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  1. Why are there so many platformers and side scrollers? The ps vita is capable of bigger and better things , yet when I go to the store there are no decent 3D adventure/mature/free roam games. What waste of an amazing portable console

  2. I bought Dragons Crown a few months ago, looking for a new RPG to play. And I've got to say I don't remember ever being this disappointed in a game..
    Also, ohmygodpersona5

  3. Trails of Cold Steel 2 is not even in 15, and fucking Minecraft in Dragon Quest universe is on 3rd??? This is fucking shite!

  4. One thing you do better than most other reviewers: You keep the title in the bottom left corner which makes it easier to write down a game's title. Thanks!

  5. B-but Akiba's Trip… How is THAT not in there!?

    (But, I can't argue with number one) I own P4G and I can agree 100% with number 1 lol

  6. The 5th Persona was placed under a different name for the Wii U it's the Shin Megami Tenshi Toyko Mirage FE. It's a Persona / Fire Emblem cross over. Follows the same basic Persona set up we all love and adds a weird twist with the Fire Emblem Franchise we all love as a tactical game.

  7. Also if you are a fan of Persona… Persona 2 Eternal Punishment on PSOne Classics and Persona 2 Innocent Sin on PSP Classics are good choices

  8. Someone, please beat Persona 4 Golden, It's always no.1 everywhere I go for PS Vita. The game iss toooooooooooo good 😄😄😄

  9. Gravity Rush, Binding of Isaac, Muramasa, Rogue Legacy? These really aren't RPGs by any definition in use.

  10. This chick doesn't know how to pronounce the word "pivotal" lol
    She straight up said "pie-vitol". But hey, she's a chick who sounds like she might be hot, so let's give her a job in videogames!

  11. I realize these Whatoplay videos are insanely low quality, but putting The Binding of Isaac, Gravity Rush, Rogue Legacy, Muramasa Rebirth and Soul Sacrifice on a list of Role-playing games has to be a new low. And why is the best series on the system (Trails of Cold Steel) only an honorable mention when you were clearly in dire need for more actual RPGs?

  12. You have absolutely no idea what an rpg is…that much is very clear. You seem to think it means side scroller, it doesn't. Vita has some very good rpg's, you managed to miss most of them on a list of rpg's…..your level of failure is truly impressive. I couldn't have done better myself unless i posted a video that said "top 10 Apple products" and then filmed myself taking a massively toilet shattering shit…..wait…my video would actually be extremely accurate, never mind.

  13. Ah, yes my fellow gamers. I also enjoy games very much and am in touch with your communities. I also enjoy RPGs such as the Binding of Izaak.

  14. Final fantasy to me was always the best of the best. It seemed like it doesn't matter the game, the company does what it wants and often creates it's own gameplay, each final fantasy varying in style and gameplay from the next creating a more diverse community. I tried several of the persona and it didn't hook me at all. I felt like playing a Anime spinoff of devil may cry. Where there is 2 worlds and something is always happening between the 2 to create conflict for the protagonist.

  15. I didn't want to say anything about the voice over but how the fuck did she pronounce pivotal around 7:29?

  16. Do you intentionally mispronounce everything or have you just never said these words and names before? You have a nice voice and it sounds like English is your native language, so what gives?

  17. I mean… it's a good list from what I see? But I was really hoping to find good role playing games for the vita..rather than just a list of "good games for the vita"

    You even state yourself in the description of the games what they are.

    Binding of Isaac (while an awesome game in it's own right), is a dungeon style rogue like top down shooter.

    Rogue Legacy is a "2D platformer" your words rather than mine. I think of it again as a dungeon crawler, and once more, I love this game. I am addicted to it like crazy in my spare time as I can (as with BOI) pick it up and put it back down again and know that it's going to be a good time waster.

    I would not call either of these RPGs which I (along with other people here it would seem), think of more as Role playing games.

    Games where you take on the role of a character and play their story through. Usually with some sort of set goal in mind where you can in effect beat the game if you wish (even games like Skyrim with the open end storyline still have a storyline to them thus are still classed as RPGs).

    Can dungeon crawlers be RPGs? Sure. There are loads of them. But they all have integrated storylines that add to the game play element.

    BOI and Rogue Legacy you could remove the story aspect (what there is), and they would still be good games in their own right and nothing about the game play would change at all.

    I like your video style, and I like your method of presenting. I just would like to see a list of actual PS Vita games that are RPGs to help me work out which ones would be the best choice for me to buy next.

    As it is, I can't trust this list, because if I want to buy an RPG I want to know it's an RPG, and I can't be certain that the games on this list are.

    It's kinda like going out to buy a platformer and being told that "A good game would be Street Fighter"

    It might have a platform on which you fight.. but it isn't a platformer.

  18. This list is pure fail. You fucking idiots dont even know what an RPG is…Gravity Rush, Binding of Isaac, Muramasa, Rogue Legacy?? seriously? dislikes

  19. A role-playing game (RPG) is a genre of video game where the gamer controls a fictional character (or characters) that undertakes a quest in an imaginary world. Defining RPGs is very challenging due to the range of hybrid genres that have RPG elements

  20. Dragonscrown, Ff10 Ff102 remastered, gravity Rush ys origin persona 4g too are my favorites👍🤗😍🤩👌😏

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