Top 10 Satisfying Villain Deaths In Video Games

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  1. Would say Kefka should have been on the list for FF series but….. can't really say it was satisfying cause when you defeat him, you essentially destroyed magic from existing, which in turn took out a whole race… man… hate that even in death, he still screws everyone over : [

  2. Kefka. Most villains want to destroy the world. Kefka actually does, then he rules over the ashes. No more satisfying death of a villain out there.

  3. Some overlooked ones in my opinion:
    Mick Cutler – Resistance 3
    Kefka – Final Fantasy VI/III
    Imlerith – The Witcher 3

  4. Zeus is a douchebag I'm so glad I got to see him die

    Like seriously he's the worst out of his brothers, he raped multiple women and was just a terrible person in general

    Now that I think about it Hades is the only good one

    Thank fuck Zeus is dead

  5. Big smoke ain't satisfying. He is my fav after CJ in Sa. He is one of the best characters.
    You picked the wrong person, FOOL!

  6. You killed the ghost you drop the soap you blew the bridge now you must pay the price for what you did so all those good Heroes and all those good people who died trying to save people's life Call of Duty ghosts you don't see the point but then at the end you're getting turned away by some evil dude who wants you on this team to be the protagonist so now we must raise my brothers and defend and take back with hours who's with me for the Marines

  7. #1 Skullface (Metal Gear Solid V)
    #2 Asmen Saddler(Resident Evil 4)
    #3 Arkum (Devil May Cry 3)
    #4 Truth (Halo 3)
    #5 Autumn (Fallout 3)
    #6 Jack of Blades (Fable)
    #7 Eral Eman (Dragon Age Origins)
    #8 Mobius (Legacy of Kain)
    #9 Anubis (Zone of the Enders 2)
    #10 Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2)

    Well there you have it. My top 10 most satisfying villian deaths. I can't tell you how many times I've enjoyed killing each of these bastards or simply watching them die.

  8. 1. Micah Bell
    2. Micah Bell
    3. Colm O'Driscoll
    4. Micah Bell
    5. Micah Bell
    6. Micah Bell
    7. Micah Bell
    8. Micah Bell
    9. Micah Bell
    10. Micah Bell

  9. Dimitri rascalov GTA4
    Killbane Saints row 3
    The locust queen gears of war 3
    I wanna say the arbiter from halo wars 1 but idk if that was satisfying or just cause it was a great fight

  10. Rais' death from Dying Light is more than satisfying for me. He deserved to die after all he did. Sad he's not on this list.

  11. Montross from Star Wars: Bounty Hunter should’ve been on this list, in my humble opinion.

  12. I loved it when I saw Makarov hang, and Edgar Ross get about 6 bullets pumped into his brain (depends on which guns, each hold a different amount of ammo)

  13. Correction to number 4. Depending on how well you button mash, either Lee or Clementine will end his life.

  14. For me it's;
    1: Big Smile Lee.
    2: Albert Wesker
    3: Helis
    4: Dog Eyes
    5: Hoyt Volker
    6: Flowey
    7: Kefka Palazzo
    8: Osmund Saddler
    Couldn't find 10.

  15. Hoyt from Far Cry 3. Getting revenge for Riley was so amazing. Plus the pure greatness of the kill itself.

  16. I actually understood why Edgar Ross did everything he did until he came to John’s farm and shot him down. Before then, there was a violent gang that had to be stopped and only John Marston could do it and he owed it to the world to do it because he used to be in it.

  17. David is not only a cannibal,but a rapist and a pedophile. David is an amazing villain even though he’s there for 2 chapters.

  18. Aprendan a poner el nombre de los videojuegos en la descripción + en momento en el que aparecen para que no nos comamos spoilers

  19. I can’t believe The Prophet of Truth from Halo 3 didn’t make it anywhere on this list. Am I the only one who absolutely loved that scene?

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