Top 10  Android Games Like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds , Android Games Similar to PUBG

Top 10 Android Games Like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds , Android Games Similar to PUBG

Hello Guys, welcome to the gamers point, Today
we are gonna show you, 10 best android games similar to Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. But before we dig in, make sure to hit that
subscribe button and also click on the bell icon so you never miss any future updates. First on our list is, Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds. Bullet Strike Battlegrounds is an ambitious
attempt at recreating PUBG’s, tense multiplayer experience. Instead of having 100 players, Bullet Strike
Battlegrounds is currently capped at 20 players battling out in the same map. There are many types of guns, protective gears
and consumable items like medic. Developers are also working on increasing
players limit, vehicles, weather system, map size and many more. Game is currently in alpha and can be pre
registered on play store. Grand Battle Royale. Grand Battle Royale is a massive multiplayer
action battle arena where you have to do anything possible and impossible to stay alive and
survive in the deadliest game! The rules are pretty simple: when you enter
the battleground – run for your life! Find any useful weapon or equipment and shoot
at other players. Do not hesitate any second because everyone
is your enemy. Only the one who survives is the true king. Grand Battle Royale is a free game, and has
rating of 4.2 stars. Vast Survival. VAST Survival is open world multiplayer survival
game for mobile. Game has many features such as crafting, building,
voice chat, military bases & hunting, In the game you will fight against, other online
players, animals, and nature it self. Game is made by only 2 developers, and is
still in development, so you may face performance issues, unfinished features, and glitches. Game is capped with 26 players per room and
has map size of 100 km. Vast survival is a free game, and has rating
of 4.0 stars. Millet shooter. Millet shooter is by far one of the best battle
royale game, ever made for android devices. Game is made in Unreal Engine 4, and has graphics
good enough to please your eyes. Game also has many features like voice chat,
vehicle driving and many different guns, characters and usable items. The game map is huge, and is good enough for
more than 50 players to play at same time. Game is not released yet, so there is not
much to tell. But the game will release somewhere in october. The Last One. The last one is a 3D adventure online rpg. The game is set in a vast tropical jungle,
where players will have to fight to be the last survivor. Players can land at any location on the map,
and must find weapons for the survival. The game supports up to 60 different players
on the same map. In the map you can find different weapons,
vehicles, and other items like helmet, armor, or medics. . Game has superb graphics and awesome gameplay,
but is only available in chinese. Game is currently in closed beta, but you
can still pre-register the game from the link in description. Zombie Strike Online. This is another game in the list which has
blocky graphics. The game has different game modes like Death
Match, Zombie Infection, and Battle Royale. In this game you can fight against hordes
of zombies, or other players from all over the world. Take your hero forward, look around, use your
radar and skills to destroy enemies with a knife, shotgun, assault rifle, gun or other
weapons. In the game up to 8 players can take part
in each battle. Zombie Strike Online is a free game with ratings
of 4.5 stars. Law of the Jungle. Law of the Jungle is another chinese game
in the list. The game has same goal of Battle Royale genre,
to survive till the last. Game has decent graphics and controls, and
can have upto 30 players in single map. In the game you can also join a team of 3
players to increase the chances of your survival. Game has different weapons such as, assault
rifle, pistol, sniper, and other useful items necessary for your survival. The game is currently available for android
only, but will soon release for ios too. Free Fire Battle Royale. FREE FIRE is a new battle royale genre game,
which was released on 1st october 2017. Just in few days, game has already got more
than 100 thousand downloads. Though the game supports only Vietnamese,
but it will not stop you from enjoying the game. You can use various guns, and other useful
items in the game, and can also drive vehicles in the game to cover distance faster. Game has huge map and can have upto 20 players. Free Fire is a free game and has rating of
4.6 stars. The FIttest. The fittest is another chinese game, but luckily
is also available in English. The game is made in unreal engine, so you
can expect top notch graphics. Unlike other above games, game also features,
proning, rolling, and vehicles driving including bikes, The game has two modes, first mode
has smaller map where 30 players participate in a 20 mins battle, and the other is a bigger
map, where each game supports up to 60 players to participate. The fittest is currently in closed beta, but
you can pre register the game from the link in description. Battle Game Royale. Battle Game Royale is another new game released
on 25 september 2017. In less than a month game has already got
more than 500 thousand downloads, because of high demand of Battle Royale genre, and
lower device requirements to play the game. In game total 20 players can play together
in a single map, Game graphics are okay, but other than that there are many things that
can be improved. Game total size is about 121 mb, and has rating
of 4.0 stars. You can download this game for free. So guys these were 10 best android games,
similar to Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. If you liked this video then hit the like
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  1. Rules of survival was a fine game,But I really hated the vehicle's controls.Right now I'm Playing Freefire & trust me , Its far better than Rules of survival (gameplay wise)

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