Top Indie Games of December – Indie Blitz

Top Indie Games of December – Indie Blitz

It’s been a while and who doesn’t need
some indie games to help them get through the holiday season. 8 games this week and be sure to let me know
which ones you will pick up moving into the new year! This is indie blitz. Let’s kick it off with the action packed
one hit boss fighting game Rain Dancer. You wake up in a forest with not much of a
mention as to why you’re there, or what’s going on around you. But hey, how harmful could it be? Well this place is full of bosses that are
going to kick your ass the second you try to get near them, so your job is to work your
way through each boss and try and make it out alive… well maybe. Rain Dancer features awesome controls and
battles that are so much fun, and each boss fight is unique in tactics and the style in
which they try to kill you. Switch into Tempest mode to give yourself
a bit more difficulty or even chuck on the inbuilt speed run timer to see how quick you
can clear the game. There is definitely a lot of replayability
with this one as you try to get better at predicting the patterns. By equipping different brambles after each
fight, you also get the chance to change your play style slightly, be that through more
damage, quicker dashing or better chance at a critical strike. Some of the bosses took me over 30 lives to
kill on the first play through, but I think I have their measure now, well at least in
the normal story mode at least. Tempest mode in a scary beast only for the
bravest fighters out there. Neon Abyss With insanely slick graphics and design complementing
a roguelike action packed platformer, Neon Abyss has a lot going for it. You fight your way through monster infested
dungeons that unlock more options and possibilities the further you play into the level. Of course you only get one life so you have
to make the most out of what you get while you still have it. As the game likes to remind you, Death is
the only way out. Enemies and obstacles block your path, so
you shoot it, all of it. Anything in site pretty much. Collecting different items and weapons gives
you the possibility to approach each level in a unique way, ultimately making your way
to the end of the dungeon level where you will meet some interestingly designed bosses
to battle. Fetching eggs that can hatch into little companions
that help you defeat the rooms is a nice touch, as is the possibilities with all the different
items and companions mixing together. On this particular run, I received the ability
to fly instead of run, which definitely changed the feel of the game and felt a little like
cheating. Definitely keep an eye out for that ability. Still in demo on the Steam store with a release
scheduled for 2020, Neon Abyss has a lot of potential! Areia
Everynow and then I say this game is unlike any other that i’ve played, and Areia fits
that description to a tee. You get thrown into the game with very little
explanation, walking, presumably lost through the desert, and very early on I wondered if
i would just keep wandering aimlessly, jumping on some glassy gems in the sand, and not really
ever making my way to where i am meant to go. But eventually i found my way, and with a
little progression areia really starts to hit its straps, especially in regards to the
visuals and audio, which is as relaxing a mix as you will find in any game. You gain the ability to create paths by using
the environment around you, and the game quickly moves into a mixture of exploration, 3D platforming
and puzzle solving. By completing the neccesary puzzle, the world
around you changes, giving you access to the water that you need to create your temporary
platforms and continue your journey. The game takes on an ethereal feeling, of
spirits and nature, and this is in a big way due to the audio and lack of any real tension,
well at least as far as i’ve played so far. Areaia falls into one of those games that
feels more like an experience, and is hard to really pinpoint the genre, and some of
the transitions within the world just look so damn pretty! Dead End Job
Bringing hectic action, smooth gameplay and funky music and graphics, Dead End Job is
definitely a well polished game that leaps out of the pack with it’s easy to jump in
mechanics and good old fashioned arcade fun. You play as Hecter a rather simple protagonist
that just wants to earn money to help his mentor avoid an eternity as a spook. You earn money by clearing different levels
of ghosts and monsters. Dead End Job doesn’t take itself too seriously,
and makes fun of itself on many levels. The different monsters are pretty funny and
offer enough variety to make the replayability element of the game not boring. You gain power ups by defeating enemies without
dying and there are items to be found that change up the gameplay in different ways. Twitch connectivity might be an interesting
point for some, as Dead End Job allows you to have viewers vote on different buffs and
even post there message directly into the game for the viewers to see. I can’t think of any possible problems with
that feature 😉 Some Distant Memory
Set in a future time, in which humans have been devastated by an environmental apocalyptic
style disaster, Some Distant Memory is the heaviest story driven game in this list. You play the role of a professor, searching
for hints about the current predicament and guiding an artificial companion along it’s
journey to understanding humans. And yet for me the main character I was drawn
to is Rikin, someone that you don’t get to control or interact with, and simple learn
and see based off of memory projections from 300 years into the past, before humans had
been shot down by the insufferable bloom. A slow paced game with real mood and emotional
impact, Some Distant Memory draws you in with its ability to tell multiple stories at once,
and engages you in an emotional roller coaster about Rikin and the events leading up to societies
collapse. The art style is beautiful and I can’t speak
highly enough of the story telling. If you want to see a little more, check out
the review video linked above. A great way to spend a few hours, and definitely
one that can be played alongside others. Good Knight
Music, one button only, rhythm based, bullet hell? Ok so it can be confusing trying to work out
how a game could combine all of these elements and make something that is both really fun,
and easy to understand. Good Knight does this in spades. Controlling your characters movement around
the circle field becomes intuitive and dodging between different projectiles along to the
music becomes fun as hell. You are able to attack different enemies around
the field, but on many occasions the game tells you to focus on surviving first, and
attack later. I have to say I failed on many occasions due
to my impatience to just take out any enemy I could see, and then run straight into projectiles. Good knight features some really cool tunes
and fun environments that surround your field of movement. The boss levels look really cool and you can
see so much potential to where this game could go as a fully released game. The 2nd ever Philipino Indie game ever features
on Indies Blitz and it’s a gooden. Check the demo out! Cirrata
Cirrata is early into its development and has a lot to like about it. The mood setting graphics and music grab your
attention early and then being thrown into waves to defeat just feels unique to this
genre of game. You control Keir, a panda that uses their
chef skills to chop and slice through enemies that come your way. As you make your way through different levels
of enemies, the difficulty raises and you need to use powerful attacks and healing pots
to survive your way through until you come up against a more powerful enemy. Cirrata has a lot of potential and I was really
impressed with the improvements from playing an earlier demo onto the most recently available
version. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing
where this game ends up and how the story unfolds that leads Keir into the waves of
enemies in front. Millions of Minions
Think twin shooter, but instead of shooting using weapons and bullets, you use hordes
of minions that you gain through finding your way through dungeons. Millions of minions is a very unique concept
that has a lot of possibility. Using your minions you try and find your way
to the key point in a procedurally generated format to make your way deeper into the levels. This all culminated in the demo with a pretty
cool boss fight that is a lot of fun. I’m really curious where this game will
end and all the possibilities that exist with flinging different types of minions at enemies
to try and avoid getting attacked yourself. Definitely a game to keep an eye out on!

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  1. Thank you so much for including us and putting us with so much amazing gems! This video is so good! Now excuse me and lemme pile up my steam account with some new games! <3

  2. Thanks for playing our game! This was a pleasure to see! We appreciate all the kind words — and putting us on the TOP INDIE GAMES OF DECEMBER!?

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