Top 5 Best Looking Indie Games to Watch – February 2018

Top 5 Best Looking Indie Games to Watch – February 2018

hi everybody and a warm welcome to get
indie gaming and to our February overview of some of the best looking
indie games you’re able to play and vie over the course of the month it’s a
bumper won this month and if there’s anything you think we might have missed
which of course that’s a possibility please let us know in the usual places
as always before we take a peek into our top five here’s a selection of games our
honorable mentions we feel a also well worth checking out first up for February
and the honorable mentions we have swaps and traps from team trap it’s a quirky
looking platformer with a unique labyrinth like environment where
sections of the screen swap positions turn over and even flip horizontally and
vertically one for the out-and-out puzzlers cubics features a minimal space
and yet captivating 3d isometric environment that’s very much got a
Monument Valley feel to it with over 70 puzzles calming music and simple
controls it’s an entertaining experience on the PC and already out on mobiles out
now in early access with a full release this coming summer threat noughts is a
high-flying tank single and multiplayer arena fighter
game with a dose of cartoony physics based finesse launching on February 23rd
human nicky dream diary is a follower and a reimagining of the original game
launched sixteen years ago it was created under the supervision and
cooperation of the original creators the team behind this one have said they’ve
been careful and approached this with the utmost respect and wished to honor
the seminal release and hope to further push the envelope on what RPG Maker
games can become landing with us on February 8 attack of the earthlings
combines a turn-based combat and stealth gameplay with a comedic single-player
campaign you the player take control of your native alien race against a horde
of humans invading your homeland the only VR title to feature here this
month with môssieur players a cute looking mouse called quill that
communicates with you via squeaks and other nonverbal gestures the game
features first and third person gaming sections and sees you solve puzzles to
facilitate your progression coming to the PC and most of the
consoles Kingdom Come deliverance offers a
story-driven open-world RPG that sees you fully immersed within an epic
adventure set in the time of the Holy Roman Empire with the honorable mentions
taken care of let’s open the lid on the top 5 indie games we think are gonna be
worth checking out this February 2018 will begin with legendary Gary developed
and published by Evan Rogers that set to be ready for the PC this coming February
20th naturally and a few players Gary a man whose life has become somewhat of a
mess his mother needs help and support as she ages his girlfriend is falling
out of love with him and amongst other things his best friend hides away their
depression with humor come the evening Gary looks towards a fantasy game
arguably his coping mechanism in which his character and friends journey
through strange lands and fight against a variety of creatures using in what the
developer has called a stress-free exercise in problem-solving combat
mechanic between these play times you’ll live Gary’s life as he goes about his
business and interactions with other characters were rather keen on this one
it’s hand-drawn artistry synth pop soundtrack and the nature of the
interactive story woven with what seems a reflection on assisting others and the
nature of confronting obligation granted this won’t be for everyone and yet for
us it’s a unique and appealing proposition I am stuck in the war
between my dreams and my reality psychological horror action thriller
past cure is expected to launch on the PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox this February
23rd and is developer phantom 8 studios first game playing as a former Special
Forces soldier who’s been subject to years of military experimentation and
torture the result of which has given him a number of supernatural like traits
such as the ability to bend time and make use of telekinesis from the
pre-release trailers were taken by the artistry and the details within the
character models and backgrounds just like last year’s senua sacrifice it has
the design features more associated of triple ace 2
rather than an indie developers debut title
we suspect past cure will evoke a feeling within players as experienced
inside the Silent Hill series footage suggests the visuals and audio is aimed
at creating a repressive atmosphere and one that’s designed to keep you on edge
throughout if we had one concern it would sit with the combat as it seems
there’s limited options to use cover effectively which may suggest an
outdated shooting mechanic in any case looks audio and story-wise past cure
appears to be a capable first offering from the team behind it with crossing
souls coming to the PC and PlayStation 4 February 13th we have an 80s inspired
puzzle driven platformer with beat-em-up combat elements it features five friends
in small-town California set in 1986 who find themselves chancing upon a
government-led conspiracy and are able to visit a parallel world of the Dead
each of these friends have different and unique abilities that will see you
switch between them to use the best of their abilities as you progress and beat
the game a few people have said this takes a while to get used to but when
you do it helps draw you to them be this Charlie’s ability to speed across the
map Matt’s blasting away with the laser or Joe smacking enemies within the
combat sequences were big fans the character animations with their
pixelated bodies that seemed to radiate emotion from the previews we’ve seen the
musical who seems to nail the 1980s vibe exceptionally well and the clever use of
cutscenes puts us back on the sofa all those years ago watching Saturday
morning TV shows and cartoons for any eighties children out there this one
should certainly be added to your wish list through the high pines and the whispers
of the forest it was sad when the dangers came a new cry could be heard
the song of a carbon coming out by EAS program for indie
developers and in second place for February fee is an action-adventure game
in which you control a fox-like character within a forest that’s highly
receptive to the music and songs from the creatures and plants within it the
reason unknown the forest is under attack from things called the silent
ones and they’re threatening to kill off its inhabitants while there’s no spoken
language the fox-like creature is able to use a number of calls and songs to
communicate with the animals under threat as you progress you’ll learn new
songs and calls which allow you to go deeper into the forest
via launches on the PC and all of the main platforms On February 16th from the
pre-launch footage it reminds us of similar games with strong atmospherics
such as journey and as others of search shadow of the colossus in keeping with
these fee is said to offer limited direction in what players need to do
exploration experimentation and interaction are said to be critical to
your success and were very excited to get to know fee that little bit closer and February’s out now winner battalion
1944 is a fact of basics old-school world war ii multiplayer shooter that
offers an experience we associate with the Call of Duty games from early last
generation there’s no perks to unlock loot boxes to open or kill streaks to
chain together you choose your gun you choose your side and away you go while
rolling out in early access February 1st and having played the recent beta
battalion for the most part nails the audio and visuals from the muted color
palette to that classic sound of the m1 spitting out its final round while the
maps we’ve seen so far a generic Band of Brothers type of affair the nature of
the 5v5 play style seems to encourage an edgy tactical approach to the gameplay
rather than going in with all guns blazing there are a few grumbles would
certainly ditch the jumping ability to remove the kangaroo avoidance tactics
which rather spoils the immersion we’re also keen to see something unique within
the gaming modes that have been ported from the likes of counter-strike and
others so while battalion 1944 might
moment not be perfect it certainly got the potential to become the world war
two shooter and with battalion 1944 at the very pointy end of this monthly
countdown we’re pretty much out of time here today a quick reminder to say we’ll
come back to you all later this month with our regular selection of videos and
depending on our schedule some more gameplay featurettes on up incoming
titles we think you might want to see more from Weiss cheeky to ask if you
fancy joining our patreon and sparing the dollar for us to help develop and
grow our little show into something more professional that would be utterly
awesome and would be most grateful details on this can be found within the
description and with that many thanks for watching and please come back soon
for more indie game goodness

49 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Looking Indie Games to Watch – February 2018

  1. Hi Everyone – February's a bumper month for indie game launches and here's our selection of the top 5 and honourable mentions hitting the market this month.  Hope you enjoy and as always, it's great to see your thoughts and suggestions on these, and any others we might like to take a look at.

  2. I'm really glad to see CrossCode featured in this list even just as an outro. That game brilliantly takes top-down game to a whole new level thanks to its level design. I've invested more than 20 hours for this game even though it's still in early access.

  3. I would like to direct your attention to two interesting titles. First one is Dandara ( coming 6th Febuary), a metroidvania with inovative approach to movement rooted in brazillian folkolore. Second is Aegis Defenders (releasing 8th Febuary), an interesting mix of sidescroller platformer and a tower defence game. Cheers

  4. I mentioned it before but the game I'm still most excited for is Verdant Skies, a sci fi harvest moon style game coming out on February 12th 😀

  5. Fe and Crossing Souls look cool. So does Swaps & Traps and Moss. Thanks as always for putting the links to the games in the description. So few channels bother to do this.

  6. Sorry I haven't been commenting as much , been pretty ill this past week or so …
    You guys have been doing great content this year and I'm looking forward for the future videos ..
    Appreciate yah ..!

  7. my fav channel for indie games, hope you can grow more with time. Maybe try vary your content, like , reviews on games, get in contact with indie developers, or something. good bye.

  8. Omg.. stop producing fps about world war I or II.. it's getting overdone =_= i know for a fact that many kids like to play these type of game though.. thats why they make alot of these games cuz of its success

  9. Can’t wait for crossing souls and FE, I hope limited run games to release physical copies! I would love to have the physical version

  10. Sort of cautiously looking forward to Yume Nikki; really gotta wait and see how that re-imagining or whatever turned out. I like Playism making their own games, but… y'know… like, Nightcry didn't turn out great so…. eh. Could go either way. Plus I'm just not sure a new presentation could capture what the old game's bits and pixels did. I really just need to have a good long look at reviews and impressions videos once it comes out, methinks – but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for good things! 😀

    Great video; great list as always. Thanks for highlighting some stuff I've read about but totally forgot (namely Past Cure)

  11. wow….Kingdom Come: Deliverance was just an honorable mention?? this month better be good…

    Legendary Gary: This game is…pretty unique, a game that mix the duality from real life and videogames is very interesting, that said the combat seems a little bit awkward…that said, I will keep an eye on this one.

    Past Cure: Shooters with good story are quite rare…grapically looks good, and I recently played Legendary so Im preety patient with some old school shooter mechanics

    Crossing Souls:Wow….this one looks good….Im not an 80s kid…Im more like a 90s kid, but this game looks preety interesting, this game is overflowing with style…Im totally in fro this one.

    Fe: Honestly…Im not that hyped up for this one…this game seems like an atmospheric platformer/exploration game, something like Journey, doesn't seem like a bad game, but this month has a lot of good stuff so I will pass on this one for now.

    Battalion 1944: Kinda remind me Counter Strike, but in WW2….seems preety good, that said. Im not a fan of multiplayer games,I like games with good stories and single player campaign so I will pass on this one, but I hope it does well…

    Awesome list as always Get Indie Gaming, I will add a few new things to my wishlist thanks a lot!

  12. When I finally got everything from my wishlist and then Get Indie Gaming uploads a new video… sigh

    *add to wishlist
    *add to wishlist
    *add to wishlist…

  13. Wow Past Cure is underrated even among the indie gamers. That's sad but I'll be sure to mention it on my main channel.

  14. Crossing Souls definitely has my attention – looks made with me in mind haha. I looked up Rainswept too – might have to keep an eye on that one

  15. Wasnt expecting Battalion 1944 as #1 :p lol I dont consider that an indie game….. None the less great video though <3 Was just unexpected

  16. Hey. was nice. I found your video while searching for Indie Games.
    Check on “Throw Anything” too
    looks like it will come out this March.

  17. i never knew where to actually look for good games and, therefore, would stay distant from the gaming community. that was before i found this channel, which is so amazing and hard working to bring good game tips every month

  18. Kingdom Come Deliverance never was an indy game. Kickstarter was only to show deep Silver there are gamer who are interested in KCD.

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