Top 10 Jokers

Top 10 Jokers

(WatchMojo intro plays) – [Dunk] Joker is a funny guy. Here is the Top 10 Jokers… #10 Old Joker. What people forget about Batman is that he was never a comic book until the ’90s. He actually started out as a 1940s action show where the Joker would always tangle people up in his famous Trick Streamers. – [Robin] “Holy New Years Eve!” “He got me in his famous…” “Trick Streamers!” – [Dunk] Back in the day, people thought this Joker was very scary. But they also thought this was scary, because they were fucking babies back then. (The Joker laughs) – [Mr. Belmont] “I do believe it’s that arch-criminal , the Joker!” – [Dunk] The actor for Robin would go on to create a dog food brand with this very unique packaging. He really fit a lot of information onto this dog food- #9 Drew Russel. Russel was never cast in the role of the Joker, but his viral audition sent shock waves down the Batman Community, becoming one of the franchise’s biggest “What ifs?” – [Drew] “Wanna know how I got these scars?” “Well…” “I’m the Joker, baby!” #8 Jared Little. Jared Little spent months preparing for his role in 2016’s Suicide Squad. Unfortunately, when it came time to film, he was considered to be too small to fit on the camera. But… this Joker is still scary to audiences’ nightmares today, with his signature “Damaged” tattoo on his forehead. With a tattoo like that, you know this Joker was one messed-up guy. #7 Lego Joker. I hate Lego Joker. Fuck the people who make this movie! This is the worst Joker. #6 Scooby-Doo Joker. “Scooby-Dooby-Doo, fucko!” That’s what he said. Scooby-Doo has featured dozens of special guests over the years, like Smash Mouth and John Cena, but perhaps the spookiest ghoul Scoob ever had to face was the Joker himself. – [Joker] “Now, Pengy-Wengy,” “watch me lure them into the Room of Doom” #5 Dracula Joker In the comic book
“Batman & Dracula” Batman actually kills Dracula. So then Joker takes control of Dracula’s army to fight Batman. Then there’s an issue where Batman turns into a tiger, then there’s one where he turns into Zebra Batman, then he turns into fucking Bat-baby, then he has a pet named Mogo, the Bat-Ape; then he holds an auction to sell off all the stuff from the Batcave, then he has to call in fucking Superman to fight a skunk, Okay? So don’t act like this fucking dumbass Dracula shit is stupid, okay? #4 Train Joker. #3 Luke Skywalker Joker. Did you guys know that the guy who does the voice for Joker in the video game is the same guy who does the actor for Luke Skywalker? Talk about being a dumb bad Jedi that doesn’t know the rules. (laughs) #2 Jack Nicholson version. Director Tim Burton is infamous for saying “Batman sucks.” “My movies are not movies.” “My movies are real life” When it released in 1989, critics were appalled by the grittiness and dark tone of Batman. Up to this point, Superhero movies were considered light-hearted entertainment, for the whole family, but Tim Burton just had to ruin everything. Look at this stupid part that idiot Tim burton came up with where Batman is trying to shoot and kill the Joker. Thankfully… Jack Nicholson actually read the comics so he pulls out this gigantic gun that reaches all the way up to the airplane and shoots it at point-blank range- #1 Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger is so scary, in the Joker movie, that I was so… affraid the whole movie. And… you never learn who he actually is. That’s what’s so scary about him. He might actually be Batman. You don’t know! – [Joker] “Well, you look nervous.” “Is it the scars?” “You wanna know how I got ’em?” – [Drew Russell] “I’m the Joker, baby!” [OUTRO]

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Jokers

  1. I love how there was a picture of Joaquin Phoenix at the beginning and then he never showed up. And that he picked LEGO Joker as #7 though he hates it.

  2. everything wrong with this video:
    1. Why does he have the Watchmojo intro?
    2. This intro is short as hell.
    3. The Adam West series was in the sixties not the twenties.
    4. Batman became a comic in the thirties, not the nineties.
    6. Absolutely no one found this joker creepy.
    7. This audition is garbage.
    8. *Jared LETO
    9. Jared Leto does not deserve to be on this list.
    10. Why did you put Lego Joker on this list if you hate Lego Joker?
    11. Scooby Doo joker is not scary even to characters who are known for being scared of everything.
    12. Is this supposed to be a Joker movie list, or a comic list?
    13. Why? Why train Joker? Also movies or comics?
    14. Mark Hamill Joker
    15. "The guy who does the voice for Luke Skywalker"
    16. Tim Burton's Batman was a masterpiece that reimagined comics for all eternity. Do you enjoy the campy stuff?
    17. Heath Ledger was so scary in the "Joker movie"? Joaquin Phoenix anything you wanna say?
    18. If the scary thing is that we don't learn who he is then we can say pretty much every joker is scary.

  3. I just love how Joker has only ever used his “famous” trick streamers once ever in the history of all of the DC universe.

  4. Liar, the best joker is the joker from the joker. Chronos made joker to wreak havoc upon zeus so zeus wouldnt kill chronos. but then, zeus created batman to stop the joker, and batman stopped the joker. but then chronos made more jokers, thats why there are lots of jokers. batman is a bitch.

  5. My top 10:

    10 (or 9): Brent Spiner
    9 (or 10): Jared Leto
    8: Troy Baker
    7: Caesar Romero
    6: Zack Galifianakis
    5: Jack Nicholson
    4: Joaquin Phoenix
    3: John DiMaggio
    2: Heath Ledger
    1: Mark Hamill

    Mark is the absolute best. The Quintessential Joker. The voice I hear in my head whenever I read the comics. Heath Ledger was downright scary and breathed brand new life into the character. John DiMaggio is the only person I can imagine taking over for Mark as the primary animated Joker when Mark dies. Joaquin Phoenix is only 4th because the first 3 are so damn good. Also arguably, he's playing a very different kind of Joker whom we understand inside and out as a man who had a bad day, rather than the unknowable Batman villain.

    Nicholson I'll respect, though it always felt more like he was playing himself as the Joker rather than just the Joker. Zack Galifianakis is entertaining for what the material is, but is also totally not scary because of what the material is. Caesar Romero is more or less in the same boat, but I can watch The LEGO Batman Movie more easily than I can 60s camp. Troy Baker did a fine job in Arkham Origins. But due to the Joker in the Arkhamverse being mostly Mark, it felt like he was just shackled to doing his best Mark Hamill impression for continuity's sake. Which means however good a job he did, it was just mimicry. He never really made the character his own.

    9 and 10 I can't quite decide which is worse. I think on one hand Brent Spiner, freaking Data, is one of the worst choices for someone to be Joker. He just doesn't fit. But then again, we only had to endure him in a couple of episodes of Young Justice. Leto meanwhile, while he's more committed to the role, and arguably can play crazy, his version just didn't work either. It was too try hard edgy. And it's hard to know if that's all on him, or the director, or both. And also the fact that he's the Joker of the DCEU has lasting damage on the entire shared universe. We may be stuck with him, whereas Spiner was fleeting as Young Justice isn't really about the Joker at all. So it depends on how you look at it.

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