Tree game fixed! | Rust update 1st November 2019

Tree game fixed! | Rust update 1st November 2019

  07 Nov 2019   , ,

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here with everything you need to know about Rust development this week, (and probably
a few things you don’t) First! As you’re no doubt aware if you’ve actually
been listening to my mumblings, the current state of play is that whilst we wait for a
few big changes to be inflicted on us, such as the HDRP graphics overhaul, vehicles and
instruments.. The team are concentrating on improving the quality of our sexy little lives
in smaller ways and fixing a few bugs that have been part of the furniture for a tad
too long.. Last week on staging you’ll remember that
a long serving bow glitch that put a delay on the second arrow was finally fixed.. and
this week it’s the turn of something that I’ve kind of become used to and that my sanity
won’t be quite the same without.. That’s right, it seems that the tree felling MINIGAME could
finally be fixed.. At least on staging.. I haven’t come across
an example of the red X getting stuck there yet and I’ve literally chopped down some trees..
Including palms Why not hop on Staging and give it a go if
you can pull yourself away from main for a few minutes? Further to being able to hold a button to
transfer water between containers last week, you can now hold a button to transfer water
to the most important container of all, and chug non-stop from bota bags and water bottles,
but not from rivers yet it seems.. Being able to quickly loot all from a container
by hovering over it whilst pressing a key was added to staging last week as you may
remember, and now you can specify which key in the options, even binding it to a mouse
button if you want.. In other improvements, large furnaces can
be placed on the world layer again, that’s rocks basically to you and I, which means
that this is now possible for instance. There was a fix for an issue placing small refineries
on ice, rocks and uneven surfaces.. And small water catchers can now be placed
on building blocks, although in a stunning example of realism, in the same way as large
furnaces, you won’t be able to build over them, although floor grills are fine of course
as the invisible rain has to get in somehow. Oh yes, and in probably the most important
improvement of all, campfire smoke and fx will go straight up even when they are placed
at an angle, praise be! Actually to be honest there is another improvement
being worked on that I think you’ll appreciate, although it’s not on staging just yet.. Helk
is working on a branch called Battery fixes, and according to this soon batteries will
store energy in RustWattHours instead of a static output amount and time.. This should
then mean less drain on batteries with less energy usage and longer life. As I say, it’s not live yet, so I can’t show
you the results, but hopefully next week I can. In other changes, if you boot up staging at
the moment you might be greeted with this screen.. which you can either stare at indefinitely,
dismiss altogether by closing it, or click on the visit store button, which surprisingly
does just that.. Where coincidentally you can get 10% off all orders by using code shadowfrax This is a new feature of the UI that Garry
is working on at the moment, which can be used to highlight not just merch, but devblogs,
skin releases and other things along with a matching video and clickable links.. In other changes, Hapis is getting some attention
to tweak its prefabs, as many of them have been updated since its inception and there
are a few issues now.. Other performance related work includes more
skeleton optimisations, and more work on the monument optimisation test branch, with a
KDTree system to split up monuments into consistently sized chunks, plus some utilities for batching… There’s also a new console command on staging,
which will be very useful for owners, admins and cinematographers.. ‘Teleportlos’, which
stands for line of sight, and which does exactly what it sounds like it should.. using this
command will teleport you in the direction you’re facing by 1000 units, or until you
hit something, whichever happens soonest.. You can also specify an amount, for instance
teleportlos 10, or even -10 to travel forwards and backwards by that number of units.. Plus
of course these can all be bound to keys in the normal way. And lastly, checking over on Instagram, the
latest pics show some more of the new instruments in the wild.. Ever wanted to play a pan flute
whilst sitting in a boat or blast the tuba of Gondor whilst riding atop a steed? Of course
you do, you’re only human, this is why all the comments about these are so positive as
per.. Looks like someone might be getting their wish though.. Next Thursday the 7th of November is of course
the big patch to main. Will we see some last minute additions? More long awaited fixes?
Stay tuned and I’ll keep you in the know.. I do of course stream on Twitch three times
a week, plus you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Discord and my Steeeeeam group so come and
join me there.. Leave me a like, comment and subscribe to the channel.. I shall catch you
all very soon but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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  2. Shadowfax can you please make a video that is a good sensitivity for your mouse for all
    Edit:sorry if I have wasted your time my lord

  3. Heya Shadowfrax! Great video as usual ^_^ Here are more helpful suggestions you may like! Rabid Rabbit went over this in his most recent video, but the code used for electricity can easily be re-tasked to work for water or other liquids running through pipes. Instead of a wire tool, you'd get a spool of garden hose to be used to connect water collectors to say, a water pump (root combiner for liquids), and from there it can be connected to a water tank. With that said, I think fire alarms could be useful. Either make it a function of the HBHF, or it's own unit with dedicated purpose. The fire detection could be used as a trigger for an alarm and/or sprinkler system! The sprinkler system would put out fires naturally, as well as shut off running fire sources in range, and make players in range get wet. I'd also like to see shock damage get buffed when players are wet. A water turned turbine generator for river bases could also be a good idea. Just some random stuff I thought I'd share, heh

  4. I don’t like the new super fast loot. I remember when looting was first a thing it was skillful and took a second because you had to prioritize items and right click some while dragging others. Now, it’s just right click spam, but at least that’s better than holding a key and flinging your mouse around an inventory. People will be able to loot in less than a second.

    Replies: Ok boomer

  5. Any idea why character still runs after I release walk keys after running ? Only happened recently . It's game related like . Thanks

  6. when this game has been in production for as long as 7 days to die and this game is light years ahead of 7 days to die especially in optimizations in terms of "if you have a potato pc you can still play" while 7 days to die, in A18, if you have a potato pc you literally can't play.

  7. Suggestion for devs. Patch the monuments so that they're not all lootable 100x easier from helis. What was the point in puzzles? To slow down progress so servers don't die immediately… Yeah…

  8. EVERYONE IS BORED OF THE CURRENT STATE! Dead serves after 3 days. Aks day one. Bored of the fast progression of rust. I’m sure others can agree

  9. another quality of life they could add, is a new/improved anti-cheat instead of relying on they're report system 🙂

  10. The trees will be fixed :O
    1, I dont belive you
    2, If this is not a lie i will be happy
    3, If this is fixed i will actually jump 600 times and then surive 24 hours without drinking/eating

  11. They dont want to fix the elevator ? its really annoying when you are in the 3rd stage and the lift is gone…..really …just add a button for every stages (Launch Site)

  12. please mak ehelk add a alt look and ads sensitivity changer i play 400 dpi 0.19 in game sensitivity cause it is where my aim is smoothest but it handicaps me cause i have to do 2 mouse swipes while alt looking to check my surroundings and 2-3 mouse swipes to turn around

  13. Rust seriously need good optimisation…
    1 or 2 years ago I used to run this game 100 fps medium, now I can't get to 75 stable :/

  14. Yo shadow you should create like a timelapse or like a timeline of all your old vids leading to the newer vids just to show how far rust has come and how far you have come as a person just throwing more ideas out there bro keep up the good work

  15. for some reason when I use stretched res now after the update it stretches my game out too much when it didn't before the update

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