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  1. A butt ton of people are gonna kill my channel for this, but I don't care. I think that the best nintendo console, handheld or tv play, is the wii u. I thinkk the wii u is better than the nes classic, snes, ds, wii, 3ds, and switch.

  2. The Wii U is a far superior console to the Switch, is far more inexpensive, and has better, cheaper games. You make the familiar mistake here of ignoring the great and easily affordable versions of Wii U games for mature gamers. It's not all Mario and platforming.

  3. The Wii U can play all the console zelda games. That alone makes it worth owning. It is THE system to own for Zelda.

  4. Bruh….I STILL play Wii U while my wife watches dumbass television shows like Houswives or AGT.

    Plus, Wii U games are like $5 now. I have a 500GB hard drive hooked up to it, and download all kinds of Nintendo shit on it. My kids both have Switch, I play Wii U, 3DS, Vita and PS4.

    Splatoon is STILL a great multiplayer online shooter. They literally made COD for kids. Its awesome!

    If you’ve never played the Bayonetta series…..fuk….its kick ass. It is NOT for kids.

    Nintendoland is still the most played couch coop in my house.

  5. Ok that little clip at the start with the boy was actually not a bad ad. It got across then main feature quite well.

  6. When I saw the Wii U, I was instantly reminded of the Dreamcast's VMUs. I still miss VMUs! I would've bought a WiiU if it was more of a success, but my 3DS gave me enough Nintendo until I got a Switch,

  7. Your Windows Vista comparison was SOOOO far off the mark. The Wii U is nowhere near that bad. And Vista was 3 operating systems behind Windows 10. Really questioning if you have a clue what you're talking about with that comparison.

  8. Where on Earth is DKC: Tropical Freeze? I thought you were a DKC fan, after all.

    Though if you do not care for it, I would truly love an explanation as to why.

  9. Nintendo land!? Come on don't tease me like that at the end! Nintendo land is so good! One of the best party games ever!

  10. What about pikmin 3? 😭😭😭😭

    My list would be…

    10. New super Mario bros U
    9. Xenoblade Chronicles X
    8. Nintendo Land
    7. Yoshi Woolly World
    6. Mario 3D world
    5. Super Smash bros.
    4. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
    3. Splatoon
    2. Mario Maker
    1. Pikmin 3

  11. Super Mario 3d world is a freaking masterpiece. Almost dethrones Galaxy as my favorite game ever.. Almost. Lol

  12. StarFox Zero is easily the worst installment in the StarFox franchise if you ask me, it had me rethinking my hatred for Command. I can't believe I can say a game developed by Ubisoft (StarLink) was a better installment to the StarFox series than a game co-developed by Platinum and Shigeru Miyamoto. StarFox 2 and Assault are the games I come back to

  13. Man, I really wish the Wii U wasn't such a flop and didn't get so much hate (even though it probably helped pave the way for the Switch). It's a great console with such a cool idea. Being able to have info on your main screen and then some on your handheld screen opens up so many great possibilities for games and designs. Though I suppose the fact that it came out and I didn't even know it existed is part of the problem…(though I was busy with other stuff and wasn't focusing as much on the gaming world during that time). Just look at this list of games! If this was truly such a lackluster console then why are so many fantastic games on this list?

    I also find it funny watching this now how some of this is outdated. Like Jirard saying that the best Smash is the Wii U Smash when Ultimate is out now or how he mentioned the upcoming Smash Ultimate not knowing what it would be like. Or how he said that Mario Maker should come to Switch when we all have Mario Maker 2 now and he's been doing Beard Bros on it.

  14. Mario 3D World is trash. Its difficulty is aimed at 6 year olds, and there is little to no creativity or freedom at all. There… I said it. Also, Sticker Star and Star Fox, but no Breath of the Wild? Stay off that crack rock man.

  15. Dude, starfox zero has the most ridiculous controls. I tried to hard to give it a chance but it just straight up wasn't fun.

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