess now that it's not?

  5. Honestly the last game trials came out with that I enjoyed a lot was evolution. Wasn’t a fan of the futuristic look in fusion. This one is definitely an improvement. However not a fan of the map layout. It’s hard to find tracks and unlocking tracks take forever

  6. Despite the fact that a number at the end is worthless, why can't people just accept a 7.9 as a 79/100?
    It doesn't matter if it's 7.9/10 or 79/100, cause it's the same thing at the end.

  7. Everytime I hear this guys voice I'm reminded of "I wanted to feel like Spiderman" and just lose it cause he said it so many times. Lol

    Geeze, I had a free game code for almost 2 weeks now and have yet to download this =3=

  8. Grindy progression seems to be introduced for getting more time to milk players with microtransactions. Game design lead by greed.

  9. Loving this game. I enjoyed Fusion, but for some reason this one has the hook in me that Fusion never did. They are mostly the same so im not sure why. Solid 8/10 for me!

  10. I can't finish most expert tracks and hardly ever gold a hard track, but I love Trials. I have loved it since the first one and buy every iteration. It is the only game where I can repeat and repeat and repeat a level and not be angry or upset. I tell myself on every new game that I will really dig in and learn all the subtle tricks I need to get better at the really hard tracks, but then I just go back to having fun hitting the medium and below tracks trying to beat my times and the people on my friend list.

    I just got this version before I came to work, so I only did some of the opening content. I am excited to see what they teach me that I didn't know. I really can't wait to get home and play more.

  11. Anyone here had the issue where your pre order items don’t show up or can’t be accessed and if so know how to fix it? I pre ordered it days before release and still have no wild west or Bigfoot gear anywhere. ???

  12. If I cant do the challenge runs in 1 life it's failed because the servers are always down (ubisoft potatos) and wont let you reset.

  13. Just got this game today ans i dont really care for it may go back to trials fusion that one is better in my opinion

  14. The game is trials so it's always gonna be fun and addicting. But the level progression in this one comes to a screeching hault around level 60-65. Contracts required to unlock new tracks get way too hard out of nowhere. Like a three round race that you can't fault or stutter on once or else you come in last place and start ALL over? Or completing a track without leaning at all with a fault limit? Come on that's impossible and not worth it. There needs to be better ways to unlock level xp.

  15. Always online, bad servers, grindy, Uplay, predatory lootboxes which you can "just ignore them if you don't like them". Yep, it's a Ubisoft game alright.

  16. Would LOVE to have this on the Switch. Been playing since it was in Flash and would be a perfect on the go game. But I've seen enough of the reviews labeling it an absolute grind fest to keep me away. If they ever patch it to fix the progression, I'm definitely in.

  17. what kind of review is this? has it still multiplayer? Is the multiplayer restricted like last time? What are the new modes?

  18. I'm not the best trials player but felt the later stages in previous games were more accessible to me. Trials rising however, locks these levels behind a tedious grind that I just don't have time for. I got to level 52 and gave up.

  19. Rising is broken and devs aren’t doing anything to fix it clearly. Best to pass on Rising & stick with Evolution.

  20. I never get dissapointed when ubisoft stands behind a game.Ubisoft to me is the real deal.This game is also a great game with tons of fun for people that like this type of action.a must buy:) And its really a great workout. Its a 9/10 . Its easy to learn

  21. Really loved Evo and fusion. HATE the forced speed run GRIND of crappy easy/medium/hard tracks on rising, just to get to what you want (extreme and ninja) with all the hours lost on the previous games, why could they not just read your save data so you can skip the booooooring crap grind! I actually hate playing this game for that very reason. I shouldn't hate playing trials.

  22. i picked it up today for 20 euros on sale .. its a cool game like fusion its a pick up and play . i got a bargain i think

  23. Someone help.
    Are all three races you play online against other local racers? Or are they A.I? I've been playing for 2 days and still don't know. Someone please help.

  24. Elephant in the room time: the game is bugged to hell!

    So many issues, too many to list here but the main issue I've experienced is crashing, freezing, inconsistent "physics," inconsistent track surface feedback, loss of sound files.

    I've literally given up on Rising and gone back to fusion, a game that works and responds to my inputs consistently.

  25. Loved trials fusion. Spend many many many hours trying to complete tracks. Adding another level of grinding to the game is unnecessary and prevents a buy

  26. This game on ps4… Wow I'll stick to better and bigger titles I was expecting a lot more, I can get this on my mobile on an app 😂

  27. it took me a WHOPPING 6 hours to unlock all 3 bikes in this game, and 10 hours to unlock all tracks. if that feels like a "grind", then you shouldn't be playing this game.

  28. I wish they had someone who is decent at trials/has completed previous trials games talk about the game as this person blows it all out of proportion and the gameplay in the background is laughable

  29. Bought it…love it! I didn't have any issues with grinding… but maybe because i only continue when I gold medal a level. But seriously….one of the best games ever. All about gameplay. Super cool levels. Extremely addictive gameplay. I think I like it better than trials fusion which I already loved. Highly recommended for people that don't give up easily and like to improve their skills. The easy levels are a walk in the park though. Once you get better and better all the impossible tracks become possible. Really cool and satisfying. Would rate it a 9.

  30. I don't wanna do races and play against other people i want tracks from point A to point B like the original on Xbox 360

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