Top 5 Game[PC] Hay Có Thể Bạn Không Biết

Hello there It’s me Shapeless Stuff today I will give you 5 great games You Might Not Know If you enjoy this video and want to see more maybe consider giving me a subscribe *Intro music* First of we have Trove at 5th place Do you like Minecraft? Do you like RPG type of games If you said yes, then you’ll like this game In this game, you can build stuffs like Minecraft And you can also go around fighting bosses here and there and grind for stuffs Like in other RPG type of games There are 16 characters you can play as called Class But some of them You have to pay or grind to unlock Each Class have 3 unique active skills and one passive that you can upgrade when you get your class’s gem You can also go fishing and grind for materials to craft stuffs, or even pets and mounts unfortunately, the game mainly focus on the PVE aspect which means most of the time you will be grinding rather than fighting other players That doesn’t mean the game doesn’t have PVP but that only available when you are in a guild and you can only fight those in the same guild as you Moreover, you can only build stuffs in you own space Because If you build outside your space The things outside your space will be gone But if you own a guild then you can freely build stuffs in your own guild’s island Just like Minecraft Next up, at 4th place is Besiege This is a simulation Game with a medieval vibe to it Your objective is to build machines weapons to fight, conquer, and destroy the enemies or simply for fun This game have two main modes First is the campaign In which you’ll be given a fixed space to build your machinery to finish the game’s objective Like, moving from point A to B or destroy stuffs the second one this the training area in there you can do whatever you want With no limitation If you don’t know what to build Or you just can’t build what you want you can download other people’s stuffs to play There are tons of stuffs to choose therefore, there are a lot of stuffs to play with The graphic looks amazing moreover, the game is really light Even so, If you download models that are too big then the game will be very laggy despite there are things you can do to improve it But you can’t fully solve the problem This game is the perfect playground for your imagination where you can build your imagination Next up, At number 3, we have Cities Skylines This is a town building game but It’s a whole lot more difficult than others You’ll play the role of a mayor of a city Your mission is to build and develop your town from scratch You’ll have to do tons of planning, calculating So that your town can actually grow In addition, You’ll have to consider other factors, like Is the road wide enough? Is the Resident area too close to the Industrial area? Is this area too polluted? Because If you don’t Your city will be degrading, really, really fast To those who like city building type of games then you’ll definitely love this game This game is super realistic, with small details like If you didn’t make your road wide enough Then It will be congested. The game is really fun But there aren’t may guides so at first, It’s really hard to grow your town But once you got a hang of it then you’ll play and play and play for hours If you’re bored, and don’t know what to play Then maybe give this game a shot Continuing that, at second place is TABS Have you ever wonder What would happen if 10 Zeuses go against 10 Minotaurs? No? Then have a look at this *intense fight scene* So? Interesting, right? TABS is a battle simulator game It will answer all of your “What will happen if A go against B?” questions There are two main modes, the first is the campaign In which, you’ll be given a fixed amount of troops for you to choose from, and go against the game’s AI the second one is the free style mode In which you can make any one, at any number fight each other But If you create too much troops at once Then the game will be very laggy, and even crash This game is a lot of fun to play with The style of the game also looks very funny This game will satisfy all of your curiosity It will create epic battles with top notch accuracy And finally, at the number one spot is Subnautica Ok, Imagine this You’re playing a survival game, BUT under water tough, right? That’s subnautica for you Subnautica is a survival game BUT entirely under water You’ll play the role of a survivor of an explosion and you’re stranded on an unknown planet which is mostly covered in ocean Your mission is to escape that planet Like other survival games, you’ll have to gather stuffs materials, to make foods, transports In order to dive even deeper Because you’re being under water So you have to constantly pay attention at your Oxygen level Because most of the survival genre is mostly on land, So when you play this game, It feels really fresh even though this is a survival game, It’s super scary just like a horror game Because at night, your vision is very limited So you don’t know what’s lurking out there even If It’s bright outside sometimes, when you’re just swimming around suddenly, there’s a roar behind you, which is really terrifying Because you’re the sole survivor There isn’t a multiplayer mode in this game But if you want to, you can still download a mod which allows you to do so Overall, the game is really good, fun and interesting And it feels really fresh The graphic is also great To those who love the survival genre You have to try this game And that was 5 games that you might not heard of If you want more video like this Then you can check out the playlist……. Here thank you for watching I will be seeing you in the next one bye

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