Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn’t Play Video Games

Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn’t Play Video Games

Hey guys! Welcome back to Top 10 Gaming, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey. Pretty much since the beginning of video games,
stupid adults have been trying to stop kids from playing them. With some games, like the ones on our Most
Disturbing Video Games list, sweet plug Ron (high five) it’s understandable. But other times, the reasons people give are
just plain dumb. So I thought I’d talk about some of the
most common reasons given, and discuss whether or not I think they’re true. So get ready, it’s time for the Top 10 Reasons
Kids Shouldn’t Play Video Games. Number 10: It makes kids violent! This one just pisses me off. I get that it seems like it would. And maybe it does increase aggression a smidge. But time and time again, studies find little
or no correlation between video games and aggression in kids. So either show me a legit study, or stop yelling
that video games make kids violence. Because it’s getting old. Number 9: Video Games get in the way of schoolwork. I mean… yeah. Yeah they do. This one’s fair. Without video games my average would be like
10% higher. But to be fair, every extracurricular gets
in the way of school. This one is just… highly addictive. Speaking of which… Number 8: They’re super addictive! Yeah, this one is definitely a legit reason. Again, I don’t think kids SHOULDN’T play
video games, but some moderation is definitely good. Video games can be addictive to anyone, and
young people are particularly at risk. And I speak from experience when I say that
this addiction can cause people to spend wayyyy too much time playing video games. And this can make it tough to complete schoolwork
in time, and often gets in the way of everyday life. So as much as kids will hate it, and believe
me I hated it, parents definitely ought to set some ground rules to stave off the addiction. Number 7: It’ll rot your brains! We’ve all heard this one, whether they’re
talking about watching TV or playing games. This often comes from people who have never
actually played a game, and just assume games don’t involve any sort of mental activity. But as we know, they absolutely do. Well, except for Goat Simulator, with that
I feel stupider every time I play. Research has actually found the opposite effect;
a meta-analysis of 116 studies found that video gaming can increase sustained and selective
attention, and improve visuospatial skills. It was even found to affect the structure
of the brain; the right hippocampus was enlarged. So if your mom ever tells you to stop playing
or your brains will rot, just go “hey, I gotta keep my right hippocampus swole, MOM!” Number 6: Anonymity online leads to poor socialization. This one has pros and cons. On the one hand, I totally agree that the
anonymity young people have online isn’t good, because it leads to a whole whack of
bullying and saying things they wouldn’t normally if they weren’t safely behind their
computer. But this isn’t a video game problem, this
is an internet problem. Little Billy isn’t being bullied on League
of Legends… that’s on Facebook. That said, the whole FPS atmosphere of swearing
every other word and yelling about other people’s mothers… yeah, not the healthiest. Number 5: It’s annoying letting kids win. If you have little siblings or family members,
you’ll know the pain. The pain of playing smash bros, and watching
them turn into a rock and jump off the edge for the 8th time. Trying to somehow maneuver yourself so they
manage to accidentally hit you in their talentless smashing of the buttons. And it’s frickin annoying. You want a turn? YOU DON’T DESERVE A TURN! So yeah, bottom line for this point is: Ron
is impatient and a bad cousin. Number 4: The sedentary lifestyle is harmful. This one… is kinda true. If you just play video games all day, you
won’t get nearly enough exercise, unless it’s all motion capture games. Especially in young people, exercise is super
important, and sitting all day isn’t good for developing bodies (or anyone really). The thing is, and you’ll get tired of hearing
this by the end, but it’s all in moderation! This same argument could be used against reading,
which is even LESS active! If you get out there and get the exercise
you need, go ahead and chill out with some video games. Just don’t play them all day long. Or do, I dunno, I’m not your mom. Number 3: It gives kids unrealistic expectations
about sex! Here’s another one that’s kinda true of
some games. If you get all of your sex education from
GTA and Leisure Suit Larry, of course you won’t be the most respectful person. Some people definitely do start to think that
the way to win a girl is to do things for her, and if you do enough things for her she’ll
like you. And this leads some to be disappointed, and
you get the whole Men Going Their Own Way thing. But like… that’s what parents are for! Teach your kids the proper way, and they’ll
learn it! Don’t blame games, just do your job as a
parent! Number 2: There are better things to do. I mean… yeah, kinda. This is true of most things; you don’t yell
at a novelist because he’d be better off trying to cure cancer. Not every moment needs to be lived to the
absolute fullest. Sometimes you just want to chill. Plus, hell, video games teach a bunch of important
skills anyway, from decision-making, to coordination… all sorts of things. So game on, brave gamer. Number 1: You could be out making friends! This is one that is a straight up generation
gap. Older generations see video games as lonely,
and don’t really appreciate the social aspect of them. You can make great friends online, some people
even found their future spouses in video games! I had an argument with a guy who ended up
teaching me how to roast a delicious chicken. Should you give up real life friends for online
ones? Of course not. But that doesn’t mean playing online games
will destroy your social life. That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed, if you did please smack
that thumbs up button and subscribe to Top 10 Gaming for more videos! Do you think kids should play video games,
or should we just lock every kid up and make them do homework until they’re 18? Let me know in the comment section down below! Until next time, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey
with Top 10 Gaming. Later gamers!

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn’t Play Video Games

  1. I hate people who are talking crap about video games there the people who don't get life not you top ten gaming you guys are cool😎

  2. Well hey at lest we can make friends from video games and it keeps us smart my mom and dad says that video games will kill me and they r wrong i made a bunch of friends on video games and one showed me how to get money so video games r not bad as we think screw parents they r always wrong and sometimes right that wont stop us from playing video games.

  3. I'm a teen (idk if that counts as a kid) but I play video games. And I know that video games can increase reflexes… Idk if that's how you say that but I don't care

  4. "Do you think kids should play video games, or should we just lock every kid up and make them do homework until they're 18?"
    ~ Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey

    My answer: No, and at the same time games can be used for educational purposes and can even be better for these purposes varying on a persons learning style.

  5. I'm more disturbed by the amount of ridiculous commenters than the actual reasons given. I'm flabbergasted that they believe these reasons are his opinion when he clearly said, in the beginning, he would give his reasoning as to whether he agrees or not. Granted, they could have titled it differently to prevent this but those who commented should have been more attentive. Either they didn't bother to watch the video or they are triggered kids, ironically.

  6. While it's true that those who have issues prior to gaming will likely become more violent than others, it's silly to think that video games cannot cause outbursts. I don't care if these are studies, violence is going to affect you, like it or not. You cannot choose what your brain is programmed by. But you can choose to control some behavior. Still, since this topic is concerning kids, they should be heavily monitored.

  7. Yet them play video games for 4 hours on school days if they finished there choirs but on the weekends if they finished there choirs let them decide how long they should play if you don't need them to help you with anything.

  8. Agreed my father is Gamers playing video games every day from 8:30pm to 3:00am after 6:00am he wake up for go job and back home at 6:00pm. How hilarious

  9. Games make you smarter cuz makes you do a task or put you in a situation that u can't do in real life, like prof.layton with puzzels and all that.

  10. I play 2 hours a day and then run 8 miles every day. I'm 14. Yes. My Report Cards suck. My test grades are some of the best in the school though. I confused the teachers and all that sh*t. Because I learn all I can about conputers and consoles and hacking blah blah blah. And then my parents give me English, Spanish and some history lessons. Since the Internet isn't the most trustworthy place.

  11. The point of this video is.. Some of these are true, some of these are false. And, a few of these are a complete farce. Games do help with several brain functions, and helps those with social anxiety in kids.

  12. We got a kid like 9 now call ROBLOX minigunner and sweering and video call Bacon hair in space and have blowjob (whatever what i saying right now) who the hell his parents let these hapening!?

  13. dude i am 17 but when I was a kid I had To read books at a high school level and I played The old Legend of Zelda: link to the past. So necessarily it doesn't effect there brains that much. (I was the highest level reader in my school, Also this was in fifth grade in 2011.

  14. I think you summed up the argument in one phrase, parents do your jobs. Parents need to teach kids that a) video games are not like real life (otherwise some bullies in junior high would have had hadoken scars) and b) how to appreciate them in moderation. Reading, sports, socializing, and homework are all important, but just like your diet, they need to be in balance. Also, like your diet, each person is unique so you have to find a balance that works for you. Every reason you brought up that had some reason behind, whether fully true or not, could be handled by parents working with their kids to balance out the negative effects.

  15. I disliked for "Games make kids violent"

    Edit: also Will Rot Your Brains, cuz these two thus far are so overrated opinions. Also, "BETTER Things to do" No.

    Also, what do you mean by child? I'm 14; And none of these bother me.

    also yeah, i don't need friends basically.

  16. The only thing I hate about kids and video games is when I'm playing a game where people can interact is when some kid gets on the mic and starts screaming and being annoying

  17. I hope children should be offended m rated games are rated m for a reason it's interesting that kids playing GTA call of duty and other games and school shootings are on the rise… Food for thought

  18. I am 13, I play video games like half of my day and it teaches me stuff, On School Of Dragons if you do leviathan quest you will work with spinning wheels putting them together, Roblox build your own mech, My imagination goes crazy and I build the unimaginable!

  19. Not to lie. But I knew all about this and kids can play some video games but it's best that kids should stick with nintendo sense it's mostly for kids and not too violent, and video games aren't something to be taken seriously just something ment to be used for fun. 😀

  20. Some say gaming will be the future of education. Don't listen to President Trump, who says he blames games for mass shootings.

  21. i dont need work out. i have a high vatabalism or whatever. meaning i dont ever gain much weight… that being said, im gonna be a child model

  22. Well actually, games make people more intelligent, aware of things, and make them know more about the world. I have been playing games since 4, and I'm now 12, I have a above average IQ. games help people out in many ways. I am aware of politics, and many more. This is bull, I hate it when they say games make people brainwashed. Not all games are innapropriate with half naked women. ME and my brother do not like hose things, considering they are boring, and dumb. We play fortnite and rainbow six seige. As a girl that plays games, i hate being treated differently from men. It's obnoxious, and most people that play games are highly intelligent so don't feed us all this crap.

  23. Online games like fortnite makes them spastic fucks and only adults, teenagers and really mature kids that don’t act spastic when not playing and when playing

  24. Guys kids don’t under stand yet let them be kids later on in life they will under stand.

  25. One think I do t like is kids feel they need to play games which are not in the age group for games made for them. They play a mature game 17+. And we know they are like 10-12. Why allow these kids on these games? I don’t like hearing kids on these games as you kill them in the game and all they do is rage, and cry like a little baby. They need to be moderated, and prevented from being on these games. Maybe have xbox or PlayStation have a way to force a log in to a profile or even online by facial recognition. Which then prevents them from playing games which are too mature for them… hearing these kids on these games gives me a migraine. And makes me mad that their parents don’t care enough about them to spend time with them so they are not on the game. I grew up where all my chores, and homework had to be done before I played the ATARI. Bring back discipline. Spank your kids. Make them listen to you and not defy you… remember, if the kids call the cops for u disciplining your child. The cops will laugh at them and tell the kids, you call the cops again, we will take you in, put you in a cell. For a false emergency call…

  26. There is some games kids can play but some games GTA,COD if they're young between 7-9 are violent for their age. So kids can play games that are not violent. Some parents let their kids play shooting games like COD,Destiny, and more if they're 12 and above. So yeah kids can play games.

  27. I play tons of rated M games and I am still a child. I don’t rage at the game and I don’t use the influence in the games in life. Right now I am moving in 7th grade and from my knowledge playing video games, they don’t make your grades go down because I have Straight A’s

  28. m rated games sex adult language blood and gore course violence violence nudity partial nudity course language drug use drug reference strong violence.

  29. I don't think videogames always cause violence but videogames are far too addicting and dangerous for kids to play. Kids are supposed to be going to school. Not playing games.

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