Tomtoc Nintendo Switch Cases – List and Overview + GIVEAWAY!

19 thoughts on “Tomtoc Nintendo Switch Cases – List and Overview + GIVEAWAY!

  1. We currently have 2 Giveaways active! This one and the previous video for a Satisfye Pro Grip Elite Bundles! Check it out here:

  2. #tomtoc love your reviews. Will the slim fit a switch in a smatree case? I need a slim as can be that still has that Smatree protection.

  3. I just ordered an awful case off of amazon and am in the process of returning it. Gotta say I'm so glad I found this video because I think I have just found a replacement!

  4. I feel like with every other bag tomtoc is saying โ€œYou said our slim case was too small,is this good enough for youโ€

  5. If I have soft silicone covers on the joycons (Hori) + thumbstick covers (Hori), would the Switch still fit in the slim TomToc case?

  6. On the storage case, it looks like the slot for the pro controller has a pertrusion that keeps the joysticks and buttons from hitting the side of the case inside. Does that hit any of the buttons or does it miss all of the buttons entirely?

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