Too Far- Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 Pt 1 Immersed Blind Story Playthrough Gameplay

Too Far- Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 Pt 1 Immersed Blind Story Playthrough Gameplay

hey there friends and welcome back to
strange rebel gaming I’m Briana today we’re going to be watching through life
is strange 2 – episode 2 part 1 it was like a five or six hour stream so I had
to break it into two parts the playthrough did not exactly go how I
wanted it to go and you’ll see what I mean when you watch it it was a really
really good episode if you watched it live on Twitch with me for the first
time thank you for being there and if you’re watching it for the first time
right now I hope you love it it was really good but before I begin I’ll
remind you again life is strange is a completely demonetised playthrough on my
channel I make no ad revenue off of it because I like to keep the music in it
gets copyright claimed every single time so I make no ad revenue but to keep the
music in is to keep the game how it’s meant to be played and how it has its
greatest emotional impact so that’s what I choose and that’s why I’m especially
grateful for today’s video sponsor Raid: Shadow Legends now you all know I am
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this channel it really means the world to me
and now let’s get onto that gameplay video enjoy once upon a time and a wild
wild world there were two wolf brothers living in their home there with their
Papa wolf they all lived happily together Hunters took their dad away forever so
now the brothers were alone and they had to find a new home they started a
journey through the great big forest wolf brothers wandered for days nights
learning how to live on their own for the first time
they slept in the backwoods my creepy creatures barely ate anything they
eventually found a peaceful orchard and were able to eat in peace but they
didn’t know I was just try to tie them up but the wolf brothers managed to
escape with the help of a friendly bear he showed them how to survive and help
them to find a warm camp for the night that’s when the big brother discovered
that the little one was not an ordinary wolf but a super whoa
that’s how they found themselves even further headed to the faraway land of
their pop where they hope to find peace so that was really cool because that was
also a recap life strange too is a story based game that highlights player choice
your actions and decisions will have consequences and impact the world around
you and your brother choose wisely awesome adventures of captain spirit
save file import has succeeded that’s really good to know because they did
play that game to our grandparents December 1st Willamette National Forest
Oregon that’s such a cute dang dog try with this crew that one’s too easy
what don’t brag it was too heavy for you a few days ago oh we’re just going right into this then is so interesting not too heavy though
I’m a little tired I’m so glad Daniel took this little girl
with us oh I love it um hold eetu interact with Daniel’s
power when that is displayed I think not lifts mushroom I feel like maybe no
that’s not for experimenting not your usual shooting range right okay how
about those cans can you fly them all together without dropping any sure look
oh he doesn’t even have to put his hand awesome dude you get him way better at
this so they’ve really been practicing then let’s Joe Daniel some more stuff to
play with before we call it a okay that we got two sizes of rocks here
sometimes he looks so scared of himself sometimes he looks so scared of himself
how about to work this every morning how’d you do with the small rocks but
not the big ones you can do this trust me just relax focus I’ll try nobody go buddy go that is incredible so like a bike and
lift you’re getting good it you see that much that was the biggest rock ever not
the biggest one ever but it’s just the start let’s try something else
cool you’re like co-chairing you’re my power a snowball fight not yet
this is the new exercise young apprentice see if you can stop this in
the air cool okay well you better not hit right that time you gave me a bruise
serious you won’t let me right try it yeah I’m definitely gonna throw it at
him I’m a big brother it’s what I do you’re supposed to stop me sorry I
thought you would stop you and he said your back when you get happy hell yeah I
am that was awesome you did it man I did so you better be nice to me oh we’re gonna have to teach some moral
lesson lessons in addition to physical power lessons not getting better I told
you I’m fine well that’s concerning a little beat
well you need to rest now superhero so yeah let’s just fill up the canteens
before we head back my follow-up questions are cough has been going on
for days Daniel I really don’t like that I told you I’m fine I don’t know about that I don’t know if
that cough is related to powers or if that coffees related to you did awesome
today Daniel being homeless I’m really proud of you we’ve been practicing for
just a few weeks but the progress is all right so it’s been some time since we
last checked our back since I’m guessing there was some time between when we last
played and now some time has passed so here’s our backpack we have four whole
dollars to our name and three cents we have our ID
Brody’s souvenir afk that’s hilarious and I want one there
anything else in our wallet USB Jen’s note house keys pocket knife weed pipe I
like how they have to clarify exactly what it’s for and condoms for our
adventurous life it’s not all that it and five so many pine cones why so many
pine cones it just really goes to speak to the boys like they’re different
life’s like we have like you know ID wallet weed pipe condoms knives pine
cones like really funny okay so this seems new I seem to not remember reading
those but there was a period where I read everything in the journal last
episode and that was a really long time like it took like 45 minutes to read all
that stuff so I’m not sure I would remember all of it but I think these
bookmarks are new hi son hope you’ll work wonders with this new sketchbook
I’m sure you will that is if you’re not too lazy to get to it I remember your
very first drawing was of me now you can beat my skillful now can you beat my
skillful portrait of you okay right I’ll leave the art to you and go back to my
engines police compleanno come Liang nose I did not take Spanish class in
high school I took French so if I cannot pronounce that correctly please do not
be mad 16:4 2016 love you your papi this kind of stuff I remember looking through
I feel like I’m a GERD yeah I remember that and then
reading the notes thanks to Brody we picked up mushroom and he daniel needs
to smile again yeah so this kind of stuff I feel like we already looked
through real beds almost too comfy to be true didn’t call Lila too dangerous
might get her in trouble now a phone went out for a midnight swim safer that
way off the radar this I remember on the road again then puerta Lobos need money
and supplies before we head will hide somewhere till we find out what the fuck
is up with Daniel no fucking idea how we’ll handle this tired try to sleep now
warm here we’re getting off next station wherever it is very bus taking you where
you want to be because we’re very bus charity thrift store in some town
southeast of Albany found layers for Daniel and me Harry was cool slept in
someone’s backyard shed would not recommend the sock walk all he got
little sock ease for mushroom that’s like the cutest thing ever
it itches Oh his thrift store sweater hmm
hopefully it’s just an itchy fabric November 3rd sleeping in a shelter fake
names they didn’t seem to give a fuck no one seems to give a fuck here they even
let mushroom in invisible leaving town crackhead at the shelter almost snatched
our stuff last night Daniel freaked out and lights flickered can’t risk another
incident heading out for the forest again too dangerous to have him around
people for now I’m so tired hitchhiked along Highway 20 geologists
on her way to Mount Jefferson picked us up not big on talking told her we were
on a survivalist trip lmao most accurate lie I’ve ever told
OMG we found a house a real fucking house looks like an abandoned cabin no
one has been here for years was just here waiting for us Hansel and Gretel
style mice palace so I’m guessing mushroom had some fun
with that settled in had to leave Daniel to look for food he hates me I help hate
myself too for leaving him alone about a mile away
hope I don’t get lost so he’s like drawing maps so that he doesn’t get lost
nearest town is 15 miles away across the forest no way I can commute there every
day went dumpster diving near a supermarket jackpot crazy how much good
stuff they throw away minutes noodles tomato soup crackers ravioli applesauce
bananas potatoes think we can last two weeks we’ll need to stock up again after
hot tub man the hotdog man found my way back Daniel okay but he broke some stuff
around the house trying to use his power we’ll try to help him control it
practice starts tomorrow focus it wait sighs a rat mushrooms ship captain crew
no crew without a captain and no captain without a ship ship captain crew oh cool
they made this little game when the ship the captain and the crew are complete
only then you can use the last dice to score some loot player with the highest
loot over 20 wins the game I want to play that game Dan and true med ventures why is this bottle mad oh the bottles I
get it so the Daniel is like I need to lift
this bottle control it focus it in the bottles like you can’t lift me and then
he did it and then the bottle broke and the bottle is dead
kind of funny lost again haha so I guess sean is not good at the dice game he
invented back to town today walked slower with the snow scavenged in trash
found tons of good stuff how can people waste so much food I think about that
all the time I hate wasting food trash panda persona I got some broccoli
bananas Daniels sick tired and coughing we’ll go easy on the outside training
until he feels better might need to go back in town soon for some medicine BC
equal 30 mile walk in the snow okay okay you were lucky this time howdy boy
alright cool so that’s kind of where things stand for now these are drawings
that we’ve actually done okay here we are so will you start it up here
we made our way down through Washington and now we I don’t know what happened
here but we are now in Oregon wow we are we are not traveling very fast but okay
okay now we’re here at abandoned house so that’s the idea yeah yep okay here we
go then either way this cough has to get dealt with because it definitely makes
me nervous canteens
finding that house was a miracle I’m afraid we can’t stay here much longer
we should fill these up now don’t go out doing an re here we go the helitanker is over the wildfire zone
get ready for water it’s stretching ranger DX nice work Daniel glad to see
our training sessions are paying off thanks to you so glad I don’t have to
touch that water it’s too fucking cold language sorry yeah dude watch it seriously okay listen I understand cursing why are you
going pop where are you going I really don’t have a problem with cursing
because I believe it’s a lot about intentions but young people have a
harder time with impulse control and I don’t think you should be cursing until
you’ve learned to impulse control because it does offend some people look
at these little stacked rocks so right now we’re kind of exploring the area not
again what oh not the bunnies no no no okay hey it’s been a while since we last
saw ever habit who lives in there yeah I hope it wasn’t eaten by a bear or worse
worse worse than a bear and I know don’t worry
we’re the only wolves around like that yeah I really don’t care if that rabbit
was eaten by a bear because circle of life but like I just hope mushroom
didn’t eat that right sure not to check our traps today crane only of rabbits
lives out here just like us and how are our traps doing ah poorly
then excuse me I would like to walk around this log excuse me it’s not
getting any better we really suck at this trap thing yeah
we’re gonna have to do a lot better than that
what is it just supposed to put its neck directly in there I don’t know and new
so right now we’re kind of wandering and exploring the things that there are to
explore what so I do have trouble when I like
wanna like explore all of the boundaries and Daniel’s over there with mushroom
like doing things that were supposed to be paying attention to when canoeing
with dad on Wenatchee River once water was freezing cold I just kind of wish
things got activated when I walked up to them but now I got to kind of follow
Daniel around until he’s done doing his thing a stick
I trained Daniel Daniel can train shroom well I clicked it but I trained Daniel
you didn’t do anything range sure um so where did he end up hello
don’t he have a button to call him that’s not it yeah
Daniel’s getting cold here you are like how are you I haven’t taught anything
wildlife one Daniel cereal I guess this snowman is uh interesting
we really nailed it with this two-headed snow ogre yeah
nice they’re really badass and musher isn’t even afraid of them anymore right
puppy a family who owned that cabin release
him to enjoy themselves here I never come back you’re such a good girl okay you want to talk about play just talk
about what you can’t really name birds right um probably the name of a child
who used to live here that’s what that’s what I want to play
fetch understand what’s going on don’t catch your call must have been a really
sweet spot to get a tan in the summer read that stick go okay now is the
moment hi train Daniel Daniel can trained sure no it’s not the moment I
don’t know why that didn’t like happen not really really I’m getting hungry
I can you eat like a bear but you don’t gain any weight Daniel helps me slice wood by holding
the logs with his power that’s cool it is quite useful too bad this wood is
wrong what is wrong with dragon more to keep the house warm that’s actually a
really good question no I think we’re covered for tonight
what kind of dog were you Sammy a cool stream up like our little mushroom yes
is my guess Shawn yes a family that lived here he must have moved out why
would you tell them their daughters date but they left all their stuff behind I
don’t know man maybe they live in Florida and only come here every 10
years maybe they got tired of these woods I
kind of like it here it’s way cooler than that crappy town where the shelter
was I just I miss my friends and my room sometimes yeah sometimes me too ya know
me tonight that’s so interesting to me I wonder if
they actually have ever maybe we could have another thought scientist you’d
mushroom company oh this is a pipe dream oh thanks I don’t need a third puppy
right now how old are these kids today runaway Millennials and part-time for
squatters at your service runaway Millennials sorry guys
we don’t take anymore guests keep out wolves inside it’s so silent out here o
neighbors no roads ok can you planet that’s exactly what we need
these traps ever caught anything I don’t know if I could got an animal anyway no
ok I just wasn’t sure like if there was no traps if there was nothing in the
traps today but maybe yesterday there was he’s like no meat tonight like they
had meat yesterday but clearly these boys have never got at an animal
let’s get inside in warming up ok so it seems like we’ve explored at least most
of the things cuz now the game is telling us let’s go inside so oh it’s a
little outdoor doghouse boom ooh we try to fish in the river how’d that go
looked yeah you sucked at it you need bait and lures and patience yeah not my
kind of weeds took me a second to figure out what he meant and then I was like oh
I get it Oh a sitting moment I love sitting
moments these are the moments of reflection the moments forget to calm
down and see what’s going on in his mind right now we’re so lucky we found that old cabin gave us time to rest and process all
that happened coatings right we’re stronger now
you look out for each other we’re in this together these roots are so
peaceful so quiet no planes no highways just the river continuously flowing I wish we could stay here longer but Daniels health is getting worse
every day and the food is running low we need to move again I think you will need to move again I
think that’s definitely something that is gonna happen I don’t think you can
just stay here go back inside now we can go inside we had to use Daniels
gift to break in but not that way yes we can’t go that way okay we are going that
way is it really that much warmer inside don’t worry we’ll make a fire ah there
we go froze now dude
that cuff doesn’t sound too good making me nervous this cough I’m okay just cold
you kicked ass today level up I did that was so cool
it’s getting easier every day oh no Shawn this is a Honda more like
uh-oh it’s time to go are the rules I told you about showing off I was just
whatever dude I know the rules let’s find out what’s the first one hide your power if you spend one plate
in a diner what happens people freak out and when people freak what do they do
they call the tops exactly the second rule is don’t uh never talk about it
Wow nice Daniel cuz that’s usually the hardest rule for you shut up
and the final rule I know come on um you can do it okay um avoid
danger run from danger this is the most important one you know why I don’t know
I mean with my power I can help us I don’t know what to say oh because I
feel like this is gonna have consequences no it’s dangerous
I knew I was gonna have consequences oh no you have to find a different way so
what’s the point of having this power we don’t know yet maybe if I had used it before dad might
still be here no buddy Daniel you didn’t even know that shit was out of your
control but look what happened to the policeman
maybe this power is a curse or something Hey
we have no clue would happen and it’s not your fault don’t worry mushroom I’m okay good I got
that dog’s blue eyes she must be hungry what about you I’m always hungry let’s
grow back I’ll make us some dinner yeah before she eats us okay now we get
to explore this area kind of weird to use stranger stuff every day but not
like we have a choice I hate it when I hear Daniel crying at night I can’t do
shit I was really sad we scored with these clothes plus five
street cred he’s definitely a fast learner
November 10th first lesson November 17th flying bottle November 21st twigs and
leaves November 25th small rocks December 1st big rock
snowballs we’re so lucky this thing still working wouldn’t have lasted long
without heat it’s a metal box it doesn’t work you just put the fire in it I don’t
know about that marshal clunk to Daniel in the first
nights but now she loves her bed by the fire thank God kids used to spend
vacations here man my mustard is fantastic what what is
this image is hajeck man right hot dog man holding a mustard corpse with
multiple mustard corpses and their insights blown doll around and the
caption is my mustard is fantastic so hot dog man literally where’s the
innards of his enemies and this is a kid’s comic book okay all right checks
out so glad we trade my stupid blanket for
this high school feels so far away now ah well we’ve already looked in there
Daniel needs a dog oh friend what am I gonna teach it ready for today’s
training puppy say it shroom sit seriously girl sit mushroom not working
ah are you kidding me you just don’t know how to talk to her I’ll remember
this traitor there will be consequences for that all right so we’ve got some
drawings on the wall love you now dollar sign dollar sign hot
dog man obscene gesture on mustard guy Luigi probably down there in the corner
it’s a stick figure with a hat with an L on it a tree and Timmy the tooth I
suppose I don’t know I don’t know she poor dog he’s out of water Oh dog needs
water for sure hey shroom you thirsty good girl at first I was like I don’t
know about the nickname shroom because it makes me think of drugs but
then I was like well we can’t exactly call her mushy okay cuz that would be
weird Illuminati and um weirdly shaped man
feels weird to be living in their home oh that is weird why wouldn’t you just
take down their photos dad and Maggie and John Agatha
Falls summer 93 Wow long time long time Wow a long time ago poor guy I guess
kids have to grow up anyway right hi dad say hello to your little girl in
Miami yes there is a Sun here and it burns I love it Tom knows everybody and
I keep waiting to meet Scarface we’re at his friends killer condo at the beach
view and balcony I feel so spoiled but I know John is at a castle in the Alps so
I don’t feel so bad plus I really like it here what a great
way to start this new century I miss our vacation at the secret Lodge but I don’t
miss the raccoons in my room hope you can come visit soon after summer love
you Maggie this is such a weird postcard it’s filled with like exposition and
then also like this is how girls talk like and then like why were there
raccoons in her room I’m just really confused I wish I helped dad more with a
house drawers back then that’s what you wish really wish I had more than tobacco
to be honest oh you’re smoking what a bad example to
your kid brother there was a little bit left when we came and now suppose do you
drink it helps staying warm no it doesn’t it literally does the opposite I
just needed to spell this myth really quick okay there’s this myth that
drinking alcohol makes you warm that is a myth what alcohol actually does how
much Daniels barrels are improved over the last weeks okay what alcohol
actually does is it constricts your blood vessels I believe so it actually
makes your extremities more likely to get frostbite so you feel warmer but
actually you’re making it worse so now you know feels almost good to be cut off
from everything yep no more indoor training session yeah
there’s more drawings but I can’t make heads or tails of that drawing I don’t
know what that is oh man a bathroom okay there’s some goodies in here let’s let’s
figure out what it is I wonder how far I can go before what can go this is Frank
Shane Daniel was the worse no more peeing at night for Daniel got so scared
lucky he didn’t blow up the house he had to pee in the middle of the night and he
got so scared he broke a window that’s pretty terrifying at least we have fresh
water in her front yard that does make a big difference why would we add water
laundry water don’t drink it feels weird to leave other people’s clothes but we
need the warmth nope nope OOP okay oh there’s a bucket
right there looked out stumbling into this house once you got used to
squatting yeah it’s not so bad then where does it go don’t put it in the
river protip always boil the water unless you
want Daniel spraying nasty things on both ends oh my god they had to learn
that oh no they didn’t know oh no they got
some weird bug from non boiled water yikes it’s been sick for more than a
week and it keeps getting worse it’s probably cuz you didn’t boil the water
hello motel room soap no way I can give any of these to Daniel don’t do that
don’t rush do that yeah definitely bad idea you never found the key to this
door well break it open I guess using the sliding door is cool
oh it just goes to outside don’t break it open then this room is fucking cold
so we put everything we didn’t need in it and keep it closed Oh cuz that’s the
one that’s partially open out the back cuz the wall fell through interesting
interesting what’s in this bag hmm this thing as
strong as a rock it’s the same okay moving on got a loved one
hit wonders oh boy band Shawn stuff this thing has saved our ass probably gonna
take two at a time to get warm yeah Danielle doesn’t need to see this oh dear mr. Patrick Hill this is a reminder
for your scheduled chemotherapy appointment at the hope patient Center
please read the enclosed instructions sincerely dr. Fisher
so mr. Patrick Hill got cancer and probably died and his kids never came to
clean up or sell the house so that’s why it’s been abandoned since 2003 ish no excuse not to bin tree oh yeah you
definitely cared for us the Great Northwest gas station owner confronts
fugitives police are investigating a store invasion first of all that first
sentence store invasion bananas nonsense police are investigating a store
invasion by the two seattle runaways believed to be responsible for the death
of a Seattle police officer in October Hank Stamper owner of a gas station off
highway five and a pillar of the community said he confronted the two brothers Sean
and Daniel Diaz after he recognized them in his store another lie we weren’t in
the store Stamper told the police that the
brothers escaped into the woods they looked lost and adrift I was only trying
to help them as a father and a citizen see see this is exactly what I talked
about when we played through episode one he thought he genuinely thought he was
being a good person but we all know that’s not how that went down how can I
feel bad for him okay family recalls gentle officer killed in Seattle
shooting Ashley Matthews sister of officer Philip Matthews killed in a
mysterious and controversial Seattle incident that left two dead – oh the dad
has released a statement regarding the threats she received and online critics
of the officer my brother was a kind man he was in the force for only six months
and shouldn’t have been alone that day my heart is with the Diaz family and all
the victims of that terrible accident including us the police department needs
better funding so no officer goes on patrol alone if their partner is sick or
unavailable Philip dedicated his life to helping others especially children at in
at-risk homes and he always volunteered his time for charity it’s easy for
people to judge and attack behind a keyboard but just as we mourn
for others we mourn for the loss of a brave public servant so that’s really
interesting and that adds a lot of context to the scene as we know it
because as we know it the asshole neighbor kid starts harassing Sean and
Daniel there’s fake blood involved right the police officer sees what’s going on
didn’t go uncalled but just sees passing by he’s
only been on the force for six months gets out of the car sees the neighbor
kid the jerk on the ground because he’d been pushed down or punched or what ever
sees him on the ground like can’t breathe
the dad runs out the police officer gets overstimulated and confused and has no
experience and didn’t have a partner shoots the dad it is interesting and I
think good and a smart decision that the game developers and writers have written
in this stance from the sister that is probably the most nuanced position that you’ll ever see in that
she comes out and says he was inexperienced but a really good person
and I still feel bad for the Diaz kids so this person seems to the sister seems
to be the only person who says this shouldn’t have happened the police needs
better funding which could have avoided all of this and I think that’s really
really interesting it’s not it’s not the opinion oh the cop is racist it’s not
the opinion oh well he should have raised his hands or obliged to the
police officers ba ba ba like it’s not blaming either side it’s a nuanced
complex opinion of clearly this is an accident everybody probably meant
well and we’ve got to learn and move forward from here I think that that is
really really really interesting um and I there there’s no way not to draw
parallels to real-life incidents I think life is strange is a game that that
really does tackle real-world problems and it did that in the original but it
really did that in this game and really kind of dealt with a cultural
conversation that we are all experiencing right now especially in
America and to have an opinion like this as like non-required reading is just
really really interesting to me one over Proteus now this is Brody’s letter that
we are any read in Episode one I’m used to ink so this will be different I had
for a week but at least we got some news kind of reminds me of dads cheesy
posters oh they made a lair for him that’s so
cute I love it nice for Daniel how that minecraft paid off watch out that
clearly looks like a drawing of a raccoon
so clearly raccoons in the room is a problem okay so now we’ve got to build a
fire used to living like this oh don’t say that
quiet free the guy who came here sure had time to kill yeah I think when you
live in an isolated cabin that’s kind of the idea is to have time to kill all
right so I think we’ve pretty much investigated everything there is to
investigate it looks like we’ve got some cans of beans let’s go bro we’re
freezing in here I like how he just kind of like pep talk
to himself let’s go bro make a fire here we go
hold on mushroom we’re gonna build a fire don’t read that vile comic alright
we made a fire good thing this still works this highly advanced wood stove
technology because it’s time to start cooking alright then what are we gonna
cook make a pizza fly to us these were all I found when I had the tail last
week hmm tough choice we can choose under weird yeah it’s weird
oh excuse me it’s not beans it’s reef ravioli oh no I’m sorry beef beef
ravioli we have our choice of gourmet options between beef ravioli beef
ravioli beef ravioli or beef ravioli so that being said we’ll take beef ravioli better talk to Daniel after dinner
oh I’m sorry here’s your menu choices ravioli or ravioli okay okay
that’s what I said I love it when the game does that it was published before
you even born Sean so tired of eating the same shit I just want one slice of
pizza but why did you just take it down and then look at it what do you are you gonna heat it up hello so tired of eating the same shit we have
to pull down to just these were all I found when I hit the town last week find a clean saucepan I thought I saw
one in the bathroom by the laundry uh-huh
taniel needs to eat something after all that psychic crap psychic crap that’s
warming up good place in Seattle of course I remember you always got sick on
s’mores and ruined the toilet yeah I miss that time I know the good old days
when he got sick off s’mores now it’s not ready yet
I’m a ravioli expert now are you alright time to talk to Daniel maybe see what I
did out there dude you’ll be moving cars around in no time
if you keep improving like that really that’s all well that’d be a bad idea but
you sure are getting good at this I wonder if there’s anyone else like me
mmm I think we’d know it by now are you sure
there might be someone just like you his life is strange like that is it done
yet ma’am it’s not ready it looks pretty steamy to me I’m a ravioli expert you
probably should stir it ah there we go okay dinner’s ready
it’s not ready one second passes it’s ready now that
was spaghetti alla TS didn’t you taste the famous truffle sauce yep plus I love
the darling bread and ice cream oh you want some too
Oh mushroom bone Appetit mushroom I mean the dog has to eat he loves and stuff sorry I’m cool hold on I need to show
you something um okay gotta show him the map I think I left it with my books in your bag or these books nothing here
ah in the bag Daniel what did you do with the map what do you mean you know
what I mean where’s the map that was with my stuff oh this map it’s in my
time sorry Sean um hello cute thing shrim I can’t get
mad at you yeah but being so damn cute yes adorable but please move okay come
on doggie let’s go girl yeah uh clearly it’s not going to move
wait I can’t interact with anything hey man can you call your dog I don’t exist
sure there’s a man 19 but I still want to look at everything
hmm oh he kept it Daniel Oh weird doll way I’m touching that
super weird doll man I miss listening to music so fucking lunch Daniel loves his
brand-new tablet yeah that’s funny calling it a tablet it’s obviously not
time to play tag talk okay oh somehow our candle got lit again
that’s interesting what the wash whoop I don’t know Daniel yeah okay good job I was terrified for a
second you shit your pants yes I did man anyway okay I think it’s time for us to hit the
road you’re not getting better we’re almost out of supplies no I’m okay it’s
just a cough yeah a bad cough that won’t go away
trust me Daniel you need some medicine look here Eva treat what’s that
that’s where Karen’s parents our grandparents live okay so what so we can
go there and we’ll probably help us why do you always force us to run Sean
that’s the rule that’s rule number three I don’t like me don’t think that way
it’s not like we have tons of options okay I’m just scared they’re gonna think
I’m a freak or something well we’re not gonna tell them about your powers that’s
rule number one for coolin I’m sure you guys will be best buds well okay but
mushroom has to agree to she’s part of the team what do you say a girl okay when tomorrow the sooner the better you have a long road ahead hmm
we have a long road ahead for our last night here how about a team of dice if I
win I get the draw on your backpack you know I’m gonna win and draw dick on your
back that’s hilarious Party Time but a
question why is there a creepy like red spindle in the background captain what’s
your butt matey like why is there like sleeping beauty’s downfall in the
background of this shot why is it in here in this house did he did
Rumpelstiltskin live here have questions okay we’re gonna play this game I don’t
remember the rules six is ship 5 is captain’s four is pirates whatever you
have to have them all right so here we go here we go just need a six five and a
four come on I need a ship I got a four but I got a four don’t I keep the four
how does this game work do you literally have to roll a six a
five and a four because the odds of that at the same time are confusing but
there’s nothing I can do except throw the dice again so I guess you have to
get the six first okay give me a six yes whoo I got a session okay I can use
a six this ship is mine okay oh I got a five all right
ahoy captain ahoy and I have a four more pirates hi oh and then whatever else you
want can be loot but now my question is what do you just want to get the highest
number so you add the six to your loot high score you add all of them to your
Luke here you go cargo do I get to throw again I don’t know how this game works
better than nothing good luck beating that matey
don’t worry about I think I should have thrown again but oh well your turn lover got a ship now I need a captain come on yes ship
captain and truth I need the score now pretty please okay
so he just rerolls his last two to get okay that will do as high as possible
okay okay interesting pretty good okay let me throw now bring it on Daniel cool
give me the same come on I need a ship what kind of nonsense rules are these
this is my last chance don’t feel me yay no full ship no score
your turn name yes bullshit what yeah yeah why that’s not fair I didn’t I did
nothing wrong I need the score now pretty please
I do wonder if they built what I’m such a high score that’s so unfair ease whoa
I’m letting him win and I like on purpose eleven to twenty nine you want
it Wow I didn’t want to draw a dick on his bag
anyway so here what do you think oh it’s so cute
actually you but nights it’s really cool dude
Thanks so let’s do another one one more I have now that I know how to
play I have to prove it’s can be the best so let’s make it short okay all
right give me a ship I wonder what we would have done if we
didn’t find these dice I don’t know probably read all these books huh give
me a ship remember that time I beat dad at chess
you mean we be dead yeah you did help me distract them okay what just happened I
bet he would have liked this game did you guys see that definitely it was a
six and then in part it glitched to a two chance that fill the ship India’s
king of the seas you kidding me I can see the dice rolling dude what did I do
you’re just winding it’s pieces stop cheating man you gotta be better than
this especially now whatever you think Grandma and Grandpa will have
a tonsil ah I don’t think so dude sorry no biggie I like playing dice and
stuff too whoa Daniel the big nerd getting sick of
screens what did I teach this boy but I still want my play box yeah I bet now if
I was a real strategise er our minecraft fortress I would keep the six and only
reroll four of them sure he is pal but I think that’s against the rules no way
he’d give up your super Kingdom mushrooms growing up so fast
really zero I don’t see much difference but that’s so unfair if he had switched
it back to a six like I originally rolled I wouldn’t have filled the ship
and won the game so I would have scored points she’s so cute I hate cheating I hate it it feels so
like it violates me at my core I feel it’s so unfair to cheat I’m so mad
anything phew it was close like I’m really gonna have to teach this kid to
be good and to not use his powers for evil not bad not bad you cheated okay
let me throw now come on I need a ship too bad okay I have a shit bleep geez
sounds like a no straw R this is my last chance
don’t fail me yay another zero oh my gosh the dyes are yours
is he a does he always went at this game do I ever beat him I feel like I want to
beat him like I feel like I need to know what happens how many times do I have to
play captain to actually win I’m really really curious right everyone on dick how many times will the game let me play
pretty please blame at least you get to score is it really that lame sir not bad
0 to 17 okay let me throw now okay this is my moment my moment of truth I got a
ship got a ship it’s better than nothing okay I need a five just give me a five
no five do one complete geez sounds like nostra yeah it sounds like a
no score full ship and cargo what are you gonna do you just lucked out I
lucked out after getting zeroes the past two it’ll do better next time you’ll see
yeah I got a grand total of five oh my gosh this game is ridiculous what ha ha ha ha ha please
six games give up I don’t I get a full ship come on
zero zero for you kid I’m not competitive me me okay what I’m not
competitive at all I’m gonna wreck this kid can I get something better this time not like that
come on Daniel Sean now I have an option here am I gonna get better than a seven
for my cargo the likelihood on a six-sided dice says not likely because
you have to throw actually you can just add the big one so what I can do is I
can add just this one and I can throw one more time and hopefully I get at
least higher than a six it’s a 50-50 chance so here we go we’re gonna add the
four to the loot great job and we’re gonna roll again please don’t fail me
all right now is the time for big numbers awesome you’ll do better than
that time or not that was so sad that was so sad for me
dyes are yours I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from getting that rekt oh my
gosh and he fills the bow on the front row come on what is this game
alright I just need a for now come on that is ridiculous I call nonsense
anything close one I can to five this is something does not
something about this weight so the develop this is dicey so let’s do
another one no not playing with you again you cheat
gotta get up early I’m gonna finish my comic book she has to pee okay okay I’ll
take her out for never gonna forget this you’re going to smoke gross it is gross
don’t smoke but it’s her last night so we can do anything that’s not how it
works bud I heard you the first time dude also I have questions about how they
potty train this dog while they were literally on the run but you know
semantics Wow see this is one of those moments that if
I had taken out the music it would have not been the same the music and the snow
and the stars it’s a really beautiful moment it’s a it’s a little bit taken
down a notch by the fact that he’s smoking and I really am so averse to
that but that’s just a personal thing but other than that this is like a
perfect little moment oh that’s so interesting that choice for to show Sean
like questioning like my kid brother can do it but I can’t why did he get chosen
and I didn’t is it a curse or is it a blessing how are we gonna deal with this
together like those all of those things roiled around and that simple action
this one little scene so interesting really fascinating really set the scene it’s really
interesting again it really puts this Brotherhood
dynamic into perspective Daniel because as the wings you are constantly
comparing yourself to the other arm coming that feel weird to anybody else to just
let the dog out and like what if it runs away close the door behind you I don’t
know that moment felt weird clearly the dog had to go outside and it was gonna
bark the whole time but is there anything in here that we’re gonna wish
that we had take taken with us my guess is so what’s going on doesn’t
fit in there’s too much stuff maybe you don’t need 18 pinecones okay no more
swearing sure like you’re always polite come on chill out what did you pack in what the dude you can’t fit the whole
room in don’t worry you’re super strong big brother can help awesome thanks Shawn well looks like
we’re almost set where’s mushroom still peeing I guess
I’m gonna check what she’s up to oh my god I’ve ruined everything
oh my god I made a huge mistake up with you guys oh no oh no I have oh my gosh
oh no mushroom mushroom oh no I made a huge mistake mushroom probably ran away
no I just thought I had to pee it was barking I didn’t even think about it no what did I say I was gonna do I said I
was gonna fill up the canteens for the road
Oh No I’m so scared right now hope the canteens with what not laundry
water drinking water I mean listen that canister is not very
clean anyway but anyways pack the canteens in this backpack or in other
backpack okay all done where the hell is he Daniel Daniel hey you out here what what
Daniel where is he yeah don’t walk run but these were the tracks snow fell last
night don’t have a call for Daniel button we have a two day walk ahead of
us better get going Daniel blood what the fuck happened here that’s not good
okay I obviously don’t like this but I’m
really hoping that mushroom just ate those rabbits that we were talking about
earlier what and you what
oh god oh god oh god Daniel do not calm down okay listen know what to do I don’t know what to do
if I don’t intervene Daniel could use his powers for bad and then get
bloodlust if I step forward the mountain lion could eat us but it’ll probably run
away go away Daniel I’m so sorry just wouldn’t have
changed anything to kill it I’m right here ah it’s all right
why did I do that oh I hate this game the second I did it I knew I had made a
mistake the second I did it I knew I had made a mistake and then they just this
frickin game just twisted the knife just twisted it I had to see it god I hate
this game that’s it it’s pointless can’t even bury her well unless you want to
say something uh goodbye mushroom we were such a good
puppy I’ll always remember running through the snow with you and how you
snuggle and I’ll never forget you never Thank You mushroom for looking after us
in these woods you won’t be forgotten Shawn did then she’s up in heaven what’s
dad yeah
I’m sure he will look after her wait
what about his allergies don’t worry you know there’s no allergies up there
they’ll be fine together okay we should go it’s getting late okay sucked wish we didn’t have to Joe
I like having a house again come on
that’s it what about my traps
should we leave them up they’ll protect the next run always to stay here I put both you in charge with the house
mushroom so long midgets I’m feeling very emotionally drained
right now anybody else and yet we have to go through the whole rest of the
episode geez was really sad I am actually really interested to see
if if that moment hadn’t happened like if I was in if I did something else in
the playthrough made a different choice would mushroom still be following us at
this point I think scampering through snow was like barking of squirrels how
did I get so attached to that dog it’s not even real it was so cute I just thought it was gonna be like our
little buddy for like a long time I really did not expect that that really
came out of left field for me they got on nowhere and it’s so interesting that they really
put that right after the title sequence like that scene was like the quote start
of the episode after the title sequence really interesting really really
fascinating that choice because it kind of you know the the whole first part
happens the sidled title sequence happens and you go okay they’ve really
set the scene and that what’s interesting is that they completely
reverse that in the very next scene and you go okay now they’ve set the scene
like now you really understand what’s going on with these boys which is just a
really really interesting impactful reversal really good choice on the em on
the Deaf’s part on the writers part that every little spark of joy and comfort
and happiness that these boys have and had is just taken by the world yikes we made it Daniel it’s been a long time
since I was here when was that before you were born now this is gonna be interesting I’m I’m
really thinking the grandparents probably will not be as kind to them as
we think come here let me check you out Claire likes everything super clean tats
I’m pissed because he let me bring the snowball in the house yeah I think these
grandparents are not gonna be very nice to these boys what if they went on vacation or
something we’ll figure out something I’m sorry we don’t want any of hello Claire
Sean is that Daniel look who’s here after all this time what the hell are
you doing here Steven watch your mouth well it’s kind
of a long story no poor thing you know he’s sick right yeah okay inside both of
you mmm I don’t like this I don’t like this mm-hmm
this is not seeming good in my opinion something doesn’t sit well with me hey is it warm enough for you oh yeah
feels nice and toasty I gave Daniel some cough medicine but
you should have taken better care of him he could have been worse you were lucky
was being on the run to you for a second as fugitives lady this is what butt
doesn’t bode well like the fact that she didn’t immediately dress a dress the
idea that like they’re fugitives and like they’ve done the best there can and
we’re glad you came to us finally we’ve been waiting for you or we’ve been
following it on the news cuz we actually care about you like none of that
happened it was what the hell are you doing here and you should have taken
better care of him it like it does it they don’t seem like they’re gonna be
nice I don’t know maybe I’m just like being ultra suspicious it’s good to be
inside did I make a mistake coming here yeah what if Sean is guilty sleeping in our
home I can’t hear what they’re saying feel so awkward to be here are you alright honey you want more tea
thanks I’m good well Sean you want to talk about the
police called us a few weeks ago they’re looking for you as suspects in a
homicide now if you want us to help you did you hurt that police officer in
Seattle I don’t know I swear I don’t too much happened and I’m trying to figure
it out but all I know is that he shot dead no
he’s gone Oh sweetie we are so sorry for what happened to your father
but why did you run away if you’re innocent mm-hmm not empathy just here’s
my point of view here’s how it looks to me you’re on trial now that you’re in my
house it happened so fast I saw the cop on the ground and my dad and I freaked
out oh I know oh you poor thing
but that just made things worse for you and your brother you know the police
would separate us maybe forever Daniel would end up in foster care you
can’t be sure Sean anyway at least you’ve managed to come here alive we’re
glad you two are okay are you I hate to think what could have happened to both
of you you need to think of long-term solutions now I tried I swear but I
can’t do everything so what are your plans I’m trying to figure it out I just
want to watch out for Daniel wait for him to get better before we take the
road again how can you look out for your brother if you’re both running from the
police you two are gonna stay with us like hell we are
maybe we should after your mother left your dad never really wanted us in your
life I wonder why I can’t blame him but you’re still part of our family and we
want to prove it okay oh really aren’t you scared
the police already called you lordy yes we were also scared for you that’s why
you’ll have to be careful around here Beaver Creek is small and nosy we can stay serious awesome
Oh Shawn guess what there’s a huge model train upstairs hey you’re supposed to be
resting young man yeah yes he is but he seems better
already anyway you and Daniel will stay here at
least until Daniels better we’ll see what happens next so I bet you’re hungry
let me fix you something hmm it’s making me a bit nervous
I don’t know I don’t know what I can and cannot trust I think these people are
gonna be set up to be the archetypes of like how do you feel the well meanors
super wolf it’s nice and warm in here and the food YUM yeah feels good feeling
better you look cozy yeah I love that bed thanks grandma good your temperature
is down I’m you still need to take it easy how about if we say a little prayer
and give thanks it’s like a bedtime story right well this is a bit like this
yes except the story comes from up there the ceiling so are we ready to pray just
follow my lead not gonna answer that then okay sure
we need all the help we can get can you ask the Blessed dad oh and Shawn and
mushroom and you and Grandpa and everybody else oh my you are so sweet thank you Lord for bringing Shauna and
Daniel’s safe and sound into our house take care of Esteban and mushroom please
give us the strength to get over the hardships of the past and the trials yet
to come amen amen amen okay it’s bedtime try to get some rest
you still need it and no roughhousing in here no worries we’re too tired good
night oh and thanks again good night grandma I don’t know if I would sleep well feels
so nice alphabet again and the bathroom I hear that plus you don’t smell anymore
whatever well Claire seems pretty caring and nice I guess Stephen is too I hope
we’ll be fine yeah I think so and the more important thing is you’ll have time
to get better Sean no I don’t think this is the one not from what I remember but
it’s been a while could we check it out tomorrow he’d be fine some of her stuff why would you want to do that I just
don’t know anything about it Daniel I understand but we need to focus
on where we are now and we’re off to mom left us she made her choice
yeah and you’re in her parents house so we can’t keep going back you know what I
mean mmm I don’t know about that I guess hey man you’ve been doing so great with
you well you know I was wondering how do you do it uh I don’t know I
concentrate in it just happens so it makes you feel strong like special
and mighty I don’t think that I don’t know how I feel are you asking never
mind just curious forget I asked anything anyway remember the rules right
we really don’t want Claire or Stephen to start asking questions I know I know don’t show don’t talk just keep that in
mind and everything should be fine sleep tight they will come you

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