Top 10 BEST NEW Indie Games of January 2020

Top 10 BEST NEW Indie Games of January 2020

With 2020 being the last year of the current
generation, welcome to Get Indie Gaming where in this video our first of the New Year, we’re
counting down the best ten looking indie games coming out this January 2020. At number 10 and something early doors to
grab your attention, Coffee Talk sees you play as a barista at a coffee house from an
alternate reality Seattle where human customers mix together with fantasy creatures such as
elves, orcs, dwarves and others all what seems at times, a slightly strained coexistence. We had time with a 15 or so minute demo late
towards the end of last year and found it really rather charming. As could be expected, it feels all rather
low key and relaxing with a chilled out sound track with beautifully rendered pixel art
and exquisitely pulled together character animations. As for the game, well it’s best coming at
Coffee Talk with a view of this being a visual novel where story sections are interspersed
with scenes where you deliver your customers taylored drinks according to their individual
tastes and given the size of the inventory you have at hand, there’s plenty for your
creative side to get stuck into. Coffee Talk comes out onto home PC and all
the usual consoles January 30th and if you fancy a quick play to check it out, there’s
a demo to try with a link to it down in the description. Up now at number 9, the white door grabbed
our attention at during last years Gamescom and comes out this January 9th. This is the latest offering from Rusty Lake
where your character finds himself within what appears to be a mental health facility
where you repeat the same tasks on demand day after day. As you play you dive into Robert’s dreams
to help him unlock his memory and by doing so, you add more colour to what begins as
a simple, and yet striking black and white coloured world. To be honest, the games official steam page
and other listings do not give too much away although we’d be somewhat surprised if there
isn’t something sinister going on here under the hood. The white door comes out January 9th onto
home PCs via steam and also on ios and andriod mobile devices. At number 8 and coming out in early access
towards the tail end of the month we have Not For Broadcast. Set within an alternate 1980s where the nation
is sliding towards dystopia, you take command of the production gallery of the National
Nightly News Team and it’s up to you to decide what to broadcast to the nation. As you can perhaps guess, Not For Broadcast
is a immersive narrative driven propaganda live television simulation. While launching in Early Access with three
parts, the full game will have ten in total with the team using the rest of the development
cycle, estimated at a further 18 months to further iterate the gameplay and create the
additional content. Essentially this is of course work as gameplay
as seen in the likes of Papers Please – ok so that’s a stretch of a comparison although
having played the available demo, there’s plenty of potential if the team are able to
build on what’s already here and act on the feedback from players that will no doubt
come from those taking this up when it launches on Steam this January 30th A Long Way Down also comes out in Early Access
January 16th and takes this month’s number 7 position. Taking inspiration from games such as Darkest
Dungeon, Slay the Spire and Hand of Fate, this deck builder comes with RPG elements
and sees you look to guide your character through a maze filled with secrets, fellow
travelers and of course enemies to see away. Scheduled to be in early access for between
6 to 8 months, the developers are promising player feedback will further help shape how
the game all comes together with the full version being far greater than the 3 or so
hours of play time it currently offers. Up next and at number 6, Orange Blood finds
it’s way onto PC on January 14th with it also coming to consoles at some point in the
second quarter. The game takes place within an alternate version
of late 20th century Japan where criminal gangs have taken over, and you play a character
called Vanilla, a prisoner of one of these gangs who can earn freedom by undertaking
a secret mission. Along the way you’ll also build a fierce
and formidable crew of like minded companions as you fight against mobsters, gangsters,
other prisoners and robots looking to give you and your pals and old fashioned hiding
. We’re intrigued how the game’s combat
will hold up given it’s turn based and how you’re able to loot and pick up randomly
generated weaponry throughout the game. We’re also really looking forward to seeing
how the soundtrack inspired by late 90s hip hop all builds this one together. There’s something a little different about
Orange Blood and on the Switch, we can see this getting a fair amount of tracktion Half way through this months countdown we
have Mind Seize which comes out onto Steam. In this 2D single player Metrodvania, you
play as M.C Fox, a Private Eye looking to take down a dangerous criminal organisation
called The Ascended. In a slight twist to the norm, after a previous
encounter with The Ascended’s leader where you were paralysed, you’ve since uploaded
your consciousness into a robotic body with which to carry on the chase. It comes with more than 10 hours of gameplay,
and via the use of the robot player character, it should afford all sorts of upgrades and
adaptations to aid the platforming and combat which seems smooth but with a lively pace. We’re also looking forward to getting deeper
into the overall story which the developers say has far more to offer than most of these
sorts of games which is big claim to make, and we’ll be sure to pick this one up when
it launches on January 30th At number 4 we have Skellboy in what’s probably
the cutest looking Zelda esq action rpg to launch over the course of the month. The Kingdoms court magician has been dumped
by his love and in a fit of rage and temper, he’s gone about using malign spirits to
raise the kingdoms long time dead evil human monsters although unbeknown to him at the
time, his magic also brought back a fellow called Skippy who happens to be one of the
heroes of old who quickly sets about trying to restore peace and order. Given Skippy’s a skeleton, this action rpg
has a nice little twist in as much you’re able to customise the character and swap out
body parts with which to better equip dear Skippy to help him achieve any of the games
given goals. While this might all look a little strange,
there’s a cheekiness at play here which makes us think in this game, well it’s not
trying to take itself all that seriously which is a fine change of pace. Skellboy comes to home PCs and the Nintendo
Switch towards the end of the month. Taking the number 3 spot, Cook Serve Delicious
3 is like its predecessors all about cooking fine food within high stress environments,
so not all too dissimilar to working a line service within any given kitchen, allbeeit
without the war torn environmental back story that’s at play. Set within 2024 America, this new version
mixes and matches up elements of the first two games while adding a full story on top
of the game play mechanics. With single player and couch co-op options,
there are quite literally hundreds of different recipes you’re able to pull together, some
of course requiring you to upgrade the equipment in your food truck as you make your way across
the country to Tenessee, the nations new Capital and once again prove to everyone you’re
the best Chef in the World. This comes out in Early Access at some point
in the month with a full release expected in Q3 later in the year. Up now and this months runner up, well there’s
no way we can introduce this game without saying that while this is not a Pokemon game,
it sure does look like and play like one. However, it’s not like the team behind TemTem
are trying to hide this. A quick glance at the games steam homepage
and you’ll find a little note to say that it’s a creature collection adventure game
directly inspired by Pokemon. So there you go – as could therefore be expected,
this game sees you travel around a brightly coloured world with capture, trading and battle
elements and just about everything else you would find in a legitimate Pokemon title. Aimed squarely at fans of this type of experience
looking for an MMO, you’ll play within a persistent World meaning it’s all the same
for you as well as the other players you come across. As could also be expected in a game such as
this, you’ll have the option to customise your player while also being able to decorate
and build a home of your own. It’s here you’ll be able to invite friends
across to visit within the co-op option – kind of like what you’re able to do within Animal
Crossing Don’t fret if you are looking for a single
player option as TemTem has this option too although for our money, we’d spend pretty
much all of our time within the multiplayer. TemTem is due out on Steam on January 21st
with plans for it also to come to all of the usual consoles at a time that’s to be advised. Our number 1 indie game out this January 2020
first featured here on the Channel back in early 2017 when we covered it for our now
retired KickStarter series. This side scrolling puzzler uses well known
public signage and their symbols to build what are essentially platforming sections
that have you moving and creating a path towards the levels exit. You can move the signs around the screen in
any order connecting them with lines as you play as a human figure. It’s all honestly great fun and just that
little bit different from what we’ve seen in the puzzle platforming World for a while. If you’re not yet convinced, you can download
a demo via the games website which gives you around 15 mins of playtime. You can find the link in the description below
– So which games are you most looking forward
to playing? Let us know down in the comments or on twitter
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to seeing you all back here soon for more indie gaming videos.

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  1. Happy new year to you! Glad you managed to catch the release announcement of Mindseize for Jan! Also CSD 3! Good start to the year!

  2. Happy New Year and welcome back to Get Indie Gaming for 2020. We've lots planned for the channel and cant wait to share everything with you over the next few weeks. If you aren't following us on Twitter via @GetIndieGaming is also another fine way to stay in the loop. Cheers all!

  3. I was just thinking about this channel and when the first video of 2020 will come out! Happy New Indie Games Year! 😀

  4. Happy new year my favorite indie gaming channel! Do you have any new idea for any new contents or video format for this new year?

    Also not that I'm complaining but isn't it kinda too early to pick January's best games? Why not wait until the end of the month?

  5. Happy New year bro! Thanks for the recommendations, is great to see someone helping to the small new studios. I have a question, how do you find all this new coming games? All day in Kickstarter? They come you you and show you their games? How?

  6. The White Door, Orange Blood, MindSeize and The Pedestrian looks legit fun. Thanks for these recommendations as I hadn't heard of any of these titles.

    I had only recently Subscribed to this channel last month and this was the first video I have watched from you and I really enjoyed it. So thanks a lot for this. Looking forward to more.

  7. I'm ecstatic that The Pedestrian is finally here. While the premise is simple, it's really amazing just how many little details have been added since the Kickstarter pitch.

  8. I'm really excited about TemTem, but I have a really dodgy Internet connection, so it probably isn't worth trying. The Pedestrian looks pretty sweet, though

  9. Happy New Year buddy. Best of health for this 2020 and fingers crossed you get over the 100k subs mark by the end of the year. Hugely underrated channel.

  10. Va11halla, red strings, necrobarista, and now coffee talk. I guess drama barista/bartender is officially a new game genre

  11. Coffee talk and pedestrian got my attention the most!
    I thought among the grooves was a January thing, guess I got it wrong

  12. Coffee Talk looks great! I love games like it, and assuming it follows in the strong narrative steps of stuff such as Va11-Hall-A and The Red Strings Club, I'm gonna be really happy with it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention 🙂

  13. The pedestrian looks awesome and very pretty so defenetly gonna try it, also i played coffe talk, which is not my type of game, but i really enjoyed it so i think i am gonna buy it for the switch as soon as it comes out

  14. Mindseize looks amazing hope it comes to PS4 in the future,but it seems to be on Switch still thinking of getting one so might just pick it up on that.

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