Top 25 Isometric Hack and Slash RPG games like Diablo | Part 3/3

Top 25 Isometric Hack and Slash RPG games like Diablo | Part 3/3

Hello and welcome from Eastern Europe, my
name is ColdBeerHD and this is the third part of Top 25 games like Diablo. If you missed the first and second parts,
it doesn’t matter, there is absolutely no difference where to begin, watch this video
freely, you will find links to other parts in the description below and also at the end
of this video. Torchlight Many people say that if you want to try Torchlight,
you just buy Torchlight 2, but in my opinion just skipping one of the best action RPG games
just because it has stronger, more handsome brother is… totally acceptable. Wait, what? Ha, there is the catch – first Torchlight
is a bit rough on the edges when you compare it with second incarnation of this game, so
if you never played it, you can just skip it, or you can go to the
and immerse yourself in a world of mods. Yes, I know that I say that a lot, but the
database of Torchlight mods is huge. You can find hundreds of files that will make
your game better, stronger and almost as handsome as it’s younger brother. I personally enjoyed playing Torchlight even
more than Torchlight 2 because of its oldschool dungeon system, where you just go deeper and
deeper instead of having different areas to explore, it was just like in the first Diablo. Also there is no multiplayer, meaning that
developers actually tried to make a game that you can enjoy alone. I have to mention that some of the developers
were working with Diablo franchize before going to work on Torchlight: Max Schaefer
and Erich Schaefer were the co-founders of Blizzard North, and the experience they had
probably helped them to make a great game from the first try. Sadly Runic Studios were closed in 2017 and
creates no more. Torchlight 2 Oh yeah, the more handsome brother who gets
all the girls is here, and by girls I mean you my fellow nerds. Here you will find tons of different enemies,
not just color or size swaps, in example, different species has different kind of blood. Here you will find tons loot and nice plot. It has really cool details and most of the
environment objects can be smashed or interacted with. The only problem I see with this game is that
it can be boring until the second half of the first act. Just like in Diablo 2, where you get your
best spells at about level 24, here it also takes a little while to grind up to a level
with a respectable amount of spells, weapons and abilities. Game has multiplayer, so you can play with
your friends or mother. Game also has great music, endless gameplay
and is almost free of bugs. That is shocking, because most of the games
in this huge list isn’t. Also, like its older brother Torchlight 2
can be proud of a huge mod collection, meaning that by using them you can prolong your fun. That’s what she said. Sacred 2 Gold There are three Sacred games, but only the
first two are considered as good, because after release of the third one this franchize
has died. Sacred 2 is far from perfect, it is filled
with a boring sidequests and you can feel the general oldness of the game, but graphics
are still nice to this day, so it will probably not bend your eyes inside out like many other
older games. In example I tried to add a lot of games I
liked when I was a teenager to this list – but after a few tries my eyes started to bleed
and fell out on the floor [*screaming*]. That will not happen if you try Sacred Gold
2 or even it’s older brother Sacred Gold. Main issue here is that game is not very compatible
with Windows 10. There are many comments about game not running
at all and ruining someone’s day. But don’t worry, you can find instructions
how to run it, but it’s a lot of work, so buy this game on Windows 10 only if you’re
ready to sink some time in it. And about time sinking – if you like this
game you gonna sink a lot of, so be sure you have plenty to waste. Champions of Norrath This game is PlayStation 2 only, but with
modern emulators anyone can run this on PC, so because of that, and because I got several
requests to do so, apparently people still love this game, I’m putting Champions of
Norrath on my list. Game was designed by Paul Knutzen and legendary
Chris Avellone – a man who who worked with the games such as Icewind Dale, Baldur’s
Gate, Neverwinter Nights 2, Planescape: Torment and Fallout: New Vegas. With a star like you have try really hard
to make a game that sucks. And it does not. Here you can see a gameplay that has been
played and filmed on PC, that’s why it looks way better than you expect from a game that
was released 15 years ago on a console. The game features 5 different classic character
classes, such as barbarian or wizard and the gameplay is also familiar to Diablo players,
in example when your inventory is full, you just teleport to town and sell everything. Almost all weapons and armor are upgradeable
with the help of special jewells, but in general nothing new in this field. And now let’s talk about amazing scenario
of this game. “Tell us, How did you created such a wonderful
screenplay?” “I was thinking for days, drank a lot of
vodka, ate a lot of potato salad with marinated herring and then It just came to me. I was like WOW
“What did you wrote, what is the main plot of this game?” “There is a demon, and you have to kill
it” “Wow. Just wow”
So, nothing that great, but the game itself is really fun to play and that is the main
thing of every game. If you have time, grab this game and immerse
yourself in the world of Norrath. Dungeon Siege 2 Game came out in 2005 so, If you want yours
to look like this one you have to apply Widescreen mod, because otherwise you gonna be disappointed. But if you installed the mod – you’re good
to go. Game itself is awesome. As one of the commentators on Steam said:
everything that makes a fantasy action game fun to play you will find in this game: gorgeous
artwork, evocative soundtrack, user friendly interface, great loot, secret rooms, interesting
quests and fully customizable characters. What else could you want? EEe… maybe it would be a cool thing if your
mouse worked?[stamp sound DS1.jpg Ds2.jpg] Yeah, game has a lot of compatibility problems
with modern day PC’s, but I managed to fix almost every problem with a bit of googling. In example I found how to fix mouse cursor
bug here on youtube, from a video made in 2018, so you’re not alone, but before buying,
read the comments, try to find bug fixes and if you do – go on, enjoy this amazing game. It costs 7 euros on Steam and on a sale you
can get it for 2 or 3, so it’s not big of a loss anyway if something bad happens. Warhammer 40 000: Inquisitor-Martyr This game has mixed reviews on Steam and Metacritic,
some of the people praise the game as great, and some say this is a garbage. I included it in this list not because it’s
very good, but because it’s different and that might catch your attention. Let me start from the price – despite being
released in 2018 June, it still costs 50 euros. That is a lot. That is actually 10 bottles of cheap vodka. The price probably is one of the things inspiring
all those negative comments. Because if you pay 50 euros for a game, you
wish that you get something really good. But instead of that you realize that you need
a gamepad to play this game on your PC without problems, because playing with keyboard and
mouse is pretty terrible. Another thing is innovativeness. Creators tried to make something different
for sake of doing just something different, meaning they reinvented the wheel again and
this wheel of theirs is a square. A good example, of that, as I mentioned before
while talking about gamepad, is you can’t simply just use the left mouse button to swing
a sword while moving with WASD keys. No. Instead your hero will randomly move in different
directions as you click to attack. As one commentator said about that “This
causes severe strain on your hand and in the high difficulty settings can quickly get your
character killed ending in mission failure.” So, nothing great in that field, but let’s
talk about why this game is in this list. Why this game is good. As you can see the action of Inquisitor-Martyr
evolves in really dark, gritty, gothic grim dystopian future where you travel through
the innards of Gothic class ship named Martyr. And the gameplay, the main thing of every
game, is highly addictive, it will burn tens or even hundreds of your hours way quicker
than vodka does. Even negative reviewievers spend many hours
ingame. Look at that. Nearly 200 hours. Or this one. 300. Really? On a game you don’t even like? I have spent about 120 hours in Witcher 3
and I love that game. So, jokes aside, if you find this game on
a sale, give it a try. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing:
Final Cut What a beautiful game this is. That’s what I thought when I first saw the
gameplay and I was totally right – gothic, steampunky graphics of Van Helsing are really
good and the gameplay itself is quite entertaining. Here you will get 50 hours of campaign gameplay,
huge variety of skills, six playable classes, tower defense mini game, daily quests and
weekly events, multiplayer and Hunter’s Lair – a place where you can stash collected
loot and trade with NPC’s. To be short – it’s almost Diablo 3 just
in another universe. Angry people are talking that the game is
full of bugs and is unbalanced, but they say that on almost every game. But… one terrible thing draw my attention
(van 1, van 2). Allegedly game does not save your progress. I don’t if it’s a temporary bug or a huge
issue, but please, be careful. I’m not recommending to buy a game with
anything like that. So, let’s hope they’ll fix it, because
it’s a great game and it would be a pity if it died like that. There, the main list is over, but don’t
go anywhere, I have more titles to share in a quick sequence. These are the games you should also look into: Deathspank
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Mythos
Hades Book of Demons
Chronicon Dungeon Hunter 5
Revenant Darkspore
Lost Ark (MMO) Kult: Heretic Kingdoms That’s it, thank you for watching, you can
find links to other parts of this video in the description below or at the end of this
video. If you like my work, please subscribe for
more. Also I want to ask you to become my Patron
on Patreon, because being a Youtube creator is hard and every little bit helps. You can find a link bellow. This was CodlBeerHD, have nice day, bye.

77 thoughts on “Top 25 Isometric Hack and Slash RPG games like Diablo | Part 3/3

  1. Sacred 2 has a good community who made some big patch and mods, some enhances the game while others like the Diablo one change completely the game! Even the first Sacred get his first true mod the last year (yup his first mod lel, hardcoding issue…), so you should definitely try one of them, it's quite an unique experience to travel through an open world in a Hack'n Slash!

  2. FYI you can not play Darkspore anymore EA took it offline March 1, 2016. The game is currently unplayable due to its DRM scheme requiring a connection.

  3. Another shout out for including Champions. Loved the ability to import your character into Return to Arms. Not an often implemented function on consoles. Bummed whomever owns the rights to Everquest won't use this well established setting for more game of any genre.

  4. Is Darkspoke even available anymore? Used to play it back in the day but i think EA made it unplayable by disabling the copy protection that validates the game


    The journey to the east further will bring you free vodka, Dark Beer – whatever you like. On my account, innkeepers crawl in fear and bring the booze from the deepest depth… of cellars. Don't try this at Moria, though – they never return, no idea why.

  6. Always thought Champions Return to Arms was better than Champions of Norrath. Also enjoyed Prince of Qin and Throne of Darkness both asian themes iso games.

  7. Great video. But i hope that i will find a game on it that i used to play many years ago. Its isometric it start when a guy wake up in the strage world, there is not a narrator just text like book pages, ita older game but it has great graphics. Can you help to eastern europe brat?

  8. If he's some native English speaker with an YouTube persona, speaking, accent and such then he deserves a YouTube prize! Funny commentary nonetheless. Good job guy!

  9. Ok one game i need to mention and ill bet u anything most of u never even heard of it let alone play it. But no wonder came out only in germany, or german speaking countries i think, the name is quite a mouthful so here we go "Partisan Widerstand: Hinter Feindlichen Linien" I know the name is well.. anyway, translated its "Partisan Resistance: Behind Enemy Lines" check it out. Its an older game, well not that old, it looked ok when i did play it. I admit i downloaded the game pirated it, if u will, but since i couldnt get it cause im no german, well theres that, anyway, it looked good, so i thought igive it a go, and it is actually quite enjoyable, but dont know if it qualifies as a isometric H&S game, but its unique and i didnt play anything like this before. Its like a mix between a H&S game like Diablo and the like and cRPG like Fallout, great mix, and ill will install this game again try to find subs if they exist somewhere, cause German is not really a strong with me now, i still understand a lot and the translation is solely done by me, no translator or dictionary or whatever was used so if i cant find ill play in german again, cause the game was good. At least i have fond memories playing it.

  10. Mythos was my #1 favourite ARPG, even after playing diablo 2 for nearly 13 years (on and off). But when flagship studios sold it off they turned it into a pile of garbage and it never recovered. Sometimes i wish I could get a hacked copy of it because I genuinely miss playing the game.

  11. Hey man, Sacred 2 has elite graphics pack. Its 7 GB. And there is also a community patch for S2. It is one of the best game ever made.

  12. Warhammer 40k Inquisitor martyr is really good. Extension and 2.0 version come at may 28th improving again this good game.

  13. Oh, only Nox i didnt know, sadly… I would love something between Sacred Gold,Titan Quest and Torchlight , with a grand open world, many nations to explore, Procedural Dungeons and fight zones, Story questing, classes, profesions and crafting, races and faction system (basicaly like World of Warcraft but as singleplayer/coop hack and Slash RPG).

    Oh, and i would add to list:
    Hero Siege
    Heroes of Hammerhead

  14. Thanks for this list, there are really good games in it, that i haven't heard of and will try out, so thank you for that.
    One thing i would suggest if i may: Your pronounciation is so wrong on some words and that is especially annoying when it's the title of a game, for example how you pronounced Mythos and martyr, really annoyed me, sry 😅 so do a quick search up on how these words are pronounced, that would be really appreciated 😘 at least for the titles of games we spent hundreds of hours in 😂

  15. Thanks for videos about this top but just one thing, where's divine divinity ? This is a gorgeous hack'n slash, 70h to finish him (probably plenty bugs to run it under win 10 too, i've finish him under win xp).

  16. Oooh! I like your videos A LOT!!! Maybe you could come to Moscow, so we drink vodka together?))))
    P.S. Also, I recommend you VERY much to check out great ARPG based on SLAVIC mythology (rather than greek or egypt or china): Konung: Legends of the North.
    I like this game a lot and it would be a pity if a brother slav who likes ARPGs (and Vodka of course) misses it.
    This games has a sequel even, so, please, check it out and (optionally) make a video about it.

  17. Personally, I think a good online action role-playing hack and slash action-adventure video game would be you start off as a demon in Hell and through some quests and adventures, rise up through the ranks to become a demon lord

  18. You should have included Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura in one of your videos. One of my all time favourite hack and slash rpg games. The game is from 2001 and I still enjoy playing it from time to time.

  19. The mighty quest for epic loot dont exist anymore instead they made a greedy mobile game with the same name and half the game be aware

  20. the chosen well of souls is a game i played and really loved more than many of Isometric Hack and Slash games … i am disappointed it didn't get presented in this series :

  21. I watch the 3 parts… and you forgot "Magic & Mayhem" a classic old game from 1998… and the best its abandonware!

  22. Thanks for the video.. as a gratitude, let me also share you my hack& slash recommendations.

    1.Darkstone -PSX
    2. Din's Curse -PC
    3. Blade and sword -PC
    4. Faery Tale Adventure II – Halls of the Dead- DOS
    5. Ancient Evil- Boring game

  23. Would love to play Lost Ark since there isn't many isometric MMOS worth it, but it will probably never come west or it will come when everyone forgorten it, or it will come all broken with P2W and all that bullshit.

  24. Awesome videos, reviews and content. You should have way more subscribers…keep'um coming. Best wishes coming from NYC. Peace bro

  25. Excellent synopsis of a lot of very interesting Diablo-like games to play. I find it hard to choose which one I really want to play, but I think it's a tie between Vikings and Eternium. I have taken the liberty of listing here in my comment all of the games you mentioned in the three-part series of videos that you created here on YT. So, here goes:

    Grim Dawn
    Loki: Heroes Of Mythology
    Victor Vran
    Vikings: Wolves Of Midgard
    Space Siege
    Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms
    Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition
    Magicka 2
    Torchlight 1
    Torchlight 2
    Sacred 2: Gold
    Champions Of Norrath (PS/2)
    Dungeon Siege 2
    Warhammer 40 000: Inquisitor-Martyr
    The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing
    The Mighty Ques t For Epic Loot
    Book Of Demons
    Dungeon Hunter (1-5)
    Lost Ark (MMO)
    Kult: Heretic Kingdoms

    Thanks again! Great videos!

  26. I was waiting to say Champions of Norrath and Return to Arms, I have both, beat them again about a year ago, I have an old school fat PS3 that's backwards compatible with PS2 games, which for that game actually makes a difference with some levels that have trouble loading on the ps2 and have actually left me stranded without a way to progress further lol. Like mid game and hours of progress into a character and I had to just restart lol. Well anyway, this game is amazing even till this day people, I'm not s big fan of older games in general but the mechanics in this game are simple but still great and user controlled, while the amount of armor and weapons is quite high as well as classes and abilities. Would be nice to play this on some home made servers with other people online.

  27. Part 4 when? And touch light 2 is amazing I'm sad it didn't have a stronger online presence like games from soldak dins legacy is a great game but no one ever plays it online it would be 5x better if more people played online seriously check it out the mutation system is amazing life steal + poison cloud + bash you can even get a mutation to steal buffs from slain enemies and can mutate to raise dead so when your army of skeletons kills somthing they gain it's buff like elite skeleton mage with fire mutation + 200% damage to fire buff
    It can get pretty hectic but oh so fun being a lich king with an army of dead mages with extra buffs

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