Top 5 WEIRDEST DOMINOES Falling Game – Oddly Satisfying Video [NEW]

Concrete Falling Dominoes (Nearly works) Start of the falling concrete dominoes About Halfway now! It is going well *talking* Doing so well Nearly there! Keep it going Going really fast now Still going fast Ahhhhh! so close Lots of books! Very cool look at all of those books It is going to go two ways now This is a great tour of the library Up the stairs That was cool! This is going to be interesting Going on the shelves now! nice knock! This is in a shopping centre This is incredible Look at them go look at this Down the stairs some of them broke but that was still great! Human dominoes nice and relaxing! This would be fun to try! They are all very happy to be doing this about to go round the bend wow it worked! going so well! Loads of people wating for their turn The impact must shock you at first How did they organize this? Loads of people have fallen but even more to go!! everyone is taking out their phones and recording it! Thanks for watching guys. Please subscribe! Check out these other videos! dominoes are cool Very cool BYEEEEEE! cool

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