Top 10 Video Games That Ruin Friendships

Top 10 Video Games That Ruin Friendships

It’s all fun and games until something starts annoying you and all of a sudden you are a YouTube sensation Boy: (Screaming) No! (Inaudible) (Banging) Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 video games that ruin friendships For this list, we’re looking at video games that have multiplayer components that inspire stiff competition that often results in tension Although entire genres have a tendency to do this we’re looking at specific games or their series Ready? Fight! (Bones Cracking) Number 10. FIFA series decision A long running franchise based on one of the most popular sports in the world can only inspire friendly competition Right? Wrong! Boy on video: What are you (censored) doing? Are you a (censored) idiot? tensions run ultra high as online series and offline multiplayer matches could push players to their limits And the will to win quickly morphs into desperation Boy in video: (bangs) No! Before long sharp words are thrown and insults reign down Don’t believe us? Take a look at KSI’s videos Uniting players from around the world my ass (Frustrated yelling) Number 9. Super Smash Bros. series Combining players from across Nintendo’s canon of titles created a brilliant and diverse fighting game that was both accessible and fun With accessibility though, a myriad of players find themselve flocking to this party game And with the latest iterations having 8 players on the screen can get a bit hectic just wait for that one unlucky cheap
shot or that completely unfair item grab and suddenly that friendly
get-together you plan with your buds is a rage filled disaster Number 8. World of Warcraft. Born and raised on the
mysterious wandering isle one of the most popular video games of all time World of Warcraft is all about the grind
and has no room for mercy as players struggle to level up they can quickly
turn on their online comrades not to mention the trolls and there are many
trolls because end game players rely on large group rates to get gear a single
incompetent player in your party could spell disaster for a whole group of 25 to 40
people (inaudable talking on mic) LEROY JENKINS! (more talking in mic) Also as a side note. Given that the game is slightly less addictive than
methamphetamines you can pretty much flush your social life down the toilet so
it ruins friendships of people that don’t even play the game. You don’t
believe us? Just check out these withdrawal systems (Yelling at computer) Stop freaking betraying me I’m on your team! Number 7. Contra like many games in the days of the NES co-op
changed the way we played together as seen in Contra unfortunately it didn’t go as planned. By
adding another player on screen with you meant that the two of you had to compete
to kill more enemies to get more lives and keep up with each other unless one of
you get behind and get killed by default Does giving up half of your control of the
game mean giving up half of the fun? Well we’ll let you decide Number six Left 4 Dead series designed to be played either online with
a group of friends or randomly assigned players or via local split-screen this
game requires the same key to survival that a real zombie apocalypse would:
Cooperation. Failing that everything falls apart. If one member of the team isn’t pulling their weight or can’t keep up it drags the whole team down If you’re playing
Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead two you gotta keep one thing in mind: never run
off alone or your friends will hate you for it (Players arguing on screen) Number 5 Call of Duty series. First person shooters are a hotbed for hot tempers and short fuses and seen from such
classics as Golden Eye 007 all the way to the Halo series but nothing
proved this better than Call of Duty becoming one of the most popular
shooters of all time through its accessibility, Call of Duty is criticized by
many people as said accessibility translate to a lack of skill required to
play Camping, C4 throws, akimbo shotguns. You
name it everybody’s pissed at something in this game (Inaudible Cursing) Plus, the killstreak system means that whoever is doing better will make the match really one sided Trust us. War is not
necessarily meant to be played with your friends Number 4. The Worms Series This turn-based combat game allowed
players to take control of worms they that use a variety of firearms and wacky
weapons to attack their friends team (Bangs) The huge variety of weapons create a slew of
opportunities to screw over your friends but even worse is when the wind is not
in your favor over multiple turns literally This can mean only one of two things: either the developers didn’t know that such a simple game
could create such hostility among friends or they did and released it anyway. Either
way they created a monster (Yelling) Number 3. The Mario Kart series It goes without saying the Mario Kart
series is a big part of our childhood being on the NES, the N64, or any other
later iteration and because of that we all know the hatred we felt for our
friends who kicked our asses at it everything is going so well until the
use one of their stupid items and jumped the track to get ahead (Players complaining) Hell have no fury. Like a player scorned by a blue shell right before the finish line Number two. Battletoads As one of the original and most popular
of the scroller beat em ups this game proudly displays the same flights
as often followed. At the time of release the game was already brutally difficult
and more often than not players found themselves hitting each
other instead of the enemy. (Players complaining) It’s very frustrationg when you’re struggling to hold on to your health and your buddy
walks up and smacks you right in the face but things will get a boiling point
when you realize that if one player hits game over both of you have to start the
stage again (Players complaining about game over) before we move on to our top
pick here are a few honorable mentions Number 1. Mario Party series designed to mimic board games, this
long-running series captures the same rage felt by many hardcore monopoly
players We honestly can’t remember how many times
we spent so many turns to get the star only for a competitor to steal it out from us
with a Boo Or worse yet. Have all of our coins taken by browser and don’t even get us started on
those hell forged mini games Mario Party not only allows you to screw over
your friends it promotes and facilitates it. This is
the perfect game to play at parties if you don’t ever wanna see your guests again. (Player yelling in frustration) Player: Dammit! Do you agree with our list? Character in game: Yes sir! What games have you not talking to your friends
anymore? For more rage filled Top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to

86 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Games That Ruin Friendships

  1. Super Smash Bros Should be number 1 not Mario Kart or Mario Party. Because me, my Siblings, and our Neighbor at the time played Super Smash Bros Melee together 11 years ago all summer long non stop to determine who is the best Super Smash Bros Player. We would each win random matches only to never find out who the pro was. It just lasted day after day as every daily match got more and more heated thought out summer to eventually fall and the game finally reached our breaking point to the part we would each spread family secrets and other sencetive information about each other at either school work or thought out the neighborhood that we each just bickerd and bickerd so much our mom told," us no more going next door or playing video games till after you can each get along again." But all the time we played Mario Party 4, 5, 6, and 7 we never would get into stupid fights like that.

  2. Fusion Frenzy on the original Xbox resulted any many people getting punched in our group of friends. "Zak Sherlack and the ACAC Pack win again"

  3. I don't play Mario Kart with items anymore, that blue shell has fucked me over way to many times. All about the pure skill now! 100% winrate in my house lol

  4. The game that ruined my friendship is left 4 dead, sonic 06, sonic boom rise of lyric and mario party

  5. How about dokapon kingdom? The game that literally called itself “the friendship destroying game”. You probably don’t know what it is. google it.

  6. Censors F### but shows someone getting decapitated, and another person getting their jaw ripped from their skull, with a person taking a selfie. Great job watch Mojo.

  7. BATTLE CITY should be on the list. i still remembered a player will destroy the base if the other player gets the star. haha

  8. The Legend of Zelda!! I can explain:
    One day, I was happily playing that game when suddenly my dad comes and says that the game sucks because it has "bad" graphics.

    And so I didn't speak to him for a whole week! (Not Kidding!)

  9. My little brother (4yr age diff) and I always had a super tight relationship and always had each others' backs, unless it had to do with video games. I think the whole conflict started since, as the older brother and a true asshole, I was always Player 1, which in certain games on NES & SNES gave you a little bit of an edge. Like on old school Tecmo Bowl, as a player against the CPU, you always played L to R, but playing VS mode, the #2 player is forced to go R to L, doesn't sound like a big deal but it is. Also, Battletoads caused all kinds of ruckus between the two of us, he was always hitting me "on accident" and could never, FUCKING EVER, get the pattern right on the hover bike level. But the game that caused the biggest rows and all out wars was undoubtedly Goldeneye for N64. This fucking game. From his always wanting to use Oddjob (that's cheating) and constant fuckery with proximity mines, we got into the only real physical altercations ever, like knock-down drag-out slobber knockers.

  10. I used to play Mario Kart with my niece and nephews, but I was trying to be fair and let them win, also I thought about takking turns winning; obviously it help until my nephews grew to old for taking turns. Same thing with Mario Party 1, 2 and 3, we take turns winning and helping each other out… while it lasts

  11. racing games that have combat elements tend to always be a pain in the ass. For example I was playing Jak X a while ago and if I wasn’t careful I would get hit by a barrage of homing missiles or a vulcan cannon a few feet before the finish. And you though the blue shell was bad, wait until someone pulls out the peace maker or super peacemaker in jak x, it can be acquired at any position and permanently locks on to the player in first place so your only mehod of deflecting the peace maker is by either having a shield or drop down to second place. Even that’s risky because people can fly past you.

  12. Things that piss me off in new super Mario bros
    1.when someone jumps on your head and causes you to fall into a hole
    2.whenever someone steals all the power ups
    3.whenever someone leaves you behind and gets u squashed
    4.when someone pushes you into enemies
    5.when someone gets on the flagpole but leaves you behind

  13. I remember babysitting a kid that like Mario Party, and I’d beat him at the game and he would get SOOO frustrated! I hate to admit it, but it was hilarious! Hahaha!

  14. I believe in multiplayer games you should be competitive but some people take it way to far. And i think thats what hurts friendships

  15. Once I played: (Me and 5 AI vs 3 friends and 3 AI) in the mario kart 8.
    "Where the hell is he!?" yelling while looking to the confusingly nintendoSwitch small minimap
    (AI isn't as smart as I tought, well, there where at highest dif and contributed almost nothing)

    And finished with even more points than all 3 of em (In like 4 randomized minigames).
    They don't wanna see another black yoshi IN THEIR LIFES!!

  16. Yes they are games that brake friendships but me and my friends just have fun and rage at each other trash talk ECT but we always respect each other opinions dislikes and other things but in the end we all have a good laugh example they kept letting me die in bo4 zombies but it's was a joke and let me had the first to pop out raygun from the mystery box so it really just matters what you do or let it get to you

  17. board games and card games have been competitive since before any video games existed, if you lost friends over games, you have some serious problems lol. in my case, i have made more rl friends from games than at any other social events.

  18. 5:10 M3RKMUS1C's Gun Game Trolling video, featuring Wah Wah Trickshot! Ah, good times for Gun Game~ Good times~ 😌
    By the way, why you would put Smash Bros. so low on the list is beyond me, but I'm not complaining.

  19. I had a kid get angry at me one time because . I kept sneaking up on him . On Titanfall and taking him out . So I can see where shooters can end friendships .


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