Top 10 NEW Indie Games of November 2019

Top 10 NEW Indie Games of November 2019

November is always a big month for games
mostly within the triple-a space that said there’s also plenty indie games
coming out to get excited about hi everybody and today on get indie gaming
I have 10 indie games I’d be eager to play this November 2019 so let’s crack on an at number 10 new
super Lucky’s tale finds its way onto the Nintendo switch November the 8th if
you’ve heard of or play the original from 2017 then you already know what to
expect in this new release that said there’s plenty more added to the overall
package here we have a completely new story and fully upgraded player controls
we also have a fully rotatable camera viewpoint and big upgrades to everything
from the art the lighting the UI and the sound and the music it’s also a clear
love letter or tribute to the classic 3d platformers of old and comes with many
hundreds of collectables and secrets to discover as well as many many clothing
items with which you’re able to personalize your character this time
there’s even more variety in the gameplay with minigames puzzles – best
plenti boss battles to get your teeth into and much much more
new Super Lucky’s tail looks to be a solid start at this month’s countdown next up at number 9 we have still there
I played a good couple hours of this at a recent demo event and was really
impressed with what’s a story-driven psychological point and click
puzzling adventure it touches on the themes of grief isolation and some very
tasty Italian coffee you play as Carl hambar the only crew member on the bento
spacestation wave only one companion which is a
slightly deranged AI character known as Gorky you start off undertaking a number
of routine based tasks such as keeping the station up and running
although soon enough you receive an emergency radio transmission and
thereafter everything is changed while I only had a few hours with still there I
found the story and the dialogue were rich and while I didn’t initially warm
to the AI Gorky character which I suspect is intentional there’s plenty
going on here and some of the puzzles even early doors are right proper head
scratchers still there is expected onto home PCs via Steam November the 20th now at number eight fromto hits early
access November the 14th as you can see from the on-screen antics here it’s a
physics based racing game platformer that features childlike animations in
what the developers say was inspired by smashing things together from their
childhood play boxes with single and multiplayer modes the former sees you
having to build the track to get from point A to point B using a simple
builder system and also having you use 40 different track elements while in the
multiplayer which is online or local couch co-op you all race together with
the first person getting over the finish line naturally enough being the winner
of course while you race against each other you’ll also be looking to force
the other players to crash will generally slow them down fromto is
expected to stay in early access for around 4 months with the full game
coming out in the first half of 2020 at number 7 and coming to the epic store
and all of the consoles yaga is an action RPG set in the world of Slavic
folklore you play as Ivan as somewhat unlucky blacksmith who’s caught in a
triangle with his grandma who wants him to settle down to find a wife a dark and
mysterious witch who tries to have power over him and a powerful czar who demands
he complete any number of thankless tasks in Yaga you build your reputation
within the game which impacts on how the NPC’s treat you help you or otherwise
and also it means how you unlock new abilities secrets and trading options
there’s also the ability to play with a Slavic pagan beliefs and superstitions
to afford getting spirits on your side and have them ward off or avoid powerful
curses like all RPGs as a decent-looking crafting system with plenty of talismans
and artifacts to find to alter your abilities and gameplay all in it seems a
charming art style and soundtrack is great together with what seems to be a
compelling multiple endings and all in fun combat
systems Yaga comes out November the twelfth at number six and a game I
foolishly missed at the recent EGF show in London Skibo Zack initially was
imagined as a final year student project this does something new within a mix of
classic arcade platformers and Japanese rhythm games all of this comes from Ugo
Rossini the lead game designer who was on record saying he loves both genres
and wanted to design a game with a satisfying feeling and particular flow
of rhythm games but mixed with in another genre in skybox Zack your
reflexes will be tested where you pull off attacks and combos by pressing the
coloured buttons as indicated on the screen I can’t say I’ve seen anything
quite like it before this one launches on PC via Steam on
November 7th and is expected to come to consoles at some point soon at the
halfway point number five we have lost ember here we have an adventure game
where humans are no longer around and the world has been taken back by nature
and the animals while your main character is a majestic looking wolf you
are able to meet with other creatures and inhabit them thereby using their
abilities to find and go places a wolf simply can’t get to this means you can
fly into the forests canopy as a bird scales sheer cliffs as a mountain goat
and dig yourself to places new while becoming a mole lost
amber looks adorable and comes with an equally beautiful soundtrack there’s no
doubt I’ll be playing lost amber when it launches on Steam the PlayStation 4 and
Xbox on November the 22nd switch fans don’t worry there’s a whore expected to
come out at some point a little bit later
at number four spark light has the look of an old Zelda game with its on palling
pixel art and overall look and feel now I think this does look fantastic and I’m
really drawn into how it seems to offer a great mix of an open world without
having any hints tips directions or quest markers now quests are given by
NPCs although it’s up to you to find them and once offered you’ll need to
figure out how to go about completing their tasks there’s very little
hand-holding here with a fun looking weapon and an upgrade system together
with a procedurally generated world that changes with each death and run-through
sparklet has the trappings of something rather fun and launches November 14th on
Steam and all of the consoles at number 3 Spirit of the north is already out
having launched November 1st and sees you play as a fine-looking red fox
within a visual only experience without any spoken dialogue in what’s really a
platform based adventure about companionship inspired by the Icelandic
mountains and other features of this remote North Atlantic Island it’s one
where I found myself stopping playing to simply sit back and take it all in it’s
also really well aided by a decent camera system which means you can take
some really stunning screen shots as for the graphics well the fox is finally
animated for the most part as is the scenery which has been pulled together
with equal care there are occasions where things don’t work so well
particularly though in some of the platforming jump sections there are
times where you need to be super precise and if you mess things up while you
can’t die failing the jump section sees you having to retrace your route to have
another go which can take some time and again
some what labor some every now and again what spirit of the North does though
very well is within its narrative and use of cutscenes which really deliver a
fine punch and in doing so as I have already mentioned without any in-game
vocal work this in itself is a fine achievement at the moment spirit of the
north is a PlayStation 4 exclusive with it potentially coming to home PCs and
other consoles sometime down the line at number two and this month’s runner up we
have the tourist a game announced for the Nintendo switch at Gamescom earlier
in the year I have perhaps 10 or so minutes hands-on with this at the show
and was really impressed by it for some reason though I didn’t include
it in any of the content I produced from the show which in retrospect was a real
shame the tourist offers and plays within an action-adventure game with
puzzle elements it sees you take on the game as a character on holiday having
just arrived at the Magnificent Monument Islands the emphasis here is on all
round easy fun within the ever so pretty and cute blocky art stylings as for what
you can do well you can pretty much do most things you would do on a normal
holiday although that being said you also find yourself up against many traps
boss battles and dungeon puzzles so not really like any of the holidays I’ve
kind of been on in recent years this looks super fun and wonderfully casual
and is the type of game our play no doubt while out and about that say on
the morning commute the tourist launches on the switch November the 14th bumbling through their bumble here to
tell you about bumbo game it called the ball and so we’re down to the number one
this one comes from edmund mcmillen who many of you will know is one of the
creators of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac the legend of bumbo
initially announced all the way back in 2016
comes to steam first this November 12th as the name suggests this game features
the Bumbo character from The Binding of Isaac and once again were doing battle
with all sorts of nasties and traps within randomly generated dungeons
however unlike the two previous games in this series The Legend of bumbo uses a
turn-based combat system within what’s called a match for style puzzle mechanic
during the battles bumbo routes into his bag of stuff and throws down different
lifts while stacking them up to attack defend and gain mana to use in the
casting spells I’m really taken with the overall
aesthetic that’s been used here I particularly love how the paper and card
like creations together with the muted browns and yellows all kind of just
merges so well together the audio also seems fine enough and if this is any bit
as good as doing what the two previous games did this could be a another smash
hit for Macmillan and so with that which of these games are you most looking
forward to playing let me know down in the comments if you’ve liked this video
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I’ll see you all again here soon for more indie game videos

45 thoughts on “Top 10 NEW Indie Games of November 2019

  1. Here are my choices of the best looking indie games out this November. Let me know which ones you like and while you’re here, give that like button a slap, would you? Cheers!

  2. My Indie-of-the-Month will likely be Valfaris – finally getting to it, as it's coming now on PS4/XO. I really like the look of Skybolt Zak, a fascinating genre-blender.

  3. New Super Lucky's Tale seems like it will scratch that cool and fun 3d platformer itch. Still there and lost ember are the kinds of games I can see myself playing late at night while getting confy and ready for story and visuals. I hope Skybolt Jack has a demo, because it can be really good or really bad, depending on fine adjustments. It kind of reminds me of Muse Dash, but with more variety of controls.

  4. An intriguing list of games, and I hope to purchase almost all of them eventually! Since most are higher-priced indies ($20-25, and more for physical), I will need to space out my purchases over the coming weeks. Like a lot of regulars to your channel, I love to support indie game devs financially when I can, but considering the fact that there are also a lot of really cool games out there for $7-15, it makes it hard to buy 5 or 6 indies coming out all in one month that are asking for twice that. I don't envy the devs and publishers when they have that conversation about day one price. The holidays are coming up, and many of us are really on a tight budget.

  5. Everybody described " Lost Ember " playing as a Wolf.
    Get Indie Gaming describes it instead ….playing as
    " a majestic looking Wolf" This is why I adore your channel, you use rich vocabulary to portray every selected game's true nature and purpose !

  6. Spirit of the North looks relaxing, Super Lucky’s Tale looks fun. I will be getting these two. Great Video as usual.

  7. That paper/cardboard look worked so well for Yoshi, ha! To me it looks like they couldn't be arsed with the artwork, again.

  8. Me encanto el zorro 80chentoso! Ya lo tengo precomprado. Espero mucho del New Super Lucky´s Tale. Se ve como un plataformero hecho con mucho amor <3

  9. Most of them look great. The new Lucky's tales seem enticing, from developer commentary, the game receives some overhaul and adjustment from the previous one; also thumbs up for Skybolt Zack for bringing a new concept and mechanic to life, Sparklite, The Touryst and The legend of Bum-bo.

  10. Yay! new video!! The go my own rundown and some though:

    6: Sparklite (interested, but wary)
    5: Lost Ember (this game has been talked about for some time and I'm very intrigued about it)
    4: Yaga (Oh, I didn't know about this game and it looks pretty cool)
    3: The Touryst (it looks really fun indeed! I'd really like to try it)
    2: Skybolt Zack (Wooooow! it seems amazing!)
    1: Still There (This game pushes all my buttons)

  11. Great selection of indie games as always! Thank you for including Still There in your top 10 for this month, it means a lot to us 🙂

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