Top 10 Upcoming Indie Games like Pokemon – 2018 and beyond! (Monster Taming Games)

Top 10 Upcoming Indie Games like Pokemon – 2018 and beyond! (Monster Taming Games)

Ever since I picked up a copy of Pokemon Blue
all that many years ago, the Monster Taming genre has always stuck with me, since I wanted
to see the creative designs that the developers came up with. This, combined with compelling RPG elements
got me hook, line and sinker. Games like Dragon Warrior Monsters and even
the more modern Siralim did scratch the same itch, so I thought I would take a look at
the Top 10 Best Upcoming Monster Taming Indie Games for 2018 and beyond, sorted in rough
order of when you will be able to play them. Number 10: Nightown So this first entry is still rather early in development and it’s supposed to be a
2D indie RPG, taking place in a world where you can tame Spirits! What I like about this is the variety in creature
design, an essential component of all monster taming games, since we have everything from
alien bears and reptiles to classic D&D inspired creatures, to themed creatures like pumpkins
and even appliance inspired ones. Additionally, the spirits even feature multiple
and alternate evolution routes with a cartoony art style. Unfortunately for us, other than quite a number
of sprites being shown off, there hasn’t been much on the gameplay and over world exploration,
so we may have to wait a little for this. Number 9: Monster Sanctuary This is supposed to be a cross between Pokemon and Metroid, with platforming sections, the
all-important metroidvania map, equipment for your creatures and Metroidvania style
upgrades such as the high jump boots that allows you to access new areas. However, when you run into enemies on screen,
the perspective shifts into a 3 on 3, turn based pokemon style battle, with multiple
abilities and skill trees for individual monsters. If you follow the channel, you will know that
I love metroidvanias, so combining this with the monster taming aspect is ingenious. Still relatively early on so I can’t wait
for the official release. Number 8: Monster Crown Monster Crown is a game which is very clearly inspired by the original pokemon games, especially
due to the sprites and the overworld exploration. The battle screens look great, and the unique
hook is that breeding plays a key role here. Perhaps most impressive is that the parents
actually affect the physical appearance of the offspring, unlike breeding systems in
say, Dragon Warrior Monsters for example, and as a result, the variety here is even
greater. There are also items which affect evolution
beyond the simple fire stone for fire pokemon, so this looks to be pretty neat. No release date as of yet but I believe a
Kickstarter campaign should be launching in April. Number 7: Mewgenics Edmund Mcmillian is one of the minds behind Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac, two
Hall of Fame Indie Games if there were to ever be such an award. A little while back, he announced Mew-genics
to great fanfare but nothing was heard of it since and it slowly faded away. However, in a new year’s blog post for 2018,
Edmund says that MEWGENICS LIVES and is currently being remade from the ground up. It was described as a cross between The Sims,
Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Tamagotchi, and is all about breeding cats. Still no release date on this but definitely
very excited for it. Number 6: Unleashed This game was successfully Kickstarted about 10 days ago to the tune of about 10,000 euros. It sells itself as a darker 2D RPG, exploring
deeper themes. The creatures in this are known as Achivaras,
manifestations of a human sins & virtues, with 3 on 3 battles as the mainstay. In a similar way to Shin Megami Tensai, the
creatures here are suitably grotesque and not for kids, but the designs are pretty interesting. It also has an open world with details such
as player housing, crafting, farming etc so it is quite ambitious, so best of luck to
the developers and hopefully we will see more in the coming months. Number 5: Notemon Notemon’s unique hook is that is being built in Pico 8, a fantasy console used for making
small games. Pico 8 games have a unique look to them which
is represented in this game, and thus far the minimalist pixel art does seem to work,
although I’m interested in how much variety there can be. Attacks generate some form of cooldown, rather
than being restricted to some arbitrary PP number, HP heals up fully between battles
and all Notemon can learn an unlimited number of skills but can only select 4 to bring into
battle, meaning there’s no need to forget moves. Interestingly, the developer is adding a base
building system where if you have the correct facilities, Notemon will then join you voluntarily,
rather than being beaten into submission as in Pokemon, so I want to see where this goes. There is a targeted released of sometime in
2018 but I’m not too sure on that since the scope of the project appears to be increasing. Number 4: Siralim 3 I did mentioned the original Siralim as a monster taming RPG which I really enjoyed,
so check out my video on that for more details. The developer has gone from strength to strength,
releasing Siralim 2 in 2016 and adding content to that game until 2017, and now its sequel,
Siralim 3 is set for an Early Access release in May of this year. This uses procedurally generated maps, randomised
objectives, and mechanics such as creature summoning, breeding, crafting and more. Siralim 3 looks to add to that, incorporating
things like Perks for your character, Knowledge about the creatures that you kill, revamped
Sigils & Runes, and even Hereditary breeding. The past two games have pretty fantastic,
so I am looking forward to the new systems here. Number 3: Coromon In my opinion, Coromon is the best looking game out of all titles on this list due to
the bright colours used and the quality of the pixel art. There are puzzles and 120+ monsters, as well
as the usually battling, evolving and collection of them. Of the titles on this list, Coromon looks to
be the most true to the source material and I’m always glad for a new entrant in the
market. This game is slated for a Q2 2018 release
which should be soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it. Number 2: Ooblets This game by Glumberland is inspired by Pokemon, Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, where you
can literally grow your companions. The vibe is whimsical and the art very cute,
reminding me a little bit of Adventure Time, with the standard turn based battles. It simply looks so appealing for a Monster
Taming game and the added customization options for your character and player housing are
just icing on the cake. Ooblets is slated for a 2018 release so hopefully
we will be able to play this soon. And finally, Number 1: Re: Legend An action RPG where you can tame monsters known as Magnus, Re:Legend also adds in farming,
crafting and skills such as Mining, Fishing, Logging and more. My first impression of this was Stardew Valley
but with a monster taming aspect, and based on the trailer, the Magnuses look pretty varied
and interesting. The hamster with the horn in particular looks
cute, and much like the farming games that came before this, Re:Legend looks to set the
gaming world ablaze. As of the time of recording, the beta for
Kickstarter backers is supposed to start soon, with a planned 2018 release. This is possibly my most anticipated title
this year so keeping my fingers crossed that it will be great. Alright so this is my list of the Top 10 Best
Upcoming Monster Taming Indie Games for 2018 & beyond. Be sure to subscribe, follow me on Twitter,
follow my Steam Curator and check out the subreddit to keep up with the best indie games
and I will see you in the next video.

36 thoughts on “Top 10 Upcoming Indie Games like Pokemon – 2018 and beyond! (Monster Taming Games)

  1. It's nice to know about the games,but it would be useful to also list the consoles/platforms the games will release to.

    Of course we can Google each game to find out, but it would be a nice touch

  2. Great video! I'm super happy to see my game (Notemon) alongside these other awesome games 🙂 I'm impressed at how well you managed to capture the most important things I've said about Notemon. Thanks for making this video! Now I've got a few more games to anticipate the release of.

  3. this video caught my attention because of its content and was brought to me in a YouTube ad. ironic considering I was watching an angry video game nerd video on cinemassacre

  4. Great list! I had no idea most of these were coming out. Looking forward to the release these titles for sure.

  5. omfg … why is this genre so dead …. and everything that comes out is either a 2d or childish looking game -.- or just barebones on the strategy layer cause you fight with only one monster instead of a party … …. should'nt a monster or deamon be scary and not look like a f+*#in pokemon ?
    arent there people like me out there who grew up with pokemon but left their diapers behind at some point ?

    dont get me wrong im searching for a good title in this genre for years now .. but i would really love to see something more dark and mature … something like smt nocturne with the capability of the modern systems to be much more varied when it comes to breeding mechanics and so on … (also didnt really like how much of the demons are just human looking and the main character looking like a skinny anime boi with uv-tatoos in smt)
    but the recruiting system for example was soo much better then throwing a pokeball or extracting a core and shit …

    for me the best game would be a mix between the dark theme of smt:nocturne and more lovecraftian horrors like in bloodborne where your main char will look like a plague doc or something who dont have to, or cant fight by himself cause of him being sickend from the pact with his monsters/demons he has to use to get to his goal … fighting would be turn based but with a bit of a twist like the press turn or maybe with something like the wheel from shadow hearts for certain attacks or something like the trance system from ff9 or the mental health system from darkest dungeon …. and the whole thing in the graphical dress of a monster hunter world or so …. and please with a real story maybe about psychosis or fearing to physically change into something you would prefer to get cured from … anything but not a save the world and stupid love shit in between …
    not randomly generated like in siralim but with an interesting world to look at .. where the story isnt slapped in your face but told via world layout and things to watch while progressing … maybe a bit like in dark souls but not really without any cutscenes and with some desitions to make to get different endings …

    sorry for flushing the toilet of my brain here in the last 10 min but as i said .. im really searching for something like this for years and shure if you do so you get a picture of what you searching for with the time … im wondering what you guys will say about it and if there are dudes out who agree or disagree with me …


  6. The last one looked a bit disappointing in. For the most part, it just looked like Rune Factory in a different art style with a minor monster collecting aspect, but from what I can tell them monsters aren't good for much. A can be used as a mount, they kind of sometimes attack, but for the most part you're doing all the work.

  7. So temtem is nowhere on your list I see 🤔 pretty sure you didn't know it existed because if you did and it would've been on the list

  8. I loved this video! Even as a kid I loved the aspect of monster taming or even just general recruiting games. There's just something to be said about being able to get a character you've been facing off against, recruit it, and make it better so you can use it as a weapon vs your enemies. I grew up playing FF Tactics, Monster Rancher, Azure Dreams, and I loved the niche titles just as much as mainstream. So my point is it's really nice to see a youtuber pointing out to me that there's a lot of titles still in development!

  9. Indie game: expect release this year.
    Next year: not this year either.
    Future: it will be worth the wait tho.

  10. What system are these for i tried looking them up and i cant find not one of these game not coromon not ooblets nothing like wtf do i play these games on. Im salty af 😒

  11. Your link for Unleashed RPG appears to be a link to something lewd and possibly pornographic — I left the page before exploring.

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