Top 10 Apple Arcade Games 2019

Top 10 Apple Arcade Games 2019

– [Narrator] Apple Arcade has
been out for three months now, and 2019 is quickly coming to a close. So, I wanted to give my own take on my Top 10 Apple Arcade games of 2019. Please heavily note. Are you listening? This is my list, it’s
not an official list. Many will not agree with
the games I’ve chosen and that’s fine. This video is just so
you can hear my thoughts on my favorite games, okay? Let me know your top 10
games in the comments. Starting at Number 10 we
have “Towaga: Among Shadows”. This is the follow-up game to “Towaga”, which released on iOS back in 2017. This new version was still
developed by Sunnyside Games but published to Apple
Arcade by Noodlecake Studios. “Among Shadows” was the
first Apple Arcade game I tried on my iPhone and
I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous cinematic art-style and action gameplay, where
you fire a light beam to stop enraged creatures. When I play the game, it feels
like a superhero action film. Especially in the flying levels. I really appreciate
Sunnyside Games being open with the community,
addressing some of the wishes from gamers and applying them
in the latest content update. Such as spells being
available in the flying mode, more outfits, and you
can now upgrade spells themselves with soul shards. I’m also looking forward to
the local multiplayer mode, being added in the coming weeks. Number 9 is “Shinsekai: Into the Depths”. Earlier in the year, CAPCOM showcased this under water survival game on-stage at the Apple September Event. I’ll be honest, for me
it looked pretty generic at first but when I got my
hands on it in September, this thought quickly changed. The most impressive
aspect is the sound design which was crafted underwater, and listening with my Bose
noise canceling headset really made me appreciate
the work put into the sound. But also, the post-apocalypse
world is massive here and has some minor open world elements, allowing players to explore
on foot or by submarine. I’m a sucker for
post-apocalypse games and movies and in my opinion CAPCOM
really nailed the hopelessness and devastation from
the buildings, cities, vehicles, ships and other infrastructure being highly damaged and
submerged under water. To add on, having to
manage your oxygen reserves underwater can be a real challenge and a thrill, especially when you’re on the last ounces of oxygen available. The only issue I had with this game was that the frame rate
could sometimes drop and I didn’t really like how they used this weird hidden texture thing when you hadn’t discovered an area. I thought it was a little
bit, not very good looking. This didn’t really ruin the experience, but it was just, you
know, a bit noticeable. Number 8 we have “Super Mega Mini Party” Welcome to my favorite
multiplayer game on Apple Arcade. This might be a surprise to some, as I know some gamers think
this one is really weird. But that’s what I loved about it. It’s silly, ridiculous, and fun. And everyone young and old can enjoy it. Right now, there are only
8 mini games on offer, but they play radically different. My favorite level would
have to be the Lava one, where players have to
keep hopping to platforms without accidentally
jumping onto the hot lava. And yes, I agree there
is not enough modes here, but RED GAMES will be adding
not just more mini games but also characters soon. You can play with up to four friends, or go online in the party mode. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t support local on screen couch co-op. I hope RED GAMES add
this in a future update, as this game is perfect for it. Number 7 is “Dear Reader”. This has to be one of the most overlooked games on Apple Arcade. Most people see it and say,
no I don’t want to read books. But please, let me explain to you what you’re missing out on. “Dear Reader” by Local No.
12, is not just about reading. I’d say it’s more of a puzzle game, that also allows players
to engage with literature and increase comprehension
and vocabulary skills. It’s fun. From scrambling anagrams,
to swapping lines of text, picking letters that fill in the blanks, and much more. And I’m not a big reader. I can’t concentrate on the words, when I try to read a book, but “Dear Reader” can be a catalyst for me to break down a book slowly and understand the words behind it. But also to appreciate the
importance of literature, and the writers behind these books who can often be forgotten about. It’s definitely best to
play this game on an iPad but it is still playable
on all the other devices, even an Apple TV. Which is quite a feat. Number 6 we have “Mini Motorways”. “Mini Motorways” is the
follow-up game to “Mini Metro” but instead of managing the flow of trains it’s now traffic. Dinosaur Polo Club have crafted a traffic simulation game that makes you problem solve in-game but also can have an effect on how you problem solve in real life. For example, this might sound stupid. Yesterday, I was stuck on
the highway for 40 mins in terrible traffic and as I was sitting in my car, I thought of “Mini Metro” and
how I could fix this issue to allow all the vehicles to move quicker. It’s not every day that a game can have this effect on you when you’re not even playing the game. Dinosaur Polo Club have
also heavily updated “Mini Motorways” with trees, new colors for the cities, more audio, your controller can now manipulate time. There are heaps of bug fixes and the game doesn’t heat
up your device as quickly. They are also adding a
photo mode in the future. (lively music) Number 5 is “Bleak Sword”. Developed by more8bit and published to Apple Arcade by Developer Digital, I like to think of this game
as a pixel arcade version of “Dark Souls”. That might sound weird, but the gameplay is
actually quite similar. The game is presented in a, yeah, an arcade level structure. So you can go through
nine tense chapters here. The action gameplay allows
you to strike enemies with a light and heavy attack, you can also block, parry and dodge. At first it can be a little difficult to understand how it all works but once you get the hang of it, it’s super satisfying and entertaining. The standout feature of
“Bleak Sword”, though, is the art style, which presents
2D assets in a 3D world. I absolutely love it! The only downside for this game, is how it’s locked in
a vertical orientation on iPhone & iPad. I think it would be so much
better in landscape mode, especially since the game
supports controllers. Number 4 we have “Mutazione”. This is another underrated
Apple Arcade game which is a shame, because
it’s really special. It’s a laid-back soap
opera adventure game. It has actually been in
the works for ten years. You play as 15-year-old who goes to visit her dying grandfather, Nonno. The game takes place on strange tropical island holiday resort. 100 years ago, this island
was stuck by a meteor, leaving those who survived
with weird mutations. The game is inspired by nature and music. So the soundtrack will change depending on the day of the week and time. There is sometimes a band playing in town and characters like to
listen to their own music. Each plant has their own instrument too. So, when you’re gardening here, and yes, you can garden, you’ll create your own
ambient soundscapes. “Mutazione” shows the
importance of growing up, staying connected with your family, and why it’s vital help
people when they are in need. – It’s definitely for people that want to have a laid back experience that don’t want to feel pressure
when playing a game. That just want to delve into a universe, get to know lovable characters, and get to know a really
nice story and, yeah. – [Narrator] Number 3 is
“Sayonara Wild Hearts” Recently, “Sayonara Wild
Hearts” received the Apple Game of the Year award. Which is a really good achievement
for the developer Simogo. It’s not my favorite game of the year on Apple Arcade, as you can clearly see, but it’s still very high on my list. It was published to Apple Arcade by Annapurna Interactive
who have a great history working with developers who
create very artistic games. And this game is the definition of art. The game is a representation
of a women’s broken heart and in my interpretation, I believe each level
showcases different emotions. For example, when the
world is breaking apart it is demonstrating an outburst of emotion from this woman. Or when she is chasing after someone, it could be her trying to stay connected with the one she loves. Or for the fighting scenes this could be a dramatized action scene of the anger she feels towards said person. I could be completely wrong here, I could be going off on a tangent but that’s my interpretation. Number 2 we have “INMOST”. “INMOST”, a platform game was
one of my most anticipated games for Apple Arcade in mid 2019. It was developed by Hidden Layer Games and published to Apple
Arcade by Chucklefish. I really adore the fluid animations, dark color pallet, voice-acting and creepy monsters here, especially those slime creatures. The game follows three playable characters and will transition between each one throughout your playtime. Each character plays differently, from a knight who can attack, a man who can’t attack, but can traverse environments with ease, and a little girl who
can’t fight or jump high but can get into small spaces. There might be three
different characters here but “INMOST” presents
one interconnecting tale of suffering, sacrifice, and family. I won’t spoil how it connects, but I like how Hidden Layer
Games have gone about it. The game is quite short
at around three hours. I would have liked it to
be, yeah, a little longer but that said, it never
presents a dull moment. Number 1 we have “Mosaic”. Some people are not a
big fan of this game, and that’s fine. But for me, “Mosaic” is
the Apple Arcade game that I gelled with the most. It is from the creators
of “Among the Sleep” who would be Krillbite Studio, and was published to
Apple devices by RAW FURY. First, Krillbite explored the horrors that can be found in childhood, and now to the lonely life
many have in adulthood. “Mosaic” is a dark, surrealistic, and atmospheric adventure game that is all about urban isolation, capitalism, and the dread that comes with being stuck in a rut at a bad job. It also presents the negative effects of technology, social media, and dating in our modern lifestyle. “Mosaic” can be painfully real, and, in many ways, I can
relate to the main character with my own personal issues and I’d say many others
on planet Earth can too. Krillbite have done a great job of portraying burnout in the workplace and mental health issues. Give the game a go, but definitely watch
something lighthearted after. (gaming music) Those are my ten favorite
Apple Arcade games of 2019. Now let’s keep the conversation
going in the comments. What are your favorite games? If you enjoyed the video, leaving a life is super helpful, and subscribe and turn on notifications to be alerted about upcoming
Apple Arcade videos. Anyway, thanks for watching and for all the support this year on my Apple Arcade videos, thank you.

21 thoughts on “Top 10 Apple Arcade Games 2019

  1. Oceanhorn 2 almost made the list… But, after spending three months with over 100+ games, these are the ten I gelled with most. Sorry if that disappoints you ?

  2. Yo bro I don't know if you read your fans comments but add me on insta been big fan for ages love your work good jobs
    Keep it up

  3. I’ve been following you since the release of Apple Arcade and all of your videos on Arcade have always been super informative and always serve as a quick way for me to sift through what is on my priority list to try out as I cycle through games. Admittedly, I’ve missed a few note worthy titles but them making it to your top ten definitely tells me I gotta bump them up on the priority list. Thanks for the wonderful videos as always!

  4. Great
    As a new convert
    I can only name a few I play

    Skate on Xbox controller is fantastic and addictive

    Ocean horn 2


    Agent intercept


    UFO contact

    There the main ones I play
    But I’ll try the ones on your list
    I did try the underwater one
    But frame rate issues for me
    And that was on my new 11 IPad Pro

  5. I actually started playing “mosaic” after watching this video. It’s a good lineup but I was surprised that “Shantae and the seven sirens” wasn’t here. You were so excited for that one. Btw when is the next update for that game.

  6. Cannot believe it a been three months already! I have really enjoyed watching your Arcade videos. I have played a lot of the games that you have shown. Great top 10 list many of these games are also my favorites. I really enjoy Spelldrifter.

  7. Thanks for the video. I was considering stopping my Apple Arcade subscription because my Xbox loving family aren’t using their family share and I’ve only played a handful in 3 months……however I’ve just downloaded “Dear Reader” and see the potential for creativity once again.

  8. Thank you for your review, now I am much more looking forward to playing Mosaic, but I am more worried to, as normally playing a relaxing adventure is the end to our day (last Tangle Tower, Mutatione and Jenny LeClue)
    Even though it was so short, I adore Pilgrims.its not just interesting looking, you actually can combine everything with everything and it ends up in hilarious animations. My biggest surprise is how versatile that game is, every person I spoke to so far had different results and even the quest resolutions are different – I didn’t expect that at all – it is insane to consider it felt linear to me, it shows how different we all approach problems and think this is the "right" way.
    I really hope more adventure games (like Tangle Tower) are coming and I think I want to bring a game to Apple Arcade, too, it’s such a cool service.

  9. You say Sayonara Wild Hearts is the definition of art. Im inclined to say that Bleak Sword is, for me of course, a better example of art. I love the 2d in a 3d world and I love "old" style graphics.
    Cool games.

  10. Personally, Chu Chu Rocket Universe and The Pinball Wizard are my favorites so far! I really wanted to like Hot Lava but it runs terribly on my Mac. 🙁

    I also really enjoyed What The Golf but it's novelty wears off kinda fast and the repeat challenges were not that fun sometimes. But the first 20 mins or so are hilarious and amazing, and I like showing it to my friends. 🙂

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