Top 10 BEST Indie Games on The Nintendo Switch

Top 10 BEST Indie Games on The Nintendo Switch

Hi there and welcome to Get Indie Gaming,
With the Nintendo Switch having stolen gamer’s hearts it’s time as we approach the end
of 2019 we took another look at the best 10 indie games on the platform. Have things changed
that much since last year, let’s straight into the action. At number 10 and one of the consoles hidden
sleeper hits, Far Lone Sails came out in August with it offering up a distinctive looking
side scroller vehicle adventure game with light puzzle and some platforming sections.
While much of the game is spent keeping your vehicle in working order by managing various
resources for example fuel and other things which you come across along the road, you
also need to keep the old thing from quite literally apart. While part management part
plate spinning, it never feels old or stale or gives off the impression of busy work.
Every once in a while you come across an obstruction which you clear by way of solving environmental
based puzzles and having done so you are back on the road again.
It’s very much a loansome and contemplative piece with the colour tones and audio having
a bleak and rough edge to them which works really rather well with the overall atmospherics.
While only a couple of hours long, this is one of the best ways on the switch to while
away an evening. At number 9, Tangle Tower came out only a
few weeks before this video was recorded and edged its way into the 10 best indie games
on the platform. It’s a murder mystery which has elements from the Ace Attorney games and
Professor Layton. You go about interrogating the folks who live
within a tower with the view of finding who’s responsible for the murder and in doing so,
you unravel a strange and yet totally convincing tale of discovery and intrigue. What sets this one apart on the Switch from
other visual type novels isn’t just the story and interactions you have with the NPCs,
but rather how the character animations and voice acting have risen the bar for those
that follow to such an extent, well this one really feels like it’s taken these sort
of games from an artistic perspective upwards to a new level of sophistication. Playing Tangle Tower feels like jumping into
an animated film that you are able to direct and control what’s going on which it ultimately
is. The puzzles are all immersive as is the narrative and all in, there are times when
I forgot I was playing a game at all and as we close out the year, I suspect tangle tower
might find a way onto a number of game of the year award rundowns. At number 8 and a game that will be instantly
recognisable to many of you and with it having featured in my 2018 best of Switch Games rundown,
Star Dew Valley is of course heavily influenced by the Harvest Moon series and builds upon
it’s overall premise. You begin having inherited a plot of land
and a modest in the village of Pelican Town and having done so, you are essentially free
to go about your business as you so desire. After a good few years I’m still ever so
happy to dive back into this, particularly of an evening where I find it one of the best
ways of unwinding after a hard day in the office and yes, the irony of staring at a
screen all day to doing the same in the evening at home isn’t lost on me.
In any case, I think the perfect few words that sums Star Dew Valley up rather nicely
in how you speak with NPCs harvest crops, go fishing and much more is that it’s all
so charming and wholesome and with the game never really finishing, I suspect I’ll keep
coming back indefinitely. Up next at number 7 with it coming out on
the Switch towards the tail end of last year, I didn’t get the chance to play it until
the summer just gone. While originally out on home PC and not adding
anything new within the overall package, Bastion is stuffed full of some of the most beautiful
isometric based gameplay on the platform – the art style drips quality from top to tale with
it also offering up some of the strongest options for you to customise your character
in any game I’ve ever played – the combat is also wonderfully put together with the
action coming at you from all sides in frantic fashion. If you have already played it elsewhere
you might want to look elsewhere although if like me you are new to it, it makes a wonder
full home on the Nintendo switch At number 6 Minit from April 2018 plays on
the title with it having the twist of killing you off every 60 seconds.
While the monochrome black and while graphics and the plinky plonkey soundtrack alone together
with the Zelda like top down approach to things won’t on their own cut mustard, there’s
a few things going on with minit that elevate it higher than most.
Where minit shines is how it has gone about the pacing of having you do the things you
need to do all within a 60 second countdown. The timer really helps focus you on where
you need to be and what you need to do while also giving you a mechanic where trial and
error and learning through failure doesn’t mean you waste too much time or progress – as
a game it’s so respectful of your time while playing it.
The writing also screams quality throughout as does the little design markers giving you
subtle clues as to where go next as does the inventory management system and persistence
of certain items that when packaged together like this just works so very well.
Minit continually surprised me and brought on many a smile as I pressed through on through
it all the way to that delicious ending sequence which rounds it off to perfection. First impressions with Iconoclasts, my number
5 on this switch countdown can be deceiving. From afar and up close it seems another generic
Pixel art game the sort of which we are far from lacking upon the Switch e Shop.
Any such worries or concerns disappeared soon enough with Iconoclasts being one of if not
the most enjoyable indie platformer to play on the platform this side of 2019 The animations
and character designs are exceptionally graceful as are the combat sections that feel tight
and meaty as is the well put together subtle and nuanced character upgrade system.
I was also deeply impressed with the puzzle elements which at times are fiendishly clever
and once bested saw me punch the air with delight. The story too is another fine aspect
with certain sections and elements remain very much with me nearly 20 months after the
credits rolled. Even today it would be easy to let this pass
you buy although in doing so, you would miss out on what is one of the most compelling
experiences and narrative journies of any 2d platformer ever made. At number 4, Into the Breach has become and
remained my go-to tactical turn based game on the Switch
Like the number 1, I’ve played Intro the Breach almost exclusively in hand held mode
with it being a constant companion on my 45 or so minute bus ride into work. With the
matches usually lasting between 5 to 10 mins although sometimes longer, it’s so easy
to pop in and out of and lends itself to short play sessions. All that being said, it’s
a game that also needs intense concentration with it also being a fine stiff challenge.
You can loose a battle in the first few moments if you’re not careful and yet when things
do all go correctly, the victories come with a fine sense of achievement. This remains
one of the best of it’s kind not just on the switch, but on any platform over the past
decade. At number three Hollow Knight has hugely gown
on me over the past year having had a second and third run through with it, it has gone
up in my estimation for the best games to play on the Switch.
During my first run I found it all a bit of a hard slog and while stunningly done, playing
it was a bit of a chore and didn’t find it all overly endearing. Having gone back
to it, well I find things are much improved in how I’ve taken with the combat and exploration
and everything all comes together to form a neat and yet still slightly bloated in places
overall package. In terms of the challenge and excitement from
it’s boss battles, there’s only one other indie game that beats it and I need to look
into the triple A side of things to find something with as much enjoyment and meat on the bone.
Having spent time with Silksong over the the summer just gone I’m super excited to come
back to this franchise when that comes out next year or perhaps more likely in 2021. At the number 2 position, Celeste came out
in Early 2018 and made a name for itself almost immediately. Not only do we have stunningly
rendered pixel art with a story and characters of weight, interest and depth, it’s also
incredibly tough and often requires pixel perfect platforming and the reaction skills
of lets say a test pilot and yet the most endearing aspect of Celeste, is what the developers
have done with this difficulty to uplift the overall access and opportunity for less able
players say for some one like me who earlier in the year lost much of the finer motor control
in my left thumb. In Celeste, players have the ability to tweak
many of the gameplay elements to make it easier to play. Those still looking for the hard
as nail options, well they are all there for you and yet having the ability for infinite
health and a longer grab time amongst many others removes any content gatekeeping so
more people can play Celeste to a conclusion than usually seen within this genre.
Purists will scoff and that’s by the by, on the Switch, there’s only one other game
if offered the choice, I’d rather play. And at number 1 and with this position being
unchanged since last year’s rundown, Dead Cells is my most loved game on this, or any
other console. After a nervy launch with issues in how it played, post release patches have
made the Switch my go-to platform to spend time with this classic. With over two hundred
hours on the clock, most of these spent while mobile on my daily commute, for fans of mash
ups of metriod vania and roguelikes, Dead Cells is something I’ll call close to perfection.
It’s not just in the stunningly beautiful pixel art or the gorgeous soundtrack and effects,
although they help, the real joy for me is from within how it all plays and boy is it
a pleasantly addictive experience with the most enjoyable combat sections and boss battles
all bundled with a sublime progression system that for me is ahead of anything else you
can play in 2019. I’ll argue it’s one of those games where
you can play it how you choose to do so. There’s platforming, strategy elements with puzzle
like sections too in how you adapt and load out your character to get the most from your
method of play. While brilliant early doors it can be a frustrating
experience with a steep difficulty curve where you often find yourself with no way to escape
from your attackers. However, as you build your character and become more powerful, things
not only get easier but a whole nother level of fun as you make your way through the hordes
of enemies like a hut knife through butter. I quite honestly cant recommend Dead Cells
enough and if you have yet to play it or don’t usually like games in this genre and you only
buy one game from this list, then make it Dead Cells So with Dead Cells still at the top of the
pile for Switch Games you should own in 2019, which games on the Switch have you most enjoyed
playing? Be sure to let me know in the comments. With next year all set to me another vintage
one of the Switch, be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with all things switch indie
gaming and once again, many thanks for watching and I’ll see you all again here soon for
another video.

36 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST Indie Games on The Nintendo Switch

  1. So here we go, out 2019 rundown of the top 10 best indie games to play and own on the Nintendo Switch. So which do you like the most and which of your favourites aren’t on the list? Be sure to let me know down in the comments.

  2. Untitled Goose Game, Fast RMX, Observer, Blasphemous, Gungeon, Rocket League, Moonlighter, Golf Story, Grav… Nevermind.. Dead Cells & Hollow Knight are two of the greatest video games ever created, though.

  3. Great content, I agree with most but definitely missing "The Messenger". One of the best games on the switch,thanks.

  4. This channel is beyond underrated (just like Indie games). Congratulations for the awesome work!!! Greetings from Brazil ??

  5. Someone please explain to me how Spelunky is not on the switch yet? Easily one the best indie games out there and a perfect fit for the console.

  6. "…like a hot knife through butter." the best description of how fun the game gets fun I've ever seen of DEAD CELLS. You didn't say anything about an accident in the beginning of the year, or maybe you said on tweeter, I don't use tweeter…

  7. this is just an amazing channel! I am already a fan of yours, just love indie games as much as you do and my preferences are the same! I really hope u will grow in numbers soon, ui really deserve it! thhank you for the great job!

  8. I had no fear of Dead Cells not making this list ?

    Kudos for including Minit, I bought it last month and absolutely loved it to bits and would definitely include it in my top 10, maybe even top 5 ??

  9. Hollow Knight should definitely be number 1 by a mile. I'd have to put Stardew Vslley at #2 and Dead Cells at #3, with Celeste and Ori barely missing the podium.

  10. Hyperlight drifter gets snubbed again 🙁

    Bastion and Minit are an absolute joy. I always hoped for an official art book for Bastion because the art style is one of a kind.

  11. Heh, not a surprise to see Dead Cells in #1, after all, we all know how much you love it 🙂
    Plenty of stuff here I haven't tried yet. I'll probably be getting Tangled Tower and Far Lone Sails after this endorsement. Both look up my alley. Also, I'm glad to see Iconoclasts getting attention–I love playing games made by a single person. Just like with Papers Please or Stardew Valley, it's a fascinating dive into someone's mind and their worldview. In this particular case, the story was the highlight for me, with its subtle exploration of class divides and how belief is used to uphold the status quo, while simultaneously providing people an avenue for change. I feel storytelling like this could never happen in the realm of AAA gaming, much in the same way it's impossible to find the subtlety of an arthouse film in a summer blockbuster, no matter how good the latter is.
    Anyway, rambling aside, thanks for making these videos. You're by far my go-to person for game recommendations, and I really appreciate what you do. Cheers 🙂

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