Top 10 Best PC Games of 2017 So Far

Top 10 Best PC Games of 2017 So Far

10. Opening our list of the best PC Games
this January to June 2017 is Hidden Folks. There’s something beautiful about this game.
With its fresh hand-drawn art style and minimalistic presentation, what’s not to love about this
hidden-object game? Point and click at the various interactive and living illustrations
they provide. It’s so simple you get caught into its odd
game design. From the vocally-produced sound effects, hear every pop, twang, plop and swish
at every click. It’s just so alluring it sucks you into their funny, yet peaceful world.
If you want to know more about the numbers, it has over 17 illustrations, 200 hidden targets,
over 300 interactions, Steam achievements, Trading Cards and more. Talk about so much
content for such a small game. Lastly, the best thing about this Indie game
is that it keeps growing. The two developers will keep providing players a chance to find
more folks hidden beneath its white, miniature and picturesque world. They just released
their latest update called “The Factory Update” which added more surprises in store
to the players. It totally deserves a PlayScore of 8.34. 9. Halo Wars: Definitive Edition An RTS game built around Bungie’s legacy.
Set in the Halo universe, strategically maneuver your troops with its real time tactical gameplay.
This definitive edition comes with improved visuals, new achievements, and all the DLC’s
updated natively to the PC. Set in the iconic war between the UNSC and
the Covenant, march your troops in a full-scale galactic warzone worthy of science fiction
glory. Control large armies, ride Warthogs, Scorpions and more in a complex futuristic
skirmish. Experience the gripping single player campaign and stop the Covenant from destroying
humankind. If the Single Player experience is too much,
players can always step into its multiplayer and challenge friends locally or online. For
a game that started out after the ashes of Bungie, it finally reached PC and it’s worthy
of a definitive upgrade. It feels as if the Xbox 360 was just released yesterday. This
is the first step for Microsoft to release more Halo games on Steam. It has a PlayScore
of 8.35 8. Prey Set in an alternate history where J. F. Kennedy
was never assassinated, step into the peak of high-end space programs. Bethesda’s latest re-imagining of the classic
masterpiece takes you to Talos 1. A space station infested with extraterrestrial dangers.
Follow the story of Morgan Yu, a researcher caught in a spiral of madness. Escape from
the derelict ship, and live to tell the tale. Use your powerful mind-bending abilities to
tear them apart. When all else is lost, blow them up with your futuristic weapons. This first person shooter still retains the
atmosphere from the original game but it’s greatly improved on all fronts. Making it
a visually satisfying experience. Fans and critics loved the games open-ended sci-fi
action, making every walking journey a digital playground. However, it was lambasted for
its weak storytelling and somewhat unresponsive AI. Nevertheless, it’s a decent game that
garnered a PlayScore of 8.46 7. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard CAPCOM made the right decision to change the
way Resident Evil works. From their usual third-person fixed camera gameplay, they decided
to revamp its formula into a first-person mayhem. That means horror is literally in
your face. Set in Dulvey, Louisiana, follow Ethan as
he finds his missing wife. Little did he know he’s in for the time of his life when he
meets the lovely Baker family. A demented, infected and totally crazy group of people
determined to end his life. Traverse around The Baker residence to solve puzzles and avoid
the uncomfortable grip of the Molded. Terrifying new creatures created by diabolical means.
Escape from the clutches of evil, and nope the fuck out of the place. The game comes with DLC’s including a free
story-related mission that’s set to release sometime this year. It’s two other DLC’s
called Banned Footage 1 and 2 are a set of puzzles and minigames with a bit of lore to
add around the Baker family. Critics loved the change of gameplay, calling
it “a true horror experience”. We can’t wait for what CAPCOM has in store for the
future of this redesigned series. It has a PlayScore of 8.50 6. Tales Of Berseria The sixteenth main installment of the acclaimed
Tales series. Somewhat a prequel to Zestiria, follow Velvet Crowe in her quest for personal
revenge in a world torn apart by ruin. It’s waaay different compared to the previous Tales
games where everything is mellow and jolly. This entry takes you to the inner darkness
of the human heart and features broken people with a vendetta. Combat makes a refined return to this game.
The Linear Motion Battle System is enhanced to accommodate the game’s newest feature:
The Soul Gauge. This vengeful ability lets you deal out insane combos and special abilities
to your enemies. Utilize each of the characters’ soul gauge and watch your team of badass anti-heroes
go all around the place. The game was a massive success. Critics and
gamers loved the story, characters and the unique direction they’re going. Velvet Crowe
is a very likeable anti-heroine that really strays away from their usual character formula.
Their main gripe, however, is its lack of exploration. The Tales series isn’t always
keen on open world designs, but it could’ve been better if they did. Nevertheless, it
receives a PlayScore of 8.57 5. Night In The Woods There’s something really perplexing about
this game. No, it’s not horror and no it’s not a game where you take down monsters in
stylish fashion. In fact, it’s just a game where narrative and exploration go hand in
hand in a seemingly thoughtful tale about friendship, bravery and maturity. Follow Mae as she drops out of college and
return to her hometown. Upon her arrival, she notices something strange. The whole town
has changed, including her friends. She also noticed something in the woods. In its platformer
controls, roam around the town and talk to Mae’s anthropomorphic friends, family and
even her boyfriend to find out the deeper mysteries of the town. The developers stated that the game will talk
about themes like Depression, Mental Illness, Existentialism and more to give players new
insight about said themes. It was one of the reasons why the game succeeded in their Kickstarter
campaign. Critics and gamers loved its atmosphere and story. It’s one of the finest Indie
games to hit the market this year and it has a PlayScore of 8.59 4. Tekken 7 The latest entry to the most popular fighting
game on the planet goes personal. Bandai Namco utilizes the powerful Unreal Engine 4 to put
you in a battle of visual splendor. The Mishima feud is about to end and it’s time to learn
the real score between Kazuya, Jin and Heihachi. What started out as a simple arcade during
1994 now turns to one of the most iconic fighting games of the generation. Who would’ve though
the series could go this far? Pick from over 30 memorable characters from
the Tekken franchise including new ones like the Arabic Shaheen, the Filipino Josie Rizal,
or the Weirdo Chloe. Learn the ropes and analyze new fighting patterns with the game’s latest
mechanic called Rage Arts. This powerful ability deals massive damage when used right. Aside from that, players can enter Online
Mode to fight players of equal skill level. Do you have what it takes you reach Tekken
God? If not, might as well customize your favorite hero with the game’s ridiculous
amount of cosmetics. It has a PlayScore of 8.64 3. Detention Now this one’s different. Nowadays, horror
has been reduced to petty jump scares and terrible writing. Fans of the genre have grown
tired with the latest horror games on the market. However, one game stood out from the
pile of rotten entries. From RedCandleGames, a Taiwanese developer,
comes a twisted yet somber tale about two students trapped in Greenwood High School
during the events of Taiwan’s White Terror. Guided by the game’s smart narrative, beautiful
art design and intricate puzzles, help these two students find reprieve by staying away
from creepy creatures of East Asian myth. The game offers so many themes including Taoism,
Buddhism, and even Taiwan’s very own tales to truly deliver an atmospheric horror experience
that would give you nightmares. The game received overwhelming praise due
to its harrowing story and fantastic ending. Pick this game at your own risk, because it’s
worth it. It has a PlayScore of 8.70 2. Hollow Knight Indie games have taken over PC. We say it
because it’s slowly putting Triple A games to the test. The amount of quality and content
they offer can rival big companies. But that’s a story for another time. Team Cherry’s
adorable metroidvania adventure takes you to a world of ruin with a brave Knight and
his little sword. Follow his quest in Hallownest. A once thriving civilization of bugs now barren
and infested with evil. Descent into the ruined caves and witness a game that is unforgiving,
yet clever. Combat is tight and slick. The game is never
at fault with your pathetic death. Each movement is fluid, making you deal out attacks at a
reasonable way. Use your Soul to unleash devastating powers to your enemies or regenerate your
health. Maneuver to different locations and backtrack with the use of your abilities.
Throughout your journey, face off unique monsters that prove to be challenging. The game isn’t
telling you where to go next, the adventure is all about how you play it. If not for its gameplay and story, the game
is oozing with details. From the hand-drawn artstyle to the magical musical score, Hollow
Knight is something you should get. It’s like Ori and the Blind Forest had a baby with
Dark Souls. Think about that. It has a PlayScore of 8.74 1. And the best PC game during January to
June 2017 is none other than What Remains Of Edith Finch Giant Sparrow’s follow-up game after the
success of The Unfinished Swan takes you to an ephemeral story about Edith Finch as she
uncovers the mystery of her family’s death. Walk around dreamlike locations and step inside
a haunted Washington Estate in first-person form. What really happened to your family
and why are you the only Finch alive? During the course of the game, players will
find hidden passageways and intricate puzzles that offer new information about the family’s
troubled past. No, it’s not a horror game, but it does feel like one with its creepy
setting. It’s a game that focuses on deep storytelling and gorgeous art. Powered by
the Unreal Engine, feel the realism in every passing episode. There’s not much to talk about the game
without giving spoilers. It’s highly recommended to try this game out, and watch how a game
with good atmosphere and story leave a lasting impression to your life. It has a PlayScore
of 8.89 And here are the runners-up before we reveal
the number one. 11. Emily is Away, Too, an expanded version
of Emily is Away, with music videos and memes. Step into a narrative experience powered by
a simple messaging medium. Both critics and gamers agree that this isn’t for everyone.
If you enjoyed the first game, you’ll find this far more entertaining. Otherwise, play
at your own risk. It receives a PlayScore of 8.34. 12. Vanquish, a third-person sci-fi shooter
that promises to keep you on your toes! It’s a PC port of a game first released in 2010
on the Xbox 360 and PS3… and, yes, it’s the finest version of all. Why? Because of
the keyboard-mouse control, of course! It has a PlayScore of 8.30. 13. Full Throttle Remastered. This is a graphic
adventure first released by LucasArts in 1995. The visuals may not have aged well, but critics
continue to praise its clever writing, characters, voice-acting and puzzles…. But it’s kinda
short, offering about 5 hours of game time. It gets a PlayScore of 8.29. 14. Little Nightmares. Horror and puzzle platformer
rarely work well. This game almost made it to the classics. Critics point to mediocre
pacing and half-baked platforming to give it an average rating; meanwhile praising its
atmosphere, creatures and gameplay. It receives a PlayScore of 8.25. 15. Steel Division: Normandy 44, a real-time
strategy simulation that promises realistic depiction of war and war machines. Unfortunately,
it’s not for everyone. It caters to hardcore strategy fans, with real-world tactics and
settings. RTS vets, this might just be your game of the year. It has a PlayScore of 8.22. 16. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, a remake
of a 1989 classic adventure platformer complete with hand-drawn animation and re-recorded
soundtrack. Despite all these updates, its outdated platforming mechanics makes for awkward,
whimsical platforming. It receives a PlayScore of 8.21. 17. Everspace. This is how No Man’s Sky
should be. Voyage into the cosmic beauty of the Universe and watch how space-shooters
adapt to the roguelike genre. Immerse through its non-linear story and captivating single
player campaign. With the help of your ship, you won’t have a problem. The universe is
your playground, and you play it well. It has a PlayScore of 8.16 18. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. From the team
that gave us Killing Floor comes a game that takes you to the peak of ‘Nam. Experience
the horrors of this world-changing battle because you’re just one shot away to being
dead. It’s realistic as hell. But don’t worry, no PTSD flashbacks. Don’t forget
to watch our gameplay video of it, linked below. It has a PlayScore of 8.08 19. Outlast 2. Red Barrels return to give
you a night of unmitigated scares. Survive the clutches of an evil demonic cult and run
away from the various threats that roam around Temple Gate. What the original Outlast lacked,
this sequel provided. Use your trusty camera to pave illumination in your path. It has
a PlayScore of 8.07 20. Stories Untold. A different kind of horror.
This text-based experimental game brims with harrowing atmosphere and mysterious story.
Use your handy dandy mouse to progress a seemingly haunted experience. There are over 4 episodes
in this story. It has a PlayScore of 8.06

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  2. Well I can say that none of these games interested me a whole lot. And worse although there are a lot of horror titles out RE7 is really great!!! Deserve's a better score. You really need headphones/surround sound and low brightness settings in the dark to really appreciate it! Atmosphere and low visibility while playing in the dark up the tension and great creepy vibe!!

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  5. The only games that came out this year that interests me is Cuphead and Total War Warhammer 2. Everything else is complete and utter trash. And don't even get me started on the over saturation of 2d platformer indie games. That shit has got to stop man. Steam is inundated with pixel shit and 2d platformers that barely even qualify as a c-list game.

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    edit: so i agree with the people who say this wasnt a good year for the gamers (everything here is opinion based)

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