Top 4? Final Results for Tribe Gaming in Champions I CWL! Did we make it? | Clash of Clans

Top 4? Final Results for Tribe Gaming in Champions I CWL! Did we make it? | Clash of Clans

welcome back to the channel everyone
today we’re gonna be checking out how tribe gaming did in champions one the
clan of war League plus you’ll see my live attacks. Alright so let’s go ahead
and jump straight into the first base here in the clan war League that I’m
gonna be hitting this base was a plan that iTzu came up with he was like
carbon I think this plan will work so this is what the plan was to do we
wanted to get the Queen to loop in here and we wanted to get the Queen to loop
here and then go up the base just like that and then we can send to the king
pretty much he can get dropped down here and then he can run all the way around
the base like right here and as the King goes this way and if he dies down in
this area then we can drop the siege barracks down here and it can continue
the funnel so that the miners as the miners are gonna now be able to push in
through the Town Hall and go straight through this way and the miners with the
grand warden will go like this through the core of the base and then we would
have the royal champion that can then come behind the Pekka and whatnot and
wizards to move into this top side and clear over here with the royal champion
so that’s kind of the plan and now let’s go ahead and take a look at what
actually went down right so I didn’t have this one I actually live recorded
for the next one’s you’ll take you’ll be able to hear the live recording plus
also the voice chats that go down which is pretty cool so we’re gonna go ahead
and drop the Queen down right here so the Queen’s gonna make her way this way
and then here we go we find some Tesla farm I use some balloons to try to take
out the mortars in the archer tower but then toss Tesla’s popped up and I was
like oh no this is not good so then I was like all right well I got to drop
the King down here anyway so the King’s gonna get dropped and then a baby dragon
as well to kind of help set the funnel down here and so now the Queen’s gonna
have to charge in here I wanted to wait until this royal champion was started to
hit my queen so then I then dropped the King down here I find the skeleton
trap as well I find two skeleton traps so the Queen can help take care of
that and then I’m gonna have to get through this enemy Queen here right I
pull out the clan castle and she’s making her way through and I
do drop the fries I was like I don’t want to lose that clean there right so
in goes the king he’s gonna pop his ability but he’s not gonna make it as
far around the base pretty much gonna die right in this area maybe or there’s
one final defense but this is the thing I wanted my queen to loop up this way
right but that unfortunately it doesn’t happen right so here comes the seed
Farex it’s gonna help set the funnel right here so the miners can go right in
between the cores base but she’s gonna go for the wizard tower the Queen altar
and then she’s gonna go for the bottom was a tower are they yeah that wizard
tower was just up she came back around for the expo and then here we go so now
we dropped the heal spell right over this Town Hall we were like we think we
need the heal because of the scatter in that town hall but the scanner was
actually locking onto the Queen which helped quite a bit
the miners didn’t get hit so now the royal champion is down over here while
she’s gonna help clear this section the miners are gonna help gut the core like
this through that and then I drop that freeze on that multi and the scatter
shot and I already popped the ground warrant channel tome I dropped the heal
healers transfer off to the miners in the core and then at this point there’s
literally nothing that can stop these miners and the Hogs even have a rage
spell to drop on them and able to help take this one down we’ll go and put it
on times two here so this one works really well I do want to thank itsu for
come up with the plan here and that will be the first three-star here in the clan
war league with try gaming in champions walk alright next up is this attack here
in the clan war league and what was the plan on this so I wanted to come in with
hogs and the plan is to have try to take advantage of this alleyway right here
because the Town Hall is open right vulnerable to a queen charge that is a
good thing right so I can try to get my queen to charge
right down this alley but then there’s a problem there’s a single target Inferno
right here and so I’m like alright what do I want to do in order how are you
gonna take that down because you can’t reach the single my queen can reach this
expo I can’t reach that single we were thinking that there’s going to be some
castles in this area as well and so what I want to do here is I want to get my
king right I want to use the king that’s gonna be over here and I
want to get him to funnel like this and I want to get him to loop down and
around the base just like that that’s what I’m kind of thinking the plan will
be and then I can drop some balloons I’m a sergeant on the mortar to distract
this air defense so then I can drop a straight line blimp right over in this
area and then I can pop it right on top of this area and I can take all of this
down I need that single target in front of down so then I can pull out the clan
castle check and then the single toggle and air defense all this will go down
and then I can you drop the Queen and then the CC will then to get lured to my
queen and I can charge her down here if the King takes this down so all this
will be down from the king and then that means I need to somehow take this down
so I want to up a balloon baby dragon to take this and then this will be down
which will then force my Queen down through the base so this is all down
pretty much from the Queen from the Yeti bomb from all this right and then the
King will help clear this side pretty much all of like this and then that
means the Queen will come right in between all of this pretty much grab a
scatter shot as well grab the Town Hall grab the wizard tower and she pretty
much can grab all that but then what will be the where what’s the next step
well I’m gonna go ahead and drop the Hogs and they’re gonna I think this
stuff will be down from the balloons and blimp I can drop the Hogs that will move
in from like this and then the Hogs will go like this through the base this is
kind of the yellow path thing for the Hogs right so the grand warden royal
champ and hogs will move right to that yellow part so that’s the plan let me go
ahead and jump on voice and I’m gonna be talking with Flex he’s gonna spot me for
this one here alright so I will attack this base good look look thank you thank
you in three two one and let’s do it just to a blimp right there
okay have fun thank you yes he’s a deejay with those archers at six interior really see like trying not using rage get down soon if they scatter tomahawk
combo you go back to bed set the Hogs
yes nature and do we went off get those wizards down like
two or three as soon as you can those hogs alive perfect we do have a free spill perfect oh yeah baby the saver ability for
cleanup honestly yeah or you can use it to snipe those tests
those that might be better yeah yeah that’ll probably save the most time
keep those tests loose I did yeah got it perfect got it that’s gonna be a triple
hell yeah yeah swag he’ll doesn’t even need it look at
that Oh plan got it GG o P plan alright so we
got that last triple right there next up is this space and we’re gonna come in
with the kind of coin chart into the hybrid and so I was thinking of a couple
different plans my original plan was thinking let me drop some balloons on
this cannon let me drop the King over here and I want to drop a jump spell so
I can get the Queen into this compartment and have the jump spell
connected over this wall so I can get my Queen here and then she’ll loop back
around and she’ll grab that multi target frontal but then I was like you know
what I think that’s a little bit risky right I think if the Queen goes that way
I she might end up going up and around she won’t go that way she might go this
way and she’ll ignore that jump it’s too much it’s too much of a risk so we’re
not I’m not gonna do that we’re gonna scratch that so then we were thinking of
something then rage came up with an idea thinking you know what carbon why don’t
you take the yetee blimp send that over here and the big thing you want to take
down is gonna be that multi and that scatter shot right you’re gonna rage you
get ease up take that down that’s gonna be a huge
value so then what this stuff is down from that it’s gonna also pull off the
CC so that’s a check that’s good so the CC is gonna get pulled then I can drop
my queen pretty much over here the CC will then get pulled over to the Queen I
clear the CC and then the Queen will start grabbing this and then the Queen
will also to kill the enemy King and then I’ll drop my King right here and
he’ll loop up and around clear all this trash to make sure the Queen does loop
down and around so the Queen will literally reach over the wall grab all
of this stuff well she’ll grab this she’ll grab that
she’ll grab this that that all of this on the bottom side down here right so
this will be the Queen’s responsibility and then the King it can help clear the
topside trash all the way up to here right the King can help clear all this
so that all that’s down pretty much now what that’s going to mean is I’m gonna
have a straight shot with miners and hogs right into this Town Hall and
they’re gonna go right through the the core of the base just like this this
multi and scatter shot will be down so my plan is to have the miners and hogs
move through the base just like this and then I can have the one problem is if
you’re walking the Queen this way and the healers are right here the huge
could transfer off to the miners and hogs so that’s the plan
you want to come through with the miners hogs and move our way up while the Queen
walks away all the way down south down there so that’s the plan let’s go ahead
and get into the live attack we do have spotters again for this one right give
it a shot good luck man thanks TAC the base here in three two one and he goes up like 10 version get your menu at 6:00 I should start yep got a healer swap so you might as well
just rage the core freeze back in the scatter yeah you get an opinion that like ten on the
siege barracks I would use the road chimp ability as soon as there’s four
defenses left you’re low on time that’s now yeah at the bomb tower go
where’s on siege yeah I got it nice hell yeah carbon nice sure hang out
Jeep and so we got that triple right there and we’re getting one step closer
to try to see if we have a chance at getting to top four in the world here so
what’s the next plan well this is the last base it is this troll internet base
this was actually the last base left in the war and I have to hit at this right
they left it for me and I’m like okay what’s the plan here what do I want to
do well I was thinking of a couple different things here I was like oh
maybe I’m gonna send a blimp over here with the yetis take this down
send the Queen charge this way so the Queen can grab all this and then I sent
a mass wall of hogs like this through and earthquake to Town Hall to activate
that then I was like you know what was if something goes wrong over here I
don’t know you know what I was also thinking of getting the Queen to go like
breaking into the game and the eagle I was like you know what let me go with a
different strategy where I use the blimp and I’m gonna eternal tow them with that
right so what I want to do is I want to drop the Queen right here right but
first I want to pull out the CC because look the CC is is Louisville right so I
want to pull out the clan castle with the hog rider and then I will drop a my
Queen over here so then the CC will then move up to go to my Queen right if
there’s a witch inside of the Queen in the CC I’ll drop a minion over here
right so the minion will pull the witches but won’t pull the Skelly’s so
by the time the witches gets into this area then I drop the Queen then all the
Skelly’s that are still over here will then start to run and that will be timed
a little bit better right so if I want to get my Queen to go
this way I want to get her to charge here I want my Queen to reach that
scattershot because it is reachable it’s walkable right there from the outside so
I want to get that down so that means I want to use some wizard to help clear a
funnel on this side so if I clear the funnel with a wizard the Queen Claire’s
the CC she works her way there I want to take this down so that I make sure that
the Queen does not go that way so if this goes down with a baby dragon
my queen will then step up she’ll be responsible for all of this so this is
gonna be the responsibility of the Queen she can reach over the wall and grab
this I’m gonna probably lose my healers to this multi target inferno but I want
my Queen to grab pretty much all of this value right here so that’s gonna be the
queen value right so the Queen’s gonna pretty much once she takes when a very
important thing is when she takes that down then I can start my hogs and where
am I going to start my hogs well I’m gonna start them right here onto this
Eagle artillery and I want to get my hogs to move around the base in a nice
kind of clockwise formation and they’re all gonna go like this in a wave pretty
much all of them are just gonna go like this around the base like that right so
they’re gonna avoid the townhall right so what’s the plan of getting the
townhall so I won’t I’m gonna use a blimp right I’m gonna put two yetis and
a Valkyrie barbarian I’m gonna rage that and get that to the townhall and there’s
also the scattershot which is on the outside I can use my king to tank that
so as all the hogs are making their way through the base here I’m gonna then
wait until this area right so the sweepers are pointing right here so
since this sweeper is pointing like this right over here I’m gonna drop a blimp
right in this area where the sweeper can’t reach it so as all the hogs are
making their way across the base hogs and moving grain warden is now here and
the grand warden has a circle right I want to time it so that then this blimp
then crosses over this grand warden I pop the grande water internal tome so
then the blimp can make it all the way there just in case if they’re seeking
air mines I can have that balloon that blimp protected as it goes across the
base to then take out the Town Hall right there so then all the Hogs will
continue like this move through the base and then I want to save the royal champ
I’m not gonna drop the Royal champ over here because where is it all the enemy
heroes well the Queen’s here the King’s here and the animal world champions here
there is nothing on this side of the base so I don’t need the Royal champion
over there so that I’m gonna then delay the Royal champion to take out this
multi target inferno because if she takes out this multi target inferno she
can take out this this miss that means as all the hogs go through this whole
base right here the final defenses will be in this area
which is where the enemy heroes are which then once they take out all these
defenses the Hogs will then go straight for the enemy heroes and kill them
otherwise the Hogs will work through here then they’ll have to loop back up
around for this multi target for know because my queen can’t reach it
so I’m gonna save my row champ for that if something goes wrong I can then if
the blimp doesn’t get the townhall I can then send my Road champ from the 12
o’clock and Mac and go straight from the townhall I really want to save that Road
champion just in case for the townhall but then I plan on using it for this
multi target inferno so the Hogs can end down here so that’s
the plan on this one let’s go ahead and see how how it goes for the final attack
in the clan war League wood tribe gaming I get this three-star that’ll put us at
40 which will put us at a total of 344 which ten thousand thirteen which from
last month would be right around top to six so we
will see how this attack goes got a shot all right let’s try this let’s hack the
base here in three two I blow pull with the hog I say test the
farm over here I’ll drop a minion right here balloon balloon baby dragon over
here drop the Queen it’s a triple triple which cc should have another balloon for the
healers probably I think what you get to the ad drop one want to take this down
yeah yeah I did I froze the Queen in jail Queens going for the scatter now I can
start the hugs once it goes down she’s coming down you know sup hugs
yep get ready to send blimp yeah I’m sending
it now wizard at 11 don’t you get your heel down do we serve
at 11:12 yeah I think you’re smashed yeah
nice man good job yep see the Hogs ended ray on top of the Royal champ – perfect
good plan okay now I know how to beat that basement I just gonna hope that I
have that exact armory right exactly yeah the the ward timing with that
ability was was key to get that blue so I go there now we go I’ll take 40 GG
guys all right man it’s like the pressure it’s like that’s the basis like
it’s the trollface like you don’t wanna feel it like thank you guys leaves every
and so that wraps up the clan war Liga right here we are going to end up
finishing with 344 stars 10,000 and 13% destruction so this is gonna be really
interesting we don’t know if we are in the top four just yet I’m gonna come
back in a few days so in this video you’ll you’ll know I don’t know at this
point I really think at right now this 36 is gonna really hurt us because if we
look at the at the top clan war leagues right now in January right this is
January in a few days the February will be released and we’ll know so literally
it’s gonna be like 30 seconds and you guys will know what February is but
right now 344 is like right around top six I don’t know and then 10,000 13
that’s like the second-most over the whole thing
so percentage-wise we’re pretty good we’ve got a lot of time fails like a lot
of 98 a lot of 99 so which really hurt us and that’s what we got a lot of
percentage here but I don’t know guys I’m worried I don’t know if it three
forty four is enough I think we might just I think we’re in top ten but I
don’t think we’re in the top four because we think we need like 347 or
something probably or might even be close to 350 so let’s go ahead and find
out right now what the clan were league for February is and we will know if it’s
enough let’s cross our fingers and let’s see we will finish alright
everyone so the standings have now officially been released for February
and it’s 4:00 in the morning for me I am waking up so that I can record this for
you guys so it will be released in about three hours so you guys can get this
video here because I wanted to record my reaction the moment it came out I didn’t
want to miss it and let’s see how that final attack oh
you saw got a three star influenced our standings here so let’s go ahead and go
to the clan war league top clans February 20 2007 Oh guys number seven
number six had 349 so that’s a five star difference that’s perfectly fine number
eight was a one-star difference and they had more percentage so if I didn’t get
that final triple we would be number eight right there in the world and we’re
looking down here I think this is Nova yeah that’s Nova right there at number
ten 341 but guys we finished at 344 I went back and looked at all the attacks
and I think after looking at all all all of them we had eleven time vales eleven
time fails that were like a 97 98 99 that did not connect because you see our
percentage our percentage is up there in the 10000 we’re like just under 200 or
about a hundred away from their percentages up in the top four we even
had more percent than the number two they just connected on 12 more triples
like 12 more attacks that got triples which is crazy like that’s what it was a
difference we got 11 time fails which would be right up there at 355 we didn’t
I fail all those times but my attack it didn’t matter it gathers some number
seven versus number eight so I’ll take it on that last one but yeah so team K
so SMT elite GFI ain’t easy the only way we have a chance at making it there is
if there is three clans up there that receive a disqualification through
because all the accounts are gonna be scanned through the top clan so the only
way we have a chance is if three of the clans either are disqualified or they
can’t go and then they reach down lower and then they reach out to those clients
that are next up and then they also have the best game
– so that’s the only way we have a chance so I don’t know I’m not I’m I’m
thinking it’s not gonna be possible so what the wait to see whoever will who’s
got the leader role in here so Lex no selects doe so that’s Alexis account
there he’ll be the one that will know if he gets an invitation because they have
only 24 hours to accept the invitation and then it goes to the next clients
there yep unfortunately a tribe Gaming is not
going to make it right now that looks like so we will have to try in the ESL
online kind of qualifiers but that is the bracket for the February top plans
you guys can take a look at your in-game if you guys want to see the rest of the
clans and let me know how your clan did so if you guys are in champs 3 chance to
champs 1 let me know where you guys what league you’re in and where you guys
ended up finishing like the number of stars and % I would love to know and if
I ended up going up against you that would be awesome – I would love to know
– either in my other clan an orphan sports which got promoted champs – or in
a tribe gaming if we went up against you here in champs 1 but anyways I hope you
guys did enjoy the video if you did make sure I was going hit that like button
and subscribe down below for the daily content and I hope you guys have a
wonderful day CarbonFin signing out peace

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