Top 20 PC Games – 2013

68 thoughts on “Top 20 PC Games – 2013

  1. U know the funny thing is that when u have a pc and u really want a game and for instance that ur pcs memeory is like 4 gb memory and u look at the system recomendations and see like 6 gb memory ur like no one gives a shit.Also most time the game runs just fine.Give a like or comment if u agree with me

  2. crysis 3, tomb raider, splinter cell and BioShock are good. the rest suck man. maybe you did put them random and bf4 was favorite or you have bad taste in games a pretty bad one

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  5. lol im here in 2018 bec im sick of playing on medium settings i wanna play ultra on some 2013 games

  6. I appreciate the effort in putting this together but, the quality is so fucked up that it makes me not interested in any of these games. The quality doesn't do them justice. Try to invest in better recorders (Y)

  7. top 20 creates too broad a list, especially for a post 2010 video when games got progressively worse every year. Still good games around, but you can almost count all the good games on every finger of two hands each year and most recently just 1 hand.

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  9. i search in google and google say all of games released at 2013 are can run in 4gb ram so why i watch this video thx for uploading

    edit:cuz my pc is only 4gb ram

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